Pilgrim Jäger (ピルグリム・イェーガー Pirugurimu Iēgā?) is a Japanese manga series written by Tō Ubukata and illustrated by Mami Itō. It is published in English by Media Blasters Press. Jäger means Hunter in German.

Pilgrim Jäger is a historical fiction that takes place in Europe in the year 1521, at the time of the Protestant Reformation. The story follows two women, Adele the acrobat and Karin the fortuneteller. Afraid of being accused of witchcraft, they disguise their special powers, working as common performers (professionisti) to earn enough money to buy indulgences from the Catholic Church that will hopefully free them from their sins. However, their powers soon get them involved in a great religious battle involving the Medici family, the Este family, Girolamo Savonarola's "prophecies," and many others.

Savonarola's prophecies or the Friar's Predictions are the main basis for the series. These prophecies made many predictions about the Catholic Church; even the demise of Rome. Before all these predictions, a battle was to take place.

The Seven Great Sinners were the "Executors" of the prophecies. They became sin incarnate. With complete disregard for Christian doctrine they committed sins to bring about the fall of Rome.

The "30 Silver Coins" were godsends to Rome. They were the "Obstructors" who were to protect Rome.

The "Witnesses" were chosen to watch over the battle between the executors and the obstructors.


  • Adele - Is a street performing acrobat that teams up with Karin. Adele also carries around flint to produce flames for her performances, (they are said not to burn/hurt those who touch it.) She wields a long, cross-like spear that is supposed to symbolize the Alpha Cross or Fennel Stalk. It is quoted by To Ubukata, 'Those born under a certain star wield the Fennel Stalk to kill the demon Malandanti who comes in the dark of night. He is the warrior Benandanti. Only when this battle is won, will the village be assured a good harvest.' Through out the first two books, there is rumors leading to this cross causing the holders' soul to divide into many. The previous carrier was said to have 12 souls/personalities.
  • Karin - Is Adele's traveling partner and a fortune teller. There are sharp daggers, knives, needles, and nails that come out of her hands in order to predict the intensity and importance of what she foresees. Karin was trained by her grandmother. At a young age, her mother sold her to a nunnery where she met Adele. Karin and Adele later left the nunnery due to a fire that may have been started by themselves.


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