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The episodes for the anime series GetBackers were produced by Studio Deen and based on the manga series of the same name written by Yuya Aoki and illustrated by Rando Ayamine. The series premiered on Tokyo Broadcasting System in Japan on October 5, 2002 and ran for forty-nine episodes until September 20, 2003 under direction of Kazuhiro Furuhashi and Keitaro Motonaga.[1] The plot follows the "GetBackers", a group that retrieves anything that was lost. The team is primary composed by Ban Mido, a man born with the illusionary technique "Evil Eye", and Ginji Amano the former leader of a gang called "The VOLTS", a powerful group in the dangerous territory called the Infinity Fortress in Shinjuku.

The series was released to Region 2 DVD in Japan by TBS in seventeen individual volumes with three episodes per disc.[2] The anime was first licensed in English by ADV Films. ADV released the English dubbed series in a total of ten Region 1 DVD volumes from August 24, 2004 to November 1, 2005.[3][4] Compilations volumes from the seasons 1 and 2 were also released on October 10, 2006 and January 2, 2007,[5][6] while a full compilation of the series was published on January 15, 2008.[7] In April 2009, A.D. Vision started streaming the series online in their The Anime Network website.[8] On September 1, 2009, all of ADV's catalog was transferred to AEsir Holdings, with distribution from Section23 Films.[9]

The anime's music was composed by Taku Iwasaki, and two original soundtracks were released by Pioneer Corporation in Japan on January 24, 2003 and July 25, 2003.[10][11] Six pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; two opening themes and four ending themes, while one opening theme was also used as an ending theme. The opening themes are "Yuragu Koto Nai Ai" (揺らぐことない愛?, lit. "Love That Never Weavers") by Naomi Tamura, used for the twenty-five episodes and "Barairo no Sekai" (薔薇色の世界?, lit. "Rose-Colored World") by Pierrot, used until the last episodes. The five ending themes are "Ichibyō no Rifurein" (一秒のリフレイン?, lit. "One Second Refrain") by Otoha for the first thirteen episodes, Bon Bon Blanco's "Namida no Hurricane" (涙のハリケーン Namida no Harikēn?, lit. "Hurricane of Tears"), used for the next twelve episodes, "Mr. Déjà vu" by Naja, which is for episodes 26 to 37 and "Changin" by Nona Reeves, which is used from Episodes 38 until 48. "Yuragu Koto Nai Ai" Tamura, which is the first opening of the anime, is also used as the ending of episode 49.

