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Melville Brandt (June 18, 1919 – March 14, 2008[1]) was an actor and NBC staff announcer. He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Brandt joined the network around 1948. His radio announcing credits included The Adventures of Frank Merriwell, Author Meets the Critics, and The Eternal Light. In 1975, he announced for a syndicated radio program called Faces of Love.

On television, Brandt's familiar voice was heard over the second animated version of the NBC Peacock from 1962 to 1976, announcing that the program was in "living color" on NBC. He also announced the opening of the television soap opera, The Doctors. His introduction was "The Doctors: The Emmy Award winning program, dedicated to the brotherhood of healing."

Brandt replaced Don Pardo as the announcer on Saturday Night Live during the 1981-82 season (though there are two episodes from that season where Mel Brandt was replaced by Bill Hanrahan as show announcer).

Brandt was one of the stars of the first television soap opera, Faraway Hill, broadcast in 1946 on the DuMont Television Network.


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