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This is a list of episodes from the anime series Hamtaro, based on the children's book series by Ritsuko Kawai and using original character designs from Gosho Aoyama. The anime series is directed by Osamu Nabeshima and produced by Shogakukan. The series involves the adventure of a brave and childlike hamster named Hamtaro, with his Ham-Ham friends. It began airing in Japan on July 7, 2000, and ended on March 31, 2006. Hamtaro has been aired throughout the world on many stations.[1][2]

As of April 5, 2006, a series known as Norisuta Hai began airing five-minute Hamtaro episodes known as "Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai!" The Norisuta Hai series is animated differently from the original series; most notably the head-to-body ratio is off, and is designed to appeal to a younger audience. There does not seem to be any connection between Tottoko Hamutaro and Tottoko Hamutaro: Norisuta Hai! beyond the planned appearance of all fifteen original Ham-Hams(Excluding Lapis and Lazuli).

Hamtaro 1.1 – 1.12 were released in Australia, with three episodes on each DVD. But there are no plans for further releases for the other episodes.[3] Hamtaro Volume 1 – Volume 3, with four episodes on each DVD were released in Germany by RTL2. In the U.S., there were six volumes with three episodes on each DVD from VIZ Media, with previews of Hamtaro stuff, including a Cartoon Network promo for the show, a trailer of the Ham-Hams Unite! video game, a commercial of the Hamtaro Playhouse set, and a promo for Codename: Kids Next Door. In Singapore, Hamtaro VCDs are available with 13 discs of the first season (26 episodes) with two episodes on each disc. There are also boxed sets of 27 episodes with three episodes on each of nine discs. Hamtaro Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are released that way.

Episode listing

Season 1

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 Hamtaro
"Tottoko Toujou! Hamutaro" (とっとこ登場!ハム太郎)
July 7, 2000 June 3, 2002
A girl named Laura, along with her parents, her dog Brandy and hamster Hamtaro, moves into their new house. After their arrival in the new house, Hamtaro gets out of his cage and goes outside, where he meets a hamster named Oxnard. Both Hamtaro and Oxnard fall underground, only to meet a hamster named Boss and his house. They go outside and sing a song for a female hamster named Bijou. But, after the dancing performance, Hamtaro notices something weird: Bijou winks at him and he notices, signaling her crush on him. Meanwhile, Laura and her father are walking around the city, where Laura meets Kana and buys a journal.
2 Building the Clubhouse
"Tottoko Tsukuru Yo! Chika Hausu" (とっとこ作るよ!地下ハウス)
July 14, 2000 June 4, 2002
Boss introduces Hamtaro and Oxnard to his friends, Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy and Dexter. When it's raining, a cat appears and attacks Penelope, but Hamtaro defeats the cat. Boss shows everybody his house, only to find a sleeping hamster named Snoozer. The hamsters decide to convert Boss' house to the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura goes to a new school. Her new teacher is Mr. Yoshi and her new classmates are Kana, Travis, Kylie and June, owners of Penelope and Pashmina.
3 Calling all Ham-Hams!
"Tottoko Atsumare! Hamuchanzu" (とっとこ集まれ!ハムちゃんず)
July 21, 2000 June 5, 2002
Pashmina and Penelope introduce their friends Maxwell, Panda, Sandy and Cappy to the others. While playing at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Howdy and Dexter start arguing and thanks to them, the Ham-Hams make a mess of the entire Clubhouse, only to be booted out of there by Boss. Boss feels he's alone and wants the others to return. Hamtaro and the others finally return. Meanwhile, Laura gets an A and she tries to tell her parents, but they're too busy and Laura tells them about that in the evening after their return.
4 Come Out, Bijou!
"Tottoko Tobidase! Ribon-chan" (とっとこ飛び出せ!リボンちゃん)
July 28, 2000 June 6, 2002
Boss wants to see Bijou at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. Bijou is reluctant to go, because she thinks that if her owner, Maria, returns before her, she'll be sad if she sees her hamster has disappeared. Bijou learns she will return before her owner does, and finally arrives in the Clubhouse. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally gets splashed while carrying water. Travis gives her his towel and Laura dries off, then returns the towel.
5 Diamonds of Sugar (aka: Diamonds of Sugar! It's Raining Diamonds!)
"Tottoko Ippai! Konpeitou" (とっとこいっぱい!コンペイトウ)
August 4, 2000 June 7, 2002
Laura introduces Hamtaro to konpeito-shaped candies called Diamonds of Sugar. Boss says that the candies are the same things as stars in the sky. The Ham-Hams want to catch the supposed Diamonds of Sugar from the sky, but they're unaware of the stars' actual distance from Earth until they spot a shooting star. Meanwhile, Laura and Kana's families are having a garden party and watch the stars too.
6 First Time at the Beach
"Tottoko Iku Noda! Hajimeteno Umi!" (とっとこ行くのだ!はじめての海!)
August 11, 2000 June 10, 2002
Laura's family goes to the beach, but they can't take Hamtaro, because hamsters are afraid of water. Hamtaro, along with the other Ham-Hams, go to the beach anyway, by hiding inside the family car. Later on, a storm breaks while Laura and Kana are away from the main beach. The Ham-Hams use Laura's hat to get her father's attention and successfully lead him to the girls.
7 A Summer Festival Adventure
"Tottoko Bouken! Natsumatsuri!" (とっとこ冒険!夏祭り!)
August 18, 2000 June 11, 2002
It's a summer festival! The Ham-Hams learn from Maxwell that on the night of the festival, flowers (fireworks) will appear in the sky. Pashmina separates from the Ham-Hams to find the flowers and climbs to the roof of the Temple of the Sun, getting lost in the process. The Ham-Hams save her and watch the fireworks. Meanwhile, while Laura and Kana are walking around the festival, Kana separates from Laura,While Laura see's travis and goes to find Kana. Laura finally finds Kana and they also watch the fireworks.
8 The Sunflower Field
"Tottoko Asobu Yo! Himawari Hatake" (とっとこ遊ぶよ!ひまわり畑)
August 25, 2000 June 12, 2002
Laura's family goes to visit their grandmother, who lives near a sunflower field. Boss follows them. Hamtaro runs away from Laura while she paints with her grandmother and wanders around the field with Boss. Laura's family discovers Hamtaro's disappearance and looks for him everywhere. Hamtaro finally returns to Laura. Eventually Hamtaro and Boss share the story with the other Ham-Hams.
9 Much Ado about School!
"Tottoko Gakkou! Taisa Wagi" (とっとこ学校!大さわぎ)
September 1, 2000 June 13, 2002
The summer vacation is over and school restarts. Laura and Kana return to school. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Boss (trapped inside Laura's backpack) join them. Hamtaro decides to create a hamster school. Maxwell is appointed teacher, but the Ham-Hams quickly grow bored. Afterwards, he tries coaching them in soccer, with a fight resulting. They finally try a music class and like it.
10 Jingle, the Wanderer
"Tottoko Toujou! Tongari-kun" (とっとこ登場!トンガリくん)
September 8, 2000 June 14, 2002
Laura takes a floppy disk to her father's office. Hamtaro, Oxnard and Penelope are trapped inside her purse and Oxnard drops his sunflower seed. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Penelope and the disk fall from Laura's purse, only to find the sunflower seed and meet a hamster named Jingle with a guitar. After arriving at her father's office, Laura discovers the disk has disappeared and looks for it with her father. Hamataro, Oxnard, Penelope and Jingle find the disk and put it in Laura's pocket, where her father finds it.
