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Norihiro Yagi (八木 教広 Yagi Norihiro?, born 1968) is a Japanese manga writer and artist from Okinawa Prefecture. He started making manga in 1990.

Norihiro Yagi is a successful manga artist, having won the 32nd Akatsuka Award for his very first work, Undeadman. Undeadman appeared in Monthly Shōnen Jump and has had two sequels. Yagi's first serialized manga was his comedy-genre Angel Densetsu, which appeared in Monthly Shōnen Jump from 1992 to 2000. His most recent work, Claymore, has been running in the magazine since 2001. "Claymore" is up to chapter 105 and is coming out monthly. Viz is working on translating it in North America, and have released up to book 16 (out of 17 currently released in Japan).

Yagi's favorite things to do in his spare time is listen to hard rock music, play video games, drive, and perform martial arts. Yagi's favorite Japanese comedic duo is Downtown.[1]



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