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The characters of the anime and manga series Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple are created by Syun Matsuena.


The Ryōzanpaku Dojo


From left to right: (back) Apachai and Hayato; (middle) Akisame and Shio; (front) Kensei, Kenichi, and Shigure

The Ryōzanpaku Dojo is home to elite fighters who specialize in different styles of martial arts. The dojo is famous for its powerful members and is challenged by other dojos and fighters so often that it charges its challengers and has a waiting list. Despite this, the dojo lacks money; during the YOMI arc, it goes bankrupt.

Although they are all immeasurably powerful, the masters of Ryōzanpaku are also very eccentric and prone to immature behavior. They have trouble interacting with normal people, mainly because they unconsciously release massive amounts of ki, which sometimes makes the people they encounter feel nauseated. They are lazy procrastinators – only Ma and Kōetsuji are shown to bring in any steady income, while Apachai and Shigure have childish tendencies.

Kenichi Shirahama

Shirahama Ken'ichi (白浜 兼一?) Voiced by: Tomokazu Seki (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 1
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Karate, Jujutsu, Chinese martial arts, Muay Thai and Weapons (although he never uses weapons in combat)

Kenichi Shirahama is a sixteen-year-old boy who is currently in his second year of high school.[1] When Kenichi was six, he and his close friend, Ryuuto, watched as a six-year-old Miu defeated a group of thugs who were attempting to rob a local convenience store. They subsequently made a promise to become stronger. Although Ryuuto made good on the promise, becoming the first fist of Ragnarok as well as a member of Yomi, Kenichi forgot about it and was bullied frequently.

On his way to school one day, Kenichi meets Miu once again (though he does not recognize her), and the two soon become friends. At the start of high school, Kenichi joins the school's karate club, hoping to become less weak, but he is forced to do menial chores and is used as a punching bag. One day, he finally stands up to a hulking student, and the two agree to a match in which the loser will quit the club. With Miu's help, Kenichi manages to win, but he quits the club anyway. He joins the Ryozanpaku dojo, which Miu's grandfather nominally runs, and begins an intense training regime in several different types of martial arts. A main point of humour in the series centers around the multiple, varied, and imaginative training methods his masters devise in the name of making Kenichi stronger, most of which bring him to a point near death, but which he somehow manages to survive.

Kenichi fights the karate club's president twice, winning easily the second time, which, to his horror, causes his unwanted attention problem to snowball, since more powerful foes begin to take interest in him. The manga follows Kenichi as he continues to train, and eventually live, at the Ryozanpaku dojo, fighting more and more talented enemies.

Although it is consistently stated that Kenichi has no talent for martial arts, he more than makes up for it with his work ethic. Because of his hard work and his abnormally intense training regime, Kenichi goes from being considered the weakest student in his high school to being able to fight and defeat opponents with many years of training and even with borderline superhuman abilities. In the manga, his level is currently at the lower ranks of the "Expert", a step above a disciple and below a master – a fairly extraordinary feat, especially due to the fact he has only been training for a little over a year.

However, his strongest ability, according to the masters, is that he lacks any form of ki (killer intent). Because of this, many people who face him see him as a weakling and become overconfident, which usually proves their downfall. He can go unnoticed by even Master-class fighters for a period of time.

Kenichi is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and moral to a fault. He is against violence and studies martial arts to protect others, and he adheres to a strict code of morals, which includes a refusal to hit women. Because of his kindness and empathy, Kenichi has made many friends, most of whom are former enemies, and has managed to unknowingly win the affections of Renka Ma and Li Raichi.

Kenichi favors no specific style, though he does abhor the use of weapons, and usually uses whatever fits the situation. However, he has used some techniques consistently.

Miu Fūrinji

Fūrinji Miu (風林寺 美羽?) Voiced by: Tomoko Kawakami (Japanese), Carrie Savage (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 1
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Hybrid Martial Arts

Miu Furinji is a curvaceous 16-year-old girl who attends the same school as Kenichi and is currently in her second year.[2] She is the granddaughter of Hayato Furinji and the daughter of Saiga Furinji, the leaders of Ryozanpaku and Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists, respectively. How or when Miu came into Hayato's care is unknown, but she has been with him since she was six years old, if not earlier.[3] In these early years of her life, Miu learned martial arts from her grandfather and accompanied him on his missions to bring about peace.

Before Miu transferred to Kouryou, she attended a famous school,[4] but she was ostracized because all of the other girls at the school were jealous of her high grades, her athletic ability, and especially her looks. Because of this experience, Miu attempted to moderate her appearance by fashioning her hair into a plain-looking braid and beginning to wear glasses. Though she kept this facade going well into her second year, she eventually discarded it.

Despite being attractive, smart, athletic, and kind, Miu is very socially inept, to the point of having no friends before meeting Kenichi and practically no social life. Miu's social ineptness stems from her upbringing, during which she never had any time to make friends, and also from her home life, in which she is practically a live-in maid. Over the course of the manga, Miu manages to make quite a few friends due to her kind and friendly nature as well as Kenichi's help. Miu treasures her friendship with Kenichi but generally seems oblivious to his feelings for her, though she becomes jealous whenever another girl shows affection for him and has on various occasions hinted towards having deeper feelings for him. Miu has a great fondness for kittens and becomes openly hostile towards anyone who harms one. She is prone to making rash decisions when it comes to money-making.

Miu has proven herself to be an immensely skilled fighter. While her exact martial arts disciplines have not been stated, she has shown knowledge of several styles. Her fighting style is graceful and fluid, taking advantage of her agility, coordination, and flexibility, and makes heavy use of kicks. Her skills have been honed to the point where she will reflexively throw anyone who sneaks up behind her.

Hayato Fūrinji

Fūrinji Hayato (風林寺 隼人?) Voiced by: Hiroshi Arikawa (Japanese), R. Bruce Elliott (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 6
  • Type: Dou / Sei
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Unknown (but has vast knowledge of various styles and techniques, as well as having the ability to copy all of the enemy's moves easily)

Hayato is Miu's grandfather and the undefeated elder of the Ryōzanpaku Dojo. He is also known as mutekichōjin (無敵超人?, lit. 'superman with no equals') which is translated to "The Invincible Superman" in English materials. He is very tall, very muscular and possesses tremendous vitality despite his advanced age. Not much is known about Hayato's past, but flashbacks have revealed that he was very reckless and violent in his youth, claiming to have taken on 500 martial artists at once[5]. He also at some point had a son, Saiga, who sired his granddaughter Miu, whom he gained custody over. It has also been shown that Hayato used to travel the world with Miu and help out people in need. Around that time, he met Apachai.

Hayato is a kind old man but still possesses a reckless streak and can be very arrogant, the former of which is shown by his tendency to spend the dojo's money and to get carried away whenever he has a chance to showcase his strength. He also tends to convey his often over-simplified plans to others through a blunt manner of speech. He is fond of Kenichi, calling him "Ken-chan", and is the only one who apologizes to him for the hell that he and the others put him through. He has even given Kenichi his blessing to date Miu, should she herself agree to it. Hayato's affection for Miu is even greater; he has stated that anyone wishing to marry her would have to first defeat him in battle. Despite being a devout follower of katsujin ken, he once threatened to kill a man who was holding her hostage.[6]

Hayato is considered by many to be the most powerful man alive. Even when he uses only 0.0002% of his power, keeps his eyes closed, and splits his concentration and body movements, Akisame comments that he still is the most powerful man in the world.[7] In this state, he remains strong enough to rip a tree in half while simultaneously effortlessly battling Miu and Kenichi.[8] He is capable of throwing kicks so fast that cameras slowed down to 1/1000 of a second can only barely catch a glimpse of them,[9] and he can move fast enough to run on water.[10]

Shio Sakaki

Sakaki Shio (逆鬼 至緒?) Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese), Christopher Sabat (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 7
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Karate

Sakaki is a 29-year-old master of karate who claims to hold 100 dan. He is a tall man who is almost always seen wearing a leather jacket and has a long scar that runs horizontally across the bridge of his nose. Little is known about Sakaki's past, but he has mentioned that he used to travel the world and fight, and he also at one point belonged to a group that consisted of himself, a French martial arts master named Christopher Eclair, and an Englishman named Mycroft. The three of them did a wide variety of work, which included working for the FBI and guarding important people. However, Sakaki opposed methods that involved killing or bringing harm to the poor, children, or the elderly, and the other two, who had grown tired of his stubborn refusal to do such things, tried to kill him but were subsequently buried alive in a desert as a result.[11] It is unknown when he came to Ryozanpaku, but he is one of the junior members along with Apachai and Shigure.

