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Masumi Asano (浅野 真澄 Asano Masumi?, born August 25, 1977) is a seiyū from Noshiro, Akita who worked for Aoni Production and is now freelance.[1][citation needed] She is also known by her nickname, Masumin.

Notable voice roles


  • the Best Radio Personality in the 1st Seiyū Awards (2007)
  • the Highest Prize of Children's story category in the 13th Ohisama Taisho (2007)


  • She's often mistaken for Mayumi Asano (Their names differ by only one syllable).
  • She was a member of the girl singing group, Aice5. Notable members included Akemi Kanda and Yui Horie.
  • She was also a member of the girls group,"Kirakira☆melody school",of which she try to hide this career. But this is often disclosed in her radio show called "Anispa" which the two,her and Japanese singer 'Washizaki Takesi' , host. Notable members included Yui Sakakibara and Mai Kadowaki.
  • She's the one who gave the nickname Maki-Maki to her fellow seiyuu, Makino Yui.


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