Prefectural Earth Defense Force (県立地球防衛軍 Kenritsu Chikyū Bōeigun?) is a manga series by Kōichirō Yasunaga which ran in Shōnen Sunday Super beginning in 1983. The manga was written as a parody gag manga inspired by the tokusatsu series Ultra Seven. An anime OVA based on the manga was released in 1986. The anime was released on DVD in North America by ADV Films in 2006.


The evil secret society known as the Telephone Pole Gang seeks to take over the world by first taking over a certain prefecture on Kyūshū (they never specify which one). In order to thwart the evil plans of the Telephone Pole Gang, Imazuru High School creates the Prefectural Earth Defense Force, composed of problem teachers and students from the school. They are also joined by a cyborg transfer student from India.

The Telephone Pole Gang is commanded by Chilthonian (full name Kisoya Chilthonian Bunzaemon Jr. (木曽屋チルソニアン文左衛門Jr. Kisoya Chirusonian Bunzaemon Junia?)). His staff includes Ryūko Harataki (原滝龍子 Harataki Ryūko?), also known as Colonel Baradaki (バラダギ大佐 Baradaki Taisa?), who has taken on the role of a student at Imazuru High School, and Karmi (カーミ Kāmi?), a transfer student from India.


There are four volumes collecting this story.

  • Volume 1, ISBN 4-09-121181-X, first released November 1984
  • Volume 2, ISBN 4-09-121182-8, first released March 1985
  • Volume 3, ISBN 4-09-121183-6, first released July 1985
  • Volume 4, ISBN 4-09-121184-4, first released January 1986




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