Sakaki is a very intimidating person even when he tries not to be, something that he does not seem to realize and is put off by whenever someone points it out. He has a kind and caring nature and is a very bad liar, which is shown when Akisame asks why he suddenly decided to teach Kenichi a fighting technique, and Sakaki replied that it was in commemoration of the anniversary of judo. He is embarrassed by trivial things, such as when Kenichi calls him sensei, even though he told Kenichi to address him so. Like the other masters, he can be quite childish at times and tends to get into trivial arguments with others, especially Apachai. He also gambles and drinks frequently and often places bets on Kenichi. At first he was strongly against taking a disciple, but he eventually warms up to Kenichi and shows much a great deal of concern for him, even going so far as to directly violate Ryozanpaku's rule prohibiting a master from involving himself in his disciples' battles.

Sakaki is an incredibly powerful martial artist. He his well-versed in multiple forms of karate and possess superhuman abilities, most evident in the fact that he can survive a fall from one of the top floors of a tall building without any noticeable injury.[12] He has yet to be noticeably injured in any of his battles, including his fight with Yami assassin Christopher Eclair and his brief encounter with Silcardo Jenazad, a member of Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists who was able to give Hayato Fūrinji a tough fight. Silcardo was so impressed by Sakaki's skill that he actively seeks a battle to the death.

Apachai Hopachai

Apachai Hopachai (アパチャイ・ホパチャイ?) Voiced by: Hiroya Ishimaru (Japanese), Sonny Strait (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 7
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Muay Thai,and Muay Boran

Apachai is a 28-year-old master of Muay Thai and is known as the "Death God" of the Muay Thai underworld fighting circuit. He is extremely tall and powerfully built, has very dark skin, and is usually seen wearing a tank top and shorts with bandages wrapped around his hands and feet. Apachai has been fighting nearly all his life, fighting life or death battles in underground Muay Thai fights since he was a teenager.[13] At one point, he was an enforcer for a cruel pirate who fed Apachai while he was starving in a harbor in Thailand. (In reality, the man was throwing his food away, and Apachai, who just happened to be nearby, took this as a gesture of good will.) He served this man faithfully until Hayato Fūrinji brought his misdeeds to Apachai's attention. The two of them then defeated the pirates, and Apachai followed Hayato home and has been at the dojo ever since.

Despite his incredible size and strength, Apachai is very kind and gentle. He enjoys playing with children and animals and is very childlike himself. He has a habit of saying the phrase "apa" when he speaks and sometimes yells it while training or fighting. As a result of his violent past, Apachai initially had a hard time taking it easy on Kenichi, once almost killing him during a training session. Saddened by Kenichi's hesitance to train with him, he sought help from Hayato, who told him to pretend as though he were playing with children. The storyline reveals that that Apachai is unable to hold back because he was involved in numerous death matches when he was young, leading him to deal life-threatening blows on instinct. He is very fond of Kenichi and is the only master who consistently shows an open concern for him. Apachai has a voracious appetite, often consuming large meals with incredible speed, and even eating other people's shares. He can be easily distracted and persuaded by food. These gluttonous tendencies may stem from the fact that when he was young, Apachai would often accidentally break training equipment and have his meals taken away from him.

Apachai has been trained in martial arts since he was very young. He is extraordinarily strong, able to shatter stone statues and kick down trees without any apparent difficulty.[14] Despite his incredible size, he is blindingly fast, able to dodge bullets while fighting.[15] Even while holding back, Apachai was able to stalemate a master level fighter by the name of Kei Retsumin, a man who had once killed an entire village of people by himself; Apachai was later easily able to overcome him, once there was no one around to get in his way. He was also able to hold his own against Hayato Fūrinji for a time despite being quite young when the fight took place.

Shigure Kōsaka

Kōsaka Shigure (香坂 しぐれ?) Voiced by: Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Trina Nishimura (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 7
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Weapons

Shigure is a 22-year-old weapons master. She is very beautiful and dresses in a small pink kimono; underneath she wears bandages over her chest and a fundoshi. When fighting seriously she dons chain mail. Shigure's past has been shown more in depth than any other of the other masters'. When she was a young child, she lived with her father in the mountains. Her father, who never named her, was a weapon maker and master of incredible skill, who made swords for Yami. Akisame, seeking to find the maker of a particular sword, met Shigure's father, who requested that Akisame kill him. When Akisame refused, the man forced him into a fight, which Akisame managed to win. Shigure's father stated that he wanted his daughter to see what kind of future a person like him, who had created things that had taken lives, would have, and he promptly took his own life.[16] After defeating some Yami members, Akisame named her and took her to live with his friend, an old man who taught her the Kosaka fighting style. She remained there until the old man died, after which Akisame took her to Ryozankapu.

Shigure is a very mysterious person. She speaks very little and has a habit of falling asleep on the rafters of the ceiling and also traverses atop them more than she uses the floor. She has little knowledge of most things outside of weapons and has trouble interacting with normal people due to her blunt personality and the fact that she always carries a weapon. Before Kenichi came to the dojo, she rarely interacted with any of its other residents except Akisame and Apachai and even refrained from such practical things as having dinner with them. Shigure is apparently quite fond of Kenichi; with him around, she smiles more often (though she still rarely does so) and interacts with the others more, eating dinner with them. She also didn't mind Akisame telling Kenichi about her past, saying that it was okay simply because he's Kenichi. The dramatic change in her personality has caused Miu to harbor suspicions about Shigure and her attitude towards Kenichi.

Even as a young child, Shigure had incredible potential, which Akisame noticed immediately.[17] She was incredibly fast and was able to defeat Sai Kagerou, a sword master, so quickly that he didn't even realize that he had moved. Despite her lithe frame, she is very strong and can cut weapons made of metal to pieces using something with a dull edge, such as a spoon.[18] She once cut a cannon off of a tank and then jammed it through its side.[19]

Shigure has a pet mouse, Tochūmaru, used mostly for comic relief, such as causing Apachai to be blamed for its stealing a lunch Miu made. Tochūmaru is shown to be extraordinarily strong for a mouse, beating one of Boris's men with nunchaku and, in an omake, beating a cat with its tail. While referred to as male, it is always seen with a feminine bow on its tail. Similar to other residents of the dojo, it seems to be knowledgeable of martial arts.

Kensei Ma

Ba/Ma1 Kensei (馬 剣星?) Voiced by: Issei Futamata (Japanese), Vic Mignogna (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 7
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: All Chinese martial arts (preferred fighting style is soft forms)

Kensei is a 41-year-old lecherous master of Chinese Kenpō. He is very short, balding, and always wears a hat. In his youth, Ma was very handsome and claims to have been very good with women. He has been training in martial arts since he was very young and was the leader of a large martial arts alliance in China, which has 100,000 followers,[20] which he left behind, regarding it as a nuisance. He has a wife and three children in China, including a 16-year-old daughter named Renka who followed him to Japan with the intention of bringing him back. He also has an older brother named Sougetsu, who is a member of Yami.

Kensei is a sly and perverted man, who tries to take pictures of attractive women, particularly Shigure and Miu. He often sells these pictures to Kenichi in the form of "data books", which usually turn out to be pictures of anything but the two of them. Ma seems to have a plethora of spying equipment at his disposal to aid him in such endeavors. In spite of his perverted and deceptive tendencies, he and Kenichi become quite close, forming a father-son-like bond. Ma knows Kenichi better than the others and is able to convince him to go along with their plans without resorting to intimidation. Kenichi has absolute trust in Ma and has stated that he has never questioned his convictions as a martial artist.

