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For the Nikkatsu anime, see Lolita Anime (Nikkatsu).

The Lolita Anime (ロリータアニメ Rorita Anime?) series was the first ever hentai original video animation (OVA),[1] created by a studio called Wonder Kids. It ran from February 1984 to May 1985 and consisted of six episodes.[2] An alternative name for this anime is Wonder Magazine Series and it was apparently based on a manga by Fumio Nakajima, which was serialized in the lolicon magazine Lemon People.



Episode Alternate Title Date Released Description
Lolita Anime I: Yuki no Beni Kesho/Shōjo Bara Kei (Reddening Snow/Rose Girl's Punishment
(ロリータアニメⅠ:雪の紅化粧 ~少女薔薇刑~)
February 21, 1984 This episode featured a teenage protagonist and focused mainly on bondage and humiliation. It consisted of two 15 minute segments. The characters were drawn quite realistically for this episode.[4][5]
Lolita Anime II: Nanniki-ko no Shinde mo ii/Ikenie no Saidan (Dying for Nanniki/The Sacrificial Altar))
(ロリータアニメⅡ:何日子の死んでもいい ~いけにえの祭壇)
May 1, 1984 The second episode's animation was a lot like the first episode. This episode also has two parts to it. The first part is about a girl, Itsuko, who likes a tennis player at school. The second part has a school girl who is very horny and has sex with her teacher, priest, and another girl.[6][7]
Lolita Anime III: Koneko-chan no Iru Mise (To be in the kitten shop)
July 21, 1984 This episode used classic 1980s designs and featured a cute schoolgirl protagonist, Miu. There are many parodies of famous 80s anime characters such as Lum, Hibari-kun and Minky Momo in this episode. A man is transported to a strange nightclub through a toilet where he meets Miu. It focused briefly on bondage. Unlike the other episodes, which were 30 minutes long, this one was only 25 minutes and featured a music video with Miu on the beach. It is probably the most known episode of this series.[8]
Lolita Anime IV: Hensokyoku (Variations)
December 20, 1984 This episode featured heavily on bondage and contained what may be some of the first yuri in erotic anime.[9]
Lolita Anime V: Sa-fu dori-mingu Surf Dreaming
February 21, 1985 A slightly bizarre expansion on the music video from episode III. This revolved around a bizarre love triangle between Miu, a boy surfer and a man. There is also a small black boy in it who appears to be Miu's younger brother (he refers to her as "Onee-chan"). As with episode III, it has a 3 minute music video at the end. It is possible to find this episode on the internet.[10]
Lolita Anime Soushuuhen: Shi-saido einjeru Miu Lolita Anime Collection: Seaside Angel Miu(ロリータアニメ集:シーサイドエンジェル MIU) May 25, 1985 This episode was simply highlight clips from the other episodes, and featured some segments with Miu and the man from episode III. It also included the music video from episode III, albeit without the music, and lasted an hour rather than the 30 minutes of the other episodes.[11]


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