11 The Wise, Elder-Ham
"Tottoko Sugoizo! Chourou-Hamu" (とっとこすごいぞ!長老ハム)
September 15, 2000 June 17, 2002
Laura's grandmother visits and is sad she has lost her friend. Laura decides to find her grandmother's friend. The Ham-Hams enlist the help of Elder-Ham in the search. With the help of the Ham-Hams, Laura's grandmother's friend is finally found and Laura's grandmother is reunited with her friend.
12 Bijou's in Danger!
"Tottoko Taihen! Ribon-chan" (とっとこ大変!リボンちゃん)
September 22, 2000 June 18, 2002
Bijou gets lost in the city, only to meet an alley cat and her kittens. The Ham-Hams try to save her, without success. Meanwhile, Laura buys a book named "The Adventures of Hamkins". Eventually, Laura and Kana find the cats and fawn over the kittens, allowing the Ham-Hams to escape.
13 Let's Dance, Sandy!
"Tottoko Odoru Yo! Torahamu-chan" (とっとこ踊るよ!トラハムちゃん)
September 29, 2000 June 19, 2002
As Elder-Ham's Sunflower Seed Harvest Festival approaches, Sandy confesses to Hamtaro that she has a crush on Maxwell because he reminds her so much of her twin brother. Sandy asks Hamtaro to find out if Maxwell feels the same about her; Hamtaro is unable to do so. Elder-Ham, however, remarks how much Sandy looks like a boy hamster that he knew. The Ham-Hams vow to find Sandy's brother, leading directly into the next episode.
14 The Search for Sandy's Brother
"Tottoko Sagasuzo! Torahamu-kun" (とっとこさがすぞ!トラハムくん)
October 6, 2000 June 20, 2002
Picking up where the last episode left off, Hamtaro and Oxnard locate Sandy's twin brother, Stan, owned by another instructor at Hillary's gym, and bring him back to the Clubhouse. To celebrate, the Ham-Ham gang decides to throw a surprise reunion party for Sandy. Sandy however, rebukes Stan for his flirtatious behavior.
15 Bijou's Favorite Ribbon
"Tottoko Taisetsu! Ribon Dechu" (とっとこ大切!リボンでちゅ)
October 13, 2000 June 21, 2002
Cappy takes Bijou's ribbon for a game of "Blind Man's Bluff". Bijou blames Hamtaro for that. Snoozer comforts Bijou and convinces her to make up with Hamtaro. The Ham-Hams decide to find acorns and cheer her up during this time. Hamtaro sprains his foot and Bijou uses her ribbon to wrap it. Meanwhile, it's a school trip. Laura puts ribbons in her hair and Travis doesn't seem to notice until he acknowledges her without the ribbon.
16 Get Well, Laura
"Tottoko Roko-chan! Genki Ninaare" (とっとこロコちゃん!元気になあれ)
October 20, 2000 June 24, 2002
After Hamtaro wakes Laura up in the night, she's late for school. Boss develops a stomachache and the Ham-Hams raid Laura's refrigerator for yogurt. While at PE class, Laura passes out and returns home early with a cold. Hamtaro blames himself for making Laura sick and with the help of the Ham-Hams, they heal her.
17 Hamtaro, the Super Sleuth!
"Tottoko Meitantei! Hamutaro" (とっとこ名探偵!ハム太郎)
October 27, 2000 June 25, 2002
The Ham-Hams' things are relocating themselves under Boss's bed. After Snoozer's pillow is stolen, Hamtaro eventually finds that the thief is Penelope, trying to put everything away in an attempt at responsibility. Meanwhile, Laura's things and those of her classmates have disappeared too, and the thief is a bird!
18 The Slipper Chase (aka: The Glass Slipper)
"Tottoko Hashiru Zo! Garasu Nokutsu" (とっとこ走るぞ!ガラスのくつ)
November 3, 2000 June 26, 2002
Laura hurries to the spring concert play, Cinderella, but she forgets her second slipper and the Ham-Hams take it upon themselves to bring it to Laura before the play starts. Along the way, they encounter Jingle and some hostile chickens. After Jingle accidentally frightens the chickens away, the Ham-Hams deliver the slipper on time and enjoy the play.
19 Panda's Ham-Ham Fun Park!
"Tottoko Katsuyaku! Panda-kun" (とっとこ活躍(かつやく)!パンダくん)
November 10, 2000 June 27, 2002
Despite Boss, Howdy and Stan's anger, the Ham-Hams decide to build a fun park under Panda's leadership. Meanwhile, Laura's family goes to a fun park too, but the car machinery breaks down. Kana's family stops to help and Laura and Kana spend the day at a smaller fun park.
20 The Snoozer Mystery! (aka: It's a Mystery, Snoozer!)
"Tottoko Nazo Dayo! Neteru-kun" (とっとこ謎だよ!ねてるくん)
November 17, 2000 June 28, 2002
Snoozer suddenly gets lost and finds himself with a hamster named Omar, who looks like Snoozer and sneaks into Kana's house to scare Oxnard. When the Ham-Hams find Snoozer and Omar, he goes back to his family whom he left while exploring the world.
21 Courage, Cappy!
"Tottoko Yuuki Da! Kaburu-kun" (とっとこ勇気だ!かぶるくん)
November 24, 2000 June 3, 2002
Cappy runs away from home and decides to live with Boss forever, worrying the other Ham-Hams. When he discovers his owners are worried, he returns home. Meanwhile, Laura accidentally breaks Kana's sketch and Kana returns home early. When Laura visits Kana, she learns Kana returned home early because of the cold and created lots of sketches while at home.
22 Pashmina's Present
"Tottoko Okuru Zo! Purezento" (とっとこ贈るぞ!プレゼント)
December 1, 2000 June 4, 2002
Laura decides to buy a gift for Travis' birthday the next day. Seeing Laura trying to decide what to get, Hamtaro ignorantly proclaims to the Ham-Hams "It seems that tomorrow is the day to give a present to someone you care about". Dexter and Howdy each decide to give Pashmina a gift and both go to Hamtaro for help. Hamtaro suggest a hand-made gift after seeing Laura knitting a towel for Travis. They eventually work together and knit Pashmina a cap and matching pair of gloves. The glory they get from Pashmina for the presents is quickly taken away when Penelope gives Pashmina some sunflower seeds.
23 Maxwell's Big Scoop!
"Tottoko Toku Dane! Noppo-kun" (とっとこ特ダネ!のっぽくん)
December 8, 2000 June 5, 2002
Maxwell decides to create a newspaper called The Ham-Ham Times after Hamtaro learns that Laura and Kana are making a newspaper for the school. They eventually reach a frozen over lake and start out towards and island in the lake. Maxwell faints after saving the Ham-Hams from a drainage hole, but, upon waking, he sees his rescue as the featured story in the Ham-Ham times.
24 Hamtaro, Please come Home!
"Tottoko Hashire! Hamutaro" (とっとこ走れ!ハム太郎)
December 15, 2000 June 6, 2002
While on a walk with Laura, Hamtaro falls into a box on a transport truck in an attempt to save one of Laura's ribbons and is taken away. Laura becomes very depressed. The Ham-Hams are also sad and enlist Elder-Ham's help in the search. After receiving help from a man and his dog, Hamtaro meets up with Jingle, a new hamster named Sabu, his bird Francoise, and Jingle's pig, Herbert. With their help, Hamtaro returns home and makes the Ham-Hams happy and, most of all, Laura.
25 Merry Christmas!
"Tottoko Meri^! Kurisumasu" (とっとこメリー!クリスマス)
December 22, 2000 June 7, 2002
It's Christmas time! Boss and Snoozer want to get a gift from Santa. The Ham-Hams decide to help and everyone gets gifts from the hamster-Santa: Elder-Ham. Meanwhile, Laura wants a dollhouse for her gift and gets it.
26 The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro!
"Tottoko Yuusha! Hamutaro Densetsu" (とっとこ勇者!ハム太郎伝説)
December 29, 2000 June 10, 2002
Hamtaro and Laura dream about being a princess and a knight in a fairy tale. The prophet hamster (Elder-Ham) foretells the arrival of an evil magician and a brave knight. The brave knight (Hamtaro) arrives, but is immediately arrested on suspiscions of him being the magician. Oxnard and Bijou help Hamtaro escape, but he is subsequently turned to stone by the evil magician (Boss). Hamtaro is revived after a time and rides a "steed" (Brandy) through the sky and successfully defeats the magician.

