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Michiyo Akaishi (赤石 路代 Akaishi Michiyo?) is a Japanese manga artist born on October 11, 1959 in Urawa (now Saitama), Saitama Prefecture, Japan.[1] She graduated from Saitama Prefectural Dai-Ichi Girls High School. Akaishi then attended Musashino Art University where she graduated with a degree in commercial plastic model design. In 1979, she won first place in the Shogakukan Shinjin Comic Award contest.

Akaishi's debut story, Marshmallow Tea wa Hitori de, appeared in the January 1980 issue of Bessatsu Shōjo Comic.[1][2] Her story, One More Jump, won the 1994 Shogakukan Manga Award for children's manga.[3][4]

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