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Reflex Point is location of the Invid hive complex inhabited by the Invid Queen Regess in the Robotech animated series, and is also thought to be located upon the ruins of the SDF-1.[1] In the recently released Shadow Chronicles movie, the location of the Invid Hive at Reflex Point is laid out over the Great Lakes of North America during the breifing before the final assault.[2][dubious ]

Reflex Point was the code name assigned to the location of the containment complex where the remains of the SDF-1 were buried after the Battle of New Macross City in 2014. The location is later referred to by the Army of the Southern Cross as SX Point 83.[3]

During the Second Robotech War, the Robotech Masters sought to recover the hidden protoculture matrix. Its contents, the Invid Flower of Life, had already begun to break through the containment unit of the SDF-1 wreckage. In an act of desperation, Zor Prime blew up a Tirolian Mothership above the three giant burial mounds in an attempt to wipe out the flowers. However, the attempt backfired as the blast only succeeded in spreading the spores around the Earth.

Within a year, the Invid Sensor Nebula pinpointed the growth of the Flower of Life on Earth and the Invid Invasion began. The Army of the Southern Cross and other Earth forces, already weakened by war with the Robotech Masters, were no match for the Invid. Reflex Point soon fell under the control of the Invid Queen, also known as the Regess.

After years of failed attempts to liberate the Earth, the returning Robotech Expeditionary Force launched a massive final assault to retake Reflex Point. Led by the SDF-4, the expedition utilized new Shadow Fighters and was prepared to use Neutron-S missiles to destroy Reflex Point and the Earth if the mission failed.

At the command of the Invid Regess, the Invid amassed their life forces and abandoned Reflex Point and the Earth. The departing burst of energy wiped out the Neutron-S missiles. Afterwards, the famed singer Yellow Dancer held a farewell concert near the ruins of Reflex Point to celebrate the end of the Third Robotech War.


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