This is a list of episodes of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn?) anime series, covering the first season of the series. It was co-produced by TV Asahi, Toei Agency and Toei Animation and directed by Junichi Sato, originally airing on TV Asahi between March 7, 1992 and February 27, 1993.[1]

Simply titled Sailor Moon, the first season was produced concurrently with the first story arc (Dark Kingdom)[2] of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi. It follows the manga story closely, and although neither series was expected to continue after its initial story arc, both were very successful and their runs were extended. Years later, the same plot line was adapted again into the live-action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

The first season episodes were among those released in North America by DIC Entertainment. Five episodes of the English dub were omitted for inappropriate content and two were forged into one.[3] Many of the remaining episodes were heavily edited, making such changes as renaming place names to sound American, editing Japanese text off buildings and replacing it with English text, mirror-imaging frames that involved traffic, and cutting minor violence such as slaps or drink-spitting. Each episode concluded with an educational segment, "Sailor Says," in order to teach a moral based on the story that had just been shown. These changes were met with great controversy amongst Western fans.[4][5][6]

This arc introduces most of the major protagonists: Usagi Tsukino, Mamoru Chiba, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, and Minako Aino. Its plot line involves the awakening of the Sailor Senshi—teenage super heroines—and their fight against the Dark Kingdom and its leader, Queen Beryl. As the Senshi battle for the fate of the world, they learn about a previous life where they had all lived together in a kingdom on the moon.

When Takeuchi wrote the manga, she originally intended to have all the main characters die in the end, but her editor would not let her, stating, "This is a shōjo manga!" When the anime adaptation was created, all of the protagonists were in fact killed off, although they came back to life, and Takeuchi held a bit of a grudge that she had not been allowed to do that in her version.[7]

In the 1993 favorite episode listings for Animage, "Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever" came in first place, with "Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love" coming in third place, "The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears" coming in sixth place, "Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past" coming in ninth place and "Love for Ami?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future" coming in eleventh place.[8] The following year, the two-part series finale "The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle" and "Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation" took first and second place respectively.[9]

Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and two closing themes. The opening theme is "Moonlight Densetsu" (ムーンライト伝説 Mūnraito Densetsu?, lit. "Moonlight Legend"), written by Kanako Oda and performed by DALI.[10] "Heart Moving", written by Yoshiaki Tsushima and performed by Misae Takamatsu, is used as the closing theme for the first 26 episodes, and "Princess Moon", written by Naoko Takeuchi and performed by Ushio Hashimoto, is used for the remaining episodes.[1][10]