Season 2

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
27 The Snowball Fight!
"Tottoko Genki Ni! Yukigassen" (とっとこ元気に!雪合戦)
January 5, 2001 June 11, 2002
A snowstorm has just dumped snow onto the town. The Ham-Hams are sleeping, because it's cold outside. Hamtaro brings his friends out with him. Boss and Stan get into a quarrel which soon pulls everyone into a snowball fight. They are stopped when Penelope is caught in a snowball. Meanwhile, while skating with Kana, Laura has trouble with skating and Travis appears to help.
28 The Amazing Auntie Viv
"Tottoko Sugosugi! O Hamu Baasan" (とっとこすごすぎ!おハムばあさん)
January 12, 2001 June 12, 2002
Elder-Ham is reunited with Auntie Viv. After discovering which footrace Laura's class is about to partake in, Hamtaro decides to run the same race. Auntie Viv and Boss bicker about who will win the race and Boss eventually takes the lead. Meanwhile, during the race, Laura breaks her ankle. Kana is unable to help, but Travis steps in. Boss sees this and goes back to check on Auntie Viv. Auntie Viv leaves after the race and Boss is sorry to see her go.
29 The Search for Dad's Glasses!
"Tottoko Ou Noda! Papa No Megane" (とっとこ追うのだ!パパのメガネ)
January 19, 2001 June 13, 2002
Laura's father loses his glasses at the bus stop and the Ham-Hams must find the glasses before Monday, or Laura's father cannot go to his job. The Ham-Hams find a pair of glasses and attempt to bring them to Laura's father, but after the glasses are destroyed beyond repair, they turn out to be the wrong pair. Dexter takes the destroyed glasses and makes hamster-sized glasses for the Ham-Hams.
30 Brandy's Big Race (aka: Brandy's Great Race)
"Tottoko Don-chan! Dai Re^su" (とっとこどんちゃん!大レース)
January 26, 2001 June 14, 2002
Laura's family take Brandy and (without knowing it) the Ham-Hams to the dog race. The Ham-Hams and Brandy accidentally get into the race after Brandy worries about embarrassing Laura and, after saving a rabbit, win after the rabbit gets Brandy to chase it to the finish line.
31 Boss is a Mom!
"Tottoko Mama Dayo! Taisho-kun" (とっとこママだよ!タイショーくん)
February 2, 2001 June 17, 2002
Boss meets a lost kitten and decides to be the cat's mother. It is later revealed that cat belongs to one of Laura's classmates, Mia.
32 Valentine's Day!
"Tottoko Bikkuri! Barentain" (とっとこびっくり!バレンタイン)
February 9, 2001 June 18, 2002
The Ham-Ham girls and Auntie Viv decide to give Valentine gifts to their boyfriends. Meanwhile, Laura tries to give her Valentine gift to Travis.
33 Let's Cross the Rainbow!
"Tottoko Wataro! Niji No Hashi" (とっとこ渡ろう!虹の橋)
February 16, 2001 June 19, 2002
Bijou wants to see a rainbow and the Ham-Hams decide to find a rainbow for her. Meanwhile, Laura is upset because Kana was in the hospital during the time of rainbow's disappearance.
34 Watching over Cute Penelope
"Tottoko Kawaii! Chibimaru-chan" (とっとこかわいい!ちび丸ちゃん)
February 23, 2001 June 20, 2002
When Pashmina must leave for a day, Howdy and Dexter volunteer to take care of Penelope, who is upset with losing Pashmina. While Howdy and Dexter are arguing, Penelope gets lost and the other Ham-Hams must find her before Pashmina, Howdy and Dexter discover she's gone. Meanwhile, while walking around the city, Laura and Kana meet a boy named Harold who lost his mother.
35 Midnight Celebration
"Tottoko Tanoshii! Hinamatsuri" (とっとこ楽しい!ひなまつり)
March 2, 2001 June 21, 2002
Panda's owner, Mimi, is upset, because her mother is going to have a baby and no birthday party. The Ham-Hams decide to have a midnight party to cheer Mimi up.
36 Farewell Bijou!
"Tottoko Sayonara! Ribon-chan" (とっとこさよなら!リボンちゃん)
March 9, 2001 June 24, 2002
Maria must leave with her parents and Bijou to go back to France. Boss is sad. After Bijou's farewell day, she returns the next day because Maria's family decided not to go to France after all.
37 Oxnard's Big Crush
"Tottoko Genki Da! Jajahamu-chan" (とっとこ元気だ!じゃじゃハムちゃん)
March 16, 2001 June 25, 2002
Laura's and Kana's families visit Kana's farmer cousin, Dylan. Oxnard needs help from Hamtaro to confess his love for his old friend, Pepper.
38 The Precious Letter!
"Tottoko Todoke! Daiji Na Tegami" (とっとことどけ!大事な手紙)
March 23, 2001 June 26, 2002
Laura's family decides to visit their old city. Laura is so excited to see her old friend, Melanie. After sending a letter to Melanie, there is no reply. Boss and Jingle decide to deliver the letter before Laura's family leaves.
39 The Flying Ham-Hams!
"Tottoko Kuuhi Bu! Hamuchanzu" (とっとこ空飛ぶ!ハムちゃんず)
March 30, 2001 June 27, 2002
Panda finds a picture of a flying hamster in his attic, inspiring Hamtaro to learn how to fly. Meanwhile, Laura is looking for a subject to make a painting from flowers.
40 The Blossom of Friendship!
"Tottoko Saka Sou! Yuujou No Hana" (とっとこ咲かそう!友情の花)
April 6, 2001 June 28, 2002
Laura and Kana's families decide to have a picnic near the cherry blossom tree. The Ham-Hams decide to have a picnic as well, but Bijou can't go because Maria is sick. The Ham-Hams bring some blossoms to Bijou.
41 The Scary Museum!
"Tottoko Dokidoki! Hakubutsukan" (とっとこドキドキ!博物館)
April 13, 2001 July 18, 2002
Laura's class is taking a trip to the museum to see a giant sunflower seed. The Ham-Hams think there are aliens and go too.
42 Welcome Pepper!
"Tottoko Youkoso! Jajahamu-chan" (とっとこようこそ!じゃじゃハムちゃん)
April 20, 2001 July 19, 2002
Dylan and Pepper visit Kana. After Laura and Kana leave to show Dylan the entire city, the Ham-Hams bring Pepper to see the Ham-Ham Clubhouse and the funpark.
43 The Great Chicken Chase
"Tottoko Magokoro! Daisakusen" (とっとこまごころ!大作戦)
April 27, 2001 July 22, 2002
Oxnard accidentally lets the chickens out of the cage. After having trouble with the chickens, a female farmer named Charlotte Rooster saves the day.
44 I Love My Grandpa!
"Tottoko Daisuki! Ojiichan" (とっとこ大好き!おじいちゃん)
May 4, 2001 July 23, 2002
Laura's grandparents visit. Laura's grandfather is so funny. After Laura's grandfather's invention puts Hamtaro in trouble, Laura runs away from home. The Ham-Hams and Laura's grandfather go looking for her.
45 Ham-Ham Gang at the Aquarium!
"Tottoko Odoroki! Suizokukan" (とっとこおどろき!水族館)
May 11, 2001 August 19, 2002
Laura, Kana and their fathers go to the aquarium and the Ham-Hams join them.
46 The Sports Festival!
"Tottoko Faito Da! Undoukai" (とっとこファイトだ!運動会)
May 18, 2001 August 20, 2002
Laura's class is having a sports festival and must race with their parents. The Ham-Hams decide to do the sports festival too.
47 Romancing the Roosters
"Tottokoo Miai! Raburabu Daijiken" (とっとこお見合い!らぶらぶ大事件)
May 25, 2001 August 21, 2002
Mr. Yoshi has a crush on Charlotte and decides to get married to her. The Ham-Hams decide to bring Mr. Yoshi to Charlotte.
48 Ham-Ham Clubhouse in Danger!
"Tottoko Dasshutsu! Chika Hausu" (とっとこ脱出!地下ハウス)
June 1, 2001 August 22, 2002
After a mole creates a hole in the Ham-Ham Clubhouse on a very rainy day, the clubhouse is flooded with the Ham-Hams inside. The Ham-Hams must get back to the surface, and discover that Penelope and Brandy are their only hope to escape the flood. Meanwhile, Laura must do a project for school.
49 In Search of the Pendant
"Tottoko Sagase! Shiawase No Pendanto" (とっとこさがせ!幸せのペンダント)
June 8, 2001 August 26, 2002
Laura's parents start to argue. Laura and her father buy a pendant to cheer her mother up. Two boys run into Laura and her father and they end up dropping the pendant. The Ham-Hams and Jingle must go to the mall and find the pendant in the night.
50 Even the Ham-Hams get Seasick
"Tottoko Yureruyo! Yuuransen" (とっとこゆれるよ!遊覧船)
June 15, 2001 August 27, 2002
Laura's class, followed by the Ham-Hams and Auntie Viv, go on a cruise.
51 Stan and Sandy Make Up
"Tottoko Nakayoshi! Torahamu Kyoudai" (とっとこなかよし!トラハム兄妹)
June 22, 2001 August 28, 2002
Sandy and Stan get into a big argument and storm off. The Ham-Hams learn it is their birthday and decide to throw them both a surprise birthday party. Meanwhile, Laura learns decorative food preparation in cooking class.
52 It's Robin-Ham!
"Tottoko Sanjou! Hamuhamu Kozou" (とっとこ参上!ハムハム小僧)
June 29, 2001 August 29, 2002
The Ham-Hams and Laura have a dream about Howdy as an evil hamster named Howlin the Magician, who tries to take over the kingdom, but Hamtaro as Robin-Ham defeats him.