Ma is a very experienced martial artist, having been trained since he was very young, and purportedly knows all martial arts indigenous to China. In spite of his size, he is very strong, able to destroy a small bridge with a single kick[21] and to rend the flesh of Diego Carlo, a man said to possess a body hard as steel, with his bare hands.[22] He is very agile, capable of jumping from atop one moving cars to another.[23] Ma is also skilled in the field of medicine; he runs an acupuncture clinic and usually, along with Akisame, mends the wounds of Kenichi and the others.

The characters in his name Kensei are pronounced Jianxing in Mandarin, or literally "Sword Star". This differentiates him entirely from Isshinsai Ogata's moniker Kensei, pronounced Quansheng in Mandarin, literally "Fist Saint".

Akisame Kōetsuji

Kōetsuji Akisame (岬越寺 秋雨?) Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese), Kent Williams (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 7
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Katsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Aikijujitsu

Akisame is a 38-year-old philosophical Jujitsu master who was the first master willing to train Kenichi. He is an old friend of Miu's father, Saiga. Despite his seemingly small physique, he is known for having muscles built to perfection. He also has very good insight, often knowing if people are troubled or hiding something; he sometimes even knows what a person is thinking, which scares Kenichi. When he is in his "I Don't Wanna" Mode, he possesses an unbending stubbornness.

He is a famous and legendary artisan, who has mastered calligraphy, painting, pottery, and sculpting. He often invents contraptions that serve as both training devices for Kenichi and power sources for the dojo, including a treadmill generator. He also owns an orthopedic clinic and can reset bones with ease. Akisame speaks Russian fluently.



From top anticlockwise: Berseker, Loki and Number 20, Hermit, Thor, Kisara, Freya, Kenichi [non-member], Odin, Miu [non-member], Siegfried, Takeda, Ukita and Nijima [non-member]

Eight Fists

The Eight Fists are the leaders of Ragnarok, the eight strongest members of the organization. Each member wears a glove with a number (I – VIII) that corresponds to his position. Most of the Fists have adopted the names of legendary beings and figures from Norse mythology. The First Fist, Odin, has the backing of Isshinsai Ogata, who gives him special training not available to the other Fists. The first three fists, known as the "Three of Cards", are the founding members of Ragnarok. According to Natsu Tanimoto, they are on a completely different level from the other Fists.

After Ragnarok is disbanded, five of the eight fists (namely Freya (III), Siegfried (V), Hermit (VI), Thor (VII) and Valkyrie (VIII)) join or ally with the Shinpaku Alliance. Odin (I) joins YOMI. The whereabouts of Berserker (II) and Loki (IV) are unknown, though it is implied that Niijima has convinced Loki to infiltrate YOMI.


See YOMI's Ryūto Asamiya


Bāsākā (バーサーカー?) Voiced by George Nakata (Japanese), Robert McCollum (English)

  • Type: Dou
  • Martial Arts: Street fighting

Berserker is the Second Fist of Ragnarok. He rarely speaks and has a calm disposition. Berserker never studied martial arts; he simply has a natural talent for fighting. He is said to be the most fearsome fighter in Ragnarok. However, he is afraid to fight Odin, believing that the latter is much stronger than he is.

He is named after Berserkers, Norse warriors. His sleeveless jacket features Norway's flag pattern. He displays a furious battle rage when aroused and the ability to negate feelings of pain through an adrenaline rush, which enables him to ignore his injuries and continue fighting.


See Shinpaku Alliance's Kaname Kugatachi


Roki (ロキ?) Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Travis Willingham (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 48
  • Type: Sei
  • Martial Arts: Karate, especially utilizes the Spear Hand that uses Tame

Loki is the Fourth Fist of Ragnarok. He uses a Karate style that involves using all the joints in the arms. Besides being a powerful fighter, he is also quite intelligent, using information about his opponents to his advantage. Despite his strength, Loki prefers to win by using any means necessary; he kidnaps Honoka after learning she is Kenichi's sister. His ultimate goal is unknown, but it seems that destroying Ragnarok is part of it; he plants seeds of doubt among the Eight Fists in order to have Ragnarok in disarray. Loki also has "shadows", underlings who look like him; he uses them to distract and confuse opponents.

Berserker defeats him after Loki attempts a coup d'état against Ragnarok.

He is named after Loki, a trickster in Norse mythology.


See Shinpaku Alliance's Hibiki Kugenin


Natsu Tanimoto (谷本 夏, Tanimoto Natsu?), as Hermit, was the Sixth Fist of Ragnarok. He learned martial arts from Sougetsu Ma, Kensei's older brother. He is the president of the drama club at Kenichi's school. Tanimoto perceives popularity as a way to control people; he acts the part of a kind and soft-spoken student and is considered the school's "prince". He claims to have only joined the drama club to practice lying.

Tanimoto transports members of the Shinpaku Alliance to the D of D tournament, but his intention is not to participate but to find his old master, Sougetsu. He is briefly believed dead after his boat is blown up by the missile defenses of the private island where the tournament occurs. He later finds Sougetsu on the island and trains under him. He comes to the aid of the Shinpaku alliance in their fight against Fortuna. He also helps when Boris Ivanov leads a YOMI attack against the Alliance.

In chapter 353, Hermit is training to become a member of YOMI. In chapter 355, he faces and defeats temporary YOMI member Enshin Chou for the seat.


See Shinpaku Alliance's Yssssūma Chiaki


See Shinpaku Alliance's Kisara Nanjō

Divisional members

Taichi Kōga

Kōga Taichi (古賀 太一?) Voiced by: Mayumi Yamaguchi (Japanese), Greg Ayres (English)

Kōga, also known as Kōga the Kicker, is the youngest known member of Kisara's team. Unlike Ikki and Ukita, he seems to bear grudges against Kenichi, whom he plans to take down himself, and Miu, whom he calls "Neko Shojo" (Cat Girl). While he possesses a carefree attitude, he is very loyal to Ragnarok and is eager to deliver punishments to those who betray the gang.

Kōga was originally teamed with Takeda and Ukita as part of the Three Man Army. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Ikki Takeda

See Shinpaku Alliance

Kōzō Ukita

See Shinpaku Alliance

Shinnosuke Tsuji

Tsuji Shinnosuke (辻 新之助?) Voiced by: Kazuya Ichijou (Japanese), Chris Rager (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 24
  • Type: Dou
  • Martial Arts: Koppou

Shinnosuke is an ambitious rival of Kisara's, often getting into arguments about who was stronger. He has a rougher fighting style and fewer techniques than Kenichi but greater experience. He had hoped to one day lead a gang stronger than Ragnarok and initially had hordes of men as followers, but after he was beaten by an unintentional sneak attack by Kenichi, he loses all but two of them. He gains respect for Kenichi, informs him of Takeda's impending punishment at the hands of Ragnarok, and warns him of Hermit.

Following his defeat by Kenichi, he goes into the mountains to train. He finds a master and is later able to obtain a victory – of sorts – over Kenichi before the D of D tournament. He refuses a rematch, saying that he's going to hold onto the victory for the rest of his life and never fight Kenichi again. His current whereabouts are unknown, though most likely he has returned to the mountains to continue his training with his master.


See Shinpaku Alliance


Tsukuba (築波?) Voiced by: Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japanese), Kyle Hebert (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 4
  • Name revealed: Battle 5
  • Martial Arts: Mixes of karate & boxing

Tsukuba is an upperclassman at Kenichi's school and a black belt in the karate club. His style of martial arts is sport karate, which focuses on the basics of karate and mixes in other techniques, such as boxing. He is the referee for Kenichi's fight against Daimonji and, following Kenichi's win, wants to test Kenichi's skills. He easily defeats Kenichi, but he is not satisfied with his victory because he finds bruises on his body after the fight. When he fights Kenichi a second time, Kenichi wins easily.

Takashi Furukawa

Furukawa Takashi (古川 たかし?) Voiced by: Isshin Chiba (Japanese), Joel McDonald (English)

Takashi first appears in episode 8 with a group that tries to capture Kenichi. When he fights Kenichi, he initially holds his own, but he snaps after he starts to bleed from Kenichi's punch and resorts to using a knife. Miu knocks the knife out of Takashi's hand with Kenichi's belt. Later, Takashi tries again to take Kenichi to Kisara once again, but Kenichi is able to overcome his fear of weapons and easily defeats Takashi.

