Mitsume ga Tooru (三つ目がとおる Mitsume ga tōru?, "The Three-eyed One") is a video game for the Family Computer that was released by Natsume. It is based on the manga and anime called The Three-Eyed One. The main character is Hosuke Sharaku. There is also a Mitsume ga Tooru game for the original MSX called Mitsume ga Tooru: The Three-Eyed One Comes Here,[citation needed] which was released by Natsume two years before this one.


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The player controls Hosuke Sharaku, a three-eyed child whose girlfriend was kidnapped by Hosuke's three-eyed nemesis. Hosuke has to rescue his girlfriend and defeat his nemesis.


File:Mitsume ga Tooru Gameplay.PNG

Gameplay of Mitsume ga Tooru.

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Level 1

The main hero, Hosuke, searches for his girlfriend on the streets of the city, takes a ride on the roof of a truck and has his battle in the stock yard. In the end of the level takes on the first boss, who can only be hit when he is caught off-guard.

Level 2

Hosuke fights in a jungle and in an extended cave full of different creatures. At the end of the level he has to defeat a giant alien plant.

Level 3

Now the main hero has to go through an ancient pyramid and there are catacombs full of danger. He must be careful of the spikes and other fatal traps.

Level 4

Hosuke sails on a motorboat to an abandoned ship. After getting to the other end of the ship, he has to defeat a large ghost formed of dozens vicious fireflies.

Level 5

Hosuke enters a big factory, which divides into three sub-sections. After going through all of the sub-sections and riding an elevator to the surface, Hosuke finds his nemesis and the final fight commences.

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