This is a list of Magical Emi, the Magic Star episodes, a Studio Pierrot magical girl series that boasts a concurrent release as a Kiyoko Arai manga that took place on 7 June 1985 along with a Nippon Television exhibition starting on that date. It is reputed that an astute observer can spot several references to its elder sibling anime series Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami.

List of episodes

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# Title Original airdate
1 A Wonder Is Born! Magical Star!!
"wandāwa , umare te i masu! mahō no sutā!!" (ワンダーは、生まれています!魔法のスター!!)
7 @ June 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The story begins with Mai's maternal grandmother Haruko Nakamori leading the Magic Carat troupe through moving into their new residence while also loading some equipment prior to an exhibition while our heroine Mai has taken to attempting a practical joke with her little brother Misaki that sets the stage for a clumsy magic act much to the delight of her maternal grandfather Yousuke Nakamori; Misaki stumbling upon a stage costume sets the stage for the mirror fairy Topo to arrive on the scene and lead Mai to another location where he houses himself in a stuffed flying squirrel prior to explaining that he is charged the delivery of a magic bracelet to whichever child can perceive his presence as he leads Mai through the henshin sequence. Unfortunately, the Magic Carat troupe driving off without her forces Mai to give chase; a good Samaritan soft landing from Shou Yuuki later, Mai catches up to the Troupe at the Space Big Bang auditorium but has a bit of trouble getting in. Topo losing his footing and falling onto the stage ultimately catalyzes Mai's first transformation into Magical Emi which saves the show; shortly thereafter, Shou's destination is exhibited along with Shou's eventual arrival.
2 Debut by Magic! Magical Star Live Broadcast!!
"debyūmajikku! mahō no sutā wa hōsō raibu!!" (デビューマジック!魔法のスターは放送ライブ!!)
14 @ June 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
In an attempt to develop a healthy perspective of her recent henshin into Magical Emi, Mai dreams of watching her idol Emily Howell put on a prestidigitation exhibition as her mother Youko desperately tries to wake her up for school; while Mai bootstraps herself for her school commute, a TV producer named Shigeru Koganei takes an interest in Magic Carat catalyzed in no small part by Magical Emi. Shigeru's son Musashi arrives hoping to share the school commute with Mai who races past him into a secluded area to test her magic and runs right into Shou before racing off oblivious to the emerging logistical imbroglio that both Magic Carat and Junichi will visit unto her. Magical Emi's whereabouts inquired her, Topo foils Mai's attempt to come clean while Youko cares nothing of the collateral damage that she causes Magic Carat by forcing poor Mai on a family outing; fortunately, Junichi being completely engrossed in the movie and Mai's resourcefulness prove to be the ultimate deus ex machina along with Shou's well-timed arrival and speedy driving to the studio.
3 The Guy That Likes Boxing
"suki na dansei bokushingu" (好きな男性ボクシング)
21 @ June 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While preparing for the home commute, Mai has it explained to her that Shou Yuuki has quite a following among her female classmates; a clumsy tumble later, Mai's prologue with Shou becomes apparent when he promises to transport her to Big Bang where Haruko is directing everybody through preparing the stage for an exhibition. Unfortunately for Shou, the fraternal altruism of transporting Mai does not sit well with his teammates and it does not help matters when Shou has to act as a substitute when one of the members Akira Matsuo is sidelined with a cold. This becomes the forum for Shou's prologue of why he is a boxer rather than a magician to be demonstrated along with the dangerous opportunity the team captain delivers him: train and box with everyone else or drop the club. The sparring match with the Captain after school to extinguish the resentments of his teammates and to earn the privilege to be part of the boxing club along with Yousuke and Haruko's exhortation to Shou for his assistance effectively forces Shou to be in two places at one time; while overtly successful, it is ultimately a very draining method for Shou and the Captain to resolve their differences.
4 The Color of Wonder: Happiness
"wandāno iro : kōfuku" (ワンダーの色:幸福)
