Murasaki Yamada (やまだ 紫 Yamada Murasaki?), born as Mitsuko Shiratori, was a Japanese feminist essayist, mangaka, and poet. She was associated with Garo. Frederik L. Schodt regarded her work as particularly important because, although there is a culture of girl's manga, Yamada's work has a feminist message, which is rare in girls' manga. Yamada also influenced Hinako Sugiura and Yōko Kondō, her former assistants.[1]

She debuted in COM in 1969, and had formal art training prior to being a mangaka. Her works are described as being pictorial I Novels.[1] She taught at Kyoto Seika University's Faculty of Manga.[2]

She once ran for a seat in Japan's House of Councillors as part of the Chikyū Club political organization in 1989.

She died at Kyoto Hospital on May 5, 2009, aged 60, from undisclosed causes.[3]


  • Ai no Katachi (愛のかたち?)
  • Blue Sky – follows a woman's life and struggles after she divorces.
  • A manga adaptation of Otogizōshi, a traditional tale.
  • Shōwaru-Neko
  • Shin Kilali – a slice-of-life story about a Japanese mother and wife who realises her marriage is failing.
  • Yume no Maigo-tachi Les Enfants Reveurs (with Yōko Isaka)



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