Not to be confused with Matthew Greenfield, a producer of independent films.

Matt Greenfield is the American co-founder of ADV Films. Originally an avid fan who ran an anime club in Houston, Texas with John Ledford (known as "Anime NASA"), he and Ledford founded ADV Films in 1992. ADV Films began as an importer of anime, marketing primarily to the existing network of anime fans. He also served as the vice president of the company, and executive producer of many of the company's releases until ADV collapsed and shut down in 2009. He is married to former ADV contractor and voice actress Tiffany Grant.

In the English-language dubs of the company's licensed releases, he serves as an ADR director and occasionally takes on background roles as a voice actor, going by the pseudonym Brian Granveldt. Raised on a steady diet of science fiction novels, giant monster movies, special effects and early TV anime like Astroboy, Tobor, Kimba and Speed Racer, Matt Greenfield has somehow managed to end up with a career that ties all those youthful interests into one neat package.

Since 1992, he has racked up over a thousand production credits, serving as writer, producer, and director on over 500 anime and live action titles, including such anime classics as Battle Angel, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Chrono Crusade, Excel Saga, Gantz, Godannar, Golden Boy, Gunsmith Cats, Macross, Nadesico, Noir, Princess Nine, Rahxephon, Slayers, Spriggan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Wallflower, the live action Gamera-Guardian Of The Universe and the all-time Godzilla classic Destroy All Monsters. In between all that, he’s served as Senior VP of ADVision/ADVFilms for over 15 years, written stacks of comic books, manga adaptations and magazine articles, accrued over 300 credits as a voice actor (most often under the pseudonym Brian Granveldt) and appears at an average of 20 anime and sci-fi conventions a year. Oh, and he also worked at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center for four years, working computer support on such projects as the first three flights of the Space Shuttle Columbia and Voyager Jupiter flyby. Now married to voice actor Tiffany Grant, his current projects include producing an original animated series based on the David Weber novel Mutineers’ Moon and contributing to the production of the live action Evangelion feature film.

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