28 @ June 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A news broadcast endowing rave reviews unto Magical Emi sets the stage for Shigeru to cash in on the publicity by having Magical Emi perform a series of concerts that Haruko thinks are meant for the entire troupe to perform as a choir -- a misunderstanding that Shigeru's assistant Madoka Kokubunji fears he will have to straighten out when he sends the car into a skid at the prospect of Shigeru composing the lyrics. The impromptu practice sessions necessary for musical proficiency get Mai in hot water with her family government that evening and creep out the groggy Shou the next morning; while Musashi muses about managing Mai as an idol, Madoka's delivery of the prospective theme song sets the stage for him to realize the full scope of the misunderstanding along with Shigeru in short order. Mai fuming at Shigeru's attempted guilt trip about the whole situation ignites the ultimate deus ex machina of Shou explaining Mai the fact that professional entertainers can and often do decorate their career with multiple talents; while the show is an overall success for Magic Carat and Shigeru, Emi finds that she has done her job a bit too well.
5 Star Festival Fantasy In The Rain
"ame de tanabata fantajī" (雨で七夕ファンタジー)
5 @ July 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mai racing home to offload her scholastic payload before rushing off much to Youko's futile protests gives way for Mai's clumsiness to take a more prominent role than usual as Magic Carat prepares for its Star Festival exhibition. Junichi being less than satisfied with Mai's culinary assistance obfuscates Misaki's desire to be part of the action when he inquires Mai's tanzaku before he follows suit after Mai who races off to continue preparing for the exhibition after Shou teases her. The day of the Star Festival starting off rainy sets the stage for Misaki to be dejected all day in spite of such coping mechanisms as hanging lots of teruterubozos and it ultimately falls on Mai to cheer him up; after promising that Misaki's wish is not going to be rained out, Mai then takes the stage as Magical Emi playing the role of Orihime to grant Misaki's wish.
6 Holding Shinings of a Star in Secret
"himitsu no hoshi no mochikabu Shinings" (秘密の星の持株Shinings)
12 @ July 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Prosecuting community stewardship of the school one afternoon becomes the forum for Musashi to discover that not all of the data he picked up about girls as a kid is accurate while Mai learns that genres can be and often are mixed together with amazing results; unfortunately, Mai also finds that friendly gestures can bring about hostile results when she conjures some flowers for the director that helped her in the theater while performing as Magical Emi. Mai's entreaty to Musashi for his assistance in restoring social homeostasis obfuscates the efforts of Musashi's father Shigeru toward the same end; unfortunately, the only thing Mai's subterfuge accomplishes is for Musashi and her to be chased all over the studio along with the associated aftermath of such a disruption. Mai ultimately catches up to her »detractor« Director Kouenji to give him a piece of her mind but realizes that he has a very difficult job; an earnest heart-to-heart later, Magical Emi has a new professional ally in Director Kouenji.
7 Home Ec. Primer During Summer Break
"hōmu no Ec。 puraimānatsuyasumi chū" (ホームのEc。プライマー夏休み中)
19 @ July 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
An estatic Mai racing home with her report card with Musashi not far behind her sets the stage for a stark chauvinistic contrast between the Kazuki and Koganei family governments over their child relatives. While preparing dinner that evening, Youko explains Mai her perspective on domestic household administration being the purpose of married women as she promises strict summer training that becomes the forum to explore the divergent concourse of whether women should focus on domestic engineering such as is the case with Yukiko Hirota and whether men should catalyze their spouse's efforts not unlike the techniques availed by the culinary actor Morio Kazewatari. While still digesting Shou's tactless counsel to not read too much into a bad home economics grade as that is not all there is to being a lady, Youko greets Mai with the exhortation as collaborative hostess to Junichi's friends who generally make very poor company much to Mai's frustration at the toll it is taking on Youko who she now has to help nurse back to health. Shou's timely arrival to take responsibility for Misaki becomes the ultimate deus ex machina with which Mai can take a break to help Magic Carat; while Youko has made a full recovery, Mai learns to acknowledge and accept her fallibility.
