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The following is a list of characters from the anime Space Runaway Ideon.

Solo Colonists

Yuki Cosmo

Yuki Cosmo is the male lead of Space Runaway Ideon. Originally a teenager who lived on Solo with his archaeologist father, Cosmo is thrust into the role of mecha pilot when the Buff Clan attack Solo. He is the pilot of the Ideo-Delta/Sol Conver, and the lead pilot of the Ideon in its combined form. Although he has an occasional fight with Bes, Cosmo is a well respected member of the Solo Ship crew.

With half his friends now dead and the situation gradually becoming bleaker, Cosmo's distraught turns into pure rage and determination, becoming the Ide's physical medium for its grim final purpose. With nothing left to lose, Cosmo conducts a last ditch attack against the Gando Rowa and the Bairaru Jin, resulting in the destruction of both the Ideon, Gando Rawa, Solo Ship, and much of the Buff Clan fleet.

Cosmo is reunited in spirit form with Kitty Kitten (a rebel who appears in one of the final episodes) at the end of Be Invoked.

Jordan Bes

An Earth soldier stationed on Solo who becomes the captain of the Solo ship after the Buff Clan attack. Although Bes initially piloted the Ideo-Nova/Sol Vainer, he retires from piloting when it becomes apparent that younger pilots have more success with piloting the Ideon. Although he occasionally quarrels with Cosmo and Sheryl, Bes is well liked and respected as the leader of the Solo Ship.

Bes develops a crush on Karala immediately upon meeting her and is quick to support her, even early in the series when she is distrusted by others among the Solo Ship's crew. The two eventually fall in love and Karala becomes pregnant with Bes's child, although it is never born due to her death.

In the final battle between the surviving Solo colonists and Buff Clan, Bes remains fighting against invading squads of Buff Clan troops onboard the Solo Ship. Though shot in the waist and in the neck, gradually bleeding to death, he remains the only person "alive" on the ship.

Shortly after he dies along with everyone else as the Gando Rowa's incredible power destroys the Solo Ship...

He is reunited in spirit form with Karala in the end. Their son, Messiah, leads them and the souls of everyone else to a reborn Earth.

Kasha Imhof

A teenage girl who was friends with Cosmo on Solo, Kasha quickly becomes involved in the fighting when the Buff Clan launch their attack on Solo. Kasha becomes the main pilot of the Ideo-Buster/Sol-Amber. Although a good pilot, Kasha is quite hot tempered and aggressive which can get her in trouble at times. Like Cosmo, she at times conflicts with the opinions on the adults on the ship. She is also one of the people most critical of Karala early in the series.

As Ideon draws to a close, Kasha relinquishes her piloting duties of the Ideo-Buster to Deck so she can remain aboard the Solo Ship and protect Karala. During an intense exchange of fire between the Solo Ship's crew and the Buff Clan, Kasha meets her fate after shrapnel from an explosion tears into her.

Sheryl Formosa

A linguistic scholar who had been investigating the Sixth Civilization on the Planet Solo. Sheryl's primary interest is studying the Ide, the mysterious energy source that powers both the Ideon and the Solo Ship. She becomes quite obsessed with it at times, which leads to conflicts between her, Bes, Cosmo and Kasha. Sheryl also conflicts with Karala early in the series. Nonetheless, Sheryl is a valuable crew member who is always willing to put herself in dangerous situations to find the answers to her questions.

In the latter part of the series Sheryl befriends Buff Clan defector Gije Zaral, who shares a similar interest in the Ide. The two fall in love, but Gije is killed on the Planet Steckin Star in the second to last episode. This, combined with the murder of her younger sister Lin on the planet Ajian cause Sheryl to spiral into a state of despair followed by psychosis. In order to draw out the full potential of the Ide, Sheryl carries the infant Piper Lou onto the deck of the Solo Ship while the Ideon is fighting off both the Buff Clan and a large comet. Sheryl in grief, "invokes" the Ide to show its true power by putting Piper Lou in mortal danger, taunting the invisible force if its strength comes from the suffering of the innocent. She receives her answer when the Ideon fires its Wave Leader Gun. The resulting shockwave from the blast kills her instantly, hurling her shattered body into space, though Lou survives the blast.

She is reunited with her beloved Gije in spirit form at the end of Be Invoked.

Hatari Naburu

A pilot who survives the Buff Clan attack on New Lopia in the second episode and is one of the refugees who boards the Solo ship. Hatari becomes a subordinate and confidante of Bes, even taking control of the Solo ship's operations when Bes became ill.

During the final battle with the Buff Clan in Be Invoked, Hatari manages to warp the Solo ship to the Buff Clan's mothership, the Gando Rowa. Sadly enough, he was shot in the side of the head and chest in the crossfire between the colonists and Buff Clan troopers aboard the bridge.

