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The following is a list of episodes from the anime series Monster. The 74-episode anime version of Monster is a faithful adaptation of the entire story. It is mostly recreated shot for shot and scene for scene compared to the original manga. The few subtle differences include short snippets of additional dialogue and slight re-ordering of scenes in places. The series soundtrack is composed by Kuniaki Haishima.

Episode list

# Title Original airdate English airdate[1]
01 Herr Dr. Tenma
"Heru Dōkuta Tenma" (ヘルDr. テンマ)
April 6, 2004 October 12, 2009
After successfully performing an operation on famous Opera Singer F. Rosenbach at Eisler Memorial Hospital, Head of Neurosurgery Dr. Kenzou Tenma is accosted by the wife of a deceased Turkish construction worker who demands to know why her husband wasn't treated first even though the Opera Singer arrived much later. At dinner, he brings this up with Director Heinemann's daughter Eva stating that Dr. Becker took too long to treat the Turkish man which resulted in the man's death. Regretting his actions, Dr. Tenma decides to uphold his principles when the twins Johan and Anna Liebert arrive at the hospital and he decides to operate on Johan Liebert when Chief of Surgery Dr. Oppenheim and a phone call from Director Heinemann tell Dr. Tenma to operate on the Mayor of Düsseldorf who arrives afterwards after collapsing on his holiday retreat.
02 Downfall
"Tenraku" (転落)
April 13, 2004 October 12, 2009
While Dr. Tenma is able to save Johan's life, Mayor Roedecker dies during surgery from cerebral infarction causing Dr. Boyer and Dr. Oppenheim to scold Tenma for letting this happened. Outside of the fact that Dr. Boyer got Tenma's position as Head of Neurosurgery, Director Heinemann also delivers a stinging rebuke to Dr. Tenma at the hospital banquet effectively blacklisting him, and Eva drops her engagement to Dr. Tenma. The now disgraced doctor confesses at the bedside of an apparently unconscious Johan that he wishes Director Heinemann to be dead. In a subplot, Inspector Egon Weisbach tries to get the anmesiac Anna Liebert to remember her name and her brother. One night, a nurse discovers Dr. Oppenheim and Dr. Boyer dead while Eva finds her father dead in his study.
03 A Murder
"Satsujin Jiken" (殺人事件)
April 20, 2004 October 19, 2009
The police arrive at Dr. Tenma's apartment telling him that Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim, and Dr. Boyer are dead when it turns out that the three of them have been poisoned by candy that had a muscle relaxant slipped into them. When Tenma arrives at the hospital, he learns from Dr. Becker and a nurse that both the Liebert Twins have disappeared. Following Director Heinemann's funeral, Dr. Tenma is approached by Inspector Egon Weisbach and Inspector Heinrich Runge of the BKA. Inspector Runge questions Dr. Tenma and starts to suspect him in his involvement. With the power vacuum created from the death of the Director Heinemann, Dr. Tenma is promoted to Chief of Surgery at Eisler Memorial Hospital by the Chairman of the Board. Eva attempts to reconcile with Dr. Tenma, but is rebuffed. The story then switches to nine years later when a known criminal is found hit by a car. Dr. Tenma is called upon to operate on him and encounters Inspector Runge who is investigating the criminal's involvement in a murder investigation.
04 Night of the Execution
"Shokei no Yoru" (処刑の夜)
April 27, 2004 October 19, 2009
Inspector Runge questions the criminal Adolf Junkers in his involvement in several homicides involving middle-aged childless couples, but only gets a response that a Monster is involved. Dr. Tenma reaches out to Junkers and attempts to convince him to confess his involvement. When Junkers decides to tell Dr. Tenma his story, he finds the police guard assigned to his room poisoned by candy, and flees to a nearby construction yard. Dr. Tenma, having bought a gift of a clock for Junkers, also finds the dead guard and follows Junkers to the construction site. At the construction site, Dr. Tenma finds Junkers who is executed by an unknown assailant. The assailant reveals himself to be Johan, whose life was saved by Dr. Tenma nine years ago. Johan admits he was the one who poisoned Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim, Dr. Boyer, and the policeman that was guarding Junkers. Inspector Runge's case against Dr. Tenma begins to grow after Dr. Tenma is questioned afterwards.
05 The Girl of Heidelberg
"Haideruberugo no Shōjo" (ハイデルベルクの少女)
May 4, 2004 October 26, 2009
Nina Fortner is a university student studying law at a university in Heidelberg. She is seeing a counselor regarding strange dreams involving her childhood. One day, she receives an email from an unknown person and wonders who it is. Dr. Tenma is investigating the serial murders of middle-aged, childless couples and obtains a lead that Anna Liebert, the twin sister, may be in Heidelberg.
06 The Missing
"Shissou Kiji" (失踪記事)
May 11, 2004 October 26, 2009
With the help of a local newspaper journalist, Dr. Tenma is able to track down the Fortners, and discovers Nina, who is really Anna Liebert has left to meet with the "mysterious stranger". He leaves to help and is able to protect Nina from a gardener trying to subdue her, by binding him with his necktie.
07 House of Tragedy
"Sangeki no Kan" (惨劇の館)
May 18, 2004 November 2, 2009
Dr. Tenma and Nina return to find the Fortners, as well as the journalist, dead. Two police officers try to escort Dr. Tenma and Nina from the scene, but Dr. Tenma gets suspicious of the two and escapes with Nina in tow. Nina, now aware of her past, slips away from Dr. Tenma. The gardener is later found murdered, and Inspector Runge finds a necktie that he suspects belonged to Dr. Tenma.
