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This is a list of Osamu Tezuka's notable anime work in alphabetical order. This list of anime includes all those listed on Tezuka's official site [1] as well as others that are directly based on his work, but not listed on the site yet. The English translations of the names used are from the original names found on the official Osamu Tezuka website.[1]

Year Title Description
1969 A Thousand and One Nights Film
1991 Adachi-Ga Hara Film
1966 Adventures of the Monkey King Pilot Film
1993 Akuemon OAV
1965 Amazing 3, The TV Series
1993 Ambassador Magma OAV Series
1962 Arabian Nights: Sinbad the Sailor Film
1963 Astro Boy TV Series
1964 Astro Boy: The Brave in Space Film
1980 Astro Boy TV Series
2003 Astro Boy TV Series
Astro Boy: Shinsen-gumi Tezuka, Osamu World Film
1984 Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature TV Special
Benkei and Ushiwakamaru
1964 Big X TV Series
1993 Black Jack OAV Series
1996 Black Jack: The Movie Film
2003 Black Jack: The 4 Miracles of Life TV Miniseries
2004 Black Jack TV Series
2005 Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness Film
2006 Black Jack 21 TV Series
Black Jack: Capital Transfer to Heian Tezuka, Osamu World Film
1989 Blue Blink TV Series
1971 Blue Triton Pilot Film
1987 Brave Fire S09 Pilot Film
1981 Bremen 4: Angels in Hell TV Special
1985 Broken Down Film Experimental Film
1965 Cigarettes and Ashes Experimental Film
1970 Cleopatra Film
1963 Doggie March Film
1982 Don Dracula TV Series
1968 Dororo Pilot Film
1969 Dororo TV Series
1965 Drop Experimental Film
1995 Essays on Insects OAV
1981 Fantastic Adventure of Unico 1, The Film
1983 Fantastic Adventure of Unico 2, The Film
1990 The Film is Alive Film
1967 Flying Ben Pilot Film
1980 Fumoon TV Special
1963 Galaxy Boy Troop TV Series
1986 Galaxy Investigation 2100: Border Planet TV Special
1968 Genesis Experimental Film
1967 Goku's Great Adventures TV Series
1983 Green Cat, The OAV
1968 Gum Gum Punch Pilot Film
1997 In the Beginning: The Bible Stories
(produced from 1984 to 1992; coproduction with Radiotelevisione Italiana (Italy))
TV Series
1977 Jetter Mars TV Series
1960 Journey to the West, The Film
1984 Jumping Experimental Film
1965 Jungle Emperor Leo TV Series
1966 Jungle Emperor Leo Film
1989 Jungle Emperor Leo TV Series
1997 Jungle Emperor Leo: The Movie Film
Jungle Emperor Leo: Hon-o-ji Tezuka, Osamu World Film
1973 Kanashimi no Belladonna Film
1970 Kindly Lion, The Film
1987 Legend of the Forest: Part-1, The Experimental Film
1985 Lunn Flies into the Wind OAV
1962 Male Experimental Film
1971 Marvelous Melmo TV Series
1964 Memory Experimental Film
1964 Mermaid Experimental Film
2001 Metropolis Film
1973 Microid S TV Series
1970 Misuke in the Land of Ice PR Film
1971 Misuke in Southn PR Film
Mosquito Experimental Film (Incomplete)
1987 Muramasa Experimental Film
Neo Faust Film (Incomplete)
1966 New Jungle Emperor, Go ahead Leo! TV Series
1965 New Treasure Island TV Special
1968 Norman Pilot Film
1987 Okazaki City in 70 Years PR Film
1970 Once Upon A Time PR Film
1978 One Million-year Trip: Bander Book TV Special
Party Experimental Film (Incomplete)
1978 The Phoenix: Chapter of Dawn Film
1980 Phoenix 2772, The: Space Firebird Film
1986 The Phoenix: Chapter of Ho-Ou OAV
1987 Phoenix -Space-, The OAV
1987 Phoenix, The: Chapter of Yamato OAV
1966 Pictures at an Exhibition Experimental Film
1966 Princess Knight Pilot Film
1967 Princess Knight TV Series
Princess Knight Tezuka, Osamu World Film
1987 Push Experimental Film
1983 Rain Boy OAV
1988 Self-portrait Experimental Film
1969 Space Journey: The First Dream of Wonder-Kun TV Special
1991 Symphonic Poem: Jungle Emperor Leo OAV
1962 Tales of a Street Corner Experimental Film
Tenguri, the Boy of the Plains PR Film
2000 Tezuka's Ancestor, Dr. Ryoan TV Series
1989 Tezuka Osamu Story: I am Son-goku TV Special
1985 Three-eyed One, The: Prince in the Devil Island TV Special
1990 Three-eyed One, The TV Series
1969 Till a City Beneath the Sea Is Built TV Special
1983 Time Slip of 10,000 Years, A: Prime Rose TV Special
1972 Triton of the Sea TV Series
1979 Triton of the Sea Film
1979 Undersea Super Train: Marine Express TV Special
1979 Unico: Short Story Pilot Film
Unico Special Chapter: Saving our Fragile Earth Tezuka, Osamu World Film
1969 Vampire, The TV Series
1973 Wansa-kun TV Series
1978 World Famous Stories for Children: Thumb Princess Film
1986 Yamataro Comes Back OAV
1968 Zero-Man Pilot Film

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