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Manga Taishō
Awarded for Manga awards
Country Japan
First awarded 2008
Currently held by Yuki Suetsugu, for Chihayafuru
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The Manga Taishō (マンガ大賞?) is an annual Japanese manga award.

First iteration

In the inaugural edition of the award in 2008, twelve manga were nominated[1] and the winner was Gaku, by Shinichi Ishizuka.[2]

2nd iteration

In the second edition in 2009 there were ten manga nominated[3] and the winner was Chihayafuru, by Yuki Suetsugu.[4]

3rd iteration

In the third edition in 2010 there are ten manga nominated[5] and the winner was Thermae Romae, by Mari Yamazaki.[6]

  • Winner: Thermae Romae, by Mari Yamazaki
  • Nominees:


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