8 The Best Kid on the Beach
"bīchi no besuto kiddo" (ビーチのベストキッド)
26 @ July 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Mai has one thing on her mind during Magic Carat's road trip to a coastal city: fun in the sun split between romping on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Endowed with Haruko and Yousuke's blessing as they lead the Troupe through preparing for a prestidigitation exhibition, Mai races off to the beach and intercedes for a boy named Jirou Ooyama whose elder brother Kenta is fuming over being denied admission; a low-level prestidigitation exhibition later, Mai has herself five new friends and a Shou-like rival in Kenta that challenges her to a dangerous diving contest off a high cliff with rocks at its base. Unfortunately for Kenta, Mai gives as good as she gets and successfully one-ups him when she secures a pair of Magic Carat tickets as a prize in a singing contest that night alongside Jirou at the festival; while he is a sore loser, Kenta proves himself a consummate innovator as he calculates the subterfuge necessary for the six boys to see the exhibition the next day after securing another ticket. In spite of Shou picking up on one small error Jirou made, the six boys make it inside where they lead the audience in demanding that Mai perform for them where she ultimately learns that the audience still enjoyed the show even with Mai botching a trick; when it comes time to part, Kenta races after Mai to send her off with a watermelon.
9 I Hate Boxing!
"watashi wa bokushingu girai!" (私はボクシング嫌い!)
2 @ August 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Magical Emi coming off the euphoria of a well-received prestidigitation exhibition sets the stage for Shingo Sanada to approach her for a handshake of good luck in an upcoming competition; while the handshake costs her nothing for the euphoria it ignites within Shingo, it does set the stage for Shou to develop doubts about continuing to box when a playful punch from Shingo bruises his hand. Misaki playfully boxing the reluctant Topo inflames Mai's aversion for boxing and sets the stage for a sequence of events that demonstrates that neither side is truly accommodating of the other; Mai is unsettled by the prospect of people being hospitalized because of boxing while Shingo does not realize that his demonstration of boxing with Shou will not win people over to his way of thinking. Undaunted by the pain of his sprained ankle, Shou continues to train for his bout with Shingo in spite of Magical Emi waylaying him to dissuade him only to find that Shou has a healthy perspective of competition. While she still has an aversion for boxing, Mai ultimately comes to understand the importance of exerting one's utmost effort without regard to the epilogue.
10 Highland Train -- Where is the UFO!?
"hairando wa torein - doko UFO no desu!?" (ハイランドはトレイン - どこUFOのです!?)
9 @ August 1985 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Madoka Kokubunji loudly cheering the office politics of his supervisor Shigeru Koganei having worked in his favor when his latest handiwork is being broadcast gives way to Mai signaling an interest in investigating the rumored UFO landing site in Togaku City. Junichi has confidence in Mai handling all the logistics of riding on the train with Misaki; still, Junichi has charged Shou vigilance thereof during the journey. A boisterous and childish lady named Beeby ironically acts as a somewhat immature chaperon for Mai and Misaki as she claims herself an alien during a layover; unfortunately, the trio successfully getting back under way is cold comfort to a freak electrical storm breaching the train's electricity supply along with the temperance of three passengers whose quarrel Magical Emi has to break up with an impromptu prestidigitation exhibition. The »UFO« that Mai and Misaki set out to investigate is ultimately another mirror fairy that wants to demonstrate Beeby's prologue of stage fright; after Beeby and Magical Emi acknowledge their fallibility, the electrical storm dissipates and the train continues to Nagano where Beeby boards a train to Tokyo while Mai intercedes for Shou prior to the home commute.


Opening Theme: "Fushigi-Iro Hapiness" by Obata Youko

Ending Theme: "Anata Dake Dreaming" by Obata Youko


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