08 Pursued
"Owarerumi" (追われる身)
May 25, 2004 November 2, 2009
Dr. Tenma returns to Dusseldorf where he finds Eva (now a three-time divorcee) pleading with him to take her back. He refuses and Eva threatens to turn him over to Inspector Runge as the necktie that Runge found was a gift from Eva to Dr. Tenma. Dr. Tenma is forced to flee.
09 The Girl and the Seasoned Soldier
"Rouhei to Shōjo" (老兵と少女)
June 1, 2004 November 9, 2009
Dr. Tenma undergoes firearms training with a former army veteran named Hugo Bernhardt who is taking care of an orphaned girl whose mother the veteran shot.
10 A Past Erased
"Kesareta Kako" (消された過去)
June 8, 2004 November 9, 2009
While investigating a murder of a prominent councilman and his wife, Tenma encounters a criminal Otto Heckel and escapes with him before the two can be caught. In order to make a quick buck, Heckel arranges for Tenma to operate on a wounded man who is a suspect in a terrorist attack.
11 511 Kinderheim
"511 Kinderheim" (511キンダーハイム)
June 15, 2004 November 16, 2009
Tenma discovers that Johan came from an orphanage called 511 Kinderheim. He contacts Hartmann, who worked with the orphanage, for details. There he also encounters a boy under Hartmann's care named Dieter. When Tenma discovers Dieter's body covered with bruises, he confronts Hartmann and takes Dieter to the hospital. Tenma then goes to another orphanage and discovers the truth about 511 Kinderheim.
12 A Little Experiment
"Sasayaka na Jikken" (ささやかな実験)
June 22, 2004 November 16, 2009
After finding that everyone at 511 Kinderheim killed themselves while under the influence of a young boy, Tenma determines that Hartmann is trying to reshape Dieter to be similar to Johan. Hartmann has retrieved Dieter from the Hospital, but Tenma is able to convince Dieter to leave Hartmann for good.
13 Petra and Schumann
"Petra to Schumann" (ペトラとシューマン)
June 29, 2004 November 23, 2009
Tenma assists a local village doctor in treating the village residents, especially an elderly woman who refuses to have herself checked out. When it is discovered that the woman has a subarachnoid hemorrhage, Tenma attempts to treat her condition only to have her son, a police officer, threaten to turn him in to the local authorities.
14 Left Behind
"Nokosareta Otoko · Nokosoreta Onna" (残された男·残された女)
July 6, 2004 November 23, 2009
Inspector Runge deals with the fallout of a criminal case he is investigating in which one of the suspects commits suicide. In the process, his wife and pregnant daughter leave him. Eva Heinemann has a tryst with her gardener, who has a relatively normal life. But when she finds out that she is unable to live the life of a normal person, she burns her house down in a rage. Note: This is the first episode where Tenma doesn't make an appearance. However they do show pictures of him.
15 Be My Baby
"Be My Baby" (ビー·マイ·ベイビー)
July 13, 2004 November 30,2009
Nina, acting as a prostitute, attempts to find information on Johan. She encounters "The Baby", a midget who is part of an organization attempting to recruit Johan as their leader. Tenma is also captured by members of that same organization and Nina discovers a plot to burn down the Turkish portion of Frankfurt.
16 Wolf's Confession
"Wolf no Kokuhaku" (ヴォルフの告白)
July 20, 2004 November 30,2009
While captive at a mansion, Nina discovers all members of the Organization have been murdered by an unknown assailant. Tenma is taken by other members to see General Wolf, who confesses his role in the origins of Johan and pleads with Tenma to deal with him.
17 Reunion
"Saikai" (再会)
July 27, 2004 December 14, 2009
Tenma, Nina, Dieter, and Heckel endeavor to thwart the Baby's plan to burn down the Turkish portion of Frankfurt.
18 Five Sugars
"Gohaime no Satou" (五杯目の砂糖)
August 3, 2004 December 14, 2009
Nina meets up with the owner of an Italian restaurant who she used to work with, and who also used to be a professional assassin.
19 Monster's Abyss
"Kaibutsu no Shinen" (怪物の深淵)
August 10, 2004 December 21, 2009
Tenma meets up with Dr. Rudy Gillen, an acquaintance while at University. Dr. Gillen attempts to turn Tenma over to the authorities, but while speaking to one of his criminal patients at a prison, he discovers evidence that Tenma may indeed be innocent and tries to assist in his escape.
20 Journey to Freiham
"Freiham e no Tabi" (フライハムへの旅)
August 17, 2004 December 21, 2009
Tenma and Dieter hitch a ride with an elderly couple on the way to Freiham. Tenma wonders if the couple plan to turn him in.
21 Happy Holidays
"Shiawase na Kyūjitsu" (幸せな休日)
August 24, 2004 December 28, 2009
Nina confronts Muller, one of the two detectives responsible for the death of her foster parents, the Fortners. Muller discovers that his protege, Roberto, is actually working for Johan and is now tasked with killing Nina.
22 Runge's Trap
"Runge no Wana" (ルンゲの罠)
August 31, 2004 December 28, 2009
Runge determines that the murder of a wealthy, middle-aged, childless couple does not fit the usual modus operandi of the serial murders and decides to use this opportunity to lure Tenma to a trap. However, before he can arrest him, Runge is critically wounded by the real criminal. Tenma is able to treat Runge's injuries.
