Princess Resurrection (怪物王女 Kaibutsu Ōjo?, lit. Monster Princess) is an ongoing supernatural manga by Yasunori Mitsunaga. The story portrays a boy (Hiro) who encounters a young woman (Hime) whom he must serve. An anime adaptation of the series, by Madhouse, began airing on April 13, 2007 on TBS, BS-i, KBS Kyoto and its affiliated TV networks. The chief animation director and character designer for the anime series is Kazuya Kuroda. It is directed by Masayuki Sakoi. A new anime OVA series has been announced, and the first episode will be released in December 2010, along with the 13th volume of the manga.

The anime series has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. It was released in 2 13 episode sets in mid-2009. It also played on the Anime Network's VOD feed, and is currently streaming on its online player.

The manga has been licensed by Del Rey Manga. The first volume released on May 1, 2007. The first seven volumes are released.


Hiro Hiyorimi is a boy who has just moved to the city to meet his sister. While walking down the sidewalk, he is suddenly hit by a car (crushed by construction beams in the anime). On the verge of death, he is seen by a young woman clad in gothic clothes. She then resurrects him, leaving him alive in the hospital morgue. He wakes up confused over what happened, only to encounter the woman again as she eliminates some wolf creatures. She addresses Hiro as "her servant" and introduces herself as "Hime" (Japanese for Princess) and explains that she is a member of the royal family of the Monster Realm.

All members of the royal family are endowed with the power to turn a dead body into an immortal warrior that will serve and protect them; this means that a corpse that intakes her blood (or to she bestows the flame of immortaility in the anime) shall become semi-immortal; this is how Hiro came back to life. They can't be killed, even if their heads are severed; it can be reattached, and appendages can eventually regrow. The "semi" means that if Hiro doesn't drink more of Hime's blood (or she replenishes the flame in the anime) every few days, he will die permanently

Hiro is now Hime's immortal warrior, but she herself isn't immortal yet (which is why she needs help from warriors). The story then follows Hiro as he assists Hime in killing creatures that have been sent by her siblings to attack her in the competition for the Monster Kingdom's throne.