Number 20

20 gō (20号?) Voiced by: Rikako Aikawa (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

A master of spying and stealth, Number 20 is Loki's right hand girl. She is an excellent fighter and has a taste for airsoft guns. She dresses in military fashion and is never seen without her night-vision goggles.

The Valkyries

The Valkyries are Freya's followers. Each is a specialist with a specific weapon, which she was taught by Freya's grandfather. When first introduced, they were sent to hunt down Kenichi and Kisara. Later, they all enter the dojo and request to assist Kenichi against Yami, but Shigure points out that they're not strong enough yet.


Yami (?) is a worldwide organization of martial artists who use their skills to gain power, and in doing so have strong influence in crime syndicates. Yami is divided into a Hand-to-Hand Combat Division and a Weapons Division, which have not until recently gotten along. Their overall goal appears to revolve around, Operation: The Eternal Sunset, which appears to want to create a Third World War so their skills will not "rot away in these times of peace". They use elements as symbols.

One Shadow, Nine Fists

One Shadow, Nine Fists is the group of masters that controls both Yami and YOMI. They fight to promote the Satsujin Ken (killing fist), which they believe is the true way of martial arts. Silcardo has mentioned that the only reason they remain together is to avoid fighting each other.

Saiga Fūrinji

  • First appearance: Battle 192
  • Type: ?
  • Yami Symbol: Shadow
  • Nickname: Ichiei/One Shadow
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Unknown

Saiga is Miu's father and the son of Hayato Furinji. He heads the leadership council of Yami. After Shou's death, he chooses his disciple to lead YOMI.

Isshinsai Ogata

  • First appearance: Battle 119
  • Type: Dou
  • Yami Symbol: Flow
  • Nickname: Kensei/Saint Fist/Sage Fist (in the English dub)
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Unknown, but includes Kung Fu and Jujutsu; has used Hayato Furinji's signature skills

Ogata Isshinsai (緒方 一新斎?), or Kensei (拳聖?) (Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese), Jason Douglas (English)) would have been the first disciple of Ryōzanpaku; however, the elder saw that he had evil intentions. He is the true power behind Ragnarok. He is a Dou Martial Artist. He shows Kenichi the path of Asura, which the Elder wanted Kenichi to witness. He develops an interest in Kenichi and invites him to become his disciple, but Kenichi turns him down. He tries to stop the fight between Kenichi and Odin in order to have both as his disciples but the Ryōzanpaku crew dissuades him. After Ragnarok crumbles, he is revealed to be among the leadership of Yami. His symbol is flow. He acts as the caretaker of YOMI.

Alexander Gaidar

  • First appearance: Battle 180
  • Type: Dou
  • Yami Symbol: Ice
  • Nickname: Senmetsu no Kenshi/Fist of Destruction
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Command SAMBO

Gaidar specializes in command SAMBO, a martial art used by the Russian military. He is a colonel in the Russian army. He has taken up sculpting and painting in order to create an atmosphere of peace to distance himself from the constant fighting. He fights Akisame twice and is finally defeated by Akisame in chapter 304. He disowns his disciple Boris, surrenders to the authorities, and is held in an ultra-secret maximum security prison that even Yami knows nothing about, dubbed Big Lock. He is the first of the One Shadow, Nine Fists to be defeated.

Silcardo Jenazad

  • Yami Symbol: King
  • Type: ?
  • Nickname: Kenmashajin/Demon Fist God
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Pencak Silat

Silcardo is a master that specializes in Pencak Silat, or Supreme Silat as he calls it. He is well known for disposing his disciples if they are not to his liking. He is currently interested in a death match against Sakaki Shio after witnessing Sakaki's battle against Sehrul Rahman in Chapter 350. He enjoys eating fruits and is almost never seen without one, even when someone remembers him.

Diego Carlo

  • First appearance: Battle 199
  • Type: Dou
  • Yami Symbol: Steel
  • Nickname: Waraukouken/Smiling Steel Fist/Angry Steel Fist
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Lucha Libre

Diego is a master level Lucha Libre wrestler. He is known for his flamboyant and goofy personality. His YOMI disciple is Rachel Stanley. He believes that a fight must always have an audience and that the fight is for the audience's enjoyment; he also believes that, after a fight, the loser must obey the winner's decision to kill them or not. During a fight against Ma Kensei, Diego loses his composure and takes off his "Smiling Mask", revealing another mask underneath. Ma Kensei refers to this as Diego's true face, "Angry Steel Fist". He is soon defeated and sent to Big Lock.

Akira Hongō

  • First appearance: Battle 167
  • Type: Dou
  • Yami Symbol: Sky
  • Nickname: Jinetsukenjin/God Hand
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Karate

Akira is a master who uses karate. He scorns the use of science and technology as tools to measure one's level in the martial arts. He was the master of Kanō Shō and was a stern teacher so that his disciple would never lose a match. Shō was defeated in the D of D tournament and subsequently died, which caused Akira to challenge the other Yami masters.

Mikumo Kushinada

  • First appearance: Battle 258
  • Type: Sei
  • Yami Symbol: Water
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Nickname: Youken no Urukiboshi/The Bewitching Fist
  • Martial Arts: Jujutsu

Mikumo is the master of the Kushinada style of jujutsu, which is claimed to be unique in that it uses no raw power, but rather focuses entirely on skill. She is the only female member of the Nine Fists. She is far older than she appears; her mother is thought to have been born more than a century ago. Hayato has revealed that he and Mikumo had worked together against Yami in the past. It is not known what has turned her to Yami, but other characters have speculated that it was the loss of someone she held dear. Her disciple is Chikage Kushinada, a child prodigy and YOMI member.

Agaard Jum Sai

  • First appearance: Battle 266
  • Type: Sei
  • Yami Symbol: Flame
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Nickname: Kentei Chuuou (The Sovereign of Fists and Emperor of Elbows)
  • Martial Arts: Muay Thai, and Muay Boran

Agaard is Tirawit Kōkin's master and a Muay Boran (Ancient Muay Thai) master. He is very proud and firmly believes that Muay Boran is the strongest martial art in the world. He is responsible for the kidnapping of Freya and her grandfather, Danki. Apachai refers to him as the "Demon Emperor of the Underground Muay Thai World". He has unique pupils, which look like Plus signs. He was once Apachai's mentor and brother figure. Agaard's killing intent seems to soften when around Apachi, in turn, Apachi is the only person he would listen to. Despite accepting Apachai as family, he regrets that one day he must fight him as Apachai is also considered as his rival.

Sehrul Rahman

  • First appearance: Battle 266
  • Type: Sei
  • Yami Symbol: Void
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Nickname: Fists of Brahman
  • Martial Arts: Kalarippayattu

Sehrul is Ethan Stanley's master and a Kalarippayattu master. He is the "supposedly" oldest among the One Shadow, Nine Fists. He battles Sakaki in chapter 350; the battle ends inconclusively.

Sougetsu Ma

Ba/Ma Sōgetsu (馬 槍月?) Voiced by: Tessho Genda (Japanese), Rob Mungle (English)

  • First Appearance: Battle 68
  • Type: Dou
  • Yami Symbol: Moon
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Nickname: Kengou Kishin/Fierce-Fist God
  • Martial Arts: All Chinese Kempo

Sougetsu is Kensei Ma's older brother and Renka Ma's uncle. He is a giant bearded fighter, whom people often fear and run away from. He spent most of his life training alone and feels that strength is the only thing to live for. He took in Hermit as a disciple and trained him to eliminate the weak. Along with many other masters, he is hired by Fortuna to defend the tournament but betrays him, defeating the other masters and leaving his disciple Tanimoto to finish Fortuna off.

Divisional members

Sai Kagerou

  • First appearance: Battle 286
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Sword, especially Iaidō

Sai is a sword master, able to attack and re-sheath his sword without appearing to move. Because he is double jointed, he can attack people behind him as easily as if they were in front. His sword, Setsunamaru, was made by Shigure's father. He duels Shigure, who defeats him and takes his sword. He leaves Yami when he is promised another sword if he protects Kenichi and promises never to kill again; he instantly accepts. He is given a hoe instead; he accepts it with joy and says he has found "a new love for slicing the ground".