Episode listing

Season One

# Title Original air date
01 The Initials are G & B
"Initial wa G to B" (イニシャルはG&B)
October 5, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A schoolgirl named Natsumi Mizuki loses a kitty key chain from her mother when a cop think he took a picture of him giving information to the yakuza henchmen. Paul Wan, owner of the Honky Tonk cafe and friends of the GetBackers, lectures Ban and Ginji to accept the case. After many failed plans, The GetBackers finally retrieve the stolen object, but Natsumi has been captured by the cop and yakuza henchmen. The GetBackers rush to the scene, Ginji summons lightning from his body, resembling that of an electric eel. Afterward, Ban whips out a two hundred kilogram-force grip. An illusion from Ban's Evil Eye causes the cop to dream of killing both Ban and Ginji, and then being shot to death by policemen. After the Evil Eye ends, Natsumi is given back her key chain. Later, Natsumi obtains a part time job at the Honky Tonk cafe where The GetBackers usually hang out.
02 Get Back the Rusted Bonds!
"Sabi ta kizuna wo tori kaese!" (錆びた絆を奪り還せ!)
October 12, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji are out of jobs and are starving to death. However, a homeless man, named Yamamura, gives them food as well as shelter. He later reveals that he use to be a factory owner, but his daughter, Rika Yamamura, was kidnapped, due to continuous recessions and pressure from the yakuza henchmen. Yamamura then asks Ban and Ginji to retrieve Rika from the yakuza henchmen. After the GetBackers infiltrate the mansion to save her, Rika betrays them, admitting that she has every thing she needs from the yakuza henchmen. However, the yakuza henchmen admit that they planned on taking her as well as forcing her father to sell her. Using Evil Eye, Ban causes Rika to dream of the yakuza henchmen leader killing both Ban and Ginji, but then witnesses the yakuza henchmen being burned alive. Once she wakes up, Ginji try to convince Rika to return to her father, much to their chagrin. Yamamura later suffers a fatal heart attack, which causes Ban to give him a dream in which Rika comes back for him.
03 Operation: Recover the Platinum!
"Purachina dakkan sakusen!" (プラチナ奪還作戦!)
October 19, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hevn, a negotiator, tells The GetBackers of an job. They meet Haruo Ohtaki, who informs them to reclaim the box from a group called The Transporters. They, in turn, ask to have a portion of what is inside the box in order to accept the case, which was later assumed to be platinum. The GetBackers prepare to stop The Transporters, but soon engage in a high-speed pursuit. As they attempt to close in on the semi-trailer truck, Himiko Kudo, sprays a poisonous perfume on Ginji, giving him the mind of an ape for a short while. This, in turn, causes Ban to lose control, sending them off a cliff. As The GetBackers search for The Transporters, Ban recalls to Ginji about Himiko and how she got the nickname "Lady Poison". The Transporters are then blocked by an interceptor and his gang. However, Kuroudo Akabane, kills the interceptor and his gang single-handedly. As The GetBackers catch up with The Transporters, both groups halt their vehicles in order to prepare to fight.
04 Recovery Service vs. Transport Service
"Dakkanya VS hakobiya" (奪還屋VS運び屋)
October 26, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As the GetBackers prepare to battle The Transporters, Ginji plans to fight Akabane, while Ban plans to retrieve the box. Not long after, the GetBackers are in a bind when Akabane attempts to slice Ginji apart. Ban surrenders and Ginji is captured by the Transporters. In the semi-trailer truck, Ginji and Himiko converse about Ban. Himiko reminisces about her time with Ban and her older brother, Yamato, as a former recovery service. However, Himiko regrets having ever met Ban, since he was responsible for Yamato's death, but Ginji states he believes in Ban. Ban catches up with The Transporters to rescue Ginji. Using the Evil Eye, Ban rescues Ginji and retrieves the box. The Transporters then plan out their next attack on GetBackers with Himiko explaining to Akabane that the Evil Eye can only be used three times in a person in a single day.
05 Death Match at Sunrise: The Lightning Emperor vs. Doctor Jackal
"Akatsuki no shitou Raitei VS Dr. J" (暁の死闘 雷帝 VS Dr. J)
November 2, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Transporters face off with The GetBackers in an abandoned shrine. Ginji and Akabane battle while Himiko and Ban fight. Ban surprises Himiko with his grip, defeating her, before he almost tells her of Yamato's death. Akabane presents the extent of his glowing knives, however Ginji manipulates them with magnetic electricity, defeating him. Ban and Ginji leave the shrine to resume their retrieval. The next morning, Himiko wants to find the GetBackers, but Akabane claims that he has had more than enough fun with them for the time being. As Akabane leaves the shrine on his own, Himiko and driver Maguruma find The GetBackers. As Maguruma prepares to ram The GetBackers head-on, Ban uses Evil Eye on a nearby crow, causing it to dream of many crows attacking the semi-trailer truck, which then results in Maguruma crashing into a pole. They then find out from Ohtaki that inside the box has nothing but a "platinum" watermelon, as they receive one tenth of the watermelon as their reward.
06 Get Back the Divine Melody!
"Kami no Shirabe o Torikaese!" (神の旋律を奪り還せ!)
November 9, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
