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Advertisement is an English-language fan website established in 1996[1] to contain information discussed on the Miyazaki Mailing List and to be a general resource for information regarding Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli, and related topics. It is named after one of Miyazaki's films, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

The site was originally named The Miyazaki Web and was hosted from 1994 on before being moved to a dedicated host by Jeremy Blackman in 1996.[2] Team Ghiblink, the group of volunteers who maintain the site, was formed in 1996 from people on the Miyazaki Mailing list (which was established in 1991).[2] The site is used as a major source of Studio Ghibli information by anime news sources such as Anime News Network.[3]

One of the major efforts by was the creation and distribution of press kits for the Kiki's Delivery Service video release and the Princess Mononoke theatrical release.[1] The site also hosts a searchable archive index of the Miyazaki Mailing list.[1]

The site was hacked in October 1998[3] and was mostly recovered and relaunched in early 1999 through the efforts of many people who used the site[1][4] as well as through backups made by early versions of Google.[5]

Awards and recognition

In 1999, the Science Fiction Weekly named its "Site of the Week", stating it was "unbelievably comprehensive", "well organized", and for "anything related to Miyazaki, there's no better resource on the Web."[6]

Neil Gaiman, who wrote the English language script for Princess Mononoke, stated that he used when he first began working on the script, and that the site and those running it were "tremendously helpful".[7] was named one of Intute's Best of the Web in January 2007 in the Arts & Humanities category.[8]


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