  • First real appearance: Battle 250
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: ?

Fortuna is arms dealer and owner of the private islandon which the D of D tournament is held. He is obsessed with children who have the potential to become Master Class and is the adopted father of the whole Pankration team. His martial arts style is unknown.

Christopher Eclair

  • First appearance: Battle 146
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Savate

Christopher is part of the assassination division of Yami. Christopher, Sakaki and an Englishman called Mycroft used to be a team who fought the mafia and helped the FBI. When Sakaki came to disapprove of their methods, Christopher and Mycroft attempted to ambush him, and Sakaki buried them alive in a desert. During the beginning of the YOMI arc, he fights Kenichi, but Sakaki intervenes and defeats him. He has a very feminine appearance.

Li Tenmon

  • First appearance: Battle 157
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Ditangquan

Li is a Yami member from China who was contacted by Isshinsai Ogata to help defeat Ryōzanpaku. His daughter, a YOMI member, is his disciple.

Ro Jisei

  • First Appearance: Chapter 266 (as a silhouette)
  • Name Revealed: Chapter 353 (officially confirmed in 354)
  • Type: Unknown
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: Chinese style unknown

Ro is a blind but fearsome master-class fighter. His disciple is Chou Enshin. Ro Jisei has been a temporary member of One Shadow, Nine Fists in Ma Sougetsu's absence.


YOMI is first mentioned in the manga as Ragnarok's main rival. It is the juvenile subsection of Yami and has manpower and funds at its disposal; for example, Boris is able to command resources ranging from military helicopters to expensive solid gold insignia. The leading disciples of the One Shadow, Nine Fists form the executive committee of YOMI. There are eight active members within the executive committee following the deaths of Shou Kanou and Radin Jihan. YOMI, like Yami, uses elements as symbols; members bear the same symbol as their master bears in Yami.

Kajima Satomi

  • First appearance: Battle 265
  • Type: Sei
  • YOMI Symbol: Shadow
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Martial Arts: ?

Kajima is Saiga's disciple. He has numerous scars and wears an eyepatch over his left eye. He becomes the leader of YOMI following Shou's death. Kajima has developed an interest in Kenichi and would like to fight him.

Shō Kanō

  • First appearance: Battle 167
  • Type: Dou / Sei
  • YOMI Symbol: Sky
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Nickname: Suparna
  • Martial Arts: Karate(main), Sambo, Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Lucha Libre, Jujutsu, Pencak Silat, Kalarippayattu, Chinese Martial Arts, Ancient Martial Arts and others

Kanō Shō (叶 翔?)

Shō's nickname, Suparna, is a mythical creature in Hindu mythology said to possess beautiful wings. He is the disciple of Akira Hongou and leads YOMI until his death in Battle 264. Shō was raised as a member of Kuremisago and had received extensive training in martial arts for all his life. More than one YOMI member has described him as "perfect". He possessed power and speed unrivaled by any martial artist below master-level. Although Shou's primary fighting style was karate, he received training from various Yami masters, because he was chosen as the Sole Successor of the One Shadow Nine Fists' martial arts.

Shō fell in love with Miu at first sight and invited Miu to join YOMI; when Miu refused, he attempted to kidnap her. Shō was defeated by Kenichi in the climax of the D of D tournament. Shortly afterward, he died shielding Miu from being shot by one of Fortuna's soldiers. His last wish was for Kenichi to protect Miu in his place.

Radin Tidat Jihan

  • First appearance: Battle 176
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: King
  • Nickname: Nagaraja
  • Martial Arts: Pencak Silat

Radin was Silcardo Jenazad's disciple. He was the Crown Prince of Tidat, a fictional country located on the Indonesia Archipelago, and acted in an elitist, aristocratic manner, claiming that 99.9% of the world's population are worthless commoners.

After Radin was defeated by Kenichi, Silcardo disowned him as a disciple, saying that Radin brought shame to Pencak Silat and was no longer of any use to him. Silcardo created an avalanche to bury Radin and Kenichi. Radin rejected Kenichi's offer to help him escape and was buried alive. He is presumed to be dead, making him the first YOMI casualty.

Tirawit Kōkin

  • First appearance: Battle 188
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Flame
  • Nickname: Narasimha/The Lion God King
  • Martial Arts: Muay Thai and Muay Boran

Tīrawitto Kōkin (ティーラワィット コーキン?)

Tirawit takes control of the school's karate club when he and three other YOMI members transfer to Kenichi's school. He is a good strategist and plans things carefully in advance. He is also an excellent teacher, able to teach several people some of Muay Boran's offensive techniques in a very short period of time. Tirawit has said more than once that, despite defeating Shō Kanō, who was one of YOMI's strongest members, Kenichi would need more experience before facing him. During a battle, he kills Kenichi, but Kenichi is later resuscitated.

After causing what he thought was Kenichi's end, he transfers schools. When he is informed of his failure, he attempts to set off to deal with him again, but Kajima forbids him to engage Kenichi. He is currently with his master in Okinawa.

Ethan Stanley

  • First appearance: Battle 176
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Void
  • Nickname: Pollux
  • Martial Arts: Kalarippayattu

Ethan is one of the four YOMI members who transfers to Kenichi's school. He and his sister, Rachel, fight as Team Gemini in the D of D tournament. He is shown to possess immense strength in chapter 278. He performs extra missions for YOMI in order to prevent anything from happening to his sister, who has fallen from YOMI's graces. He requests that Kenichi "die" as a martial artist and return to normal life; when Kenichi refuses, Ethan issues a challenge, despite being injured because of the extra missions he has undertaken.

Rachel Stanley

  • First appearance: Battle 176
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Steel
  • Nickname: Castor
  • Martial Arts: Lucha Libre

Rachel is Ethan's twin sister. She and her brother participate in the D of D tournament as Team Gemini. She has a flamboyant personality, is an attention seeker, and is more aggressive than her brother. Rachel transfers to Kenichi's school, where she greatly enjoys school life, becoming the star player on the basketball team and joining the gymnastics club.

Ethan has asked Kenichi to look after Rachel, who continues to look for a new master.

Boris Ivanov

  • First appearance: Battle 175
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Ice
  • Martial Arts: Sambo

Boris is Alexander's leading disciple. He is the 2nd YOMI member to fight Kenichi in a duel and is one of the four YOMI members who transfer to Kenichi's school. He often wears a military uniform and leads a troop of similarly attired underlings. Boris ignores the orders of everyone except his master, even those of the YOMI leader Shō Kanou.

When he first battles Kenichi, Boris is confused by Kenichi's ability to counter all of his Sambo moves; the fight ends in a draw.

Boris later holds a camping trip, which he uses as an opportunity to attack Shinpaku and attempt to kill Kenichi with the aid of troops belonging to his master. In order to save their teacher, Boris and Kenichi briefly fight together against the troops, resuming their battle once she is safe. Kenichi defeats him in chapter 304, and he leaves to search for his master.

Boris is the first opponent who has acknowledged Kenichi's strength; all opponents prior to him have regarded Kenichi as inferior.

Ryūto Asamiya

Ryūto Asamiya Voiced by: Ken Narita (Japanese), Jerry Jewell (English)

  • First appearance: Battle 48
  • Type: Sei / Dou
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Flow
  • Nickname: Odin (Ragnarok and YOMI Nickname)
  • Martial Arts: Ancient Martial Arts; also well-trained in Karate and Boxing

Ryūto, as Odin, was the leader and the strongest member of Ragnarok. He is currently a member of YOMI and has mastered Seikūken (制空圏 lit. sphere/circle of created/built void/space?), a technique which allows him to create a barrier that can neutralize attacks.

Ryūto was Kenichi's friend when they were young, before Kenichi moved out of the neighborhood. They witnessed Miu's martial arts skills when they were six years old, prompting them to make a vow to become stronger. He had coveted the Yin-Yang badge Miu gave to Kenichi and challenges him to fight for its possession. Ryūto defeats Kenichi and takes the badge.