Season 3

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
53 Pepper's Visit!
"Tottoko Tanabata! Jajahamu-chan" (とっとこ七夕!じゃじゃハムちゃん)
July 6, 2001 August 2, 2003
Country hamster Pepper comes for a visit in the city. Oxnard is all excitable over her visit, but things become complicated when Pepper ventures out into the city alone.
54 Pop Star
"Tottoko Aidoru! Kururin-chan" (とっとこアイドル!くるりんちゃん)
July 13, 2001 April 13, 2003
A new student moves in to Laura's school, but she's no ordinary person. She happens to be a celebrity singer named Glitter and she's anything but nice when she tries to steal Laura's crush Travis away from her. At the same time, Glitter's hamster Sparkle meets Hamtaro and his fellow Hams.
55 Laura is Really Gone!
"Tottoko Honto! Maigo No Roko-chan" (とっとこホント!迷子のロコちゃん)
July 20, 2001 April 14, 2003
When Laura's parents find out that she failed to pass a test at school, she runs away from home. Really worried, the Ham-Hams try to find Laura in the city. Laura ends up meeting Maria and accompanying her to a piano concert.
56 Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea!
"Tottoko Moe Ro! Umi No Jaku Daisho" (とっとこ燃えろ!海の若ダイショー)
July 27, 2001 April 15, 2003
Boss wants to head to the beach and go sailing with Bijou by allowing the fellow Ham-Hams to help him overcome his seasickness.
57 Ghost Mountain!
"Tottoko Kowai Zo! Touge Noobake" (とっとこ怖いぞ!峠のおばけ)
August 3, 2001 April 16, 2003
Laura and Kana (with Hamtaro and Oxnard) listen to a scary story from Mr. Yoshi's mother at her house about a pair of travelers named Harry and Ernie who were lost in the very mountain pass they are currently within and were never found.
58 The Fresh Summer Breeze!
"Tottoko Sawayaka! Natsu No Kaze" (とっとこさわやか!夏の風)
August 10, 2001 April 17, 2003
When Bijou's owner Maria begins struggling with her piano lessons and recital, Hamtaro and his fellow hams decide to bring Maria out into the open fields to relax. At the same time, Laura decides to visit Maria out of concern.
59 In A Pinch A Rival Appears
"Tottoko Pinchi Da! Raibaru Toujou" (とっとこピンチだ!ライバル登場)
August 17, 2001 April 13, 2003
A new kid named Roberto arrives in the neighborhood and he's not the type to make friends so easily. To make things more interesting, he is part of Travis' soccer team, but has difficulty working together with them.
60 The Chicken Contest
"Tottoko Ganbare! Niwatori Taikai" (とっとこがんばれ!にわとり大会)
August 24, 2001 April 18, 2003
Charlotte's father, Chairman Rooster holds a contest on who can win the heart of his daughter by capturing one of his chickens and returning it to him in the utmost care. Mr. Yoshi accepts the challenge, but at the same time another man (whom Chairman Rooster admires) is also going for the prize.
61 Treasure Hunting
"Tottoko Sagasou! Takaramono" (とっとこさがそう!宝物)
August 31, 2001 April 13, 2003
While cleaning up Elder-Ham's house, the Ham-Hams find a treasure map! They spend all day searching and searching for the mysterious treasure but the map leads them in circles right back to Elder-Ham's house! Meanwhile, Laura's Mom has lost a precious broach but can't find it anywhere. Are both the Ham-Ham's and Laura's Mom's mysterious treasures never to be found?
62 Penelope Makes a Friend
"Tottoko Hatsukoi! Chibimaru-chan" (とっとこ初恋!ちび丸ちゃん)
September 7, 2001 April 21, 2003
Kylie, Penelope's owner has a cousin named Ethan who comes to visit! Young Ethan and Penelope take an immediate liking to each other, and play and play all day until they both fall asleep exhausted and happy. Penelope soon decides that she wants to give Ethan something to show him that he is her new best friend! But she is so shy and Ethan is carefree and oblivious. The Ham-Hams try to help Penelope out of her disappointment and bring her to Ethan's school, where surprising news awaits the anxious and unsuspecting Penelope.
63 The Scary Principal!
"Tottoko Kowa~i! Kouchousensei" (とっとここわ〜い!校長先生)
September 14, 2001 April 13, 2003
Laura's school principal is renowned for his love of plants and for his scary appearance. One day, Laura inadvertently breaks a flowerpot containing a plant that the principal values greatly! She is terrified of what her scary principal might do to her. The Ham-Hams come to the rescue and try to fix the flowerpot before the principal notices, but before they have time to finish, the principal returns! Everyone is in big trouble, and Laura has to face making a difficult apology.
64 The Reconciliation!
"Tottoko Harahara! Nakanaori" (とっとこハラハラ!仲直り)
September 21, 2001 April 22, 2003
Both Howdy and Dexter's owners have a huge quarrel, so the Hams do whatever they can to end it.
65 Mimi's Dream Park!
"Tottoko Momo-chan! Yume No Yuuenchi" (とっとこモモちゃん!夢の遊園地)
September 28, 2001 April 23, 2003
When Mimi (Panda's owner) is unable to go to the amusement park, the Ham-Hams decide to create an amusement park of their own to cheer her up, but a powerful storm halts construction and it proves difficult for them to finish.
66 The Sunflower Ferris Wheel
"Tottoko Mawaruyo! Himawari Kanransha" (とっとこまわるよ!ひまわり観覧車)
October 5, 2001 April 24, 2003
The Ham-Hams resume construction on their amusement park after last night's thunderstorm, but the storm had done some damage onto the entire unfinished park.
67 The Zoo Date
"Tottoko De^to Da! Doubutsuen" (とっとこデートだ!動物園)
October 12, 2001 April 25, 2003
Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are going on a date to the zoo. Mr. Yoshi has even prepared a special picnic lunch to share with Charlotte, Laura, and Kana. Of course, the Ham-Hams have found their way to the zoo, too! But things begin to go awry when Hector the ostrich not only escapes from his cage but also takes the picnic Mr. Yoshi so carefully prepared!
68 The Haunting
"Tottoko Dokkiri! Kai Jiken" (とっとこドッキリ!怪事件)
October 19, 2001 April 28, 2003
Laura, Kana, Mr. Haruna, and the Ham-Hams all drive out to visit Gabriel, Mr. Haruna's horror-story writer friend who lives in a big, fancy mansion. But as soon as they get to Gabriel's house, Gabriel takes off on an impromptu errand and leaves everyone alone to keep watch over his big, creepy home.
69 A Fortune Comes True!
"Tottoko Uranai! Ooatari" (とっとこ占い!大当たり)
October 26, 2001 April 29, 2003
Kana likes to play with cards and tell people's fortunes, and lately she is getting good at it! The Ham-Hams are immensely interested and want Oxnard to tell their fortunes, too. Boss thinks it's all a bunch of hogwash but Oxnard predicts that Boss will meet up with something big, white, and round, and it isn't long before as foreseen a big, white, round rabbit sits right on top of Boss! The rabbit turns out to be someone's lost pet. The Ham-Hams, Laura and Kana all join in to help the rabbit find its owner.
70 The Baby Goat
"Tottoko Tanjou! Akachan Yagi" (とっとこ誕生!赤ちゃんヤギ)
November 2, 2001 April 30, 2003
A goat is about to give birth at Pepper's farm, so Oxnard tries to prove himself to Pepper that he is helpful and caring.
71 The Animal Hospital
"Tottoko Hajimete! Doubutsubyouin" (とっとこはじめて!動物病院)
November 9, 2001 May 1, 2003
When Bijou catches a cold, Maria, Laura, and Kana visit the local animal hospital for help.
72 The Knitting Craze
"Tottoko attaka! Mafura Daisakusen" (とっとこあったか!マフラー大作戦)
November 16, 2001 May 2, 2003
When Laura and Kana begin practice knitting scarves, the Ham-Hams decide to create some of their own as well.
73 A Breath of Autumn!
"Tottoko Mitsu Keta! Chiisai Aki" (とっとこ見つけた!小さい秋)
November 23, 2001 May 5, 2003
It’s Labor Day, and Laura and her Dad want to give Mrs. Haruna a special break from all her household chores. Hamtaro observes as Laura’s Mom, having a moment to relax at last, looks out the window and remembers fondly the last time she had free time to go out and enjoy the pretty autumn leaves. That gives the resourceful Hamtaro an idea for a Labor Day gift for Mrs. Haruna. On his way out, Hamtaro runs into Bijou and the other Ham-Hams and together, they set off for the mountains to gather nuts and colorful leaves to bring back “Autumn” for Mrs. Haruna. But Hamtaro, reaching for the perfect maple leaf, slips and finds himself dangling treacherously over a steep cliff. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing and rain threatens to wash away our furry friends!
74 Welcome Home Penelope!
"Tottoko Okaeri! Chibimaru-chan" (とっとこおかえり!ちび丸ちゃん)
November 30, 2001 May 6, 2003
Penelope is wandering around by herself, when all of a sudden she falls into a deep ditch! Luckily, Jingle and his faithful wanderer companion, Herbert the pig, happen to be in town. Herbert, by chance, finds little Penelope and rescues her from the perilous hole. From that moment on, Penelope is absolutely taken with Herbert. But Herbert and Jingle are in the midst of their travels, and the time to say goodbye comes all too soon. Penelope, crushed to see her new friend go, runs away and has her mind set to follow Herbert wherever he goes. How can the other Ham-Hams persuade Penelope to come back home?
75 The Abominable Snow Woman
"Tottoko Mita Naa~! Yukionna" (とっとこ見たなぁ〜!雪女)
December 7, 2001 May 7, 2003
It’s wintertime, and Laura and Kana bump into their teacher, Mr. Yoshi, while ice-skating in the mountains. Mr. Yoshi invites them back to his mother’s house. His mother, the gifted ghost-story teller who gave Laura and Kana shivers in the summertime with her story of hamster-hunting ghosts, has more tales to entertain our friends. This time, Laura, Kana, and the Ham-Hams tremble as Mr. Yoshi’s mother tells them about a mysterious snow woman who haunts the mountain. On the way home, Laura, Kana, the Ham-Hams, and Mr. Yoshi all get separated in the woods.
76 Hamtaro is a Star! (aka: Laura and the Seven Hamsters)
"Tottoko Suta^ Da! Hamutaro" (とっとこスターだ!ハム太郎)
December 14, 2001 May 8, 2003
In this take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Laura and Hamtaro dream that they are a part of the story filling in for the roles of the classic fairy tale.
77 A Wonderful Santa Claus!
"Tottoko Sutekina! Santa Kuro^su" (とっとこすてきな!サンタクロース)
December 21, 2001 May 9, 2003
Elder Ham has selected Hamtaro to be the next Santa Ham for Christmas, but when Bijou finds out, she tags along with Hamtaro to help him in delivering presents to other hamsters.
78 The Little Bandits!
"Tottoko Raburi^! Kaitou Chi^zu" (とっとこラブリー!怪盗ちーず)
December 28, 2001 May 12, 2003
Bijou, Sandy, Pashmina, and Penelope notice that there are not many female thieves in any stories they've heard before, so they and the other Hams come up with a story that involves a trio of female thieves known as "The Little Bandits."

