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The fourth season of Sailor Moon anime series titled Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS (美少女戦士セーラームーン SuperS Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sūpāzu?) was co-produced by TV Asahi, Toei Agency and Toei Animation and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. It originally aired on TV Asahi between March 4, 1995, and February 2, 1996. The "SuperS" in the title is pronounced sūpāzu "supers" (as in more than one "super") in the series eyecatches and typeset "SuperS" in its logo.

This season was produced concurrently with the manga's fourth story arc, Dream, by Naoko Takeuchi. Because of the series popularity, Toei Animation started adapting Supers into an anime before it was finished. As a result, there are significant differences in the thematic tone between the two. Unlike the darker-themed manga, the anime is characterized by an increase in sugary cuteness and the absence of the four Outer Senshi, making it the least popular of the five seasons.[1]

By the time SuperS was released, the original audience of the first season had largely grown out of Sailor Moon franchise. The story's focus fell on Chibiusa (Rini in the English versions) since it was believed that the new, younger fans of Sailor Moon could more easily identify with her. However, Ikuhara's use of weighty subtexts and fairy tales were not appreciated by the audience.[2] In this season, Chibiusa gains her own cat guardian, Diana; although in the manga, Diana had first appeared in the second story arc. Chibiusa is visited in her dreams by a being called Pegasus who seeks her help in escaping the Dead Moon Circus led by the evil Queen Nehellenia and Zirconia who are searching Earth for him and the Golden Crystal.

This season was dubbed, uncut, into English in 2000, though two characters had their genders swapped: Fisheye was changed from male to female, while Zirconia, considered a monstrously hideous creature, was changed from a female into a male.

Not included in the English dub was an unnumbered, double-size special episode that originally aired between episodes 131 and 132 in Japan.[3][4] The special, which started in the show's usual half-hour time slot but ran for a full hour, consisted of three self-contained mini-episodes which told side stories independent of the continuing plot of the SuperS series proper.

Episode list

Ep. English dubbed title / English subbed title[5]
Original Japanese title[6][7]
Original air date[6][7] English air date[7]
128 Dreams Take Flight" / "Meeting of Fate! The Night where a Pegasus Flies
"Unmei no deai! Pegasasu no mau yoru" (運命の出会い!ペガサスの舞う夜)
March 4, 1995 September 26, 2000
During a solar eclipse, a circus tent appears in the middle of town. Inside, the evil Dead Moon Circus makes plans to capture Pegasus. The same night Chibi-Usa has a dream about Pegasus in a forest. Later Tiger's-Eye, a member of the Dead Moon Circus attacks Elizabeth Furuhata, and Usagi and Chibi-Usa turn up and transform. Tiger's-Eye summons a Lemures to fight. Then, Pegasus appears and powers up Sailor Moon and sailor Chibi Moon into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Moon destroys the Lemure.
129 No Ordinary Horsepower" / "Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power
"Supā henshin futatabi! Pegasasu no pawā" (スーパー変身再び!ペガサスの力)
March 11, 1995 September 27, 2000
Usagi and the others go back to the spot where Pegasus appeared. Usagi asks Chibi-Usa if she knows anything about Pegasus, but, keeping to her promise, Chibi-Usa says nothing. After hearing a horse the team run to look where they see Reika who returned from Africa, Usagi becomes concerned that she and Motoki are having relationship problems. Meanwhile, Tiger's Eye selects Reika as a target. During the battle Pegasus once again saves them.
130 Sweet Dreams" / "Protect a Mother's Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon
"Mamore haha no yume! Daburu mūn no shin hissatsu waza" (守れ母の夢!Wムーンの新必殺技)
March 18, 1995 September 28, 2000
Chibi-Usa has another dream about Pegasus, in which he tells her that whenever she and the Sailor Senshi are in trouble, she just has to call his name. Though he disappears when she poses more questions. Meawhile Dead Moon Circus plots to find more beautiful dreams. Hawk's Eye picks Ikuko Tsukino, Usagi's mother. During the battle, the sailor team in trouble, Chibi-Usa summons Pegasus, he appears and changes Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon's lockets into there new crisis lockets. They now have new double transformation together. Pegasus also gifts them new power items, the Kaleidomoon Scope and Crystal Carillon.
