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Nora Polyansky is a fictional character in the Macross universe. She appears in the animated video series Macross Zero.

Fictional Character Biography

Nora debuts in Macross Zero as a 25 year old Anti-U.N. variable fighter pilot who single handedly takes down a squadron of U.N. Spacy F-14's (including one piloted by protagonist Shin Kudo) with the new Anti-U.N. SV-51 variable fighter, giving Shin his first bitter taste of the new generation of aerial combat.[1]

Nora is an Anti-U.N. pilot and soldier, highly skilled in both flying and close quarters combat.[1] She is dedicated to the defeat of the U.N. forces who have killed her family and inflicted a huge scar (both physically and mentally) upon her. She is attached to the SV-51 squadron led by D.D.Ivanov and acts as his wingmate, right hand pilot and lover. Ruthless in her mission, she represents Shin's chief rival both in the sky and on the ground.[1]

She is later killed in the final episode of the series by an energy blast from the Protoculture biomecha known as the Bird Human while attempting to shoot down Shin's VF-0.


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