23 Eva's Confession
"Eva no Kokuhaku" (エヴァの告白)
September 7, 2004 January 4, 2010
Eva Heinemann is arrested for public drunkenness and hooks up with Roberto, whom she was with the night before her arrest. Roberto then reveals his link to Johan and Eva confesses that she was actually a witness the night Junkers was killed by Johan.
24 Of Men and Dining
"Otokotachi no Shokutaku" (男達の食卓)
September 14, 2004 January 4, 2010
In exchange for her life, Roberto tells Eva to confront Tenma, who is currently treating a mob boss at a country house. Eva is promptly wounded by Roberto when she is unable to complete her task but is saved by Tenma.
25 Thursday's Boy
"Mokuyoubi no Seinen" (木曜日の青年)
September 28, 2004 January 11, 2010
Karl Neumann and Lotte Frank are both students who read latin to Hans Georg Schuwald. Lotte attempts to assist Karl in finding out his past while trying to figure out the identity of a boy who reads to Schuwald on Thursdays. When they both discover who he is, they find the boy Edmund Farren dead in his dormitory. Afterwards, they encounter Johan Liebert who has enrolled in their university.
26 The Secret Woods
"Himitsu no Mori" (秘密の森)
October 5, 2004 January 11, 2010
A private investigator named Richard Braun is hired by Schuwald to discover the truth behind the suicide of Farren and immediately discovers something is amiss. Johan offers to help Karl reconcile with his long lost father, which Karl believes to be Schuwald himself.
27 Proof
"Shouko no Shina" (証拠の品)
October 12, 2004 January 18, 2010
Richard tries to reconcile with his ex-wife while dealing with his past alcoholism with his psychiatrist Dr. Julius Reichwein. Karl is able to reconcile with his long lost father Schuwald with Johan's help.
28 Just One Case
"Tada Hitotsu no Jiken" (ただ一つの事件)
October 19, 2004 January 18, 2010
Schuwald informs Richard that the case involving the suicide of Farren is now closed. Richard immediately becomes suspicious, and discovers a link between Farren's case, the case that got him drummed out of the force, and those of the serial homicides of middle-aged, childless couples. He presents his findings to Dr. Reichwein. Dr. Reichwein then contacts Dr. Gillen and believes that Johan is involved in Richard's case.
29 Execution
"Shokei" (処刑)
October 26, 2004 January 25, 2010
When Dr. Gillen confronts his criminal patient in prison regarding information about Johan, the criminal patient promptly commits suicide with Dr. Gillen's pen. Richard begins to investigate the origins of Johan, but Johan lures Richard to the roof of a building where he confronts Richard about the latter's role in the killing of a criminal involved in Richard's last case. Johan manipulates Richard into a state of deep regret after which he offers Richard a bottle of whiskey. Richard is later found dead after falling from the building, presumably an accident.
30 Decision
"Aru Ketsui" (ある決意)
November 2, 2004 January 25, 2010
Dr. Reichwein mulls the death of his patient Richard Braun with Dr. Gillen. Dr. Reichwein is able to follow Richard's last steps and determines his death was not an accident but a murder. Roberto attempts to kill Dr. Reichwein but the latter is saved by Tenma.
31 In Broad Daylight
"Hakujitsu no moto e" (白日の下へ)
November 9, 2004 February 1, 2010
Dr. Reichwein arranges for Tenma to live in a safehouse while he and Dr. Gillen attempt to figure out their next steps. However, Tenma leaves the safehouse and sends Dieter to live with Dr. Reichwein.
32 Sanctuary
"Seiiki" (聖域)
November 16, 2004 February 1, 2010
Lotte has a chance encounter with Nina and both become friends. Tenma attempts to but is unable to kill Johan at a forest sanctuary.
33 A Child's View
"Kodomo no Jyoukei" (子供の情景)
November 23, 2004 February 8, 2010
Several kids are killed while playing daredevil stunts suggested by Johan. Dieter tries to convince a seriously injured boy not to commit the stunt again. Schuwald announces a large donation of antique books to the University of Munich and a ceremony to commemorate the donation is planned. Johan passes out after he reads a picture book by Emil Scherbe. Tenma plans to kill Johan at the book donation ceremony.
34 At the Edge of Darkness
"Yami no Hate" (闇の果て)
November 30, 2004 February 8, 2010
Johan recovers from his fainting spell and he and Roberto kill a woman who was impersonating Karl Neumann's mother Margot Lange. Tenma helps a teenaged girl working as an underworld doctor.
35 My Nameless Hero
"Nanashi no Hero" (名なしのヒーロー)
December 7, 2004 February 15, 2010
Runge questions Tenma's former friends from Japan to know more about his suspect. One of them has the book Johan is apparently looking for, which Runge examines. Dr. Reichwein confronts the "foster parents" of Johan and suspect they are not who they appear to be. Tenma sneaks into the library the night before the book donation ceremony is to begin.
36 The Monster of Chaos
"Konton no Kaibutsu" (混沌の怪物)
December 14, 2004 February 15, 2010
Dr. Reichwein confronts Schuwald about his suspicions about Johan but is rebuffed. Reichwein is able to determine that Schuwald is Johan's next target. Dr. Gillen pleads with Runge to find Johan and arrest him, but Runge rebuffs him, believing that Johan is a figment of Tenma's imagination. Runge also believes Schuwald to be Tenma's next target. Lotte confronts Nina at the train station about the book that made Johan collapse.
