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Pat is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. He appears in the chapter "The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill." He works for the White Rabbit like his friend Bill the Lizard. Carroll never gave any description of the character other than being a gardener, but some have suggested that he is one of the two guinea pigs who revive Bill after he falls into the garden.[1]

When the White Rabbit mistakes Alice for his maid, Mary Ann, she eats some biscuits that make her grow. The Rabbit thinks she is a monster, so he asks Pat to climb down the chimney to get the monster out of his house. Pat refuses, so the Rabbit decides to send Bill the Lizard to climb down instead. When Bill climbs down the chimney, Alice’s arm pushes him, causing him to fly out of the chimney and back into the Rabbit’s garden.

Disney animated film version

In the Disney animated film, Pat is replaced by The Dodo, who actually appears in the Caucus Race. This led to a lot of confusion between the two characters, even though they had nothing in common.

Other adaptations

  • 1985 television movie played by Scott Baio
  • 1985 television series played by Jon Glover
  • 1999 film played by Jason Byrne
  • 1972 film played by Freddie Earlle


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