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Miss Machiko[1], also known as Maicching Machiko-sensei[2] (まいっちんぐマチコ先生?) (roughly translating into English as The Shame of Teacher Machiko) is a manga series written by Takeshi Ebihara. It was serialized in Japan in Shōnen Challenge from May 1980 through February 1982. The individual chapters were collected and published in eight tankōbon volumes by Gakken. The series revolves around Professor Machiko, who wears a revealing red mini-skirt, and her regularly finding herself in accidental sexual situations. Machiko is very popular with her students, especially the boys, who take delight in lifting up her skirts and devising traps to catch her in various stages of undress. Rather than get angry, Machiko responds by laughing it off and uttering her trademark phrase, "Maicchingu!" (roughly meaning "Shame"). Machiko is generally a very kind and patient woman who cares about her students and does her best to help them with their problems.

The series was adapted into a 95 episode anime series by Studio Pierrot that aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from October 8, 1981 to October 6, 1983. It was also adapted into four live-action OVAs, and two full-length live-action films.



The manga was created by Takeshi Ebihara, and consists of 8 volumes that were published between 1980 and 1985 in Japan, and serialized in the Gakken magazine Shōnen Challenge. As with the TV anime, the manga series was known for its overt sexual humor. The individual chapters were collected and published in eight tankōbon volumes by Gakken.[3]


Studio Pierrot, with assistance from Studio Gallop, adapted the manga into an anime television series which premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo on October 8, 1981, where it ran for 95 episodes until its conclusion on October 6, 1983. The episodes were written by Shiori Adachi and directed by the manga's author, Ebihara.[4] Rihoko Yoshida provided the voice of Miss Machiko.

Live Action

Total Media Corporation adapted the series into two full-length, live action films. The first, Maicching Machiko Biginzu (まいっちんぐ マチコ ビギンズ?), was released in 2004, with Haruka Nanami playing titular character Machiko. A second full-length film, Maicching Machiko-sensei: Toudai o Juken Dai Sakusen!! (まいっちんぐマチコ先生 東大お受験大作戦!!?), was released theatrically in Japan on February 22, 2006.[3] In the second film, directed Kôsuke Suzuki, Sayaka Isoyama plays Machiko.


The anime series appears on TV Asahi's survey of Japan's 100 favorite animated television series.[5] It was also a frequent target of the Japanese PTA, who campaigned against such raunchy content in an alleged "children's show".[citation needed]


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