Season 4

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
79 The New Year's Kite Adventure
"Tottoko Shinshun! Takoage Taikai" (とっとこ新春!たこあげ大会)
January 4, 2002 May 13, 2003
The weather is beautiful on New Year’s and for the occasion, many people in Laura’s town have taken to flying kites. As we might expect, the Ham-Hams want a part in the fun, too! So Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make their own kites! But when the Ham-Hams go out to fly them, Boss gets jealous that Hamtaro’s kite is flying next to Bijou’s.
80 Sunset Proposal
"Tottoko Yuuhi Da! Puropo^zu" (とっとこ夕日だ!プロポーズ)
January 11, 2002 May 14, 2003
A reluctant Mr. Yoshi is hesitant to propose marriage to Charlotte, so the Ham-Hams do what they can to help him propose. However, Charlotte's father does not approve, so he sends out one of his prized roosters to stop them (since Mr. Yoshi has a fear of chickens). But his plan fails and Mr.Yoshi proposed to Charlotte. Leaving the Ham-Hams cheering
81 Stucky's Tunnel
"Tottoko Tonneru! Nukenai-kun" (とっとこトンネル!ぬけないくん)
January 18, 2002 May 15, 2003
One day, the Ham-Hams are in the forest playing hide-and-seek and as always, Cappy is the last one left hiding. To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be two Cappies calling “I’m ready!”. All of a sudden, out from under a bush, pops a young little hamster that the Ham-Hams have never seen before!
82 Ham-Romance
"Tottoko Tokimeki! Koi Uranai" (とっとこときめき!恋占い)
January 25, 2002 May 16, 2003
Laura has been feeling a little down lately, so Kana decides to tell her romance fortune. Her fortune says that a pet of hers will be her cupid! Who could her winged messenger be? None other than Hamtaro! At least that’s what Hamtaro leads himself to believe. All nervous about his new role, Hamtaro makes a few goofs…in his first set-up plan Laura ends up doing a face plant right in front of Travis! How embarrassing.
83 Laura's Valentine
"Tottoko Dotabata! Barentain" (とっとこドタバタ!バレンタイン)
February 8, 2002 May 19, 2003
Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. This year, Laura has made chocolates for Travis and candy to give to her dad. Each present has a special little note inside. But this morning, Laura is late for school, and on her way out the door, she accidentally snatches the candy for her dad rather than the chocolates for Travis! Hamtaro, realizing Laura’s mistake, decides to deliver the right present for Travis.
84 Roberto's Ally
"Tottoko Don-chan! Daika Tsuyaku" (とっとこどんちゃん!大活躍)
February 15, 2002 May 20, 2003
Roberto, who is on Travis’ soccer team, is really good at soccer but he won’t cooperate with the rest of the team. Towards the end of practice one day, he gets into an argument with his teammates and quits, despite the fact that the regional championships are coming up soon! The Ham-Hams, who know that Roberto is a kind person who truly loves soccer, and that without Roberto Travis’ soccer team won’t have a good chance in the championships, decide to try to patch things up.
85 Super Hamster Robo-Joe
"Tottoko Robohamu! Meka Jirou" (とっとこロボハム!メカじろう)
February 22, 2002 May 21, 2003
Laura's grandpa comes over with a new invention: Robo-Joe. Hamtaro introduces Robo-Joe to his fellow Ham-Hams, but all things go awry when the mechanical hamster begins to malfunction and runs loose into the city.
86 Maria's Birthday Party
"Tottoko Panikku! Hinamatsuri" (とっとこパニック!ひなまつり)
March 1, 2002 May 22, 2003
It's Maria's birthday and Laura has invited Kana, June, and Kylie along with her to celebrate. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams secretly come along, but Boss seems very hesitant into entering the house (since he is wearing a fine suit to impress Bijou).
87 Nin-Ham the Ninja!
"Tottoko Ninja Da! Ninhamu-kun" (とっとこ忍者だ!ニンハムくん)
March 8, 2002 May 23, 2003
A hamster known as Nin-Ham appears out of nowhere. The Hams seem influenced and awe-inspired by this clever hamster that they decide to pass off as his students and follow his rigorous training methods.
88 The Search for Spring!
"Tottoko Sagasou! Haru to Haru" (とっとこさがそう!春とはる)
March 15, 2002 May 27, 2003
Winter is at its end but the days still continue to be cold. Laura’s Dad has heard, however, that flowers are starting to bloom around Shimmer Lake! So the family…and the Ham-Hams of course…all hop in the car for a weekend trip to hunt for springtime! But on the way, Laura’s dad take a wrong turn and the whole gang ends up in a cold, gloomy place rather than at Shimmer Lake.
89 Hamtaro and the Space Ship!
"Tottoko Uchuu He! Hamutaro" (とっとこ宇宙だ!ハム太郎)
March 22, 2002 May 28, 2003
After watching a space film at the local Space Observatory, Hamtaro begins to wonder if he himself is really an alien and that he's not destined to be with Laura.
90 Boss Runs Away
"Tottoko Taisho! Nagare Tabi" (とっとこタイショー!ながれ旅)
March 29, 2002 May 29, 2003
Boss once again tries to tell Bijou his feelings for her but frozed up again. Sabu comes and visits the clubhouse and meets the Ham-hams for the first time. Boss looks up to Sabu and runs away with him to learn how to be a man for Bijou. Meanwhile Laura's mom is away. Even though Laura's dad doesn't know how to cook or clean. The Ham-hams worry about him especially Hamtaro. So he sets out to look for Boss with Sabu's girlfriend Francios. Once he saw him Hamtaro convinced him to go back to the clubhouse and Laura's mom came back home.
91 Auntie Viv and Elder Ham
"Tottoko o Hanami! O Hamu to Chourou" (とっとこお花見!おハムと長老)
April 5, 2002 May 30, 2003
After Auntie Viv and Elder Ham have a fight, the Ham-Hams gather around to try and cheer them both up.
92 Hannah is in Love!
"Tottoko Hana-chan! Koi no Hana Hana" (とっとこはなちゃん!恋のはなはな)
April 12, 2002 June 2, 2003
Howdy’s childhood friend, Hannah, is over for a visit! During her stay, she develops a bit of a crush on Dexter. Confiding in Howdy, Hannah asks him to find out how Dexter feels about her.
93 Doctor Lion
"Tottoko Yasashii! Raion Sensei" (とっとこやさしい!ライオン先生)
April 19, 2002 June 3, 2003
Laura decides to take her dog Brandy for a check-up at Dr. Lion's vehicle clinic, but Brandy is anything but excited to head there. Hamtaro becomes curious of what Dr. Lion is really like, so he and the Ham-Hams decide to investigate. Knowing Mr. Lion has a ton of work. The ham hams help him out
94 Dance, Chef Ham!
"Tottoko Odoru Yo! Kokku San" (とっとこ踊るよ!コックさん)
April 26, 2002 June 4, 2003
A hamster known as Chef Ham visits the Ham-Ham Clubhouse with several cooking methods up his sleeves. Oxnard becomes impressed by him that he would eat anything Chef Ham can prepare.
95 The Flying Carp
"Tottoko Tobu Noda! Koinobori" (とっとこ飛ぶのだ!こいのぼり)
May 3, 2002 June 5, 2003
Walking around her neighborhood, Laura sees that many houses have wind-socks in the form of flying carp that flow gracefully from their rafters. She runs home and asks her mom if she can put one up at their house, too! But her mom won’t let her. That day, however, Grandpa Woody comes over. He tells Laura that when he was younger, he dreamed of riding on the back of a flying fish, soaring through the sky. All excited, Laura embarks with Grandpa Woody on an invention escapade: to create a mechanical flying carp! Unfortunately, their attempts don’t go too smoothly.
96 The Ham-Ham Express
"Tottoko Shuppatsu! Hamuchanzu Gou" (とっとこ出発!ハムちゃんず号)
May 10, 2002 June 6, 2003
While Laura, Kana and their classmates go on a class field trip to the mountains with Mr. Yoshi, the Ham-Hams decide to create their own expressway system underground that would lead to the mountains.
97 Who Stole My Shoe?
"Tottoko Sagasu Zo! Kie Ta Kutsu" (とっとこ捜すぞ!消えたクツ)
May 17, 2002 June 9, 2003
At Laura’s school, something strange is happening. Everyone’s shoes are disappearing! So Hamtaro becomes a private investiham, and with his magnifying glass, goes on a hunt for the culprit. But Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams run into trouble when an escaped monkey begins to chase after them!
98 Keeping Promises
"Tottoko Mamoru Yo! Daiji Na Yakusoku" (とっとこ守るよ!大事な約束)
May 24, 2002 June 10, 2003
Laura and Kana have a huge fight, so Hamtaro and Oxnard try to end their quarrel. At the same time, Boss accuses Hamtaro of forgetting about helping Bijou and that she got hurt (when she really didn't) in the process.
99 The Very Best Present
"Tottoko Momo-chan! Sutekina Okurimono" (とっとこモモちゃん!すてきな贈り物)
May 31, 2002 June 11, 2003
Mimi’s father’s birthday is coming up very soon, but Mimi has no idea what to give him as a present. She really wants to do something special for him, so when she sees one day how emotional he gets when he hears Maria playing the piano, Mimi decides that she is going to learn to play something for him.
100 How to Rescue a Wedding!
"Tottoko Happi! Uedeingu" (とっとこハッピー!ウェディング)
June 7, 2002 June 12, 2003
Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte's wedding day has finally arrived, but Charlotte is nowhere to be seen. She sends Mr. Yoshi a letter at the church stating that she can't be at the wedding without her father being there for her. The Ham-Hams subtly get involved and do what they can to help the wedding become realized.
101 Office Adventures
"Tottoko Kaisha Da! Dai Hashagi" (とっとこ会社だ!大はしゃぎ)
June 14, 2002 June 13, 2003
Laura is preparing a very special celebration for Father’s Day! But her dad has been so busy at work these days, and he might not make it home in time to for the Father’s Day party. That’s no good! So Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams decide to make a visit to Forrest Haruna’s office and give him a hand. Maybe they can help him work faster! Pretty soon the Ham-Hams even know how to use a photocopying machine.
102 Clubhouse Intruders (aka: The Ham-Hams Rescue Stan)
"Tottoko Yokodori! Chika Hausu" (とっとこよこどり!地下ハウス)
June 21, 2002 June 23, 2003
After Laura tells Hamtaro about an earthquake and a fire drill, the Ham-Hams decide to practice for one. But meanwhile, Stan declines to go outside and while he stays in, the Chickies break into the clubhouse. And Stan is trapped in the clubhouse. So the Ham-Hams decide to help him out.
103 The Tale of Princess Bijou
"Tottoko Goyou Da! Himawarino Hamutaro" (とっとこ御用だ!ひまわりのハム太郎)
June 28, 2002 June 24, 2003
One sleepy rainy evening, Laura and Hamtaro fall asleep while reading a book full of fairytales…and dream of a land full of castles and princesses. Bijou is a tough-girl princess who, tired of being cooped up in her castle all day, disappears disguised into the streets of her fiefdom. But she runs into troubles when an evil Sparkle orders her ninja team to get rid of Princess Bijou.
104 The Milky Way
"Tottoko o Negai! Ten No Kawa" (とっとこお願い!天の川)
July 5, 2002 June 25, 2003
Laura and her class are studying the star constellations at school, and have a field trip planned to study the Milky Way under the real night sky! So Laura and Kana are all excited because they will have plenty of stars to wish on. Kana says jokingly to Laura that if you wish on a star at the same time as someone else, the two of you will fall in love! Laura, half believing, sets her mind on standing by Travis when her class goes to see the stars so that they can make a wish on a star together!
173 Ham-Ham Halloween!
"Tottoko Harouin! Dai Henshin" (とっとこハロウィン!大へんしん)
October 31, 2003 October 21, 2003
The Ham-Hams decide to have a costume party for Halloween. They go into the forest by the park for the party when they are ambushed by the Halloween Phantom and Wolf-Ham, who turns out to be Auntie Viv and Elder Ham. Last episode to be aired on Cartoon Network, ergo, last episode aired in the United States. Aired last: October 15, 2004. Also the last episode to air on YTV, ergo, last episode to air in Canada. Aired last: October 31st, 2006. Also the only episode after 104 to be aired in English. Also the only episode to air in another country before its Japan airing.