131 Baiting The Trap" / "Capture the Pegasus! The Amazon's Trap
"Pegasasu wo toraero! Amazon no wana" (ペガサスを捕えろ!アマゾンの罠)
March 25, 1995 September 29, 2000
Hawk's-eye devised a cage that can create an inter-dimensional portal to capture and trap Pegasus. Tiger's-eye uses Naru as a bait in order to force Pegasus to appear so that he can trap him in the cage. The cage proved worthless and Pegasus simply went through the cage as if it wasn't there.
N/A Special Episode #1" — "An Elegant Transformation? Crybaby Usagi's Growth Record
"Karei ni henshin? Nakimushi Usagi no Seichou kiroku" ()
April 8, 1995[4] N/A
Usagi, Luna, Artemis, and Chibiusa recap the first three seasons.
N/A Special Episode #2" — "Return of Haruka and Michiru! The Ghostly Puppet Show
"Haruka Michiru Futabtabi! Bourei ningyou geki" ()
April 8, 1995[4] N/A
Sailors Uranus and Neptune encounter an evil puppet.
N/A Special Episode #3" — "Chibiusa's Adventure, The Dreaded Vampire Castle
"Chibi Usa no Bouken! Kyoufu, Kyuuketsuki no Yakata" ()
April 8, 1995[4] N/A
Chibiusa suspects that the mysterious new girl at her school might have something to do with the disappearance of their classmates.
132 Perfect Couple" / "A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love
"Oniai no futari! Usagi to Mamoru no ai" (お似合いの二人!うさぎと衛の愛)
April 15, 1995 October 2, 2000
One of Mamoru's college friends is targeted. When attacked by the Lemures, Sailor Moon nearly suffocates to death. Chibiusa fears that she won't be born if Usagi and Mamoru break up.
133 Much Ado About Kitten" / "Artemis' Affair!? A Mysterious Kitten Appears
"Arutemisu no uwaki? Nazo no koneko tōjō" (アルテミスの浮気?謎の子猫登場)
April 29, 1995 October 3, 2000
Luna grows jealous of Artemis' alleged love with a nun, though Artemis says it's a misunderstanding. Not long after, a gray kitten with a crescent moon mark on her forehead appears. She proclaims that she is Artemis' daughter, much to Luna's disgust. Meanwhile, the nun was targeted by Tiger's-eye. After a brutal battle, it is revealed that the gray kitten is Diana, Luna's and Artemis' child from the future moon kingdom and Chibiusa's guardian cat.
134 A Pegasus Page Turner" / "Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus
"Makoto no yūjō! Tenba ni akogareta shōjo" (まことの友情!天馬に憧れた少女)
May 13, 1995 October 4, 2000
A novel named "A Moonlit Pegasus" becomes popular. It turns out the author of the novel is Makoto's former schoolmate and friend. Zirconia orders the Amazon Trio to check out the author since Pegasus might be in her dream.
135 A Teacher's Lesson" / "Hearts that Communicate! Chibiusa and Pegasus
"Fureau kokoro! Chibiusa to Pegasasu" (触れ合う心!ちびうさとペガサス)
May 20, 1995 October 5, 2000
Tiger's Eye targets Chibiusa's art teacher, who had dreamed of being a teacher while she was a child but cannot communicate with children as well as she used to.
136 The Trouble With Love" / "Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja
"Mamoru wo mamore! Ninja Usagi no yakimochi" (衛を守れ!忍者うさぎのヤキモチ)
May 27, 1995 October 6, 2000
Mamoru's apartment is wrecked, so he moves in with Rei at the shrine temporarily. Usagi gets jealous and hides out at the shrine while wearing a ninja costume. Rei is targeted.
137 Phony Fairy" / "Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy
"Ayakashi no mori! Utsukushiki yōsei no izanai" (あやかしの森!美しき妖精の誘い)
June 3, 1995 October 9, 2000
Chibiusa gets a book containing fairy artwork. She bumps into the author of the book and makes friends with him. Fish-eye sees the author's picture and disguises himself as a fairy in order to be close to him.
138 Driven Dreamer" / "Drive to Heaven! Love Riding on the Car of Dreams
"Tengoku made hashire! Yume no kuruma ni kakeru ai" (天国まで走れ!夢の車にかける愛)
June 10, 1995 October 10, 2000
After mistaking Mamoru for two-timing, Ami learns that the woman seen with him dreams of repairing a classical car in memory of her late husband. The woman is targeted by Hawk's-eye, who disguises himself as a look-alike of her husband.
