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Star Blazers consists of three television seasons. Each is an English-language adaption of its Japanese Space Battleship Yamato counterpart. The Japanese saga, however, entails more than just these three TV seasons, and part of this missing portion of the saga occurs between Seasons 2 and 3.

Season 1

Star Blazers Season 1 is a straight-forward English language adaption of the Japanese Yamato 1 television season. The plot opens in the year 2199, with planet Earth facing extinction within one year due to radioactive pollution caused by Gamilon planet bombs. A message arrives from Queen Starsha, of planet Iscandar, providing Earth with plans to build a superluminal engine and the promise that, if Earthlings can reach Iscandar, enduring what obstacles the Gamilons might put in their way, the Queen will give them a machine—the Cosmo DNA—that can neutralize the deadly radioactivity. But can the Star Force travel 148,000 light-years and back in just one Earth year? Not if the Gamilons can help it. They will do whatever it takes to take down Earth's only hope for survival!


Episode Title Original airdate Production number
1 "The Battle at Pluto[1]"
2 "Carrier Attacks the Sleeping Yamato"
3 "Ultra-Menace Missile"
4 "Test Warp to Mars"
5 "Jupiter's Floating Continent"
6 "Paladin"
7 "The Reflex Gun, part I"
8 "The Reflex Gun, part II"
9 "The Asteroid Ring"
10 ""We will Return""
11 "Desslok Mines?"
12 "The Sea of Fire"
13 "The Gamilon Pilot"
14 "Octopus Star Storm"
15 "Galactic Whirlpool"
16 "Stop at Beeland"
17 "Balanosaurus"
18 "Magnetron Wave"
19 "Communication Satellite"
20 "The Artificial Sun"
21 "Challenge of the Rainbow Galaxy"
22 "The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy"
23 "Dragged to Gamilon"
24 "The Battle of Gamilon"
25 "Iscandar"
26 "The Journey Home"

Season 2

Like its predecessor, Star Blazers Season 2 is an adaption of the Japanese Yamato 2 television season. The plot opens in the year 2201, one year after the Star Force's successful mission to Iscandar. Earth, at peace and complacent, receives a mysterious, extraterrestrial radio signal from Trelaina of planet Telezart which turns out to be desperate warning of a new enemy, the Comet Empire. The Empire is mostly peopled by a race of green-skinned humanoids led by the evil Prince Zordar and his daughter, Princess Invidia. Their center of operations is a huge, mechanized fortress designed to resemble a giant comet. Cloaked in an enormous plasma field, the fortress is capable of obliterating entire planets by means of head-on collision, and it is quickly approaching Earth. Unknown to Earth, the Star Force's old enemy, Desslok of Gamilon, has joined forces with the Comet Empire, and is plotting his revenge. The Earth Defence Council (EDC) dismisses Trelaina's radio transmission, and the Star Force members, now assigned to other posts, are the only ones who believe there is a danger, and face the prospect of committing mutiny in order to defend Earth. Unknown to the Earthlings, Trelaina possesses strong telepathic and telekinetic powers that have enabled her to defy the Comet Empire. Only her conscience stands in the way using them to remove the menace.


Episode Title[2]
01. Ambush at Jupiter
02. Blackout
03. Underground City
04. Battle Satellite
05. Crossing the Andromeda
06. At Planet Brumas
07. Sub-space Submarines
08. Time Trap
09. Mazor
10. Asteroid Ring Defense Revisited
11. Starflies
12. The Tunnel Satellite
13. The Conspirators Meet
14. Second Day at Telezart
15. Third Day at Telezart
16. Leaving Telezart
17. A Show of Force
18. Desslok's Escape
19. Memorial
20. The Carrier Fleet Battle
21. The Main Fleet Battle
22. Stop-over at Ganymede
23. Desslok's Victory
24. Desslok's Turning
25. The Final Battle
26. Argo, Make Us Proud!

Season 3

Star Blazers Season 3 is an adaption of the Japanese Yamato III television season. The plot of Season 3 opens at an undisclosed date, but presumably in the year 2203 or later. It concerns the travails of Earth and its Star Force as they get drawn into a galaxy-wide war between two enormous empires—the Galmans (the re-formed Gamilon Empire) and the Bolar Federation. The plot modification arises from the fact that parts of the original script were rewritten to explain otherwise confusing flash-back footage taken from events in the Japanese film, Yamato: New Voyage. New Voyage and its companion film, Be Forever Yamato, occur between the Season 2 and Season 3 story lines, but were never aired in America, and never seen by most American fans. The films deal with the Gamilons and the Earthlings as they combine forces to fight the Dark Nebula Empire. The script of Season 3 was altered in those scenes to state (incorrectly) that the enemy being fought was a remnent of the Comet Empire.

Season 3 was adapted into English several years after the first two seasons, and uses a different voice cast. These two facts have caused it to be less popular with Star Blazers fans.


Episode Title[3]
01. Solar System Faces Destruction
02. Great Battle in the Silver Stream (Milky Way)
03. Star Force Embarks at Dawn
04. Shoot for Planet Mars
05. S O S Legendra!
06. Great Battle Near Planet Brumas
07. The Rough Seas of Alpha Centauri
08. The Last Pioneer
09. Battle at Barnard's Star
10. Dagon's New Fleet Counter-attacks
11. Star Force Faces Danger at Cygnus
12. Stellar Prison Camp
13. Dreadful Bolar Federation
14. Subspace Submarine Captain: Galman Wolf
15. Star Force becomes a Prisoner
16. Festive Day for Desslok
17. Desslok's Empire in the Moment of Crisis
18. The Angry Sun
19. On the Way to Planet Phantom
20. Planet Phantom
21. Lost Hope
22. Farewell Planet Phantom
23. Battle at the Scalageck Star Cluster
24. The Secret of Planet Guardiana
25. Star Force, Shoot that Sun!


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