Episode list

Orig. ep. Dub ep. English dubbed title / English subbed title[11]
Original Japanese title[3][12]
Original air date[3][12] English air date[3]
1 A Moon Star Is Born" / "Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation
"Nakimushi Usagi no karei naru henshin" (泣き虫うさぎの華麗なる変身)
March 7, 1992 September 11, 1995 (Syndication)
June 1, 1998 (TOONAMI)
Underachieving schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino learns from a talking cat named Luna that she is destined to become the heroic Soldier of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. She saves Naru's mother from the Dark Kingdom's forces and meets the snobby Mamoru Chiba and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask.
2 Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion
"Oshioki yo! Uranai house wa yōma no yakata" (おしおきよ!占いハウスは妖魔の館)
March 14, 1992 N/A
The evil Queen Beryl sends her servant Jadeite back out to collect human energy. He plants one of his monsters, the youma, in a fortune-telling shop, where it hypnotizes Usagi's classmates.
3 Talk Radio" / "Mysterious Sleeping Illness, Protect the Girls' Hearts in Love
"Nazo no nemuribyō, mamore otome no koisuru kokoro" (謎のねむり病, 守れ乙女の恋する心)
March 21, 1992 September 12, 1995
Haruna and Naru submit love-letters to a midnight radio show. When they fall into apparently-permanent sleep, Usagi investigates the radio station.
4 Slim City" / "Usagi Will Teach You How to Lose Weight!
"Usagi ga oshiemasu! Surimu ni naruhō" (うさぎが教えます!スリムになる法)
March 28, 1992 September 13, 1995
Usagi's terrible eating habits lead Luna to worry about her weight. Her classmates are also worried about getting fat; Jadeite takes advantage of the situation by starting up a gym where he can drain their energy.
5 A Monster's Scent! Chanela Steals Love
"Yōma no kaori! Shanēra wa ai wo nusume" (妖魔の香り!シャネラーは愛を盗む)
April 11, 1992 N/A
Usagi wants her family to accept Luna as a "pet", but Shingo is afraid of cats. At a pet shop, he discovers a hypnotic creature called a Chanela and loses all interest in anything else.
6 Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid
"Mamore koi no merodi! Usagi wa Kyūpiddo" (守れ恋の曲!うさぎはキューピッド)
April 18, 1992 N/A
Jadeite creates a cassette tape that can drain life energy, but the youma he gives it to promptly loses it. It ends up in the possession of a jazz pianist, and Usagi must disguise herself as an adult to protect him.
7 So You Want to Be a Superstar" / "Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough
"Usagi hansei! Sutā no michi wa kibishii" (うさぎ反省!スターの道はきびしい)
April 25, 1992 September 14, 1995
By making a youma possess a human celebrity, Jadeite draws a huge crowd of would-be superstars. Usagi tries to juggle her duties as Sailor Moon with her desire to be popular and famous.
8 Computer School Blues" / "Is the Genius Girl a Monster? Brainwashing School of Terror
"Tensai shōjo wa yōma na no? Kyōfu no sennōjuku" (天才少女は妖魔なの?恐怖の洗脳塾)
May 2, 1992 September 15, 1995
Luna senses a strange aura around Usagi's genius classmate, Ami Mizuno, and thinks she might be a Dark Kingdom spy. Usagi befriends the girl and is not so sure.
9 Time Bomb" / "Usagi's Misfortune! Watch Out for the Rushing Clocks
"Usagi no sainan! Awate tokei ni goyōjin" (うさぎの災難!あわて時計にご用心)
May 9, 1992 September 18, 1995
Jadeite's new plan is to make humans work harder to increase their energy output. Usagi's mom buys a new clock for her that drains her energy; Ami, now awakened as Sailor Mercury, helps Luna investigate.
10 An Uncharmed Life" / "Cursed Buses! Fire Warrior Mars Appears
"Norowareta basu! Honō no senshi Māzu tōjō" (呪われたバス!炎の戦士マーズ登場)
May 16, 1992 September 19, 1995
Loaded buses are disappearing near Hikawa Shrine, and most of Usagi's peers suspect that Rei Hino, a miko with strange powers, has something to do with it. Luna wonders if she might be the princess.
11 Nightmare in Dreamland" / "Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland
"Usagi to Rei taiketsu? Yume rando no akumu" (うさぎとレイ対決?夢ランドの悪夢)
May 23, 1992 September 20, 1995
Queen Beryl is increasingly angry with Jadeite for his repeated failures; he starts up a theme park, but the general public notices the large number of disappearances. Usagi and Rei, who is now Sailor Mars, argue constantly.
12 Cruise Blues" / "I Want a Boyfriend, Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship
"Watashi datte kare ga hoshii! Gōkasen no wana" (私だって彼が欲しい!豪華船のワナ)
May 30, 1992 September 21, 1995
