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Media Blasters is a corporation in New York City that was founded by John Sirabella and Sam Liebowitz that acquires films that they translate, package, and dub. They are most well known for anime and live action Asian films for home video release. With fewer than a half-dozen sublabels, Media Blasters has released on DVD renowned classics and cult obscurities of anime, horror, Asian action, Euro horror, and adult films. Popular animated releases include Invader Zim, Berserk, Knight Hunters, Rurouni Kenshin, and Voltron.

In 2004, Media Blasters began publishing manga. The company attempted to publish shonen manga titles for older readers, but they were not successful so they increased its yaoi manga line.[1]


Anime Works

Anime Works is the label used for the bulk of Media Blaster's anime titles.

Kitty Media

Kitty Media specializes in hentai anime. Recently, the division began releasing some h-anime titles previously licenced by NuTech Digital, which lost the licenses due to royalties litigation.

Tokyo Shock

The Tokyo Shock label covers live action movies and television series from Japan and other Asian markets, including tokusatsu works.

Shriek Show

The "Shriek Show" labels handles obscure horror and exploitation films such as Ultimo mondo cannibale, La notte del terrore and Zombi 2.

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