Harukanaru Toki no Naka de - Hachiyō Shō (遙かなる時空の中で 〜八葉抄〜?) is an anime series and PlayStation 2 romantic adventure video game developed by Ruby Party and published by Koei. Both media are based on the first game in the series, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de. The PlayStation 2 game is an enhanced remake of the original game.

This page deals with the episodes from the Television Series.

Overview of the Series

Twenty-six original episodes, plus eight omake endings and an animated movie have so far been produced for the Harukanaru Toki no Naka De original characters. Based loosely on the manga of the same name, the animated series follows the adventures of Motomiya Akane in Heian Kyou as she tries to help the ordinary people fight against the powerful Oni clan who seek dominance over the city once and for all.

The series is split into vague arcs which also appear in the manga, although often in a slightly different manner. The arcs are as follows:

>Akane arriving in Kyou and her hunt for the other Hachiyou. This arc concludes at Episode Thirteen with the location of the final Hachiyou, Tachibana no Tomomasa and the successful rescue of Morimura Tenma's younger sister, Ran, from the Oni clan's clutches.
>Akane and her Hachiyou hunting for the four seals in order to regain the power of the four Gods that the Oni Clan currently have spirited away. This arc ends at the close of Episode Twenty Six and marks the end of the series proper.

Though the ending is conclusive in terms of the plot, it is not conclusive in terms of who Akane chooses in relation to the Hachiyou. In keeping with the neoromance theme, eight endings were produced, one for each Hachiyou, and added as extra features on the final Japanese DVD release. These endings allowed viewers to choose for themselves which of the Hachiyou - if any - Akane would select to be with at the close of the story.

Since the production of the series, a movie adaptation,Harukanaru Toki no Naka de - Maihitoyo (遙かなる時空の中で 〜舞一夜〜?) has been released in Japan. This movie features the same characters and basic canon as the animated series, but cannot be seen as a sequel because during it Akane is still trying to work out to what good use she can put her Ryuujin-given powers, and the story appears to have been set during Akane's fight with the Oni clan. The film introduces the new character Oono Suefumi, who does not appear in any of the animated episodes.


The twenty-six episode anime series has been licensed by Bandai Visual and will be released in a series of nine volumes under the title HARUKA: Beyond the Stream of Time – A Tale of the Eight Guardians. A new volume will be released monthly with the first volume being released April 22, 2008 and the final volume due January 13, 2009.[1]