37 A Nameless Monster
"Namae no nai Kaibutsu" (なまえのないかいぶつ)
January 11, 2005 February 22, 2010
Nina reads the book that Lotte found and begins to recall some memories. She then decides to confront Johan at the book donation ceremony. During the book donation ceremony, Tenma finds himself unable to kill Johan and is confronted by Roberto. But before Roberto can kill Schuwald, a fire set by one of Johan's henchmen engulfs the library. Tenma manages to grab a handgun and points it at Roberto.
38 The Demon in My Eyes
"Waga me no Akuma" (我が目の悪魔)
January 18, 2005 February 22, 2010
After a brief gunfight, Roberto is shot twice and falls over the balcony, apparently to his death. Tenma decides to help the people trapped in the library by shooting out the doors. He tries to and yet again is unable to kill Johan. Both Nina (who sneaked into the donation ceremony) and Schuwald are injured in the fire. Meanwhile, Karl finds out about his origins at Schuwald's residence.
39 The Hell in His Eyes
"Me no Naka no Jigoku" (目の中の地獄)
January 25, 2005 March 1, 2010
After initially believing that Tenma set the fire in the library, Runge tries to question Schuwald. Karl tries to convince Runge to search for Johan (as Johan has not been seen since the ceremony), making Runge believe that Johan is indeed real. Nina leaves the hospital and undergoes psychological therapy with Dr. Reichwein and Dr. Gillen. Afterwards she decides to leave for Prague to find out the truth about her dreams and Dieter decides to leave with her. Schuwald, through Karl, sends Tenma a message: the mother of the twins may be alive and living in Prague.
40 Grimmer
"Grimmer" (グリマー)
February 1, 2005 March 1, 2010
Wolfgang Grimmer is a freelance journalist trying to investigate allegations of child abuse and psychological reprogramming in the former East Germany orphanages. While on a train to Prague, he shares a booth with Dr. Tenma, and assists in Tenma's escape when guards arrive to arrest him.
41 The Ghost of 511
"511 no Bourei" (511の亡霊)
February 8, 2005 March 8, 2010
Grimmer encounters Petrov, who worked as a psychiatrist at 511 Kinderheim and now is the headmaster of an orphanage. After playing with the kids from Petrov's orphanage, they return and notice a woman who resembles Nina leaving the orphanage. They also find Petrov mortally wounded and his assistant dead. Petrov gives Grimmer a key to a safety deposit box which contains evidence of Johan's origins before he dies.
42 The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner
"Choujin Shutainaa no Bouken" (超人シュタイナーの冒険)
February 15, 2005 March 8, 2010
Inspector Filip Zeman of the Prague police meets with Grimmer and questions him about the death of Petrov. However, Filip Zeman reveals himself to be working for former members of the Czechoslovakian StB Chesmir Mirat and Yakov Suacek and tortures Grimmer for information. The woman who resembles Nina interrupts the interrogation by shooting one of the StB members dead. Grimmer wakes up and notices that everyone else has been beaten to death and concludes "The Magnificent Steiner" is responsible.
43 Detective Suk
"Suuku Keiji" (スーク刑事)
February 22, 2005 March 15, 2010
Inspector Filip Zeman's protege, Detective Jan Suk, investigates Filip Zeman's murder and uncovers Filip Zeman's link to the StB and two corrupt officers on the force. He reports this to Commissioner Hamrlik, not knowing that Commissioner Hamrlik is in league with the corrupt officers. Commissioner Hamrlik and the two officers Chief Detective Batella and Detective Janacek are later poisoned by whiskey bon-bon. While this is happening, Zuk confides to a girl who appears to be Nina Fortner.
44 Double Darkness
"Futatsu no Yami" (二つの闇)
March 1, 2005 March 15, 2010
The murder of Commissioner Hamrlik and the two corrupt officers stirs up a media frenzy. Suk questions the kids of Petrov's orphanage to find any leads. Tenma arrives in Prague to look for information regarding the mother of the Liebert Twins. Suk tries to get close to the Nina Fortner lookalike who calls herself Anna Liebert. Anna Liebert is later revealed to be Johan masquerading as Nina.
45 The Monster's Afterimage
"Kaibutsu no Zanzou" (怪物の残像)
March 8, 2005 March 22, 2010
Nepela, the new Prague Police Commissioner immediately begins to suspect Suk may be involved in the deaths of Hamrlik and the two corrupt officers. Suk meets up with Grimmer and, using the key to the safety deposit box given by Petrov, obtains a tape and research documents that contain Johan's origins. Detective Novak and Detective Zanda (the two men assigned to watch Suk) are then killed by Johan masquerading as Nina.
46 Contact
"Setten" (接点)
March 15, 2005 March 22, 2010
Tenma finds out about the murder of Commissioner Hamrlik and the two corrupt officers through poisoned candy and endeavors to look for Suk. Tenma visits Suk's mother, who is in the hospital. Unbeknownst to Tenma, Suk has given his mother the tape. Suk and Grimmer seek shelter in an abandoned building but Suk is critically wounded during an attack on their hideout. Grimmer goes into a rage and pummels his assailants. Tenma arrives on the scene soon after and treats the wounds of the injured, especially Suk. Grimmer reveals the origins of "The Magnificent Steiner": an "Incredible Hulk" based psyche who emerges when Grimmer is in a rage.
