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Raijin Comics #1

Raijin Comics was a manga anthology published in North America by the now-defunct Gutsoon! Entertainment and largely backed by the Sega Corporation at its inception. The collected volumes of Raijin Comics titles were published under the Raijin Graphic Novels imprint.

The comics were aimed at an older audience. The magazine's first issue was published with the cover date of December 8, 2002. Raijin Comics was initially a weekly publication, but it later became a monthly magazine on issue #37 (the October 2003 issue).[1] In July 2004, the magazine stopped circulation with issue #46 and the brand was put "on hiatus". Raijin Comics' failure to break in the U.S. market has been attributed to competition (indirect or otherwise) with the North American version of Shonen Jump, which launched at the same time as Raijin Comics, although both magazines were aimed at different audiences.

On May 5, 2005, Raijin lost control of the domain name to domain squatters. The corporate website, remained in operation for many years but wasn't updated after June 2004,[2] and as of mid 2010 has been taken over by domain squatters. Since the folding of Raijin Comics, two of its titles (Slam Dunk and Guardian Angel Getten) have since been licensed to other companies.

Series published by Raijin

The following series were serialized in Raijin Comics:

Imprinted manga series

Title Author/Illustrator
Fist Of the North Star Art: Hara Tetsuo, Story: Buronson
Twisted Tales Art and Story: Tsuji Tsukasa
Irasshaimase, Japan! Art and Story: Hanyunyu Jun


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