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Misaki Masaki Jurai (柾木 美砂樹 樹雷 Masaki Misaki Jurai?) is a fictional character in the anime Tenchi Muyo!, an empress of the planet Jurai. She is canon to the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVAs, also appearing in its television spinoff Tenchi Muyo! GXP.

Misaki is Azusa's second wife, and the mother of Ayeka and Sasami. She possesses immense physical strength, and is the supreme commander of Jurai's royal bodyguards. She is from House Kamiki of the Royal Family, her mother being Seto Jurai and her adopted sister Noike Kamiki Jurai. She also gets along pretty well with Azusa's first wife, Funaho Jurai, and refers to her as Oneesama ("older sister").

In episode 19, it was revealed that Misaki is-or perhaps will become- some sort of god-like being that Z refers to as the "counter-actor", and will have powers surpassing that of the Chousin. ("Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru", a recent doujinshi from Masaki Kajishima, confirmed that this is indeed the real Misaki, not just a being assuming her form). When Misaki attacked and nearly strangled Tokimi to death, Tenchi appears in a glowing form to calm her down, and the two of them kiss and disappear from view. Earlier on, Kajishima's Tenchi novel "Jurai" foretold her future long before her third OVA appearance, reading that someday "the galaxy will know the true terror of Misaki" and that "only Tenchi could stop her". There is little or no explanation regarding the purpose of the "counter-actor", how she received her powers, or why she commits the actions she does.

Misaki is known for having her two daughters address her in a certain way, and is very overprotective of them; in episode 13, Ayeka cried out to Misaki, calling her "Okaa-sama!" ("Mommy!" in the dubbed version) in a high-pitched voice. Ryoko thought this was hilarious, but she regrets saying that as Misaki got mad at her and stretches Ryoko's face. Ayeka wasn't sympathetic to Ryoko, since she warned her not to say anything to begin with. The only way Ryoko got out of this was reading a sign that Sasami written, which said, "I'm sorry, pretty young lady". This was also why Ryoko didn't answer the door in episode 14, thinking Misaki was there, when in fact it was Tenchi's sister Tennyo.

Misaki is paired with the second-generation tree Karin, a twin of 1st Empress Funaho's Mizuho. Both ships have the ability to join together as well. The relationship being a parallel to Funaho and Misaki considering each other sisters married to the same husband.

In Tenchi Muyo GXP she along with Azusa and Funaho were was present when it was revealed that Seina was third in line for the throne of Jurai and was clearly not happy about it.