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Princess is a Korean manhwa series by Han Seung-Won. It is a historical, tragic yet fictional saga of the royal families of primarily three fictional kingdoms - Ramira, Anatoria and Skador. The first release/chapter was published in 1995 by Daiwon and is still ongoing with 31 volumes released. The English version is published by Central Park Media.


It begins with a future glimpse of a young mother awaking her 7 year old daughter - Pry in the middle of the night to meet her father for the first time. The reunion goes on to the real story of how it all began with three children - Biyon -who is the prince of Ramira, his dear friends, Biancasta - who is the daughter of a servant and Ryan Vaida who is a trusted friend from a noble family loyal to the royalty of Ramira.

This manhwa series has no single main protagonist but numerous characters whose lives and loves are often mixed with politics and sometimes even war. The series follows the connections between them and also go on for two generations of both Ramira and Anatoria. However, the plot usually does go back to the couple Biyon and Biancasta aka Bii and their daughter who is the future princess of Ramira.


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