One of Queen Beryl's youma offers to help Jadeite with his plans. Rei wins tickets on a luxury cruise ship and, since she has no boyfriend, asks Ami to accompany her. A jealous Usagi sneaks aboard after them.
13 Fight to the Finish" / "Girl Power! The End of Jadeite
"Onna no ko wa danketsu yo! Jedaito no saigo" (女の子は団結よ!ジェダイトの最期)
June 6, 1992 September 22, 1995
Usagi continues to be attracted to both Motoki and Tuxedo Mask. Threatened with Eternal Sleep should he fail again, Jadeite confronts the Senshi at an airport.
14 Match Point for Sailor Moon" / "A Powerful New Enemy! Nephrite's Evil Crest
"Arata naru kyōteki, Nefuraito ma no monshō" (新たなる強敵, ネフライト魔の紋章)
June 13, 1992 September 25, 1995
Nephrite takes over as Beryl's main energy gatherer. He plans to gather power from individual humans at their strongest, rather than from groups, and starts by targeting Naru's childhood friend, a tennis player.
15 An Unnatural Phenomena" / "Usagi is Frantic! Rei's First Date
"Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu dēto" (うさぎアセる!レイちゃん初デート)
June 20, 1992 September 26, 1995
Usagi finally learns Mamoru's name, and, to her aggravation (and supposed jealousy), Rei decides to try to date him. Meanwhile, Nephrite targets the caretaker of a park, and Rei suggests a similarity between Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask.
16 Wedding Day Blues" / "Dream of a White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride
"Junpaku doresu no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru" (純白ドレスの夢!うさぎ花嫁になる)
June 27, 1992 September 27, 1995
Usagi's home economics teacher is getting married, and she and Rei become obsessed with a contest for handmade wedding dresses. Nephrite implants a youma in some fabric purchased by the bride-to-be.
17 Shutter Bugged" / "Is Usagi a Model? The Focus of the Monster Camera
"Moderu wa Usagi? Yōma kamera no nessha" (モデルはうさぎ?妖魔カメラの熱写)
July 4, 1992 September 28, 1995
A student Usagi's age is an expert photographer. She and others try to become models to attract fame and fortune, but the boy and his camera are under the influence of the Dark Kingdom.
18 Dangerous Dollies" / "Shingo's Innocent Love! A Sorrowful French Doll
"Shingo no junjō! Kanashimi no Furansu ningyō" (進悟の純情!哀しみのフランス人形)
July 11, 1992 September 29, 1995
Zoisite suggests that Nephrite needs his help, but the latter refuses, angering Queen Beryl. Shingo's friend is targeted for her ability to make beautiful dolls. Sailor Moon becomes an increasingly popular heroine.
19 Who Is That Masked Man?" / "Usagi is Thrilled! Tuxedo Mask's Love Letter
"Usagi kangeki! Takishīdo Kamen no rabu retā" (うさぎ感激!タキシード仮面の恋文)
July 25, 1992 October 2, 1995
Nephrite takes advantage of Sailor Moon's attraction to Tuxedo Mask by sending love letters to Usagi and her classmates. Naru falls in love with him in his civilian disguise, allowing him to drain a large amount of her energy.
20 The Summer! The Ocean! Our Youth! And a Ghost, Too
"Natsu yo Umi yo Seishun yo! Omake ni yūrei mo yo!" (夏よ海よ青春よ!おまけに幽霊もよ!)
August 1, 1992 N/A
Usagi and her friends go to the beach, where they stay in a hotel run by people who look like movie monsters. There, they encounter a ghostly presence and a little girl with psychic powers.
21 An Animated Mess" / "Protect the Children's Dreams! Friendship Linked by Anime
"Kodomotachi no yume mamore! Anime ni musubu yūjō" (子供達の夢守れ!アニメに結ぶ友情)
August 8, 1992 October 3, 1995
Nephrite targets one of the animators of an upcoming Sailor V movie, who is driven by jealousy of her best friend. The Senshi investigate, but Usagi and Rei are distracted by the excitement of the anime studio.
22 Worth a Princess's Ransom" / "Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss
"Gekka no romansu! Usagi no hatsu kissu" (月下のロマンス!うさぎの初キッス)
August 15, 1992 October 4, 1995
Luna and Beryl wonder if a visiting princess could be the one the Senshi have been looking for. Mamoru dreams he is Tuxedo Mask and a girl is asking him for the Silver Crystal. At the ball, Usagi accidentally drinks wine and is kissed by Tuxedo Mask.
23 Molly's Folly" / "Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love
"Nagareboshi ni negai wo! Naru-chan no jun'ai" (流れ星に願いを!なるちゃんの純愛)
August 22, 1992 October 5, 1995
Nephrite creates a crystal that will guide him to the Silver Crystal. Usagi tries to tell Naru the man she loves is Nephrite in disguise, but she doesn't listen. He convinces her to steal a crystal from her mother and bring it to him.
