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Minister Argos is a villain from the manga and anime Great Mazinger. He primarily advises the series' other villains, and rarely directly commands Warrior Beasts. Like most of the rest of the Mikenese, he is roughly 25 meters tall, dressed in armor, and his "normal" head seems entirely decorative. Unlike most of the rest of the Mikenese, however, his "real" head is housed in the pommel of his cane rather than his chest; Minister Argos's chest instead houses a giant computer, which assumedly houses the great wisdom he uses to advise other Mikenese.

Minister Argos began the series as an adviser to Archduke Gorgon. After Archduke Gorgon died in the 21st episode of the anime, Minister Argos became the adviser of Gorgon's replacement, Marquis Yanus.

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