Episode Title Air date
1 Thou, Priestess of the Dragon God
"Nanji, Ryūjin no Miko" (汝、龍神の神子)
Akane Motomiya, together with her friends, Tenma Morimura and Shimon Nagareyama, is abducted by an unknown masked man and the three are carried to place known as Kyou, similar to Heian era Kyoto. Here, the masked man tells Akane that she is the Priestess of the Dragon God.
2 Kyō, Invaded by Demons
"Oni ni Miirareshi Mono" (鬼に魅入られし京)
Separated from her friends, Akane goes to find Tenma, but encounters the masked man instead. As a guest of Princess Fumi, the last descendant of the Star Clan, Akane begs her host to allow her to search for Tenma just as Tenma passes by.
3 Onmyōji
"Onmyōji" (陰陽師)
When Akane loses consciousness due to a fever, her soul goes to the place where she last met the masked man. She encounters an Onmyouji and a corpse obsessed with her beauty.
4 The Flower-Calming
"Hana-shizume" (はなしずめ)
Akane is forced to wear an extravagant outfit just to meet the general of the emperor. Tenma nearly confesses his love for Akane. They got to purify a tainted cherry blossom tree and learns more about the onmyouji, Yasuaki. The demon appears and Akane uses her power to purify the tree and make the demon disappear.
5 A House in the Mist
"Tsuyu no Yadori" (露の宿り)
After purifying the tree, Akane thinks deeply about the demon who injured Yorihisa and how he could do such a thing. Tenma tries to comfort her and almosts confesses his love for her again but fails again.
6 The Vice Minister of Civil Affairs and the Concealed Oni
"Jibu Shōjō to Dairi no Oni" (治部少丞と内裏の鬼)
Akane attends a party at the palace, where there will a dancing girl who is able to seduce people. When she loses her way to the party, she meets Takamichi and overhears a plot to kill the Emperor. Before she can warn anyone, Akane is caught and locked up, realizing that a demon was behind the plot, though she is rescued by Takamichi.
7 The Night the Nue Cried
"Nue no Naku Yoru" (鵺の哭く夜)
Yorihisa is reunited with a long-lost friend, a nue that Yorihisa had tried many times to defeat in his youth but failed each time. When the nue captures Akane, Yorihisa must fight the nue that has frustrated him throughout his life, yet has won his respect and made him stronger as a result or Akane's life is forfeit.
8 The Flame Which Despises Oni
"Oni Nikumishi Homura" (鬼憎みし焔)
Inori, a hot-headed young man, despises Oni because of a past incident involving his sister. He becomes a Hachiyo when he saves Akane from an oni.
9 Uncanny Melody - The Eight-Stringed Koto Part 1
"Ayashi no Shirabe: Hachigenkin Zenpen" (妖しの調べ 八絃琴 前編)
A monk dies because of playing an eight-stringed koto, but his soul still dwells within the instrument and plays it. Meanwhile, an Oni places a sleeping curse on Akane through the vengeful spirit, forcing the Hachiyo to go and look at the monk's cursed eight-stringed koto and remove the additional string that was added to it to break the demon's curse. The Oni who created the kin was captured.
10 Ripples of the Fallen Blossoms - The Eight-Stringed Koto Part 2
"Sange no Hamon: Hachigenkin Kōhen" (散華の波紋 八絃琴 後編)
To break the sleeping curse on Akane, the Hachiyo must play the cursed eight-stringed koto to determine which string was added. However, playing the koto may result in their deaths and the solution is found when Eisen, the seventh Hachiyo to reveal himself appears.
11 The Cursed Miko
"Norowareta Miko" (呪われた神子)
When a mysterious girl proclaims herself to be the Priestess of the Dragon God, Akane and Tenma investigate and learn that the girl is Tenma's younger sister, Ran. However, Ran does not recognize Tenma as her brother and has apparently joined the Oni Clan. When Akane awakens from a nightmare and finds dead butterflies under her quilt, Yasuaki reveals that she is cursed and will die the following night.
12 The Darkness in Which Oni Lurk
"Oni Hisomu Yami" (鬼ひそむ闇)
Yasuaki successfully removes the curse from Akane, but the curse returns to its sender, Ran. When Tenma finds his sister, she is taken by Akuram, who promises to return Ran in exchange for Akane. When Akane learns of offer, she gives herself up, despite Tenma's attempts to stop her.
13 Free Your Heart
"Kokoro, Tokihanate" (心、解き放て)
Akuram attempts to summon a dragon and take Akane's power as the Priestess of the Dragon God while the Hachiyo continue to search for Akane. Meanwhile, Akane manages to free Ran from the control of the Oni Clan.
14 The Future Shown in the Rainbow
"Niji Tsugeshi Mirai" (虹告げし未来)
A white rainbow appears to cut through the sun and everyone is afraid thinking that is a bad omen. Akane, Yoshimura, and Yasuaki stay at another estate and Akane ends up talking about her world.
15 A Heart Which Overcomes Hatred
"Nikushimi o Koeru Kokoro" (憎しみを越える心)
Shimon befriends a demon, Sefuru. Sefuru thinks that Shimon is a demon and befriends him. When Sefuru realizes that Shimon is living at Princess Fuji's palace, he becomes jealous of the special treatment that Shimon gets as a demon. He later spies on him to see that Shimon is in an alliance with Akane and he thinks up a plan to use him to lure Akane out.
16 Day of Atonement
"Shokuzai no Hi" (贖罪の日)
Yorihisa and Tenma are tested by the Guardian of the Eastern Seal to see if they are worthy to call themselves Hachiyou and receive the seal.
17 The Oleander Woman
"Kyōchikutō no Hito" (夾竹桃の女)
Takamichi tries to find a guardian seal and falls into the trap of a demon woman. Tomomasa comes and rescues him by using his charm to outwit the demon woman.
18 Akane-hime and Fourth Chamberlain
"Shii no Jijū to Akane-hime" (四位の侍従と茜姫)
Akane meets a girl who looks exactly like her and has the same name as her. She finds out that Akane-hime cannot marry her true love so Akane-miko and the Hachiyou decide to help akane-hime and her love.
19 Unstoppable Emotions
"Tomerarenu Omoi" (止められぬ想い)
A curse is placed upon Kyou and Eisen removes the curse with his Hachiyou power aided with the love he has for Akane.
20 The Light You Have Been Given
"Anata ni Sazukarishi Hikari" (貴女に授かりし光)
Shinri stole the spirit of Takamichi's mother and sealed it in an Onryo. Takamichi must choose between freeing his mother and staying loyal to his duty as a Hachiyou.
21 Oni and Humans
"Oni to Hito" (鬼と人)
22 When Oni Emerge
"Oni Izuru Toki" (鬼出づる時)
23 Twilight
"Kawatare" (かわたれ)
24 The Four Gods Released
"Hanatareta Shishin" (放たれた四神)
25 Parting of the Clouds
"Amagumo no Wakare" (天雲の別れ)
It was now time for Akane to choose the right decision for her life and the fate of Kyou.
26 To You, in the Distance...
"Haruka, Kimi no Moto e..." (遙か、君のもとへ・・・)
It is now the final fight between the Ryuujin no miko and Akuram. The Hachiyou along with Akane find a way to defeat Akuram. Ultimately, she returns to her own world along with Shimon, Ran, and Tenma while the rest live happily in their own time.

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