Noriaki Sugiyama (杉山 紀彰 Sugiyama Noriaki?, born March 9, 1976) is a Japanese voice actor and television actor best known for his role as Sasuke Uchiha and Ishida Uryū in the Naruto and Bleach anime series.

He is affectionately known as Non-tan by his fans.[citation needed] Non-tan was a nickname given to him by Junko Takeuchi on the radio show O-! Naruto Nippon!, which aired in Japan.[citation needed] Sugiyama often voices characters not only having the same voice, but also with similar personalities. A good example of this is the two characters Uryū Ishida and Sasuke Uchiha.

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Noriaki Sugiyama as a singer

Aside from his work as a seiyū, he's released a single entitled 'Fragment' as well as a mini-album called On the Way. He has also sang for characters he has played in anime such as Uryū Ishida in Bleach Beat Collection and released a CD dedicated to his character Shirō Emiya in Fate/Stay Night which debuted on June 27, 2007.[1] Noriaki also sings as Sasuke Uchiha from the anime Naruto on the CD Naruto All Stars. He sings the songs "Scenario" and "Kimimonogatari".

He has released another character image song from his current work as Arthur Kirkland/England in Hetalia: Axis Powers on July 29, 2009[2], and has debuted 2nd place in the Oricon rankings for the Singles Chart upon release.


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