Deck Afta

A boy who is a friend of Cosmo's and Kasha's on Solo. He's generally seen with Rapappa, a tame two-tailed squirrel perched on his shoulder.

Although just a young kid, Deck desires to become a pilot of the Ideon and when Cosmo sees how dedicated he is to it, he allows Deck to become his co-pilot on the Ideo-Delta.As expected for his age, Deck is immature at times but for the most part gets along with everyone though gradually as the series progresses he begins to prove himself as a pilot,establishing himself as a predominant role in controlling the Ideon.

Deck is vaporized instantly from the blast resulting in the final battle between the Ideon and the Gando Rowa.

He is reunited with the other children at the end of Be Invoked. Strangely, and harshly, enough, Rapappa's spirit form is never seen at the end of the film.

Joliver Ira

The engineer of the Solo Ship. At first and throughout the series he doesn't put too much trust in Karala, but during the movie Be Invoked he admits to having some love interest towards her. This is further proved after he protected Karala from her father Doba, sustaining a sword wound to the back, and dying later as he assisted the Ideon during the final battle.

Moera Fatima

A member of the Solo Ship's crew, who serves as the main pilot for the Ideo Nova for the majority of the series. He is romantically involved with the ship's doctor, Rapoh. He is also seen chastising Fard on several occasions for his wimpy behavior, encouraging him to stand up for himself and become a man. He is eventually killed during a battle against the Buff Clan, and his duties as the pilot of the Ideo Nova are passed on to Gije.

Banda Lotta

A teenage girl from the planet Solo who becomes one of the civilian refugees aboard the Solo Ship. Lotta's primary role aboard the ship is taking care of the young children along with Lin. Lotta becomes upset with Karala and attempts to kill her since she is of the Buff Clan (in the movie version she kills Karala's servant Mayaya), although in the end she is unable to do it.

In the movie Be Invoked Lotta stands a sentry when Harulu Ajiba and her bodyguards, Torolof and Kilarul, board the Solo Ship in a chaotic battle. Lotta kills Torolof with a rocket launcher and is shot to death by Kilarul promptly.

She is reunited in spirit form with Lin Formosa at the end of the film.

Fard Malaka

One of the children on the Solo Ship. He is the most timid of the children and is scolded by Moera for not toughening up. He is killed in the final battle against the Buff Clan - the only time he decides to become brave and face the enemy. He is shot by one of the Buff Clan soldiers. However, it is left to the audience on whether or not he dies before the Solo ship explodes as he can be seen breathing after being shot.

Fard is reunited with Ashura and Deck in spirit form at the end of Be Invoked.

Ashura Novak

One of the young children aboard the Solo Ship. Ashura's parents were killed in the attack on New Lopia. She is the leader of the kids, and is often seen leading Fard and Piper Lou in various activities. She doesn't understand very much the things that happen around her, but is often happy to help with any minor duties on the ship. She is killed in the final battle against the Buff Clan, when a blast of gunfire decapitates her.

Piper Lou

A baby who is one of the refugees on the Solo Ship. As the youngest member of the Solo Ship crew, Lou is critical to controlling the Ide, which responds with more power to young children like Lou. In fact the Ideon displays greater powers almost every time Lou is brought aboard. The Ide protects Lou and the children for they are of a new generation - representing the general innocence of children. As the series draws to a close and the true nature of the Ide becomes apparent, his survival becomes more critical to those aboard the Solo Ship.

In Be Invoked, Lou is nearly killed when Sheryl carries him onto the deck of the Solo Ship, hoping to draw out further power from the Ideon. When the power of a blast from the Wave Leader Gun knocks him and Sheryl off the ship, Sheryl is killed, but Lou is protected by the Ide and returned to the ship. It is revealed that Lou and Karala's unborn child "Messiah" share a profound empathic connection, triggering enormous outputs of the Ide. Lou is killed when the Solo Ship is destroyed in the final battle. He is the only character in Ideon who is spared a death sequence.

Lou and Messiah lead the spirits of both races into the reborn universe.

Lin Formosa

Sheryl's younger sister, who is often seen taking care of the children along with Lotta.

She is killed in episode 37 of the series, while being held hostage by the colonists on planet Ajian, led by the unstable Commodore. She is shot dead as a demonstration that her captors are serious about killing the hostages unless the Solo Ship and Ideon are surrendered to the Buff Clan. Her death is avenged by Sheryl, who proceeds to gunning down Commodore.

Lin is reunited spiritually with Banda Lotta at the end of Be Invoked.