Later, when he faces Kenichi again, Kenichi appears to have the upper hand until Ryūto shows his true strength. Kenichi's skills then prove to be no match against Odin's Seikūken. Kenichi manages to overpower Odin by imitating his masters' style and techniques, but Ryūto becomes enraged and combines the ki of both Sei and Dou to and once again overpower Kenichi. Doing so places a great strain on Ryūto's body, and eventually he is unable to avoid Kenichi's final attack. As a sign of his defeat, he gives Kenichi his Yin-Yang badge back.

The self-inflicted damage of combining Sei and Dou turned his hair white, blackened one eye, and left him wheelchair-bound, but he remains a formidable opponent, able to execute his Seikūken and Gungnir techniques despite his condition.

He is named after Odin, the chief God in Norse mythology.

Chikage Kushinada

  • First appearance: Battle 188
  • Name Meaning: 'Chi' (Blood) 'Kage' (Shadow) = Blood Shadow
  • Type: Sei
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Water
  • Martial Arts: Jujutsu

Chikage is a child prodigy and is currently a first year student at Kenichi's school. She is incredibly naive, despite her profound knowledge in many areas; for example, she believed that, though a seed takes four months to bloom, she could plant a seed that was four months old and it would bloom the next day. Despite her first cold appearance, she has gradually warmed up to the group and "secretly" befriended Kenichi, now often seen in "child mode".

Natsu Tanimoto

See the Shinpaku Alliance

Divisional members

Chou Enshin

  • First appearance: Battle 188
  • Nickname: Pure Dragon
  • Type: Dou
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • YOMI Symbol: Moon
  • Martial Arts: Piguaquan and Bājíquán

Chou was a temporary YOMI member, to be removed when Natsu Tanimoto became YOMI-level. He refused to give up his YOMI position, challenging Natsu to a death match for the seat. In chapter 355, he lost the death match.

Li Raichi

  • First appearance: Chapter 157
  • Nickname: Spark
  • Type: Satsujin Ken
  • Type: Dou
  • Martial Arts: Zui Quan

Li Raichi, a YOMI assassin, is the daughter and disciple of Yami member Li Tenmon. She is sent to measure Kenichi's skills in battle. She is a ruthless fighter, willing to use any means necessary to win; however, Kenichi defeats her without having to harm her physically. Kenichi convinces her that it is not right to kill and from this gains feelings for him. She and Kenichi both are interested in gardening.


Meatman is a large and arrogant luchador who is an assistant instructor in that style. He has said that he does not have the potential to become a master, and that some people are "given more" than others in that regard, a position Miu disagrees with.

Seta and Hayami

Seta and Hayami are teenagers who act as Shō Kanou's personal bodyguards. They try to prevent Kenichi from pursuing Shō but are defeated by Ryūto Asamiya.

Shinpaku Alliance

File:Shinpaku Alliance.JPG

From left to right: Kenichi, Miu, Takeda, Natsu, Ukita, Kisara, Freya, Siegfried, Nijima, Yuma Chiaki and Renka

The Shinpaku Alliance is a group of fighters created by Niijima Haruo in order to facilitate his goal of world domination. The name comes from the first characters in Niijima (新) and Shirahama (白). The alliance is first introduced in episode 21 of the anime, when Niijima comes to Kenichi's rescue in his fight against Kisara's group. The Alliance is composed mostly of students from Kouryou high and converted former members of Ragnarok. Following Odin's defeat and the subsequent dissolution of Ragnarok, the Shinpaku Alliance is able to cement its reputation as the strongest fighter group in town.

In the YOMI arc, the Shinpaku Alliance participates in the D of D Tournament and manages to reach the final round of the "Chi" group. However, because of the injuries sustained by its core fighter members throughout the tournament and their final opponent being Shō Kanou, the Alliance chooses to forfeit the match.

The Alliance initially used Kouryou High's physics laboratory as a make-shift base, but as the organization grew, it moved to Kisara's former base. After the D of D tournament, Niijima officially rented the building, telling Kisara's dad that they were trying to save her from the world of delinquents.

Yami and YOMI consider the Shinpaku Alliance part of Ryōzanpaku.


Haruo Niijima

Niijima Haruo (新島 春男?) Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 1
  • Martial Arts: Personal Niijima-style Escape Art

Niijima is a member of the Newspaper Club and investigates everyone. Niijima dreams of eventually ruling the world and formed the Alliance for that purpose. He has a broad range of expertise, including stealth, lock picking, tinkering and programming; he once constructed rudimentary traps while he was simultaneously running around an arena at high speed. He is very adept at dodging attacks and running away. Despite his cowardly tactics, he has shown himself to be a cunning individual and a skilled tactician. If forced to battle, Niijima relies on hit-and-run and psychological tactics to un-nerve his opponents and render them more vulnerable. His is so skilled, that both friend and enemy have complimented him.

His senses are superhumanly acute; he is able to "scan" individuals by observing them for a few seconds, learning a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional, and other information about them.

Kenichi Shirahama

See The Ryōzanpaku Dojo


The Captains are the Alliance's most capable fighters besides Kenichi. A majority of them are former Ragnarok members.

Natsu Tanimoto

Hāmitto (ハーミット?) Voiced by: Ryo Horikawa (Japanese), Jason Liebrecht (Season 1), Eric Vale (Season 2) (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 48
  • Name revealed: Chapter 49
  • Type: Dou
  • Nickname: Hermit
  • Martial Arts: Chinese Martial Arts (specializes in Hikaken and Hakkyōken)

Natsu Tanimoto (谷本 夏 Tanimoto Natsu?), as Hermit, was the Sixth Fist of Ragnarok. He learned martial arts from Sougetsu Ma, Kensei's older brother. He is the president of the drama club at Kenichi's school. Tanimoto perceives popularity as a way to control people; he acts the part of a kind and soft-spoken student and is considered the school's "prince". He claims to have only joined the drama club to practice lying.

Tanimoto transports members of the Shinpaku Alliance to the D of D tournament, but his intention is not to participate but to find his old master, Sougetsu. He is briefly believed dead after his boat is blown up by the missile defenses of the private island where the tournament occurs. He later finds Sougetsu on the island and trains under him. He comes to the aid of the Shinpaku alliance in their fight against Fortuna. He also helps when Boris Ivanov leads a YOMI attack against the Alliance.

In chapter 353, Hermit is training to become a member of YOMI. In chapter 355, he faces and defeats temporary YOMI member Enshin Chou for the seat.

Ikki Takeda

Takeda Ikki (武田 一基?) Voiced by: Kazuki Yao (Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)

  • Type: Sei
  • Nickname: Takeda the Puncher
  • Martial Arts: Boxing

Takeda, also known as Takeda the Puncher, is part of the Three Man Army with Kōga and Ukita and used to be a rising boxing star. However, an incident where he came to the aid of his friend caused harm to his left arm, leaving it paralyzed. He fights Kenichi to test how strong Kenichi is, but Kenichi defeats him by attacking his lower body, which is a boxer's weakness. Kenichi spares him and takes him to Akisame's clinic, where Akisame fixes his left arm. Takeda acknowledges Kenichi's strength and quits Ragnarok to become a pro boxer once again. He later joins the Shinpaku Alliance and comes to Kenichi's aid on several occasions.

In the second arc, Takeda becomes desperate to find a master similar to Kenichi, who has four of them. Eventually, he finds James Shiba (ジェームズ 志場 Jēmuzu Shiba?), an underworld former boxing champion, and trains under him, fighting in underground matches. Training under James dramatically increases Takeda's skills. He later participates in the D of D tournament as part of the Shinpaku Alliance and wins his first match in the quarterfinals of the "Chi" group. However, he is defeated and severely injured by Shō Kanou during an attempt to rescue Miu Fūrinji, causing him to forfeit the remaining matches.

Takeda is usually seen with some type of plant in his mouth.

In chapter 267, he and Ukita fail to graduate.

In later chapters Takeda challenges Kenichi to a sparring match.

Hibiki Kugenin

Jīkufurīto (ジークフリート?) Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (Japanese), Chris Cason (English)

Kugen'in Hibiki (九弦院 響?)

