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Mitsutoshi Furuya (古谷三敏 Furuya Mitsutoshi?) (born 11 August 1936) is a Japanese manga artist. He started as an assistant of Fujio Akatsuka. He is best known for his series Dame Oyaji ("No-Good Dad", 1970–1982), which gained notoriety by parodying Japanese family life with a milquetoast father married to a domineering wife. The series received the 1979 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen[1] and was adapted as an anime television series in 1974, broadcast on Adult Swim as Happy Family Planning.

Selected works

  • Bar Lemon Heart (BARレモンハート?) (19 volumes)
  • Papasan (パパさん?) (2 volumes)
  • Obaachan no Daidokoro-hiden (おばあちゃんの台所秘伝?, "Granny's Kitchen-secrets") (1 volume)
  • Dame Oyaji (ダメおやじ?) (1970-1982, Shonen Sunday)


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