139 Cutting It Close" / "Try for the Best of Japan! The Worries of a Beautiful Girl Swordsman
"Mezase Nippon ichi! Bishōjo kenshi no nayami" (目指せ日本一!美少女剣士の悩み)
June 17, 1995 October 11, 2000
A young girl aspires to be the top Japanese swordswoman. She however cannot beat her mother, who is a better swordswoman. Targeted by Tiger's-eye, the Sailor Team shows the girl not to concentrate on one thing only.
140 Clothes Call" / "Love Those Minis! The Fashionable Soldiers
"Mini ga daisuki! Oshare na Senshitachi" (ミニが大好き!おしゃれな戦士達)
July 1, 1995 October 12, 2000
Fish-eye targets a fashion designer. After being rescued by Sailor Moon, the fashion designer gets new inspiration.
141 Double Trouble" / "Storm of Love! Minako's Grand Two-Timing Plan
"Koi no arashi! Minako no futamata daisakusen" (恋の嵐!美奈子のフタマタ大作戦)
July 8, 1995 October 13, 2000
Minako is seen by her friends to be two-timing two men. They are Tiger's-Eye and Hawk's-Eye, both assigned to look inside her dream mirror. Minako accidentally arranges to go on a date with both her suitors at the same time.
142 Recipe For Danger" / "Mansion of Secrets! The Menu of Love to You
"Himitsu no yakata! Ai no menyū wo anata ni" (秘密の館!愛のメニューを貴方に)
July 15, 1995 October 16, 2000
A rude, rich, older woman takes care of Diana, and is subsequently targeted by Hawk's-Eye. Chibiusa visits the woman, who is lonely because her boyfriend left her to pursue his dream of being a great chef.
143 Kickin' Into High Gear" / "Time to Believe in the Pegasus! The Super Transformations of the Four Soldiers
"Pegasasu wo shinjiru toki! Yon Senshi no supā henshin" (天馬を信じる時!4戦士の超変身)
July 22, 1995 October 17, 2000
When an ersatz Pegasus destroys cars and trucks, it is actually the work of a Lemures. After getting trapped in a barrier, Sailor Chibi Moon begs the Guardian Senshi to believe in Pegasus, and they are given their super sailor transformations by Pegasus.
144 Beach Blanket Bungle" / "Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze
"Kirameku natsu no hi! Shiokaze no shōjo Ami" (きらめく夏の日!潮風の少女亜美)
August 12, 1995 October 18, 2000
Ami, Usagi and Shingo go to the beach. Shingo nearly drowns, and Ami performs CPR on him. Shingo gets a crush on Ami, and soon after Tiger's-Eye targets Ami.
145 Tutu Treachery" / "Aim for the Prima! Usagi's Ballet
"Purima wo nerae! Usagi no barei" (プリマをねらえ!うさぎのバレエ)
August 19, 1995 October 19, 2000
Usagi volunteers to be part of a ballet production. Fish-eye joins the same class as Usagi, and targets the ballet instructor. In the end, Usagi winds up playing the part of the Moon in the production.
146 The Duchess's Day Off" / "Holiday in Juban City! A Carefree Princess
"Jūbangai no kyūjitsu! Mujaki na ōjosama" (十番街の休日!無邪気な王女様)
August 26, 1995 October 20, 2000
In an homage the classic film Roman Holiday, Chibiusa and Usagi meet a runaway princess. They go to the summer festival together, but the princess is chased by her government and targeted by Hawk's-Eye.
147 No Prince Charming" / "The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence
"Unmei no pātonā? Makoto no junjō" (運命のパートナー?まことの純情)
September 2, 1995 October 23, 2000
Tiger's Eye targets Makoto, who believes that she has met her prince. After Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon get trapped, Sailor Jupiter uses "Super Supreme Thunder" and stops the Lemure.
148 A True Reflection" / "Shadows of the Great Evil! The Trio is Cornered
"Kyoaku no kage! Oitsumerareta torio" (巨悪の影!追いつめられたトリオ)
September 23, 1995 October 24, 2000
Learning that only Pegasus can help the Trio to remain in human form, Fish-eye targets Mamoru, and is forgiven by Usagi.