  • First appearance: Chapter 48
  • Type: Sei
  • Nickname: The Immortal Composer Siegfried
  • Martial Arts: His style of Go no Sen, possibly based on Pi Qua Quan

Hibiki Kugenin, or Siegfried, was the Fifth Fist of Ragnarok. He is called "the immortal composer" because he composes music, using his battles as inspiration for his melodies. He has a tendency to hum or sing classical music during his fights, and his attacks are named after different musical scores and compositions. In his first appearance, he has been instructed to capture Niijima. After being defeated by Kenichi, he goes on a journey to find himself. Niijima later, in Battle 110, convinces him to join the Shinpaku Alliance, where he acts as the Alliance's combat leader and as Niijima's personal guard. His training has made him virtually unbeatable; during the D of D tournament, Siegfried claims that he has no more weaknesses.

Siegfried is a diplomat who attends world peace conferences and UN meetings. He is also very wealthy and provides all the funds necessary to renovate the Shinpaku Alliance's headquarters.

He is named after a character from an opera by Richard Wagner.

Yūma Chiaki

Tōru (トール?) Voiced by: Naomi Kusumi (Japanese), Bob Carter (English)

Chiaki Yūma (千秋 祐馬?)

  • First appearance: chapter 70
  • Type: Dou
  • Nickname: Thor
  • Martial Arts: Sumo

Yūma Chiaki, or Thor, was the Seventh Fist of Ragnarok. He joined Ragnarok in order to pursue his dream of making his combat-sumo style mainstream. After he is defeated by Kenichi, he honors Kenichi's condition for the match, that he quit Ragnarok. He later joins the Shinpaku Alliance as a favor to Siegfried. He participates in the D of D tournament as part of the Alliance and is injured in the attempt to rescue Miu.

He is named after Thor, the Norse thunder god.

Kisara Nanjō

Nanjō Kisara (南條 キサラ?) Voiced by: Minami Takayama (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)

  • First appearance: chapter 12
  • Type: Dou
  • Nickname: Valkyrie
  • Martial Arts: Taekwondo, later Nekokwondo.

Kisara Nanjō, or Valkyrie, was the most recent member of Ragnarok to be made a Fist. Suspected of being a spy for the Shinpaku Alliance, she is attacked by the Valkyries, Freya's female subordinates. Kenichi and Shigure come to her aid, and she resigns from Ragnarok. Siegfried later convinces her to join the Alliance. Kisara participates in the D of D tournament with the Alliance.

Kaname Kugatachi

Fureia (フレイア?) Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese), Stephanie Young (English)

  • First appearance: chapter 48
  • Type: Sei
  • Nickname: Freya
  • Martial Arts: Weapons (preferred style is jōjutsu)

Kaname Kugatachi, or Freya, was the Third Fist of Ragnarok. She joined Ragnarok in order to learn from Ogata. Freya is well-versed in a variety of weapon forms and leads a squad of weapon-using "Valkyries". Kisara defeats her during the final battle against Ragnarok by breaking her staff, after which Freya concedes the fight. After Ragnarok disbands, Nijima conducts numerous attempts to recruit Freya to the Shinpaku Alliance, succeeding after he tells her that the Alliance is preparing to battle YOMI. Freya fights with the Alliance during the D of D tournament.

She is named after Freyja, a Norse fertility goddess and leader of the Valkyries.

Miu Fūrinji

See The Ryōzanpaku Dojo

Renka Ma

Ba/Ma Renka (馬 連華?) Voiced by: Mika Kanai (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 66
  • Type: Dou
  • Martial Arts: Chinese Kempo

Renka is Ma Kensei’s 16-year-old daughter. She came to Japan in search of her father, who she planned to take back to China. She falls in love with Kenichi. In chapter 313, she transferred to Kenichi's school.

She is able to perceive martial techniques at a level unusual for non-Master-class martial artists. In chapters 309–312, during the fight between Apachai and Kei Retsumin, she was able to read most of the "shockwave orbits" that surrounded the 2 combatants and guide Kenichi through them.

Vice Captains

Kōzō Ukita

Ukita Kōzō (宇喜田 孝造?) Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa (Japanese), Mike McFarland (English)

  • Type: Dou
  • Nickname: Ukita the Thrower
  • Martial Arts: Judo

Ukita, also known as Ukita the Thrower, is part of the Three Man Army with Ikki Takeda and Kōga Taichi. Ukita is originally a member of the Judo club before becoming a member of Ragnarok. He stands with Takeda against Ragnarok's edict of execution after Takeda quits Ragnarok, also quits Ragnarok, and rejoins the Judo Club. Along with Takeda, he later joins the Shinpaku Alliance. He is given the rank of vice-captain because he is not at the same caliber of fighting skill as the rest of the captains.

In chapter 267, he and Takeda fail to graduate.



Shiratori (白鳥?) Voiced by: Junko Minagawa (Japanese), Joel McDonald (English)

Shiratori was Kisara's principal lieutenant and joins the Alliance along with Kisara. He accompanies Shinpaku to the D of D tournament but does not participate in the fighting.


Voiced by: Katsumi Toriumi (Japanese), Z. Charles Bolton (English)

Matsui always carries the Alliance flag and has been a member since the beginning. He is fiercely loyal to Niijima and acts as his personal assistant.


Voiced by: ??? (Japanese), Chris Burnett (English)

Mizunuma joins the Shinpaku Alliance after Kenichi saves him from bullies. In the D of D tournament, he fights in the first round in order to avenge his master, because YOMI had taken over his school. He loses but is later avenged by Takeda.


Voiced by: Shigeru Shibuya (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)

Kamioki attempts to attack Hermit when Hermit first confronts the newly-formed Alliance, only to be tossed aside. Niijima manages to rescue Kamioka and subsequently trains him in information gathering and hacking. He has a talent for fortune-telling through the use of tarot cards, which is displayed during the D of D tournament.


The Alliance is made up of many young teenagers and fighters, who follow Niijima fanatically. Many of these members are former Ragnarok members.

D of D Participants

Tsutomu Tanaka

  • First appearance: Battle 218

A mysterious man dressed as an office worker who first appears in battle 218, Tanaka is the only one-man team other than Shō Kanou. He married at age 18, has a young child, and is seemingly timid. However, his fighting style, Tenchi Mushin Ryū, is fierce, and he defeats an enemy who is at least three times his size with one finger. He is looking for Ogata, and he decides to forfeit when he learns Ogata is not on the island.

He appears again in battle 368, during a bank robbery. In the course of the robbery, he bends the barrel of a gun and defeats three of the five robbers; meanwhile, Kenichi and Miu defeat one robber each. Although Kenichi doesn't remember Tanaka, Miu does. Tanaka returns to Ryōzanpaku with Kenichi and Miu to ask Hayato for information about Ogata. Hayato politely refuses because Tanaka follows the Killing Fist, but he suggests that Tanaka spar with Kenichi.

Pankration Team

  • First appearance: Battle 201

A team of five of Fortuna's adopted children, the Pankration Team is one of the strongest teams in the competition and the favorite to win the tournament. The team is led by Spartacus, a calm, spiritual person who, despite his power, hates fighting. Their true goal is to attain freedom by escaping from Despair Island. Shō Kanou unexpectedly lends them a hand, replacing them in the tournament and covering up their escape plan by claiming that he killed them.

Capoeira team

A group of five people whose members only reveal their full prowess in their match against the Shinpaku Alliance.

Leader (name unknown)

Apparently the smartest and strongest of the team, he fights Kisara but is defeated when Kisara discovers a new fighting style that imitates the movements of a cat.


The only girl on the team, Aisha takes on a team of five people at once and wins without a scratch. She fights Kisara but is defeated by Kisara's imitation of Miu's style.


Silvio's secret crush on Aisha is exposed by Niijima, and he subsequently succumbs to Niijima's taunts and is thrown out of the competition by Ukita. He is the first one to be eliminated.


Eliot tried to strangle Siegfried but was defeated.

Fifth member (name unknown)

The fifth member of the team was easily defeated by Siegfried.

