MazinSaga (マジンサーガ Majinsāga?, romanized also as Mazin-Saga or Mazin Saga) is a Japanese manga created by Go Nagai. It has a rare publishing history: it was originally serialized from 1990-01-01 to 1992-04-02 by Shueisha (with 3 tankōbon) and later resumed with a 6th volume in a new manga compilation by Fusosha (with 6 tankōbon in total). The series is currently unfinished but it is expected that Nagai will resume it in the future.[1]

The manga is considered a combination of Mazinger with Devilman because of the complexity of its plot and thematic. While this Mazinger is actually more an armored warrior instead of a giant super robot, it is also considered part of the Mazinger saga.


MazinSaga tells the story of the young Koji Kabuto, a university student who finds himself having to collect the fruit of the researches of his father, a physicist of worldwide reputation who died in mysterious circumstances.

The boy is entrusted with a portentous artifact, Mazinger Z, the Armor of God, an extraordinary shell composed of the Super Spiritual Materia Z. The material, of which the armor is composed and discovered by the father of Koji before his death, gives the powers of a god or a demon: everything depends on the will and the spirit of its user. And the devastating powers of Mazinger Z manifest itself in all its violence when Koji, wearing the armor for the first time, will decree nothing less than the end of the whole planet Earth.

It will be this event that will bring him to move to the planet Mars of the future, to help earth survivors and refugees there, against a frightening and mysterious alien enemy.


The manga has a videogame for the Sega Mega Drive with the same name in Asia and Japan. It was called Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter in the US and Mazin Wars in Europe.


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