47 The Door to Nightmares
"Akuma no Tobira" (悪魔の扉)
March 22, 2005 March 29, 2010
Nina arrives in Prague and senses something is wrong when the residents address her as "Anna Liebert". Tenma finds that Suk has been moved from the hospital to an undisclosed facility. Captain Karel Ranke, a former top member of the StB requests the presence of Tenma and Grimmer and requests an agreement to obtain the tape and research materials for an unknown party in Germany in return for Suk's safety. While they do not reach an agreement on this, Ranke does mention the name of Franz Bonaparta, who was heavily involved in the care of the Liebert Twins and was also a children's picture book author, and was living in a mansion covered in red roses. Nina and Dieter find the apartment Nina shared with her twin brother and their mother, which triggers more memories in Nina.
48 The Scariest Thing
"Ichiban Kowaimono" (一番怖いもの)
March 29, 2005 March 29, 2010
Nina is confused by her recent memories. Once they confirm Suk's safety, Grimmer and Tenma reach an agreement with Ranke to obtain the tape and research materials and retrieve them from Suk's mother. However, they discover the research materials gone, and the tape has been recorded over by Johan Liebert leaving a message for Tenma. Inspector Runge decides to take a "holiday" in Prague, and meets up with his former colleague, Commissioner Nepela. Nepela briefs Runge on the recent developments, and Runge asks Nepela to translate a picture book ("The Monster with No Name") that Runge obtained in Prague. Runge questions Suk's colleagues about the recent events, and also does some research into Emile Scherbe, who also has an alias: Klaus Poppe.
49 The Cruelest Thing
"Ichiban Zankokuna koto" (一番残酷なこと)
April 5, 2005 April 5, 2010
Runge visits Suk's mother in the hospital. Though there was statement that a blonde lady visited, Jan Suk's mother stated that the visitor described sounded like a male. Meanwhile, the children from Petrov's former orphanage try to prove that Grimmer was not responsible for Petrov's death, but a child named Milosh encounters Anna Liebert (who is actually Johan in disguise). When Milosh admits that he wants to find his mother, Anna sends him to a nearby red light district to show Milosh that he is not wanted. Grimmer and Tenma are able to intercept Milosh before he commits suicide.
50 The Rose Mansion
"Bara no Yashiki" (バラの屋敷)
April 12, 2005 April 5, 2010
Runge visits Suk in the hospital and tells him that the one truly responsible may be the last person he may suspect (a reference to Johan masquerading as Anna). Runge then confronts the guard outside Suk's room and demands to see Ranke. Runge reveals to Ranke that while he was able to obtain information on Emil Scherbe, Klaus Poppe, and Jacov Vyrobek (all the same person), he is not able to obtain information on Franz Bonaparta. Runge then visits the Mansion of Red Roses looking for information and realizes a terrible crime may have been committed there. Tenma visits Zoback, a previous publisher of Franz Bonaparta's work. After Tenma leaves, Zoback calls the police. After Tenma and Grimmer part ways, the Prague police arrive and arrest Tenma.
51 Monster's Love Letter
"Kaibutsu no Love Letter" (怪物のラブレター)
April 19, 2005 April 12, 2010
Hans Georg Schuwald, with the help of Dr. Reichwein, re-explores his past with Karl Neumann's real mother and realizes his link to Johan. As news of Tenma's arrest spreads, various people (ranging from Dr. Reichwein, Hans Georg Schuwald, Dr. Schumann and Petra, Karl Neumann, Dr. Becker, former patients of Eisler Memorial Hospital, and the Vietnamese underworld doctor that Tenma once helped) react with shock and horror (with the exception of Eva Heinemann who is insistent that Tenma pay dearly for rejecting her). Suk tries to leave the hospital he is in to try to help Tenma, but is stopped by Detective Bradec and Detective Stransky who inform him that Grimmer has sent a note to them exonerating Suk from any involvement in the deaths of the police officers. Runge also gets news of the arrest as well, but he is more interested in the Mansion of Red Roses, where he obtains a letter possibly addressed to the twins' mother. Tenma is deported back to Düsseldorf.
52 The Lawyer
"Bengoshi" (脱獄囚·弁護士)
April 26, 2005 April 12, 2010
Former patients of Eisler Memorial Hospital enlist the aid of a lawyer named Alfred Baul to represent Tenma. Baul in turn asks for the assistance of Fritz Vardemann. Vardemann visits Tenma in prison, and agrees to take on the defense, but is then called to the hospital when his wife goes into labor with their first child. Following another drinking binge upon returning to Düsseldorf, Eva has a brief dream following her passing out recaping her near encounter with Johan Liebert the night Adolf Junkers was murdered. When Baul visits Tenma in prison, Tenma is shocked to see that Baul is Roberto. Roberto then says that Eva Heinemann will be his next target.
53 Determination
"Ketsui" (決意)
May 3, 2005 April 19, 2010
After hearing Roberto's threat against Eva, Tenma decides to confess to all charges against him so he can be placed in the same van transporting a prisoner named Gunther Milch to a Federal Penetentary as the prisoner is arranging for a jailbreak. Meanwhile, Fritz Vardemann tries to get Eva to testify on Tenma's behalf.
54 The Escape
"Dassou" (脱走)
May 10, 2005 April 19, 2010
The jailbreak works, but Gustav (who was acting as the decoy) is seriously injured in the process when the prison van hits him. After threatening the cops with a gun in order to release them, Tenma takes him to Eisler Memorial and has his wife take Gustav to be collected by hospital staff. Afterwards, Tenma and Gunther part ways so that Tenma can stop Roberto from killing Eva. Eva finally decides to testify in Tenma's defense until she hears about Tenma's escape. She also hears the voice of Roberto masquerading as Tenma's lawyer. After she flees to her hotel room, there is a knock on the door which she answers.