The rest of the Hamtaro episodes

105 - A Wish! The River to Paradise -

106 – What!? Stucky's In Love - Stucky falls in love with a bunny who likes to play hide and seek. Can Stucky show her how he feels?

107 – The Missing Ostrich Egg! - An ostrich's egg rolls away from Charlotte's farm and the Ham-Hams try to get it back.

108 – Help Re-Build the Café -

109 – Go Go! Robo-Joe -

110 – The Ham-Ham Dance -

111 – The Bravery Test -

112 – Penelope Tries the Tightrope -

113 – Summer Vacation with Sparkle -

114 – Knight Hamtaro -

115 – Robo-Joe Takes to the Skies -

116 – The Chickens Strike Again! -

117 – Penelope's Dreams – Penelope dreams to see a castle.

118 – Our Ham-Ham Castle – After what happened yesterday, Pashmina got sick, and June messed up Kylie’s cake. Can the Ham-Hams help Penelope’s castle dream come true, or will the friendship between June and Kylie as well as Pashmina and Penelope fall apart?

119 – Oxnard Shows True Love – Oxnard wants to see Pepper. Can he show the power of love?

120 – Cappy Speaks Up - Cappy and Stucky get lost while playing hide and seek in the underground tunnels.

121 – Boss and Hamtaro Battle Out – Hamtaro and Boss have a battle. Will they be friends again?

122 – There's Really a Wolf - A scary wolf stalks the Ham-Hams, but is it really a wolf?

123 – What Will Happen to the Clubhouse? -

124 – Trip to the Mountain - Zack has a fight with his mom, so the Ham-Hams go on a trip to Trotting Mountain to find a gift for him.

125 – Clumsy Nin-Ham – Nin-Ham starts becoming clumsy and the Ham-Hams try to help him.

126 – Sweet Flora – the Ham-Hams meet Flora, and Stan starts to fall for her.

127 – Brandy, the Rescue Dog - Laura and Kana get into problems while skiing.

128 – Sparkle's Crush – Sparkle meets Omar, she starts to like him mostly because Howdy says Omar lives like a prince. Sparkle misses the part about the "lives like" and thought he was actually a prince. She noticed that Omar was different from the ham-hams, because he is more charming. The Ham-Hams tell her that he travels around the world. But Sparkle actually wants to become a princess and travel. She daydreams about their marriage. However Sparkle doesn't like Omar at the end of the episode, because when they actually traveled together (Sparkle stopped being a star just to be with Omar and become a princess), their adventure consisted of going to hot and cold places, snake and shark infested places. Sparkle decides to stick to being a star. At the end of the episode it's revealed Omar didn't even have feelings for Sparkle.

129 – Mimi's Christmas – Mimi wishes this Christmas will be the greatest Christmas ever.

130 – Harmony – the Ham-Hams dream and meet Harmony and Spat. Will Hamtaro, Bijou, and Harmony stop Spat?

131 – Happy New Year, Ham-Hams – It’s New Year, and Penelope and one of the chickens become friends. Will the Ham-Hams and chickens work together to save Penelope and the baby chicken?

132 – Bijou's Storybook – Maria writes a letter to her grandmother, and Hamtaro and Bijou help Maria to get her letter to her grandmother.

133 – Knitting Barrette – The Ham-Hams meet Barrette. Barrette has a crush on Hamtaro and she sees Bijou as a rival. Penelope is sad that Pashmina is not with the Ham-Hams. Will Barrette be friends with Penelope?

134 – Laugh, Hillary! – Sandy’s owner Hillary messes up gym training and Sandy gets worried. Can the Ham-Hams help Hillary to master gym again?

135 – Hamtaro of the Wind - Hamtaro wants to go outside with Laura, but she leaves him behind because she thought he might be getting a cold.

136 – Go, Stan, Go! – It’s Valentine Day, the Ham-Hams girls plan on what to give the Ham-Ham boys. Sandy wants to give her sweetheart Maxwell something, Boss thinks Bijou will give something to Hamtaro, and Stan wants to impress Flora. Will the Ham-Girls and Ham-Boys get what they desire?

137 – Hamtaro is Lost -

138 – Pepper's Cute China Dolls -

139 – Melissa, Tell Us a Story – Maxwell’s owner Melissa is upset that Zack had laughed at her. Maxwell and Howdy start to fight. Can they forgive each other so Maxwell and Howdy can become friends again?

140 – Happy Ukii – the Ham-Hams meet Ook-Ook and Buster.

141 – Someone Likes Hamtaro – Sparkle becomes jealous of Bijou because she believes Bijou is prettier than her (She starts believing this when Bijou was able to get Hamtaro's attention but she couldn't). She begins to likes Hamtaro and tries to capture his heart to make Bijou jealous.

142 – Cherry Blossoms, Please Fall – Mimi wants to see cherry blossoms.

143 – The Three Hambini Brothers – The Ham-Hams meet the Chibi Brothers.

144 – Flower Ranch – The Ham-Hams and their owners visit Dylan’s farm.

145 – Boss's New Room – The Ham-Hams want to make a new room for Boss.

146 – Memories of 2 Friends – Laura and Hamtaro visit their old hometown.

147 – Ham-Ham Nurse Team – Bijou, Pashmina, Sandy, Penelope, and Boss want to help Flora. Stpo made Stan, Howdy, Dexter, and Maxwell fall over; Bijou, Pashmina, Sandy, Hamtaro and Oxnard dress as nurses.

148 – Mother Viv – The Ham-Hams think Auntie Viv has a mother figure.

149 – Sparkle Goes Crazy – Sparkle suddenly becomes crazy and moves into the Clubhouse in Boss’s room, will she ever go back to Glitter?

150 – Ham-Robot Battle -

151 – Snoozer and the Turtle -

152 – Finding the Flower in the Rain -

153 – Taking Care of Greeny -

154 – A Trip of Hunger – Laura and Kana run away with Hamtaro and Oxnard. Boss, Howdy, Dexter, and Bijou look for them. Bijou is afraid that Hamtaro has gone forever.

155 – Girl Thieves – Hamtaro dreams that Bijou, Pashmina, Penelope, and Sandy are normal singers and dancers by day, but at night they are Girl Thieves.

156 – A Little Love Story – When Maxwell reads a love story about Chris and Rose, Sandy feel the same, she ask Maxwell if he liked someone. This caused Maxwell to turn to her, blush from embarrassment (because he feels the same about her). He replied "Why would I like a girl?" and Sandy left the room feeling sad. Sandy talks about it with Bijou and Pashmina, they tell her to never give up and never to change her feelings about him. Later, at nighttime, the Ham-hams leave them alone under the stars. Is Maxwell able to then tell Sandy that he loves her just as much as she loves him?

157 – Be Careful of the Evil Chickens – Laura has to clean the chickens' cage but they chase after the Ham-Hams. Can they beat the chickens?

158 – Sparkle's Stage! -

159 – Warm Love, Potato! -

160 – I Lost Park! -

161 – I swim, Seamore -

162 – And this summer I'm taking! Rice is disgusting -

163 – Natsuiro chan sunflower -

164 – Nin Ham and the sugar of Iga! – Hamtaro, Oxnard, Bijou and Boss help Nin-Ham.

165 – Tomy - T and Eggy - P! – The Ham-Hams meet Eggy-P and Tomy-T.

166 – Pi-hyoro Ham-Hams! -

167 – The Big Adventures of Aka-Chan! - The Ham-Hams try to keep Mr. Yoshi and Charlotte's new baby out of trouble.

168 – I want to see you, Bijou! – One day Bijou falls from the tree at her house and lies on the grass unable to get up. Maria spots her, takes her inside and Bijou realizes how much she had made her owner worry. She promises to never leave her home again, meaning she cannot see her friends ever again. Even so, Hamtaro decides to see her every day to cheer her up.

169 – You're arrested, Robo-Joe! – the Ham-Hams meet again Sparkle and Robo-Joe.

170 – Mimi's Fun Sports Day! – Mimi’s school is having a sports day, and the Ham-Hams help her.

171 – Seamore and the Dolphin – the Ham-Hams and Seamore help a dolphin return to the sea.

172 – Chestnut's Autumn Festival - The Ham-Hams meet Chestnut, who is a friend of Tomy-T and Eggy-P.

173 - Halloween! Big Transformation! - It's Halloween, and all the Ham-Hams dress up in costumes. NOTE: This is the same as Ham-Ham Halloween.

174 – A Romance! Ham-Ham Explorers – the Ham-Hams explore in a cave but Sandy goes missing! Can Maxwell and the Ham-Hams find her, or is the story about Chris and his love Rose going to end?

175 – Brandy, Where did you go? – Brandy runs away home because Laura and her parents got a poodle to watch over.

176 – Pipo! Ham-Ham Nurse Team! – the Ham-Girls and Boss help Flora.

