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Magic Kaito (まじっく快斗 Majikku Kaito?) is a shōnen manga series by Gosho Aoyama, about a thief named Phantom Thief Kid (怪盗キッド Kaitō Kiddo?). Aoyama stopped work on the manga after three volumes due to the fact that he started Detective Conan (Case Closed), which was an instant hit, and where a version of Kaitou Kid and some related characters makes occasional appearances. Chapters of the Magic Kaito manga have been released in Shōnen Sunday since then, and have only recently been collected into a fourth volume in February 2007. An episode based on it was aired on April 17, 2010.[1]


Kaito Kuroba, a normal teenage student whose father is often absent for vaguely defined reasons. When his father dies under mysterious circumstances, he is made aware of his father's secret identity; a famous international criminal known as International Criminal 1412: the Phantom Thief, and that he was murdered by a mysterious organization for refusing to aid them in retrieving the "Pandora Gem"; a mystical stone said to shed a "tear" during the passing of a particular comet, the consumption of which bestows immortality. He vows to prevent the organization from gaining immortality, and assumes his father's identity as he begins his quest for the gem. His only clues as to the gem's location are that it glows red under the full moon and that it is a doublet: a gem hidden within a larger gem. Thus, it would have to be a relatively large one with a bizarre history, and always stored in a place that never receives moonlight. He thus researches and steals famous priceless gems with odd histories from incredibly well-defended areas, and always returns them after the very next full moon.


Kaito Kuroba

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The protagonist, Kaito Kuroba (黒羽 快斗 Kuroba Kaito?) is a smart, quirky and almost arrogant 17 year old boy who is an excelled illusionist. He is childhood friends with Aoko Nakamori, is good at all sports except for ice skating, and is absolutely deathly afraid of fish. Kaito is also the phantom thief known as Phantom Thief Kid (怪盗キッド Kaitō Kiddo?). He gives the police riddles describing when, where, and what he is going to steal in a heist, and often ends up returning the item that he stole because it wasn't the Pandora gem. Kaito constantly teases Aoko, but he actually is in love with her. His seiyū is Kappei Yamaguchi and his English voice actor is Jerry Jewell.

Aoko Nakamori

Aoko Nakamori (中森 青子 Nakamori Aoko?) is Kaito's childhood friend. She is an obstinate, impulsive and lighthearted girl. A kind girl who worries about others. Kaito often teases her and flips her skirt, driving her to chase him wielding her weapon of choice though she is secretly in love with him. She is the daughter of Inspector Nakamori, so she hates Kaitou Kid. Her seiyū is Minami Takayama for her appearances in the Case Closed series and Ayumi Fujimura in the Magic Kaito anime.

Saguru Hakuba

Saguru Hakuba (白馬探 Hakuba Saguru?) is a famous high school detective based outside Japan.[2] He is the son of a high police official and had many attempts to capture Kaitō Kid.[2][3] He believes that Kaito Kuroba is Kaitō Kid but lacks the evidence.[4] His seiyū is Akira Ishida.[5]

Akako Koizumi

Akako Koizumi (小泉 紅子 Koizumi Akako?) is actually a witch with real magic, which causes her to be very critical of Kaito's "sleight-of-hand" magic. She knows that he is Kid, but has not told anyone. Akako is very much a seductress, and is "trying to make every man her slave". She is at first angry at Kaito because she cannot "control" him, but later on she grows to love him. Her seiyū is Megumi Hayashibara.

Ginzo Nakamori

Ginzo Nakamori (中森 銀三 Nakamori Ginzō?), dubbed by Funimation Entertainment as Mace Fuller, is the inspector in charge of capturing Phantom Thief Kid.[6] His seiyū is Unshou Ishizuka and his English voice actor is Jay Jones.[7][8]

Toichi Kuroba

Toichi Kuroba (黒羽 盗一 Kuroba Tōichi?) was the original Phantom Thief Kid, and is Kaito Kuroba's father. He was a famous magician who taught Kaito how to be a masterful magician. When he was Phantom Thief 1412 he and Yusaku Kudo used to be rivals. He physically resembles Yusaku Kudo in Detective Conan (Case Closed). As a magician, he taught two people in the art of disguise, Yukiko Kudo and Sharon Vineyard for their careers as actresses. During his life as Phantom Thief Kid, he met an organization who ordered him to find the Pandora Gem. This gem was born inside another gem, and cried tears of immortality when the comet comes close to the Earth. After finding out what he is up against, Toichi turned down the offer, and started finding the Pandora himself. Feeling betrayed, Snake killed Toichi during one of his magic tricks. His seiyū is Shuuichi Ikeda.

TV Anime

The anime series is directed by Toshiki Hirano and produced by TMS Entertainment and Animax. As of April 2010, one episode has been aired. [1]

Episode List

Ep# Title Original Airdate
01 The Revived Phantom Thief
"Yomigaeru Kaitou" (蘇る怪盗)
April 17, 2010[1] {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
After being in remission for eight years, the Phantom Thief Kid suddenly makes a reappearance by robbing a jewelry store. The news about the theft spreads around the school of Kuroba Kaito, a prankster magician. When his friend Aoko Nakamori informs him that the Phantom Thief uses magic as well, Kaito decides to catch him, claiming that his tricks are the best. At home, Kaito finds a secret room which was timed to reveal itself on that day and discovers a room full of Phantom Thief Kid's equipments. Later that day, inspector Ginzo Nakamori, Aoko's father, learns that the Phantom Thief is targeting a jewel known as the Moon's Pupil and prepares an ambush at the jewel's location. Meanwhile, Kaito deduces that eight years ago is the same time, his father, Toichi Kuroba, died and suspects the original Phantom Thief was his father. To confirm that theory, he decides to don the Phantom Thief Kid costume to confront the current Kid. Kid manages to successfully steal the Moon's Pupil but is confronted by Kaito. The current Kid reveals that he is Jii Kounosuke, Toichi's servant who confirms that Toichi was the Phantom Thief Kid and also reveals that Touichi’s death eight years previous was the result of murder. Kaito decides to take over the role of Kid, and he and Jii escape from the police. Later the next day, as Kaito is admiring the Moon’s Pupil, Aoko comes and scares him with a fish which causes his to toss the Moon's Pupil into the air and fall into the fish's mouth. Consequently, Inspector Nakamori finds the jewel when he cooks the fish for dinner that night.


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