55 Room 402
"402 Goushitsu" (402号室)
May 17, 2005 April 26, 2010
Tenma desperately tries to search for Eva before Roberto can reach her first. But when he arrives at her hotel room, Eva is already gone. Meanwhile, Runge returns to Düsseldorf and confronts Vardemann with his father's past and links to Franz Bonaparta. After Runge leaves, Tenma accosts Vardemann in his car. Vardemann confesses he knows nothing about the plot against Eva and gives Tenma his father's notebook which is what Roberto was presumably after. Tenma leaves and Vardemann goes to the hospital to visit his wife and new baby girl.
56 The Never-Ending Journey
"Owaranai Tabi" (終わらない旅)
May 24, 2005 April 26, 2010
After a painful memory is triggered involving a room full of dead bodies, Nina faints. Both Nina and Dieter find themselves in the care of Lipsky, a puppetmaster. Lipsky is revealed to be in possession of a large collection of children's picture books by Jakub Farobek, Emil Scherbe, and Klaus Poppe. Johan enters the Mansion of Red Roses and sets it on fire.
57 That Night
"Ano hi no Yoru" (あの日の夜)
May 31, 2005 May 3, 2010
Nina recalls the night Johan shot the Lieberts and was forced to shoot Johan herself. Police are investigating a fire at the Mansion of Red Roses when a firefighter discovers a grave with the bones of up to forty-six people at the base of a rose bush. Upon arrival, Tenma is taken to see General Wolf who tells Tenma his story of how he found the twins before he dies. Vardemann and Dr. Reichwein also arrive upon the graves are discovered. After Nina and Dieter leave Lipsky to search for more memories, Lipsky gets a second visitor in Runge, who confirms that Lipsky is the son of Franz Bonaparta.
58 I Hate This Job
"Iyana Shigoto" (いやな仕事)
June 7, 2005 May 3, 2010
Martin, shot and dying, is being driven to see Dr. Tenma. He recounts the events that led to his predicament: how he was given a job by The Baby and Petr Capek to escort Eva Heinemann from Düsseldorf to Frankfurt (who gladly came with him to escape from Roberto), how she attempted to groom him in the mould of Dr. Tenma, and how he started to have feelings for her.
59 The Man Who Saw the Devil
"Akuma wo mita Otoko" (悪魔を見た男)
June 14, 2005 May 10, 2010
Martin recalls how he met Dr. Tenma for the first time. He also recalls how Eva Heinemann pointed Johan out at a party to Capek and how a young man, named Christof Sievernich, became acquainted to Johan as a result. Martin also recalls how he tailed Christof to his hotel only to find himself in conversation with him. The young man hits a nerve in Martin when he suggests that the women in Martin's life usually choose death, as Eva had confessed to Martin that she knows she will die very soon and asks him to kill her.
60 The Man Who Knew Too Much
"Shirisugita Otoko" (知りすぎた男)
June 21, 2005 May 10, 2010
Martin recalls how he decided to protect Eva by initiating a gunfight with a hit team assigned to kill her. While she was able to escape, he was shot and mortally wounded. He finally meets up with Dr. Tenma and gives him a message that Capek is still involved with the experiments that created Johan before finally succumbing to his wounds. Eva is heartbroken at the news of Martin's death and Tenma suggests she head to Munich under the protection of Dr. Reichwein. However, she bails from the train leaving Frankfurt and decides to obtain a gun to kill those responsible for Martin's death.
61 The Door to Memories
"Kioku no Tobira" (記憶の扉)
June 28, 2005 May 17, 2010
Nina returns to the apartment that she lived in with her mother and Johan and encounters another memory. She then returns to Munich and Dr. Reichwein where she volunteers for hypnosis to find the truth behind these memories. After she attacks Dr. Gillen in a hypnotic rage, she leaves Dr. Reichwein's house two days later to try to stop Tenma from killing her brother. Meanwhile, Jan Suk and Fritz Vardemann team up to interview former residents of the Mansion of Red Roses to gather information on Franz Bonaparta's reading sessions with his picture books, and for Vardemann to find out more about his father's true involvement.
62 A Pleasant Dinner Table
"Tanoshii Shokutaku" (楽しい食卓)
July 5, 2005 May 17, 2010
While trying to escape from police in Frankfurt upon trying to pursue Petr Capek, Tenma is hit by a van. He awakes in the Turkish Quarter of the city (the same one that he saved from The Baby's plot) with a sprained ankle and finds out that he was rescued by a dentist named Milan Kolacsh. Milan tells Tenma that Petr Capek was responsible for the riots that broke out and the deaths of the loved ones of those that live with Milan. Tenma learns that Milan Kolasch plans to kill Petr Capek at a convention to avenge those that Petr killed including Milan's son. Tenma tries to prevent him from killing Petr Capek but fails when he learns that Milan and Petr were childhood friends. Milan fails at this task when at the convention and is shot dead by the police. Nina arrives in Frankfurt where she sees the picture of Petr Capek on the television revolving around what happened at the convention and it triggers yet another memory.
63 Unrelated Murders
"Mukankei na Satsujin" (無関係な殺人)
July 12, 2005 May 24, 2010
Egon Weisbach was one of the first investigators in the murder of the Liebert parents. On his last day on the job before retirement, he is escorting a convicted serial murderer named Rheinhard Dinger but wants to know why he killed someone who did not fit his modus operandi. At the same time, Dr. Gillen is interviewing several murderers wondering why they killed someone who also did not fit their usual targets. Both realize that all these criminals committed murders outside their usual scope at the request of a young man, presumably Johan.
