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Ribon (りぼん?) is a monthly Japanese shōjo manga magazine published by Shueisha. First issued in August 1955, its rivals are Nakayoshi and Ciao. Its target audience is young girls roughly 9–13 years old. In 2009, the magazine's circulation was 274,167,[1] down from the previous year's circulation numbers of 330,000.[2]

Issues contain various stories printed on multicolored newsprint, and are often more than 400 pages long. They are distributed with a sackful of goodies (furoku) that range from small toys to colorful note paper and other things, with the characters of various Ribon manga on them. Readers can also send in stamps for mail order gifts (zen-in) in some issues.

The manga series from this magazine are later compiled and published in book form (tankōbon) under the Ribon Mascot Comics (RMC) imprint.


Listed chronologically.


Series Title Author Premiered
Animal Yokochō (アニマル横町?) Ryō Maekawa
ChocoMimi (チョコミミ?) Konami Sonoda
CRASH! 2 (クラッシュ! 2?) Yuka Fujiwara
High Score (HIGH SCORE?) Chinami Tsuyama
Hime-chan no Ribbon Colorful (姫ちゃんのリボンカラフル?) Megumi Mizusawa, Shiho Komiyuno
Hiyokoi (ひよ恋?) Moe Yukimaru
Marimo no Hana~Saikyou Butouha Shougakusei Densetsu~ (まりもの花~最強武闘派小学生伝説~?) Yasushi Akimoto, Yuuko Kasumi
Momo: Welcome to the World-End Garden (Momo - 終末庭園へようこそ?) Mayu Sakai
Pokeman! (ポケメン!?) Minori Kurosaki
Pretty Rhythm (プリティーリズム?) Takara Tomysyn Sophia, Mari Asabuki
Sakura Hime Kaden (桜姫華伝?) Arina Tanemura
Sarasupa! (サラすぱ!?) Kanahei
Stardust Wink (スターダスト★ウインク?) Nana Haruta
Yumeiro Patissiere (夢色パティシエール?) Natsumi Matsumoto
Zekkyou Gakkyuu (絶叫学級?) Emi Ishikawa


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