Protoculture Addicts is a Canadian-based North American anime and manga magazine published by Protoculture Inc., an Anime News Network company.

The magazine

Protoculture Addicts is the oldest anime and manga magazine in North America. Its name derives from the popularity of the Robotech anime series, and its namesake, Protoculture. It started as a Robotech fanzine, became officially licensed as such, and then expanded to cover anime in general. Many of the series that it reviews and presents details thereof, including spoilers, are months in advance of legal release in the West.

The first test release, Issue #0, was published in the fall of 1987. Issue #1 officially launched the fanzine in the spring of 1988. It later became a standard commercial magazine.

Although it is a North American publication, it also covers many things about the state of anime and manga in France and the French-speaking world. Manga and anime are readily available in Europe, and the magazine was started in Montreal, Quebec, a francophone region of Canada with a mixture of French and English speakers.

In 2005, with Issue #82, Protoculture Addicts became Anime News Network's Protoculture Addicts, a sister publication to popular anime news and information website Anime News Network.

In May 2006, the first full color issue (#88) of Protoculture Addicts was released with the addition of a manga insert and several changes based on the readers feedback. Issue #89 was published later in end November and now returns to its bimonthly schedule.


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  • The term "Protoculture Addicts" was also used by the Haydonites (an alien race that appeared in the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles animated film) to refer to all the races that have been in contact with Protoculture.

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