64 The Baby's Depression
"Akanbou no Yuuutsu" (赤ん坊の憂鬱)
July 19, 2005 May 24, 2010
Petr Capek is informed by The Baby that Nina Fortner is in Frankfurt. Later on, The Baby is killed by a prostitute, and his death sends shockwaves in Petr Capek's organization. Capek becomes paranoid as to who is loyal or not and kills one of his guards. He makes it to his cottage where Johan is waiting for him.
65 Johan's Footprints
"Yohan no Ashiato" (ヨハンの足跡)
July 26, 2005 June 21, 2010
Capek tries to berate Johan for his actions and tells him that everything should be done according to Capek's plans but Johan simply disagrees and disappears. Capek realizes his hold on his organization is crumbling and has his men pick up Nina in Frankfurt. The police search Milan Kolasch's house and discover that he had been targeting Petr Capek. Eva accosts Christof Sievernich (who was introduced to Johan due to her actions) demanding answers. Cristof confesses he and Johan were the only two survivors of the massacre at 511 Kinderheim. Christof then gets the drop on Eva, but before he can kill her, Tenma arrives.
66 Welcome Home
"Okaeri" (おかえり)
August 2, 2005 June 21, 2010
Capek reveals to Nina that her and her twin brother Johan are the products of a eugenics experiment designed to breed "the perfect children". Tenma has wounded Christof and is driving him and Eva to the hospital while demanding answers on Petr Capek. While Eva makes a phone call at a payphone, Tenma sneaks away. Petr Capek takes Nina to an abandoned building where Johan is.
67 I'm Back
"Tadaima" (ただいま)
August 9, 2005 June 28, 2010
Nina confronts Johan who presents her with a story on what happened when many people were poisoned at the Mansion of Red Roses and his encounter with Franz Bonaparta. Nina realizes that she was the one who witnessed these deaths, the shock of this revelation nearly drives her to suicide, but she is saved by Tenma. Nina tells Tenma that the one who was actually taken to the Red Rose Mansion was her, not Johan. Petr Capek then makes himself known to Tenma telling him that he is going after Franz Bonaparta. Afterwards, Petr Capek is gunned down by two members of his organization when they find out about the guard that Capek killed during his paranoia when The Baby was murdered. Johan later visits one of his hired hitmen and shoots him, before leaving stating that the true end must be where he must be.
68 Ruhenheim
"Ruhenheim" (ルーエンハイム)
August 16, 2005 June 28, 2010
With a postcard obtained by Lipsky, Runge arrives in a town called Ruhenheim. Lunge encounters Wim Knaup, a boy who is abused by his drunk father Herbert and works for an elderly hotel manager. Lunge and Grimmer find Mrs. Hillman's lost dog Ludwig as both of them were led here with Grimmer mentioning of an upcoming massacre. A working-class elderly couple in Ruhenheim known as the Henichs realize that they have won the lottery. Fearing that everyone else is after their money, the husband buys an arsenal of weapons. Wim tries to reclaim his bike from the "vampire's house" when the local bullies hide it there which is being investigated by Grimmer and Lunge where the people taking part in the upcoming massacre nearby when a dead cat is found.
69 A Peaceful Home
"Yasuragi no Ie" (安らぎの家)
August 23, 2005 August 30, 2010
Runge and Grimmer conclude something terrible is happening in Ruhenheim when a gunshot is hit. After being beaten up by the bullies, Wim is approached by a mysterious elderly couple who give him a gun. The same happens to his father while Henning and Franka Henich discover a dead body. Soon, random gunshots ring out, people are either murdered or disappearing, and any roads out of town are flooded by torrential rain. As Nina recovers in a hospital, Tenma (using a lead from Capek before his death) travels to Prague, meets with Lipsky and determines that Johan is in Ruhenheim. He learns from Nina that Johan is orchestrating an event that will lead to his suicide.
70 The Town of Slaughter
"Satsuriku no Machi" (殺戮の町)
August 30, 2005 August 30, 2010
As time passes, more people in Ruhenheim are being shot dead by mysterious people and each other. Wim is tempted to use the gun on his bullies and Herbert discovers the people in the pub dead. Grimmer finds Wim when they find him with the bullies dead and finds the gun still loaded that someone else shot them. Both Grimmer and Runge determine that the elderly owner of a local hotel is Klaus Poppe (also known as Franz Bonaparta) as he tends to Officer Laufer's wounds. After subduing the supposed wheelchair man who was giving weapons to everyone in the town, they obtain information that one of the ringleaders is in a second hotel. Dieter later talks to Eva while Nina is shown an E-Mail from Johan by Dr. Reichwein and Dr. Gillen. Dr. Reichwein says that she will allow Nina to go to Ruhenheim in exchange that she doesn't bring a gun and that Dr. Gillen escorts her there. She advises Dr. Reichwein to see that Eva, Dieter, Karl, Lotte, and Schuwald go into hiding until everything is over. The Henichs shows up at Bonaparta's hotel, believing that they inadvertently triggered the massacre. Using their arsenal, Runge decides to confront the ringleader after interrogating the suspects while Grimmer mounts a defence at Franz Bonaparta's hotel. Tenma arrives at Ruhenheim and tries to evacuate as many people as possible after finding a wounded man.
