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Rando Ayamine (綾峰欄人 Ayamine Rando?, born 1974) is a Japanese manga artist best known for drawing the series Get Backers. Since the completion of Get Backers, he has been working on a new manga series called Holy Talker.

Prior to his work on Get Backers, Ayamine was an assistant under Tohru Fujisawa and worked as an assistant on Fujisawa's GTO series. Even after starting Get Backers, Ayamine infrequently would ask permission from Fujisawa to borrow Fujisawa's assistants in order to meet the deadlines for the serialization of Get Backers.[citation needed] Because of the break-neck speed of publication for Get Backers, Ayamine was known to have fallen ill during the manga's serialization as frequently one tankoubon is published every two months; the longest interval for publication was four months, between volumes 15 and 16.[citation needed]

Manga artists Atsushi Ohkubo and Yuji Terajima had both worked as assistants to Ayamine.

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