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Neemon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. He is a Rookie Level Beast Digimon.


Neemon resembles a rather skinny yellow rabbit creature with long pointed ears. He has stubby arms and wears overlarge red pants.


Bokomon and Neemon first appeared when Cerberumon was attacking Flame Terminal to look for a "spirit". When Takuya became Agunimon and defeated Cerberumon, he and Bokomon followed the kids everywhere. Neemon is not very bright at times. Bokomon often pulls on his pants and quickly releases them, hurting him. In one memorable occasion he pulled his own pants to see if he was dreaming or not and only succeeded in hurting himself. once he did the same to bokomon.

In the movie "Island of Lost Digimon", Neemon helps the Legendary Warriors in their quest to have the Human Digimon get along with the Beast Digimon.


  • On the CD of Digimon Frontier he sings a song with Bokomon. That song is called: "Spirit Daisakusen" (Spirit Operation)
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