24 A Friend in Wolf's Clothing" / "Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love
"Naru-chan gōkyū! Nefuraito ai no shi" (なるちゃん号泣!ネフライト愛の死)
August 29, 1992 October 6, 1995
Nephrite continues to investigate Naru, not understanding that his crystal is sensing her love for him. Zoisite, thinking he must be in love with the girl, kidnaps her in order to trap him.
25 Jupiter Comes Thundering In" / "Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
"Koisuru kairiki shōjo, Jupitā-chan" (恋する怪力少女, ジュピターちゃん)
September 5, 1992 October 9, 1995
Queen Beryl partially awakens the evil entity Metalia and sends Zoisite and Kunzite to find the Seven Great Youma and their Rainbow Crystals. Meanwhile, the tomboyish Makoto Kino transfers into Usagi's school and falls for a crane-game whiz at the arcade.
26 The Power of Friendship" / "Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship
"Naru-chan ni egao wo! Usagi no yūjō" (なるちゃんに笑顔を!うさぎの友情)
September 12, 1992 October 10, 1995
Naru is still very depressed, so Usagi and Umino take her to Yokohama to have fun. There, a kindly priest is attacked by Zoisite. Mamoru realizes that he is Tuxedo Mask, and drops a locket on the ground, where Usagi finds it.
27 Mercury's Mental Match" / "Love for Ami?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future
"Ami-chan e no koi!? Mirai yochi no shōnen" (亜美ちゃんへの恋!?未来予知の少年)
October 10, 1992 October 11, 1995
Ami is bested in a school test by Urawa, who can foresee the future and who has a crush on her. He also already knows that he is one of the Rainbow Crystal holders.
28 An Artful Attack" / "Illustrations of Love, Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?
"Koi no irasuto, Usagi to Mamoru ga sekkin?" (恋のイラスト, うさぎと衛が接近?)
October 17, 1992 October 12, 1995
An artist asks a reluctant Usagi and Mamoru to model for one of her romantic paintings. They encourage her to be less of a recluse. In battle, Sailor Moon learns that the locket she found belonged to Tuxedo Mask.
29 Too Many Girlfriends" / "Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship
"Daikonsen! Guchagucha koi no shikaku kankei" (大混戦!グチャグチャ恋の四角関係)
October 24, 1992 October 13, 1995
Makoto, like Usagi, develops a crush on Motoki. The two decide to pursue him simultaneously, even after finding out that he has a girlfriend; who, meanwhile, is targeted by Zoisite and Kunzite.
30 Grandpa's Follies" / "Grandpa Goes Crazy, Rei's in Jeopardy
"Ojī-chan ranshin, Rei-chan no kiki" (お爺ちゃん乱心, レイちゃんの危機)
October 31, 1992 October 16, 1995
Zoisite aggravates the Rainbow Crystal inside Rei's grandfather, who becomes hyperactive and unstable. A young man, Yūichirō, wanders into the shrine, falls in love with Rei, and asks to work there.
31 Kitty Chaos" / "Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever
"Koisarete owarete! Runa no saiaku no hi" (恋されて追われて!ルナの最悪の日)
November 7, 1992 October 17, 1995
Luna becomes the object of a very fat ordinary cat's attentions. Both Zoisite and the Sailor Senshi detect traces of the last Rainbow Crystal around the home of this cat's owner and go to investigate.
32 Tuxedo Melvin" / "Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru
"Umino no kesshin! Naru-chan wa boku ga mamoru" (海野の決心!なるちゃんは僕が守る)
November 14, 1992 October 18, 1995
Luna reveals that she is from the moon, and so is the princess the Senshi are looking for. Umino, having been told that Tuxedo Mask is attractive, adopts a similar persona in order to protect, and thereby woo, Naru.
33 Sailor V Makes the Scene" / "The Last Sailor Warrior, Sailor Venus Appears
"Saigo no Sērā Senshi, Vīnasu tōjō" (最後のセーラー戦士, ヴィーナス登場)
November 21, 1992 October 19, 1995
Zoisite disguises himself as Sailor Moon in order to lure Tuxedo Mask and the Senshi out into the open. The Dark Kingdom injures Tuxedo Mask's identity, but they are foiled by the appearance of Sailor Venus.
34 A Crystal Clear Destiny" / "The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears
"Hikari kagayaku ginzuishō! Tsuki no purinsesu tōjō" (光輝く銀水晶!月のプリンセス登場)
November 28, 1992 October 20, 1995
The new Senshi, Sailor Venus, is also schoolgirl Minako Aino. Zoisite, forbidden by Queen Beryl to kill Tuxedo Mask, challenges him to duel for the Rainbow Crystals. Usagi follows him, and they are forced to reveal their identities to each other.
35 A Reluctant Princess" / "Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past
"Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako" (よみがえる記憶!うさぎと衛の過去)