149 Eternal Dreams" / "Mirror of Dreams! Amazon's Final Stage
"Yume no kagami! Amazon saigo no sutēji" (夢の鏡!アマゾン最後のステージ)
October 21, 1995 October 25, 2000
Fisheye finds out that Usagi is Sailor Moon. After learning that Pegasus is hiding in Chibiusa's dream, Fish-eye freezes her and reports back to Zircona. When Hawk's-eye is about to look into Usagi's dream mirror, Fisheye stops him. Soon after, a Lemure breaks Usagi's mirror and kills Hawk's-eye, who protects Fish-eye. The trio dies after wishing for Usagi's mirror to repair itself. However, Pegasus resurrects them and promises the trio would be safe.
150 The Amazon Quartet" / "Amazones! The Nightmare From Behind the Mirror
"Amazonesu! Kagami no ura kara kita akumu" (アマゾネス!鏡の裏から来た悪夢)
October 28, 1995 October 26, 2000
Chibusas' friend Momoko is targeted by the Amazoness Quartet.
151 Heartfelt Melody" / "True Power Explodes! Ami's Song of the Heart
"Shin no pawā bakuhatsu! Ami kokoro no shirabe" (真のパワー爆発!亜美心のしらべ)
November 4, 1995 October 27, 2000
Ami writes lyrics to a song, whilst VesVes targets the song's composer. VesVes traps the Sailor Team inside a computer, and Sailor Mercury's new transformation and attack, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, is shown for the first time.
152 Dreams Of Her Own" / "Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Deadly Attack
"Honō no jōnetsu! Māzu ikari no chōhissatsu waza" (炎の情熱!マーズ怒りの超必殺技)
November 11, 1995 December 21, 2000
When Rei is featured on a magazine, she gains a huge supporter, a girl by the name of Nananko. However, after hearing how Rei really thinks of Nananko, she is targeted and Sailor Mars's new transformation and attack, Mars Flame Sniper, is used for the first time.
153 Dental Dilemma" / "A Dentist of Terror? Pallapalla's House
"Kyōfu no haishasan? Parapara no yakata" (恐怖の歯医者さん?パラパラの館)
November 18, 1995 October 30, 2000
PallaPalla first inflicts a magical pandemic of cavities, and then establishes a dentist's office.
154 Nightmare Garden" / "Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship
"Yume taiketsu! Minako to Makoto zekkō sengen" (夢対決!美奈子とまこと絶交宣言)
November 25, 1995 October 31, 2000
Minako and Makoto both romantically pursue the principal of a preschool and fight over him. The principal is targeted, Sailor Venus and Jupiter make up, and unleash their dormant powers. Their new transformations and attacks, Venus Love and Beauty Shock and Jupiter Oak Evolution, are used for the first time.
155 Vaulting To Victory" / "Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom
"Kyōfu wo koete! Jiyū he no jampu" (恐怖を越えて!自由へのジャンプ)
December 2, 1995 November 1, 2000
A friend of Chibiusa's worries about the upcoming athletics carnival, and is targeted by JunJun.
156 Reflections Of Reality" / "Don't Lose Your Dreams! The Truth-Reflecting Mirror
"Yume wo miushinawanaide! Shinjitsu wo utsusu kagami" (夢を見失わないで!真実を映す鏡)
December 9, 1995 November 2, 2000
CereCere targets a starving artist who Usagi and Chibiusa meet.
157 Dream Believer" / "Pegasus is Gone?! Swinging Friendships
"Pegasasu ga kieta!? Yure ugoku yūjō" (ペガサスが消えた!?ゆれ動く友情)
December 16, 1995 November 3, 2000
Chibiusa, doubtful of Pegasus friendship as he hasn't told her about himself, questions him. Pegasus leaves as he cannot reveal anything yet. During a conversation with Usagi, Chibiusa realizes that there are things that have to remain secret, and Pegasus returns.
158 Pegasus Revealed" / "The Secret of the Pegasus! The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World
"Pegasasu no himitsu! Yume sekai wo mamoru bishōnen" (天馬の秘密!夢世界を守る美少年)
December 23, 1995 November 6, 2000
Chibiusa's dream of being an adult comes true when, due to an attack by PallaPalla, she switches ages with Usagi, who in turn wished that she was a child so she didn't have to do "hard math problems". As Chibiusa has achieved her dream, Pegasus says that he has lost sight of her. Stating that they cannot be together, Pegasus turns to leave. Chibiusa chooses her love for Pegasus instead of her dream, breaking the spell, and shares a kiss with Helios.
