Ristorante Paradiso (リストランテ・パラディーゾ Risutorante Paradīzo?), also known as Rispara (リスパラ Risupara?), is a manga series by Natsume Ono, detailing the daily lives of the staff of a Rome restaurant.[1] The first iteration of the series was serialized in Ōtashuppan's Manga Erotics F manga magazine between May 2005 and March 2006; it spanned one volume.[1] A continuation, Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~, is currently being serialized in the same magazine, with three volumes published.[1] An anime adaptation, produced by David Production, aired on Fuji TV's late night Noise programming block from April 5, 2009,[1][2][2][3][4] the anime was also officially streamed with English subtitles by Crunchyroll.[5] Both manga, Ristorante Paradiso and Gente, have been licensed by Viz Media for an English North American release.[6]


Ristorante Paradiso follows the protagonist, Nicoletta, as she comes to Rome from the Italian countryside and becomes an apprentice in Casetta dell'Orso, a restaurant owned by her mother Olga's new husband, Lorenzo, and meets its colorful staff.[1]


Nicoletta (ニコレッタ Nikoretta?)
Voiced by: Fumiko Orikasa
The protagonist of the series. 21 years old, Nicoletta is an energetic girl whose parents divorced when she was young and was as a result raised by her grandparents. Upon graduating from cooking school, she began working as an apprentice at the Casetta dell'Orso restaurant and is its only female staff. She has a crush on Claudio.
Santo Claudio Paradiso (サント・クラウディオ・パラディーゾ Santo Kuraudio Paradīzo?)
Voiced by: Jin Yamanoi
The head waiter of Casetta dell'Orso. He and his first wife Gabriella separated a few years ago.
Luciano de Luca (ルチアーノ・デ・ルーカ Ruchiāno de Rūka?)
Voiced by: Mitsutaka Tachikawa
A waiter at Casetta dell'Orso. Surprisingly shy at times, his wife passed away and he is currently single. He has a grandson.
Vito (ヴィート Vīto?)
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda
A waiter at Casetta dell'Orso. A very jovial person.
Gian Luigi Orsini (Gigi) (ジジ Jiji?)
Voiced by: Shigeo Kiyama
A sommelier. A taciturn person, he is Lorenzo's half brother and cousin. He is currently single.
Fulio (フリオ Furio?)
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Nishimatsu
A chef. A friendly person. He is a devoted husband.
Teo (テオ?)
Voiced by: Yōji Ueda
A chef. Youngest member of the restaurant staff, he is a talented cook.
Olga (オルガ Oruga?)
Voiced by: Haruhi Terada
Nicoletta's mother.
Gabriella (ガブリエッラ Gaburierra?)
Voiced by: Misa Watanabe
Claudio's ex-wife.
Lorenzo Orsini (ロレンツォ Rorentso?)
Voiced by: Kenji Nomura
Olga's current husband and owner of Casetta dell'Orso.
Vanna (ヴァンナ?)
Voiced by: Yoko Sōmi
A former chef of Casetta dell'Orso.

TV anime

The Ristorante Paradiso anime adaptation aired on Fuji TV's late night Noise programming block from April 5, 2009.[1][2][3][4] Produced by david production, being the studio's first TV anime production, the series is slated for 11 episodes.


Theme songs

Opening theme
"Marigold" (マリーゴールド Marīgōrudo?)
Lyrics: Tomoko Nagashima, composition and arrangement: Kazuma Fujimoto, performance: orange pekoe
Ending theme
"Suteki na Kajitsu" (ステキな果実?, literally "Lovely Fruit")
Lyrics: Yūho Iwasato, composition: Lisa Komine, arrangement: Rie Hamada, performance: Lisa Komine
Theme song
"Palette" (パレット Paretto?) (episode 3 only)
Lyrics: Natsumi Kiyoura, composition: Shun Yoshida, arrangement: ko-ko-ya, performance: Natsumi Kiyoura


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