71 The Magnificent Steiner's Rage
"Choujin SHUTAINAA no Ikari" (超人シュタイナーの怒り)
September 6, 2005 September 6, 2010
Grimmer binds and gags up the elderly couple to keep them as witnesses and tells Wim to keep the door to the room he's in locked as he, Henning Henich, and Franz go to prepare for any break-ins from the attackers. Tenma runs into Runge, the latter apologizing for his previous accusations against Tenma as he has Tenma take Else to the Hotel Versteck after she fled from Roberto. Nina and Dr. Gillen rush to Ruhenheim. Inspector Runge shoots one of the assailants demanding to know where Roberto is. After the Henichs are wounded in an attack on Bonaparta's hotel and the elderly couple is killed in the shooting, Grimmer rushes out to the streets to reason with the unknown assailants while Franz and Wim watch over the Henichs in the basement. Unfortunately, he is shot multiple times after Else is shot. Meanwhile, Nina and Dr. Gillen reach a path that leads to Ruhenheim and run into those that Tenma had evacuated. As Nina runs off to where Tenma is, Dr. Gillen tells the lead survivor to take the kids to the hospital to be treated for any injuries and call the authorities as he goes after Nina. As the Magnificent Steiner, Grimmer is able to kill most of the assailants as Tenma arrives. Before succumbing to his injuries, Grimmer gives Tenma a letter from Inspector Runge and experiences sadness as Wim and Franz arrive. Wim and Franz mourn Grimmer's death.
72 Man Without A Name
"Namae no nai Otoko" (名前のない男)
September 13, 2005 September 6, 2010
Runge confronts Roberto in a hotel room of the Hotel Bergbach. The Henichs and Wim mourn Grimmer's death as Franz Bonaparta wants to go to help Tenma with assisting Inspector Runge. Tenma ends up reading the letter he gained from Grimmer to Franz. Franz mentions to Tenma that he killed those who knew about the Twins, their mother, and the experiment. Runge and Roberto are both wounded as Runge demands to know what Roberto's name is and where Johan is. Roberto mentions that Runge's wife is married to another man. Both of them then end up wrestling each other as Roberto mentions that he has no name. Franz mentions to Tenma that he had visited the Lieberts to see the Twins in their sleep as they draw closer to the Hotel Bergbach. While strangling Runge, Roberto mentions that Tenma will be the last to die. Runge manages to grab Roberto by his wound as he demands where Johan is. While Herbert is looking for Wim, Nina and Gillen arrive in Ruhenheim where they find a house containing drawings of the two twins by Franz Bonaparta. This triggers a final memory and the secret to Johan's madness and motives, his quest for true solitude, as well as forgiveness for his actions.
73 The Landscape of the End
"Owari no Fuukei" (終わりの風景)
September 20, 2005 September 13, 2010
Herbert is still looking for Wim while coming to the conclusion that the "devil" is responsible for the deaths of the peopl. Tenma, Wim, and Franz Bonaparta arrive at the Hotel Bergbach when Johan arrives. Franz attempts to shoot Johan dead in a plan to take Johan to the grave with him. Unfortunately, Franz is gunned down by Roberto who dies of his own injuries soon afterwards stating that he "still can't see it." Nina rushes down the streets to find Johan with Dr. Gillen behind her. Johan wants Tenma to shoot him just as Nina and Dr. Gillen arrive. To do so, he presents a gun and threatens to kill Wim. Herbert arrives seeing images of a horrible beast and shoots Johan in the head. With the massacre now over, authorities rush into the town and attempt to determine what happened upon asking Inspector Runge and Dr. Gillen. Wim mentions to the authorities that Herbert only protected him with Johan. Henning Henich expresses depression about losing his winning lottery ticket with Franka stating that being alive is more than enough. Herbert is taken away for question as Wim is comforted by Dr. Gillen and Nina. Just as a police officer is about to arrest Dr. Tenma, an ambulance worker arrives asking for Tenma's assistance: Johan is still alive with a bullet wound to his brain. A wounded Runge suggests that Tenma is the only qualified neurosurgeon who can save him. Tenma leaves to go treat Johan.
74 The Real Monster
"Hontou no Kaibutsu" (本当の怪物)
September 27, 2005 September 13, 2010
An indeterminate period of time has passed since the events at Ruhenheim. Dr. Tenma has been cleared of all charges and is now working for Doctors without Borders. Karl informs Schuwald of Tenma's current status. Eva Heinemann is now working as an interior decorator and has released her anger of Tenma and her grief of Martin when she informs Dr. Reichwein of her new job. Nina has graduated from law school while Suk, Vardemann, and Runge visit Grimmer's grave where Runge tells them that he is now a professor at the police station. Dieter is on his way home to Dr. Reichwein when Otto Heckel shows up and gives information on the whereabouts of the twins' mother. Dr. Tenma visits her in Southern France and she relates a story on how she loved the father of her twins and wished revenge on those who killed him through her children. She also recalls how the children did not want to be abandoned by their mother. Dr. Tenma later visits a police hospital and the bedside of an apparently comatose Johan where he gets a hallucination of Johan wondering if his mother really loved him or had mistaken him for his sister. As Tenma leaves the police hospital, Johan's bed is empty with the window open.


  • Opening theme (Episode 1-74): "Grain" by Kuniaki Haishima
  • Ending theme (Episode 1-32): "For the Love of Life" by David Sylvian.
  • Ending theme (Episode 33-74): "Make it Home" by Fujiko Hemming.


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