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Masashi Takeda (武田将士 Takeda Masashi?) is a fictional character in the My-HiME and My-Otome anime and manga series. He is voiced by Yuji Ueda in Japanese and Scott Roberts in English.

My-HiME anime

Masashi Takeda
Character Information
Age: 17
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown
B/W/H: Unknown

Masashi Takeda is the chief of the kendo club. He is in love with Natsuki Kuga, despite the fact that she does not return these feelings. He tends to appear in situations where Natsuki is in a compromising position (such as having her skirt blown up by the wind after her panties are stolen). He tries to make Yuuichi Tate return to the kendo club in vain. Takeda is mainly a joke character in the anime series, appearing mainly as comic relief in early episodes of the series.

In the novel "Natsuki's Prelude" it is revealed that after the HiME Carnival Natsuki sent a letter to Takeda with an apology and an explanation that she could not return his feelings, because she needed to accept someone else's (this person being Shizuru Fujino).

My-HiME manga

In the manga, Takeda is still the chief of the kendo club, and he met Yuuichi Tate in front of the school when Yuuichi transferred to Fuuka Academy at the beginning of the manga. He is a fan of this universe's Natsuki. Later, he becomes the Key to Nao Yuuki after she is forced to change her Key.

My-HiME Destiny

This incarnation of Takeda is still madly in love with Natsuki, and was responsible for restarting the wars on campus when he attacked the Kuga faction. He also possesses MiKO powers that enhance his kendo abilities and is the chief of the Athletic Club at the school.

Masashi Takeda the Boxer

Masashi Takeda is a Japanese boxer. He has a record of 10-4-1 (wins-losses-draws). There are products made after him that can be bought at the Sherdog store.

My-Otome anime

Takeda does not explicitly exist in the anime as he is never mentioned by name. However, a character that resembles him is one of Takumi Tokiha's guards, though this character receives no lines and is bald.

My-Otome manga

Takeda appears looking for Natsuki in a bathroom (holding a picture of her) but accidentally walks in on Erstin Ho as she is showering. After being caught it is heavily implied that Shizuru castrated him, though he has one brief appearance before the end of the manga in chapter 28, where he is captured by Haruka and thought to be a member of Schwartz.