Rapoh Famu

The medic of the Solo Ship whose love interest is Moera. Along with Moera, Rapoh acts as a parental figure to the orphaned Fard. She is one of the last to die after being shot by a Buff Clan soldier in the final battle with the Buff Clan in Be Invoked.

She's last seen in spirit form, clinging on hysterically to a reluctant Moera as they follow everyone to the reborn universe.

Bento Malus

The co-pilot for the Ideo-Nova. Bento is killed when the Ideon is hit with the first blast from the Gando Rowa.

Tekuno Gyabari

The co-pilot for the Ideo-Buster. Tekuno is killed in the final battle when the Ideon is destroyed.

Buff Clan

Karala Ajiba

Karala is the female lead in Space Runaway Ideon. She is the youngest daughter of Doba Ajiba, Supreme Commander of the Buff Clan military. While investigating the Ide, Karala heads down to the planet Solo against orders and becomes stranded there. After her alien origins are discovered she is held captive on the Solo Ship, but her good hearted nature leads her to becoming a regular crew member on the Solo Ship despite her alien origins. Although early in the series the Buff Clan constantly tries to rescue her, she becomes known as a traitor to the Buff Clan for associating with the Earthlings. The one who despises her the most is her own sister, Harulu.

Karala and Bes fall in love and near the end of the series Karala becomes pregnant with Bes's child, who is proclaimed 'Messiah' by Cosmo and Kasha. Messiah is seen as the key to controlling the Ide and defending the Solo Ship against the Buff Clan,perhaps as well bringing a possible future peace between both races.However when Harulu boards the Solo Ship during a battle,she confronts Karala only to then shoot her sister three times in the face.

Despite her tragic demise, Karala and Messiah remain as a strange ethereal influence as the carnage between the Buff Clan and Solo Ship rages onwards.

Gije Zaral

The commander of the initial Buff Clan search expedition that discovered the planet Solo. Gije is a friend and former fiance of Karala's, and hence is gravely concerned with her safety after she heads to the planet Solo. Initially he leads multiple operations to rescue Karala, and is later sent by Harulu to the Buff Clan homeworld to perform further study of the Ide. After failing once again with the Buff Clan military, Gije is enlisted in the Ome Foundation, a private corporation that also seeks to capture the Ideon. After multiple battles in which he fails to defeat the Ideon, Gije is abandoned on the moon, but he sneaks aboard the Solo Ship during a battle. He befriends Sheryl, who shares a similar interest in the Ide, and the two eventually fall in love. Although initially viewed as untrustworthy, Gije eventually becomes an official member of the Solo Ship crew and pilots the Ideo-Nova after the death of its pilot, Moera. Gije is killed in a battle with the Buff Clan on the planet Steckin Star in episode 38 of the television series.

Harulu Ajiba

The elder sister of Karala, and daughter of Doba, Supreme Commander of the Buff Clan military. A high ranking member of the Buff Clan military, Harulu leads the pursuit of the Solo Ship and Ideon for much of the first half of the series. She views her younger sister as a traitor to the Buff Clan and despises her. Harulu's former lover was Daram Zuba and while she doesn't seem to pleased with him in their sole meeting in the series, she mourns his death and even goes as far to have a Buff Clan officer assassinated when she laughs at a video of him. When Harulu discovers that Karala is pregnant with a baby that is the key to controlling the Ide, she personally leads a team into the Solo Ship, where she murders Karala. Her father Doba gives her command of the entire Buff Clan army, but in the battle she is killed by a blast from the Ideon's Wave Leader Gun.

Doba Ajiba

Supreme Commander of the Buff Clan military. Doba is the father of both Karala and Harulu. Like Harulu, Doba despises Karala for abandoning the Buff Clan and doesn't care whether she lives or dies. Although he is largely absent for most of the TV series (appearing in only 3 episodes), he comes out of the woodwork near the end after his underlings repeatedly fail to defeat the Ideon.

Doba commands the Buff Clan forces from his flagship, the Bairal Jin. Intent on not only defeating the Ideon, but also taking complete control of the Buff Clan, Doba conspires with Gindoro Jinmu of the Ome Foundation to overthrow the Buff Clan Emperor, Zuou Habel Gande, when the battle is over. This becomes meaningless however when the Buff Clan home planet is destroyed by a meteor shower.

Doba is eventually killed by his own soldiers when he makes it clear that the Ideon must be defeated, even if it results in the death of the majority of the Buff Clan.

Oddly enough, Doba is paired up spiritually with Emperor Zuou at the end of Be Invoked.

Damido Pechi

One of the officers in charge of the initial expedition that results in the discovery of the Planet Solo. Damido is a colleague of Gije's and along with him pursues Karala early in the series. Damido is much more aggressive than Gije and appears to be more concerned with wiping out the enemy than rescuing Karala. He is put out of commission for a while after a battle with the Ideon, but when he returns he takes the opportunity to immediately strike the Ideon again. His battle ends in failure yet again, and he perishes in this battle. In the movie version Damido has a much smaller role and is killed in the initial battle on Solo.