159 Rini's Lovely Rhapsody" / "Chibiusa's Little Rhapsody of Love
"Chibiusa no chīsana koi no rapusodi" (ちびうさの小さな恋のラプソディ)
January 13, 1996 November 7, 2000
The girls try and find out who Chibiusa is in love with. Makoto insists it's a sempai, but Rei says that is not the case. When Chibiusa says she likes a pale guy with an oblong face, Ami and Minako mistake a passerby feeding fish for Chibiusa's boyfriend. The passerby is targeted, and when the Sailor Team arrive, each say something about getting in the way of romance, leaving Chibi Moon flustered.
160 Tomorrow's Big Dreams" / "Dream to be an Adult! The Amazoness' Bewilderment
"Otona ni naru yume! Amazonesu no tōwaku" (大人になる夢!アマゾネスの当惑)
January 20, 1996 November 8, 2000
Minako forces the rest of the girls to do volunteer work at a Maturity Ceremony, because there are many "cute" boys there. The Amazoness Quartet also volunteer but have no clue about what a Maturity Ceremony is. They make friends with the girls.
161 Day Of Night" / "Coming Terror! The Dark Queen's Evil Approach
"Ugoki dashita kyōfu! Yami no joō no mashu" (動き出した恐怖!闇の女王の魔手)
January 27, 1996 November 9, 2000
Queen Nehellenia prepares to escape from her mirror, and plunges the city into darkness. The Amazoness Quartet and Sailor Team learn each others' identities.
162 Show Time Showdown" / "The Center of the Darkness: Dead Moon Circus
"Yami no shingenchi Deddo Mūn Sākasu" (闇の震源地デッドムーンサーカス)
February 3, 1996 November 10, 2000
Queen Nehellenia grants extra powers to the Amazoness Quartet. The Sailor Team fight against the Amazoness Quartet, but are easily defeated due to the imbalance of power. Sailor Moon uses her Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack, but fails when Zirconia arrives.
163 The Dark Legend" / "Labyrinth of Mirrors! Chibi Moon Captured
"Kagami no meikyū! Toraerareta Chibi Mūn" (鏡の迷宮!捕えられたちびムーン)
February 10, 1996 November 13, 2000
The Sailor Team gets separated in a Labyrinth of Mirrors. Zirconia uses the mirrors to try to force the Senshi to give up fighting, but the team knows that they still have their normal dreams, even though their bigger dream is to fight. The Amazoness Quartet switches Chibiusa with a doll so they could ride on Pegasus.
164 One In The Hand" / "The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehelenia's Spell
"Gōruden Kurisutaru shutsugen! Neherenia no maryoku" (黄金水晶出現!ネヘレニアの魔力)
February 17, 1996 November 14, 2000
The Amazoness Quartet decide to break the Amazon Stones, which give them their powers, thus freeing them from being controlled by Queen Nehellenia. She then forces Helios to give up the Golden Crystal, and then breaks free of her mirror.
165 Golden Revival" / "Time for the Crystal to Shine! Beautiful Power of Dreams
"Kurisutaru kagayaku toki! Utsukushiki yume no chikara" (クリスタル輝く時!美しき夢の力)
February 24, 1996 November 15, 2000
The Amazoness Quartet switches the Golden Crystal with a pineapple. Nehellenia tells the Sailor Team that they cannot use the Crystal as it is a power amplifyer. Sailor Chibi Moon uses the Crystal to send a message across everyone, telling them not to give up their dreams. A big explosion happens.
166 The Sweetest Dream" / "Dreams Forever! Light Throughout the Sky
"Yume yo itsumademo! Hikari, ten ni michite" (夢よいつまでも!光, 天に満ちて)
March 2, 1996 November 16, 2000
Chibiusa attempts to use the Golden Crystal to destroy Queen Nehellenia and the Dead Moon Circus, but is captured. When Sailor Moon gets to Nehelenia she sees that Queen Nehelenia is an old woman. Queen Nehelenia explains that she was once Queen of an asteroid and she was worshiped for her beauty. She asked her mirror if she would stay beautiful, but it showed her as an old woman. She then stole her servants' Dream Mirrors and ate them to retain her beauty. Sailor Moon pities her and Queen Nehellenia is resealed into the mirror. Chibiusa says goodbye to Helios and says she will see him in her dreams.


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