Three Headed Dragon

  • First appearance: 201

Hailing from the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance in China, the team is represented by Kaku Shin Ten, Chou Yin Lin, and Yo Tekai. They are Kenichi and Miu's first opponents in the tournament. The team fights in a formation that combines the circular movements of the Baguazhang, straight movements of the Shin Yi-ken, and the spiral movements of the Taichiquan. Kenichi wins the match, defeating Kaku after a long and grueling duel. Upon their defeat, the team leaves their organization; in chapter 309, they are shown to have returned to Japan with Renka Ma.

Kaku Shin Ten

  • First appearance: 201
  • Martial Arts: Tai chi chuan

The leader and strongest member of the team, Kaku sees his teammates as decoys to be manipulated. Upon his teammates' defeat, he engages Kenichi in a duel, but Kenichi defeats him.

Chou Yin Lin

  • First appearance:201
  • Martial Arts:Baguazhang

After Yo is defeated, Chou duels with Miu, but she is defeated when Kaku refuses to come to her aid, opting to observe Miu's power level instead.

Yo Tekai

  • First appearance:201
  • Martial Arts: Xingyiquan

Yo wears an eye patch over his right eye and has a strange sense of humor. He is the first one on the team to be defeated, by Miu.

Team Gemini

A team composed of the YOMI twins Rachel and Ethan Stanley, who are initially one of the teams favored to win the tournament. Team Gemini eventually forfeits their match against Shō Kanou when Diego Carlo orders Rachel to retreat.

Black special force

A team defeated by the Shinpaku Alliance in the first round of the tournament. Despite being rated very high and considered proven assassins, Takeda and Thor managed to defeat four out of its five members easily in an open brawl.

Flaming Wire K

Flaming Wire K, the leader of the team, uses metal wires as a weapon to kill his opponents. He avoids Takeda and Thor's rampage but loses against Freya in a weapon battle.

Shirahama family

Honoka Shirahama

Shirahama Honoka (白浜 ほのか?) Voiced by: Tomoe Sakuragawa (Japanese), Cherami Leigh (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 2

Honoka is Kenichi's 13-year-old sister and cares for her brother deeply. The second time she visits the Ryōzanpaku dojo, she shows Shigure and Apachai how to properly make tea, which impresses them. She soon becomes good friends with Shigure and Apachai and visits the dojo regularly to play with them. Honoka is an extremely talented Othello player, often playing against and defeating Apachai and Tanimoto.

She befriends Natsu Tanimoto (Hermit) after he saves her from some thugs, and he saves her when Loki attempts to kidnap her.

Mototsugu Shirahama

  • First appearance: Chapter 9

Shirahama Mototsugu (白浜 元次?)Voiced by: Daisuke Gōri (Japanese), John Swasey (English)

Mototsugu is Kenichi's protective father. He is an expert marksman.

Saori Shirahama

Shirahama Saori (白浜 さおり?) Voiced by: Ai Orikasa (Japanese), Cynthia Cranz (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 2

Saori is Kenichi's mother.

Other characters

James Shiba

  • First Appearance: Chapter 173
  • Type: Dou
  • Martial Arts: Boxing

A former champion boxer nicknamed "The God of Destruction", James lost his right leg and eye in a fight with Miu's father. After Takeda witnesses him defeat a team of thugs outside a Pachinko parlor, he immediately sets out to become James' disciple; James presents various trials, all of which Takeda passes. Akisame has said that James improved a lot since beginning to care about Takeda's well being.


Voiced by: ??? (Japanese), John Swasey (English)

A former pro-wrestler who first appears when his men, while searching for Miu, try to attack Kenichi and Akisame. He later appears at a race track, where Sakaki takes him out with one punch. His name is not mentioned; his men call him sensei.

Yūka Izumi

Izumi Yūka (泉 優香?) Voiced by: Makiko Omoto (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)

Izumi is the president of the gardening club and the only member aside from Kenichi. She is a shy girl who harbors a crush on Kenichi, though he is oblivious to it. Her attempts to ask Kenichi on a date are always interrupted.


  • (大門寺?) Voiced by: Kazuya Ichijo (Japanese), Chris Ayres (English)
  • First appearance: Chapter 2

Daimonji is a member of the Karate club. He often bullies Kenichi and one day offers Kenichi a chance to stay in the Karate club if Kenichi is able to beat him. After Miu trains Kenichi, Kenichi wins the match but leaves the club anyway. Daimonji, humiliated by his defeat, fights Kenichi again later and swiftly loses.

Furing the YOMI invasion arc, Daimonji is used to lure Kenichi into a trap. As he runs from a fight between Kenichi and Tirawit, Daimonji realizes that he must go back to aid Kenichi. He summons the Shinpaku Alliance and inadvertently assists in buying time for Akisame to revive Kenichi.

Naoki Yamato

  • First appearance: Battle 63

Naoki appears only in the manga. He is the son and disciple of the Yamato style Jujitsu master, and he defeats Kenichi in their first match. Kenichi trains himself to counter Naoki's techniques and wins a second match. He and Kenichi become friends, promising to some day fight again. He sometimes appears in flashbacks.

Ryō/"Hakubi" Ma

Ba/Ma Ryō (馬 良?) Voiced by: ??? (Japanese), Barry Yandell (English)

Ryō is Kensei Ma's uncle, who owns his own restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown. He goes by the alias "Hakubi" (白眉?) and is currently sheltering and employing Renka Ma. In Chapter 313, he states he can take on one or two masters himself in order to protect people.

Jennifer Gray

First introduced during the D of D tournament, Jennifer is an undercover FBI agent working for the US military on Fortuna's private island. Her father, a famous gunman named Lancelot Grey, was murdered by Fortuna. During the military raid on the island, she displays master level marksmanship. She considers herself Sakaki Shio's fiancee.

Genson Ryū amd Kōan Shokatsu

Ryū Genson (劉 玄孫?) Voiced by: Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese), Cris George (English) Shokatsu Kōan (諸葛 孔暗?) Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese), Jon Duckworth (English)

Ryū and Shokatsu, Ryō Ma's two best students, are sent to retrieve Renka. After being defeated by Kenichi, both apologized, since the cause of the fight was a simple misunderstanding: they only wanted Renka to return to the restaurant to calm Ryō down. Ryū uses Tang lang quan (蟷螂拳) and Koan uses Chuōjiǎo (戳脚門). They reappear in chapter 317, fighting a master class opponent who was intent on fighting Kensei. They defeat him with some assistance from Takeda.

Fukujirō Yasunaga

Yasunaga Fukujirō (安永 福次郎?) Voiced by: Katsuhisa Hoki (Japanese), Greg Dulcie (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 1
  • Name revealed: Chapter 77

This 53-year old-Japanese history teacher is Kenichi's homeroom teacher. He and Kyōko Ono pay a visit to Ryōzanpaku to investigate rumors that Miu is living with another student, although the misunderstanding is eventually cleared up.

Kyōko Ono

Ono Kyōko (小野 杏子?) Voiced by: ??? (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 26
  • Name revealed: Chapter 77

This flighty, 28-year-old English teacher with the body of a child accompanies Yasunaga on his visit to Ryōzanpaku. She helps Boris open up to others, while he helps her keep the class under control when most of her students ignore her. Both Kenichi and Boris believe that she might secretly be Master Class because of her ability to sneak up on Boris and to peacefully sleep during the Russian troops' attack on the campsite.

Chihiro Takashima

Takashima Chihiro (鷹島 千尋?) Voiced by: Aya Hisakawa (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)

  • First appearance: Chapter 3

Chihiro was the ace of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club before Miu transferred in and is extremely jealous of the younger girl. Her report to Yasunaga prompted the teachers' home visit to Ryōzanpaku.

Shizuha Fūrinji

Fūrinji Shizuha (風林寺 静羽?)

  • First appearance: Chapter 192

Shizuha is Miu's mother. She was a strong fighter, but she was killed at age 36, presumably by Saiga Fūrinji.

Danki Kugatachi

Danki is Freya's grandfather and a retired weapons master. He came out of retirement to train Freya and her Valkyries as well as Thor. He is still considered a very powerful and knowledgeable fighter, who, as of the current chapter, is preparing to fight side-by-side with Kenichi against Yami. He is also shown to be senile, but it is hinted this is just an act.


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