Daram Zuba

An officer in the Ome Foundation who was also a former lover of Harulu. Daram assists Harulu after her Dorowa Zan is destroyed in a fight against the Solo Ship. He also leads the pursuit of the Solo Ship on the planet Kyaral, and later to the Earth sphere. Daram betrays Gije by abandoning him on the moon, frustrated with his constant failure to defeat the Ideon. Gije gets his revenge by shooting Daram in the head during a duel with Cosmo on the Earth. In the movie version Daram is not a member of the Ome Foundation, but rather a member of the regular Buff Clan military. In the movie, A Contact, he died alternatively when his ship was blown up by the Ideon swords.

Daram is reunited in spirit form with Harulu at the end of Be Invoked.

Gindoro Jinmu

Leader of the Ome Foundation, a private corporation that conspired with Doba to overthrow the Buff Clan Emperor. Gindoro teams up with Doba at the end of the series after the Ome Foundation fails to defeat the Ideon. After the Emperor's death he remains with Doba for a period of time, but then requests to return to the Buff Clan homeworld, unaware that their home planet was actually destroyed. With the battle escalating, Gindoro tries to flee and argues with Doba, which results in him being killed. His spirit talks to Doba shortly after his death.

Zou Habel Gande

Grand Emperor of the Buff Clan. For reasons never explained, Doba desired to overthrow him. A very minor character who only appeared in one episode of the original TV series, Zou is killed when meteors destroy the Buff Clan homeworld.

Abadede Gurimade

Guhaba Geba

A subordinate of Harulu who was ordered by her to humiliate Karala when she reunited with her sister. He dies piloting a Zigg Mack in episode 14, trying to defeat the Ideon.

Doku Jilbal

Rukuku Kil

An officer in the Buff Clan military, with loyalties to the Emperor. She is sent to the Earth sphere to defeat the Solo Ship and Ideon after the Ome Foundation fails to do so. As a member of the military, she is rather arrogant towards Daram, but nonetheless allows him to fight under her command. Harulu sends an underling, Kulara Kina to spy on her and when she find an old video of Daram and laughs at it, Harulu has her assassinated.

Hannibal Gen

Other characters

Kitty Kitten

A teenage girl who Cosmo meets on the colony planet of Kyaral. Kitten is responsible for taking care of many of the orphaned children on her planet. She desires for the Solo Ship to leave their planet so the Buff Clan will leave them alone, but decides to help Cosmo and the others in their quest for supplies. She and Cosmo become good friends and Cosmo falls in love with her. Kitten is killed when she is shot by Daram Zuba, who had fleed to Kyaral in an escape pod after a battle with the Ideon. In the movie version she dies when she is decapitated in an explosion. Her death greatly traumatizes Cosmo.

Marshall Franklin


The leader of the planet Ajian after it is devastated by the Buff Clan's Light Speed Missiles. Commodore blames the Solo Ship for this occurrence and teams up with Guldabra Dron of the Buff Clan when the Solo Ship returns to Ajian. He tricks Bes and the others when they arrive and takes hostages of all the civilians on the ship; killing Lin when Bes and the others don't immediately surrender. When Bes and the others arrive to rescue the hostages, Sheryl steals Bes's gun and shoots him. Gije puts him out of his misery.

Camyula Lanban

A female officer in the military base Braziller. She is the woman who calms Cosmo down after a fight with the Buff Clan. Camyula Lanban's personality traits and looks remind Cosmo of his mother. Her death motivates Cosmo's urge to fight.


The hybrid unborn child of Bes Jordan and Karala Ajiba.Messiah's existence is revealed when Karala and Joliver are transported by the Ide to the flagship of her father Doba Aijba;the Bairaru Jin.When she announces that she is pregnant with Bes's child,the series of events that unfold will lead to "Be Invoked"s tragic ending.

Even though in the womb,Messiah demonstrates enormous influence over the Ide such as producing miniature protective fields around his mother and anything within its range,and is capable of communicating with Piper Lou in a manner of telepathy.Such abilities lead to Cosmo and Kasha dubbing the child "Messiah",as it seems he and Piper Lou could be the trumpcards in manifesting,if not controlling the Ide's true strength.

Messiah seems to also represent a possibility of peace between the Terrans and the Buff Clan,but his mother's death at the hands of his aunt prevent his physical birth from ever becoming a reality.

After the destruction of the universe,Messiah spiritually leads the survivors of both races onwards to enlightenment, as their naked souls all collectively join to be "reborn" and witness the creation of a new universe.