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Lupin III: Greatest Capers is a compilation of two episodes from the second Lupin III television series that was released on video from Streamline Pictures.

The episodes included were:

  • Albatross: Wings of Death (episode 145) [original title: Shi no tsubasa Arubatorosu, literal translation: Albatross, the wings of Death]
  • Aloha, Lupin (episode 155) [original title: Saraba itoshiki Rupan yo, literal translation: Farewell, beloved Lupin]

Both episodes were directed by Hayao Miyazaki (who had previously directed the second Lupin III movie The Castle of Cagliostro) under the pseudonym Teruki Tsutomu. The episodes were produced by Studio Telecom, which produced 11 of the 155 episodes of the second Lupin III series, including the two episodes Hayao Miyazaki directed.

Albatross: Wings of Death

In the episode Albatross: Wings of Death, Lupin and the gang have to rescue Fujiko from Lonebach, a weapons dealer who is planning to sell a new type of "suitcase nuke" (in 1977 a truly innovative concept) and is using his huge airplane The Albatross (a Dornier Do X) to transport them.

Aloha, Lupin

In Aloha, Lupin, a lanky and strong robot is robbing jewellery stores in the Tokyo area, all in the name of Lupin III. The reason behind the thefts is all part of a plan by Maki Oyamada, the robot operator and the Lupin gang to show the world how dangerous the robots can be if they are used in warfare. Meanwhile, Inspector Zenigata feels that something is not right with this case and as this episode shows, not everything is what it seems.


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