177 – Brightly wish star! -

178 – Where is he? Papa's great chase! – the Ham-Hams don’t know what Laura’s dad is doing. They go and find out.

179 – Run, Pepper! – Dylan and Pepper are going to visit Kana and her parents, but the car broke down. Will Oxnard be able to see Pepper?

180 – The Strange Gift! -

181 – Bo and the Mammoth -

182 – Happy Ook-Ook -

183 – Snow Festival -

184 – I’m Dad! Chibi-Hams! – the Ham-Hams are babysitting the Chibi Brothers.

185 – Aka-Chan, scatter the ogres! -

186 – The Girl of yam and Seamore! – Seamore meets Barrette, and develops a crush on her.

187 – The Valentine Chocolate is a Mystery! – It’s Valentine Day, and Hamtaro, Oxnard, Boss, Maxwell, Howdy, and Dexter find a gift from secret admirer of one of them. Meanwhile, Laura is shocked that Kana and Travis are hanging out together.

188 – Pashmina transformation! – Pashmina’s owner June loves ballet. Glitter and Sparkle use them like a star.

189 – I’m Worried About Sis! – Sandy gets a cold and the Ham-Hams are worried about her. They take her to Dr. Lion and Flora. Sandy is mad at Stan but Stan is worried about his sister. Will Stan and Sandy forgive each other, and will Stan be able to impress Flora?

190 – Bonjour, Oshare! – Bijou’s French friend Oshare is visiting, and Boss begins to have a crush on her. Who will Boss choose? Bijou or Oshare?

191 – Chestnut’s little secret! - Chestnut is bothering Boss and Snoozer, so Hamtaro takes temporary custody of her, but he has to keep Laura and her parents from seeing her.

192 – Hollywood! Sparkle! – Sparkle and her owner Glitter are moving to Hollywood. Sparkle asks Hamtaro to go on a date with her at the Ham-Ham Fun Park before she leaves.

193 – I’m parting, Clubhouse! – Hamtaro, Laura, and her parents have decided to move away. Bijou is heartbroken that her love interest is leaving, and Boss feels upset that Hamtaro's going. However, Hamtaro isn't going to move after all, but Boss had run away from home and his friends. Without Boss, is this the end of the Clubhouse? Later as Laura walks home with Hamtaro and Brandy, she meets a new girl named Maggie.

194 – Lapis and Lazuli! - The Ham-Hams meet Lapis and Lazuli.

195 – Sweet Paradise - Lapis and Lazuli take the Ham-Hams to Sweet Paradise.

196 – Experiment! Mysterious seed! - Lazuli makes an magical seed experiment.

197 – A love rival, Bijou! -

198 – Stuck inside the dream – Snoozer is having a nightmare! The Ham-Hams go into Snoozer’s dream to save Snoozer.

199 – It's your turn, Hero-Ham! - Boss becomes Hero-Ham, a mysterious hero, and no one seems to know it's him.

200 – Bear problem – Laura, Kana and Maggie are at Mimi’s school. Maggie’s bear cub is missing around the school. Can the Ham-Hams find the cub?

201 – Let me know! Magic flower – Bijou was saved by a mysterious hero who she thinks was Hamtaro.

202 – Is art, Otome’s crew! -

203 – Mischievous unicorn! - The unicorn is causing mischief in Sweet Paradise.

204 – There it go, Muhamuha adults! -

205 – Surprise! Sweet worm - Hamtaro, Oxnard, Lapis, and Snoozer get swallowed by a giant worm.

206 – I Return Home, Ham-Hams – Hamtaro, Oxnard, Lapis, and Snoozer are stuck in the worm’s stomach. The Superhero Ham is no other than Boss.

207 – Sugar stars! Let's get them! - Sweet Paradise has a sugar star night and Chestnut wants to get them, but she gets into an argument with Lazuli.

208 – Cupid Sparkle! Nano – Sparkle meets Lapis and Lazuli for the first time. She tries to make Hamtaro and Bijou a couple but Lapis is always with Hamtaro. The task becomes difficult. While trying to make Hamtaro and Bijou together, Sparkle starts liking Hamtaro. Note: For the first time Hamtaro shows he's in love with someone.

209 – We're angry! Lapis and Lazuli! - Lapis and Lazuli get into an argument and the Ham-Hams try to help them.

210 – The two journey in sunflower -

211 – Djungarian Kingdom - The Ham-Hams discover the Djungarian kingdom.

212 – Djungarian Summer! Looking for treasure - The Ham-Hams search for treasure in the Djungarian kingdom.

213 – Ding-dong! They swim -

214 – Djungarian King - The Ham-Hams meet the king of the Djungarian Kingdom.

215 – Djungarian do chan Virgo -

216 – In the mirror! Can take would return -

217 – Dog! Feeling to meet -

218 – Sparkling fashion! Dechu -

219 – Dashing papercraft, Ham-Hams! -

220 – Big Penelope! - One of Lazuli's experiments makes Penelope huge.

221 – Little kids Oendan! -

222 – I'm going, Ham-Hams -

223 – Eternal Hero - Otome's crew is amazed by Hero-Ham, but they don't seem to know it's Boss.

224 – Djungarian Halloween Jungle! – It’s Halloween and the Djungarian are visiting. The Ham-Hams have a Halloween celebration.

225 – Troublesome Magical Seeds -

226 – Nurse-chan Wedding! – Flora is in shock! She had heard that she is going to get married. Stan is heartbroken. But it turns out that it was Dr Lion’s monkey, Pepe marrying the female monkey, not Flora. Stan begins to ride with Wildhogs.

227 – Doggie Cookies – Hamtaro is upset because something is wrong with Brandy. Lazuli creates Dog Cookies so all dogs can now talk. They even gave Maria's dog, Lily some. Is Brandy going to talk for the rest of his life?

228 – Boss and Shiron-chan – Boss is drawing Bijou, but it doesn't turn out right, and then one of Lazuli's magic seeds bring the drawing to life. Boss names it Shiron-chan.

229 – Sparkle art! – Sparkle visits again and meets Otome, Lion, and Bear. Sparkle and Otome compete to see whose art is better but they get caught in a snowstorm.

230 – Lucky, sweet! - The Ham-Hams learn magic from Lapis and Lazuli.

231 – Balloons! Todoke smile -

232 – Santa! Merry Christmas! - Santa Ham (who looks a LOT like Elder Ham) is sick, so the Ham-Hams deliver presents for him.

233 – Happy! Eruzu bordeaux -

234 – Ya! Snowman -

235 – Non-non Oshare -

236 – I'm taking and this demon! Ham-Hams -

237 – Rainbow Girls to the Rescue -

238 – Love, love valentine! – It’s Valentine's day, and Sparkle wants to give a present to Hamtaro.

239 – Sweet Paradise disappear! – Sweet Paradise is going to disappear. Can the Ham-Hams save Sweet Paradise?

240 – Let's help the Prince! – the Ham-Hams meet Radar and Championi who are going to get married, but Radar gets lost while searching for a wedding present. The Ham-Hams help him get to his wedding in time.

241 – Hyper Robo-Joe! - Otome's crew is in trouble, and Robo-Joe saves them with his new features.

242 – Best regards, Pepper! -

243 – I drive Ham-Ham train -

244 – Devil! Panic! – Spat zaps Bijou, Boss, Stan, Howdy, Dexter, Oxnard, and Penelope. Hamtaro and the others try to save them just as Harmony arrives to help. Will the other Ham-Hams return to their old self again? And will Sweet Paradise be closed forever?

245 – Snoozer Disappears! – Boss misses Snoozer at the Clubhouse because he is at Lapis and Lazuli’s house.

246 – Laura's Date – the Ham-Hams learn about a date. Oxnard dreams about a date with Pepper, Maxwell and Sandy are on a date reading books. Hamtaro was late to meet up with Bijou for a walk and now Bijou is mad at him.

247 – Elder-Ham Views the Cherry Blossoms – Elder-Ham and the Ham-Hams watch cherry blossoms on a boat.

248 – Dexter and Howdy – Dexter and his owner Georgio are going to move. Howdy is afraid of what might happen to his friend. Are Howdy and Dexter going to be rivals or friends?

249 – The First Love Letter – Laura gets a love letter, and the Ham-Hams must watch how to send the letter to Laura.

250 – Goldie and her Son – It’s Mother's Day and Zack wants to give his mother Goldie something and so the Ham-Hams help him.

251 – Oh no, Hamtaro – After hide and seek, Hamtaro is at Maggie's place, and Boss takes Laura to the place. Will Hamtaro not go home to his owner?

252 – Fluffy Gelato – the Ham-Hams meet Gelato, a hamster not from Earth. Boss develops a crush on her.

253 – Broski vs. Potato – the Ham-Hams meet Potato, Shake and also Broski. Broski begins to fall for Shake so Potato and Broski have a contest to see who the winner is for Shake’s heart.

254 – Could you trade it? – Laura is mad at Hamtaro because he bit her broach. Hamtaro wants to find something to give her so Laura will forgive him.

255 – Puri Puri Chestnut – Sabu tries to make a sup to Chestnut.

256 – Let's Smile! – Laura wants to tell Travis how she feels, but she loses the pendant. The Ham-Hams help her find it.

257 – Space Ham-Hams – Hamtaro dreams that he is like Star Wars with his friends.

258 – Go Go! Ham-Hams – Ham-Hams have a Go Cart race. The winner will receive a year's worth of sunflower seeds. Hamtaro and Boss fall into the sea. To Be Continued...

259 – Start! Ham-Hams – Ham-Ham Go Cart racing continues! They race all their friends but the winner in the end was no doubt Auntie Viv.

260 – Crossing the sky, Skyham! – Ham-Hams meet Skyham, whose dream is to cross the sky.

