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Okama (born May 25, 1974) is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator. He is known as the artist of Cloth Road as well as the original character designer for Himawari [disambiguation needed] and Glass no Kantai. He was also involved in Gunbuster 2, most noticeably in the ending design.

Okama began his career by publishing various dōjin works (usually hentai themed), and made his debut in the professional world in 1998, with most of his early work also being hentai erotica themed. In late 1999, he began his first non-adult orientated serialization Cat's World.

Currently, Okama is involved in a multitude of works and projects, including the serialization of Cloth Road, association with several animation projects, illustration for various magazines, as well as minor dōjin activities. His most recent work was with the video game No More Heroes as costume designer and artist for the fictional anime 'Bizarre Jelly' featured in the game.



Printed works

  • Artbooks
    • Okamax
    • Getsumen Toheiki Mina Calendar
    • okamarble
    • Food Girls
  • Hentai manga
    • Hanafuda
    • School
    • Meguri Kuru Haru
  • Contributions
    • Range Murata - Robot - Volume 01
    • Range Murata - Robot - Volume 03
    • Range Murata - Robot - Volume 04
    • Range Murata - Robot - Volume 10


  • No More Heroes (Costume Designer)

Other Translations

  • Okama also means a transvestite or homosexual, so this might be confusing for some people. The artist's explanation for his name is that he always plays female characters in online games or is currently a female that really likes talking about females

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