December 5, 1992 October 23, 1995
Usagi and Mamoru remember their former lives as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. The Dark Kingdom kidnaps the injured Mamoru, but Beryl executes Zoisite for his attempt to kill him. Luna and Artemis tell the Senshi about their tragic past.
36 Bad Hair Day" / "Usagi is Confused! Is Tuxedo Mask Evil?
"Usagi konran! Takishīdo Kamen wa aku?" (うさぎ混乱!タキシード仮面は悪?)
December 12, 1992 October 24, 1995
Minako takes a depressed Usagi to the hairdresser to cheer her up. There they are attacked by youma who are convinced that Minako is Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask appears, alive and whole, but seems to be fighting for the other side.
37 Little Miss Manners" / "Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training
"Mezase purinsesu? Usagi no chintokkun" (めざせプリンセス?うさぎの珍特訓)
December 19, 1992 October 25, 1995
Usagi daydreams of her past and enrolls in a special seminar to become more like a princess. Kunzite and the evil Endymion argue about which is more important: obtaining the Silver Crystal or killing Sailor Moon.
38 Ski Bunny Blues" / "The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And of Course, a Monster, Too
"Yuki yo Yama yo Yūjō yo! Yappari yōma mo yo!" (雪よ山よ友情よ!やっぱり妖魔もよ)
December 26, 1992 October 26, 1995
Yūichirō takes the girls to a ski resort, where they enter a "Moon Princess" contest. Rei and Usagi, targeted by a youma, take the opportunity to reaffirm their friendship. Tuxedo Mask continues to fight against them.
39 Ice Princess" / "Paired with a Monster?! Ice Queen Mako
"Yōma to pea!? Hyōjō no joō Mako-chan" (妖魔とペア!?氷上の女王まこちゃん)
January 9, 1993 October 27, 1995
Discovering that the Moon Princess was once known for her graceful ice skating, Kunzite tries to use this information to trap Sailor Moon. The best skater among the girls, however, turns out to be Makoto.
40 Last Resort" / "The Legendary Lake Monster! Usagi's Family Ties
"Mizuumi no densetsu yōkai! Usagi kazoku no kizuna" (湖の伝説妖怪!うさぎ家族のきずな)
January 16, 1993 October 30, 1995
Usagi and her family go on vacation at a hot springs, where legend holds that a terrible monster was once defeated. Endymion revives the monster, but regrets his action upon discovering that it is not a youma.
41 Tuxedo Unmasked" / "I Won't Run from Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru's Showdown
"Mō koi kara nigenai! Ami to Mamoru taiketsu" (もう恋から逃げない!亜美と衛対決)
January 23, 1993 October 31, 1995
Queen Beryl orders the seven people gathered who had carried Rainbow Crystals, intending to combine them into one huge youma. Ami is determined to protect Urawa. Sailor Moon tries to heal Endymion.
42 Sailor Venus' Past, Minako's Tragic Love
"Sērā Vīnasu no kako, Minako no hiren" (Sヴィーナスの過去, 美奈子の悲劇)
January 30, 1993 N/A
The Senshi look for an entrance to the Dark Kingdom, where Metalia will soon be awakened. Kunzite decides to try and get at Sailor V and attacks a woman Minako had been good friends with in England.
43 Fractious Friends" / "Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Warriors Get Into a Big Fight
"Usagi ga koritsu? Sērā Senshi-tachi no ōgenka" (うさぎが孤立?S戦士達の大ゲンカ)
February 6, 1993 November 1, 1995
The Sailor Senshi stage a breakup, trying to make it look as though Sailor Moon has defected so that she can infiltrate the Dark Kingdom and save Endymion. She and Sailor Mars find it a little too easy to fight.
44 The Past Returns" / "Usagi's Awakening! A Message from the Distant Past
"Usagi no kakusei! Chōkako no messēji" (うさぎの覚醒!超過去のメッセージ)
February 13, 1993 November 2, 1995
A blast of energy sends the Senshi to the ruined Moon Kingdom, where they meet a hologram of Queen Serenity and learn about their past. Luna and Artemis find the entrance to the Dark Kingdom. Kunzite attacks.
45 Day of Destiny" / "The Sailor Warriors Die! The Tragic Final Battle
"Sērā Senshi shisu! Hisō naru saishūsen" (セーラー戦士死す!悲壮なる最終戦)
February 20, 1993 November 3, 1995
With Queen Metalia's revival now imminent, the Sailor Senshi teleport to D Point, facing certain death.
46 Day of Destiny" / "Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation
"Usagi no omoi wa towa ni! Atarashiki tensei" (うさぎの想いは永遠に!新しき転生)
February 27, 1993 November 3, 1995
With her friends killed, Sailor Moon is transported inside the Dark Kingdom to face Queen Beryl and the brainwashed Prince Endymion.


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