261 – Seedgatherer, Okini – The Ham-Hams meet Okini, who has taken Skyham's hang-glider, and they try to get it back.

262 – I see it, atarinchu – Ham-Hams meet Mystery and Magical.

263 – Touch, touch, Ham-Ham Tree – Hamtaro, Boss, Oxnard, Howdy, and Dexter are on Ham-Ham Tree, and Okini won't let them find treasure. Will they find the treasure with sunflower seeds?

264 – Let's Dance, Ham-Ham Ondo – It’s a festival, and the Ham-Ham make their own festival. But Penelope, Chestnut, Lazuli, and Magical are missing.

265 – Let's Enjoy Sunflower Camp – While Laura and her parents are visiting their friends, the Ham-Hams meet up with Solara again.

266 – Summer! Broski – Ham-Hams are at the beach with Pepper. Pepper meets the Ham-Hams' friends, Seamore and Broski. Pepper wants to learn how to surf but couldn't, will Oxnard be able to save his love from drowning?

267 – Hesitation! Don't give up! - Roberto keeps being unfriendly, and Laura is worried. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams notice that Roberto is a really good shot in soccer, so they practice to be as good as Roberto.

268 – Ice and Lolly – The Ham-Hams meet the siblings Ice and Lolly.

269 – Satisfied Bijou – Bijou is going on a date with Hamtaro because Mystery and Magical told her fortune. Will Bijou make it on time to have the date with Hamtaro?

270 – Dig, dig! Mole-kun – The Ham-Hams meet Moguru.

271 – Justice Hero! Hamha-man! – Hamtaro dreams that he is a superhero, Maxwell plays that he is a villain and Otome, Lion and Bear too, will Justice Hero Ham save his friends?

272 – Sports Festival! – It’s Sports day, and Auntie Viv and Elder-Ham come up with a challenge, Ham-Ham Girls vs Ham-Ham Boys. Who will win the challenge?

273 – Is art, Sandy – Laura, Kana and their families are going to the museum and the Ham-Hams too, Sandy begin to likes drawing arts and want to go see them again, her brother Stan was busy to impress girls and Maxwell is with her, Stan is worried about his dear sister. The Ham-Hams must find Maxwell and Sandy before Laura and her parents leave for the museum.

274 – Why, Nande? – The Ham-Hams meet Nande, a Ham-Ham who asks "Why?" all the time.

275 – Sparkle and Okini – Sparkle meets Okini, and Okini plots to make money from Sparkle since Sparkle is a world idol.

276 – Fortune Telling – Ms. Mystery tells Boss's fortune - that he is close to girls; Bijou, Pashmina, Penelope, Lapis, Lazuli and Okini, and he finds out that he is close to his friends and not just girls specifically.

277 – A Date! Lapis and Stan – Lapis is mad at her sister Lazuli after she messes up their room and Stan wants a date with Lapis. Will Lapis forgive her sister or not?

278 – A Visit from Nande-kun – Nande visits the Clubhouse.

279 – Nande, Mystery and Magical – Nande meets Mystery and Magical.

280 – Gelato! Chestnut Army! – Penelope and Lazuli meet Gelato and they play.

281 – Tux and Salia! – The Ham-Hams meet Tux and Salia.

282 – Scary Day at School! -

283 – Welcome to Christmas – Okini develops a crush on Broski, and Broski begins to get sick.

284 – Happy Dream! Ham-Ham Train! – Hamtaro dreams that he drives a train to deliver letters.

285 – Oxnard and Pepper – Laura and Kana and their parents visit Dylan’s farm, and Oxnard wants to tell Pepper that he loves her, and at the end of the episode, Oxnard stays with Pepper and Dylan.

286 – Skyham in Love – Skyham begins to have a crush on Pashmina, and Howdy and Dexter begin to be jealous, Penelope is upset and she runs away from her best friend. After the Ham-Hams save Penelope from a cat, Skyham tells Pashmina that he loves her, but Pashmina doesn't want to have a relationship, but she likes her friends and best friend Penelope, because she is gentle to all Ham-Hams, and Skyham is brokenhearted.

287 – Caw, Caw! A Crow Problem – Crows bother Laura and friends, so the Ham-Hams try to scare the crows away.

288 – A Big Scare! Okini-chan – Flora gives the Ham-Hams a job to babysit the Chibi Brothers, but Okini and the Chibi Brothers are caught underground, and the Ham-Hams have to save Okini and the Chibi Brothers.

289 – A Fight! A Valentine's Day Dispute – It’s Valentine's Day, and Glitter visits and wants to give a valentine gift to Travis, but Laura is sick at home. In the Ham-Ham Clubhouse, Oshare and Sparkle visit to give Hamtaro valentine gifts, Bijou too, and so they have a contest to make valentine chocolate for Hamtaro. Who will win Hamtaro’s heart? Will it be: Bijou, Oshare or Sparkle? Note: Oshare has a crush on Hamtaro this episode.

290 – A Hero! Sorahamu-kun - Skyham helps some hens on Mr. Yoshi's farm.

291 – A Super Digger! Robo-Joe - Robo-Joe has a new feature; digging!

292 – A Partnership! Being Cautious - Nin-Ham gets kicked out of ninja school again, so the Ham-Hams decide to help him.

293 – Setting Off! Spring's Cold Start – Travis is moving away, and Laura is upset, so the Ham-Hams try to give Travis all good memories for his friends. Will Laura tell him that she likes him before he leaves?

294 – A Date! The Picnic Frenzy – Zack plans a date for Goldie and Curtis.

295 – The Lovable Brandy – The Ham-Hams help Brandy win a dog contest.

296 – Happy Ham-Ham Wedding – Oxnard and Pepper are going to get married and all the Ham-Hams are happy to watch Oxnard and Pepper get married. Meanwhile, Laura, Kana, Maggie, Roberto, Kylie and June get letters from Travis and he is fine in a new town and has new friends. This is the last Japanese episode.


OVA# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 3000 Hammy Steps In Search Of Mommy
"Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamutaro no Otanjoubi ~Mama wo Tazunete Sanzen Techitechi" (ハム太郎のおたんじょうび〜ママをたずねて三千てちてち〜)
August 6, 2001 August 6, 2003 (Canada airdate), August 31, 2003 (US airdate)
Laura tells Hamtaro where he came from, yet Hamtaro thinks it is not true. Just in time for his birthday, Hamtaro sets out with Boss and Oxnard to visit his mother to see if what Laura said is true, while the other Ham-Hams set up a surprise birthday party for him. [When this episode was aired in America, the entire adventure was edited out, showing only the beginning where the Ham-Hams were telling everyone to keep Hamtaro's birthday a secret and the ending where all the Ham-Hams are singing for Hamtaro's birthday.)
2 Ham-Hams Ahoy!
"Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu no Takara Sagashi Daisaku Hamuha! Sutekina Umi Nonatsuyasumi" (ハムちゃんずの宝さがし大作戦〜はむはー!すてきな海のなつやすみ〜)
August 6, 2002 August 6, 2003 (Canada airdate), August 31, 2003 (US airdate)
As Laura heads out to summer camp, Hamtaro and Oxnard come across a young girl by the name of Haibi, who's trying to find the ocean. Haibi found a treasure map while searching through the storage burrow and is now willing to find the treasure to help her heat exhausted granny. The Ham-Hams, who are more than willing to help her, pack their things and set out to find the treasure.
3 Rainbow Rescue
"Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu to Niji no Kuni no Oujisama, Sekaideichibannotakaramono" (虹の国の王子さま〜せかいでいちばんのたからもの〜)
August 6, 2003 August 16, 2003 (Canada Airdate)
Based on the third Hamtaro game (fourth in Japan), Prince Bo falls from the sky when the rainbow disappears. Now Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams must help him bring back the rainbow. [This OVA was also not aired in America.]
4 Ham-Ham Games
"Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamuchanzu no Mezase! Hamuhamu Kin Medaru! Hashire! Hashire! Daisakusen" (ハムちゃんずのめざせ!ハムハム金メダル 〜はしれ!はしれ!だいさくせん〜)
August 6, 2004 August 13, 2004 (Canada airdate), August 21, 2004 (US airdate)
Considered the prequel to the fourth Hamtaro game (fifth in Japan). In this tribute to the 2004 Olympics, Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams are tasked by Prince Bo with lighting the everlasting torch to Hamcropolis. However, the Rainbow Girls will not allow this and pursue the Ham-Hams. [After this episode, Cartoon Network cancelled the series, yet reruns aired until October 15, 2004.]


1. Hamtaro: Adventures in Ham-Ham Land (Never released in English)= After a wish from Hamtaro to be able to talk to his owner Laura, the Ham-Hams travel to Ham-Ham Land to search for a magical sunflower seed to make it happen. But, if they can't get the sunflower seed and return home in time, then they'll be stuck in Ham-Ham Paradise forever! And there's an evil wizard bent on stopping them...

2. Hamtaro: The Dream Princess (Never released in English)= One day, Hamtaro has a dream that there was a princess asking him for help! He feels concerned about her and the Ham-Hams go on a journey to rescue the princess. In her kingdom, an evil desert cat wants to marry the princess to take over and become king. Will Hamtaro be able to rescue the princess successfully and save the kingdom?

3.Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Grand Prix(The Third Movie)= Bijou is captured by the pirate captain Hamstern, who thinks she is the snow princess, so Hamtaro has to compete with Hamstern in order to rescue her.

4.Hamtaro the movie: Hamtaro in a Fairy Tale = A hamster who is writing the fairy tale of "Sunflower Taro" and must finish it before 8:06 captures Hamtaro and his friends for them to help act it out, and they have to find the ogre village.


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