Rihoko Yoshida (吉田 理保子 Yoshida Rihoko?) (born January 24, 1949, in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice

actress. Among her most noteworthy roles are Megu-chan in Majokko Megu-chan, Monsley in Future Boy Conan, Maria Grace Fleed in UFO Robo Grendizer, Michiru in Getter Robo, Klara in Heidi, Girl of the Alps, Rosalie Lamorliere in The Rose of Versailles, Miwa Uzuki in Steel Jeeg, Kurama in Urusei Yatsura, and Machiko in Maicchingu Machiko-sensei.

Yoshida retired from voice acting in 1998 to become Director of Business Development for the voice acting agency 81 Produce.[citation needed] In 2002, she provided casting assistance for one of the feature-length Pokémon films, Pokémon Heroes: Latias & Latios.



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