# Title Original air date
01 Princess Resurrection
"Sosei Oujo" (蘇生王女)
April 13, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hiro, a young, timid boy, dies while saving a girl on the street from falling construction beams. That girl turns out to be Hime, his sister's new employer, who by resurrecting Hiro makes him into her servant.
Weapon Used: Rapier.
02 Princess Destruction
"Hakai Oujo" (破壊王女)
April 20, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With Hiro's life force fading and needing restoration, he slowly comes to realize that he has no choice but to be involved with Hime. As an invisible man enters the mansion to assassinate Hime, she goes wild with a chainsaw chasing him, and eventually even sets the mansion on fire.
Weapon Used: Chainsaw.
03 Princess Rampage
"Bousou Oujo" (暴走王女)
April 27, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Riza, half-sister of the werewolf Lobo Wildman killed by Hime in the first episode, comes to claim her revenge. But she does not yet realize that she herself was used as a chess piece to make Lobo betray Hime.
Weapon Used: Double Axe, Rapier.
04 Princess Negotiation
"Koushou Oujo" (交渉王女)
May 4, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime and company, with Riza in tow, travel to Hime's lake resort and end up being involved with a race of fish men after Hime's immortality powers. Riza declares her intention to stick close to Hime in order to find an opportunity to take her revenge on Hime's brothers.
Weapon Used: Hammer.
05 Princess Blood Relationship
"Kettou Oujo" (血統王女)
May 11, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Reiri, a beautiful vampire girl at Hiro's school, approaches and turns Hiro in order to gain access to Hime's house and obtain her powers by sucking her blood. However, Hime prepares a wide range of countermeasures.
Weapon Used: Cross-Sword, White Ash Stake.
06 Princess Alliance
"Doumei Oujo" (同盟王女)
May 18, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime's sister Sherwood shows up one day, proposing an alliance against their other siblings. Hime refuses, but Sherwood's goal from the start was to plant a dangerous man-eating plant near the mansion.
Weapon Used: Circular Saw.
07 Princess Lightning
"Dengeki Oujo" (電撃王女)
May 25, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hiro loses consciousness while shopping and is taken to the hospital. He wakes up there only to be chased by a crazy doctor and his minions. Reiri tells Hime about Hiro's fate and Hime, together with Riza go to rescue him.
Weapon Used: Defibrillator.
08 Princess Secret Room
"Misshitsu Oujo" (密室王女)
June 1, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Rain, roads blocked by garbage. Hime, Riza and Hiro are forced to stay in the Sasanagi Motel until things are clear. Upon arrival, they find Reiri. But a monster sent by Zeppeli turns things creepier than it should be, except for Hime and Reiri who play chess.
Weapon Used: Cue stick.
09 Princess Monochrome
"Shirokuro Oujo" (白黒王女)
June 8, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sherwood seems bored with her arrival at her new mansion since Francisca is missing. Hime tells Hiro to go there and as he reaches it, she meets Francisca carrying a panda. Later on, Sherwood is attacked by monster bats and Hime comes to help.
Weapon Used: Axe.
10 Princess Recollections
"Tsuioku Oujo" (追憶王女)
June 15, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Flandre meets an android, Ciel and brings him back to be repaired. In return he does odd jobs around the house. He failed to kidnap Hime and finds out that all his memories were fake and that he was programmed by Zeppeli. He returns to Zeppeli and self-destructs.
Weapon Used: Flail.
11 Princess Cat-Tongue
"Nekojita Oujo" (猫舌王女)
June 22, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hiro finds Hiroko, a cat, by the road and takes her in. Hiroko, actually a cat-person, grows attached to Hiro. She turns out to be an unskilled assassin controlled by the bell on her collar. Shocked by her own behavior, she disappears.
Weapon Used: Mace.
12 Princess Attrition
"Shoumou Oujo" (消耗王女)
June 29, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Pharaoh, given the promise of eternal life upon Hime's death, sends his army of mummies to attack Hime. Hime having taken drowsy cold medicine (before knowing about the pending attack) entrusts her life with Hiro.
Weapon Used: Double Chainsaw.
13 Princess Sacrifice
"Ikenie Oujo" (生贄王女)
July 6, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
During a lunar eclipse, Hime and Hiro were pulled into the memory of Akasabi village and had to deal with a serial killer.
Weapon Used: Pitchfork.
14 Princess Running
"Shissou Oujo" (疾走王女)
July 13, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Riza has been racing with a ghost knight on Sasanagi Pass. One night, he lost his head and went berserk. Hiro, while helping to search for the knight's head, got kidnapped and turned into Zeppeli's "knight". Hime has to save him.
Weapon Used: Soup Ladle/Baseball Bat.
15 Princess Visiting
"Houmon Oujo" (訪問王女)
July 20, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hiro's acquaintances find out that he's staying with 3 beautiful women. They confront him and ask Hime if they could be her servants. Hime agrees on condition that they go through an obstacle course in the house. A shape-shifter taking Hiro's form also joins the race to reach Hime first.
Weapon Used: Traps.
16 Princess Succession
"Keishou Oujo" (継承王女)
July 27, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Riza, frustrated with training, heads to Hime's lake resort and meets Aron, a were-shark, who was good friends with Lobo Wildman (Riza's brother). Aron turns out to be an assassin of one of the Royalty sent to kill Hime. After being defeated by Riza, she asks Riza to avenge Lobo for her as well.
Weapon Used: Trident.
17 Princess Maturity
"Toshima Oujo" (年増王女)
August 3, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A witch from the black forest goes after Hime's and Sherwood's spirit to get eternal youth.
Weapon Used: Dumplings.
18 Princess Hunter
"Karyuudo Oujo" (狩人王女)
August 10, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A raccoon dog became a vampire hunter (吸血鬼ハンタ kyūketsuki hantā?) in order to feed his family, but mistakenly attacks Hime believing her to be a vampire.
Weapon Used: Katana.
19 Princess Ocean
"Kaiyou Oujo" (海洋王女)
August 17, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime, Hiro and Riza are trapped in a haunted ship and must find and rescue a mysterious mermaid in order to escape. Hime's older brother Emil is introduced.
Weapon Used: Chandelier.
20 Princess Connection
"Renketsu Oujo" (連結王女)
August 24, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hiro is kidnapped by a vampire named Duke Dracul. Riza and Reiri must enter the village of vampires to save him.
Weapon Used: Handcuffs (Reiri and Riza).
21 Princess Banishment
"Tsuihou Oujo" (追放王女)
August 31, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hiro and his friend Buchi visits Reiri after she doesn't come out to school. However, when they get there, Dracul Duke tries to banish Reiri by sending in low-class vampires. Hime's team comes to help.
Weapon Used: Rapier.
22 Princess Carnage
"Satsuriku Oujo" (殺戮王女)
September 7, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime is attacked by three werewolves at night and she and her team must take them down. Riza fights for her family's pride while Hiro is reminded again that he is a warrior protecting Hime's life.
Weapon Used: Flail, Pistol.
23 Princess Zombie
"Shiryou Oujo" (死霊王女)
September 14, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime's team looks for the royalty who sent the werewolves and Dracul Duke. They end up in a town filled with zombies and must get themselves out.
Weapon Used: Metal Pole (Riza then later Hiro).
24 (End) Princess Duel
"Kettou Oujo" (決闘王女)
September 21, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime is accused of using zombies by the committee and stands before the judge. She and her brother Severin must battle in order to be freed.
Weapon Used: Sword.
25 (Extra Episode) Princess Delinquent
"Furyou Oujo" (不良王女)
September 28, 2007 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Flandre goes on a rampage and seems to attack anyone that approaches her, including Hime. Guessing that Flandre is self-destructing, the group in vain tries to stop her.
Weapon Used: Chainsaw (Flandre).
26 (Extra Episode) Princess Coma
"Konsui Oujo" (昏睡王女)
DVD only release {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hime, Hiro, Riza and Reiri are trapped in a nightmare world. They struggle to find a way out of the dream as they are constantly attacked by imaginary enemies.
Weapon Used: Heavy Axe.

Prologue message

At the beginning of manga there is a poetic message that reads:

"That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange eons even death may die."

This poem is recited in many works of the Cthulhu Mythos by H. P. Lovecraft, where he attributes it to the Necronomicon, a fictional book. The poem is also briefly seen in the opening of the anime adaptation, though it is hard to read.

Anime vs Manga

  • In the manga, Hime uses her blood to revive Hiro as opposed to the "life flame" (or life energy) used in the anime. This is a great deal because it removes the blood/gore spirit of the story.[1]
  • In the Anime, Ryu-ryu is not a blood servant but still resides with Sherwood along with the other two pandas.


Opening Theme:

Ending Theme:

  • "Bow Down and Lick My Feet" (跪いて足をお嘗め, hizamazuite ashi wo oname) by Ali Project


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In Jason Thompson's online appendix to Manga: The Complete Guide, he describes the series' plot as being "fun and fast-paced", with "imaginative" action scenes. He also appreciated the manga's references to "classic movie monsters".[2]


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