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Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku (メモリーズオフ ゆびきりの記憶 Memoriizu Ofu Yubikiri no Kioku?) is a Japanese romance visual novel developed and published by 5pb. for the Xbox 360 console. It is the seventh game in the Memories Off series. It was released on July 29, 2010.



Yubikiri no Kioku takes place in a fictional city named Fujikawa located in the Kanagawa Prefecture.[1]


The player takes on the role of Naoki Sarizawa (芹澤直樹 Sarizawa Naoki?), the protagonist of Yubikiri no Kioku.[1] Naoki used to live at Chinatsu's home but is now living alone.[1] Naoki is a second year student at the private Tōrin high school.[1] Chinatsu Amakawa (天川ちなつ Amakawa Chinatsu?, voiced by: Yui Kano) is also a second year student at the private Tōrin high school and is a classmate of Naoki's.[1] As Chinatsu is concerned about Naoki at all times, she commutes to school with him and is always around him during school hours.[1] Kasumi Nagumo (南雲霞 Nagumo Kasumi?, voiced by: Yū Kobayashi) is a runaway girl who suddenly arrived at the doorsteps of Naoki's place and is forcibly living with him at the moment.[1] Orihime Hoshitsuki (星月織姫 Hoshitsuki Orihime?, voiced by: Ai Nonaka) is the new English teacher for Naoki's class at Tōrin high school.[2] Lisa Caycy Foster (リサ ケイシ フォスター Risa Keishi Fosutaa?, voiced by: Kanako Sakai) is an American girl who has gone to Japan to study abroad temporarily.[3] Lisa works part-time at a restaurant called Fūrūyan and is where he meets Naoki.[3] Lisa's reason for studying in Japan is because of her interest in Japanese history and culture.[3] Shiina Kodou (鼓堂詩名 Kodō Shiina?, voiced by: Saori Hayami) is a first year student at Tōrin high school.[4] She is very outgoing and loves gossips.[4]


Yubikiri no Kioku is the seventh entry in the Memories Off visual novel series. News of Yubikiri no Kioku was first announced by Famitsu on January 26, 2010[5] with the teaser site opening a few days later on January 29, 2010.[6] Yubikiri no Kioku runs on the Five Engine, 5pb.'s visual novel engine for the Xbox 360.[7]

The character designer for Yubikiri no Kioku is Shizuki Morii.[1] Morii is a new character designer that has not worked on any previous Memories Off game.[1][7] The director of the game is Yūsuke Matsumoto and Tarō Shibata is the producer.[7]

Release history

The limited and regular editions of Yubikiri no Kioku were released on July 29, 2010.[7]


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