Each week more manga articles are being deleted from the Wikipedia, even those that have sales in the millions or have been published for years in high circulated manga magazines, simply because someone decided that any article that doesn't have third party coverage should be erased. Since manga magazines aren't going to give coverage to things published by their competition, this means that quite a significant number of articles have been and will continue to be deleted. And so, thousands of articles have been imported over from the Wikipedia, to here, in order to save them. Sometimes the templates don't all work, and the images don't automatically come over on their own, or things aren't perfect straight away. So some work on these articles is still required. Also, it is impossible to import over the entire edit history of the articles, except one at a time. When an article is up for deletion, this is done, and the images in the article copied over as well. Otherwise, its not worth the bother.

Please do not hesitate to contribute as you see fit. Eventually this will become the most complete manga database on the internet.

You may also add in any information about manga style art and animation.

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