A blind and prodigious violinist, named Madoka Otowa, and her guide dog, named Mozart, are bullied by a group of street thugs. Ginji arrives to save Madoka and Mozart, but they all encounter Kazuki Fuchouin, a former member of the VOLTS led by Ginji. Ginji and Madoka head to the Honky Tonk cafe, where the GetBackers are asked to retrieve a Stradivarius violin from Shunsuke Akutsu, a world-renowned violinist. They must obtain this violin no later than Madoka's performance the following evening The GetBackers, including Paul, Hevn, and Natsumi, arrive disguised as musicians at Akutsu's estate. Shido Fuyuki, another former member of The VOLTS now working for Akutsu, is ordered to take down the GetBackers. They plan out their next move, only to fall into Akutsu's trap. Meanwhile, as Madoka searches the estate for her Stradivarius violin among many violins, meeting Shido who spares her. While the GetBackers are caged by Akutsu, a lion is placed inside the cage as well. Ban uses Evil Eye on the lion, to cause a diversion and escape. After splitting, Ban, Paul and Natsumi are surrounded by Shido's army of animals. Ban uses the Evil Eye on the animals, reaching his limit, but tells Shido to continue fighting outside.
07 The Animal Transformation of the Beast Master
"Jyuuhenge BIISUTO MASUTAA" (獣変化ビーストマスター)
November 16, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Just when Ban attempts to kill Shido with his grip, Kazuki arrives to aid Shido. Ban escapes as Ginji, Hevn, and Madoka go encounter a Protector, named Ryuudou Hishiki. Ginji then creates a power outage in the estate. Ban runs into Paul and Natsumi, and Ginji, Hevn, and Madoka finds Akutsu and the Stradivarius. Akutsu gives her back the Stradivarius, but after they leave, Akutsu commands Kazuma Kurobe, one of his men, to bury Madoka with her violin at the estate. Ginji's group meet up with Ban's group, and escape from the estate, and Sugahara, Madoka's guardian, arrives just in time. He drops off Ban and Ginji on the highway, revealing himself to be Tsujima Kurobe, the younger brother of Kazuma Kurobe. Back at the estate, Kurobe tells Shido of his plans to kill Madoka, and the two engage in battle. Meanwhile, Sugahara tries to kill Madoka, but he realizes he was trapped in Ban's Evil Eye, having realized he was traitor, and having faked a third Evil Eye on Shido. Then Kurobe returns to face Shido off again, only to witness the animal transformation of Shido head-on. Hishiki returns as well to face Ginji off again. Ban and Sugahara battle it out as well, which ends up as a defeat for Sugahara.
08 Timbre of Life, Resound!
"Hibike, Inochi no Oto" (響け、生命の音色)
November 23, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji electrifies himself, shocking Hishiki until leaving him unconscious. Ginji apologizes to Ban for causing Shido to attack the group, as he blames himself for abandoning Shido. As Ban and Ginji try to find Shido, Hevn and Madoka help out as well. Ginji tries to help Shido who asks him to fight alone. After defeating Kurobe, Shibo discreetly commands Mozart to steal the Stradivarius violin and return it to the estate. Madoka, in turn, says that she will allow herself to play a regular violin during her performance in the evening. Later on, Shido returns the Stradivarius to Madoka. In return, Madoka offers to perform for Shido in the streets in the afternoon, attracting Visconti, Madoka's violin teacher. Visconti later compliments her performance with the others, jokingly noticing that Madoka is in love with Shido. Later in the evening, before a performance, Ban uses the Evil Eye on Akutsu, thereby ruining the performance. The next day, Shido hangs out with Madoka in her backyard as both start getting closer.
09 Get Back the Phantom Sunflowers! (Part One)
"Maboroshi no himawari wo tori kaese! (zenpen)" (幻のひまわりを奪り還せ!·前編)
November 30, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hachisu, an art dealer, and Abukawa, the museum curator, ask the GetBackers to from a peculiar thirteen painting of Sunflowers by Van Gogh. Ban and Ginji decide to accept the case, and later in the evening, Ban and Ginji set out to surveil the whereabouts of Clayman. Working for Clayman, Himiko starts leading the GetBackers to Clayman, using people who take her appearance. Himiko and Clayman grin at the situation, as the GetBackers follow closely behind them. Ban gets sprayed by Himiko's poisonous perfume, being controlled like a puppet. He chokes Ginji with his grip, but suggests Ginji to use his lightning to break free of the control. Himiko and Clayman take Ban and Ginji to their hideout, having them tied up. They easily break free Clayman reveals the thirteen painting of Sunflowers to Ban and Ginji, questioning whether they think it is a fake or not.
10 Get Back the Phantom Sunflowers! (Part Two)
"Maboroshi no himawari wo tori kaese! (kouhen)" (幻のひまわりを奪り還せ!·後編)
December 7, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The GetBackers are taken to Clayman's art gallery, displaying many masterpieces. Clayman offers to be a "replacement" client for The GetBackers, since Ban and Ginji were in awe of all the masterpieces displayed. Clayman explains that she became an art thief to protect the masterpieces from the so-called "con artists". Hachisu and the SWAT team make a sudden appearance, as Hachisu notes that he used The GetBackers to locate Clayman's art gallery. He further admits that the thirteenth painting of Sunflowers was indeed a fake. Ban uses his Evil Eye on Hachisu, causing him to dream of unexpectedly burning all the paintings to ashes. Hachisu and Abukawa attend a business meeting the next day. Ban and Ginji arrive and recover the thirteenth painting of Sunflowers, confusing Hachisu. It has been revealed that Clayman, identified as a woman, used clay to disguise herself as Abukawa to return all the paintings, but is caught. After Ban and Ginji did the favor as to help return the paintings to Clayman's art gallery, she explains that all her masterpieces were painted after the death of the famous artists including Van Gogh. As Ban and Ginji arrive at the Honky Tonk cafe, Kazuki explains them that Clayman's mother is a renowned medium, and that she used her body to paint the masterpieces, which are displayed in Clayman's art gallery.
11 Breach the Limitless Fortress • Operation: Recover IL
"Sennyuu, Mugenjyou · IL dakkan sakusen" (潜入、無限城·IL奪還作戦)
December 14, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hevn hires Ban, Ginji, Shido, Kazuki, Akabane, and Himiko to work as a team. They are brought to an abandoned building near the Limitless Fortress, a place familiar to Ginji, Shido, and Kazuki. As they enter, Hevn then introduces the team to a group of masked men in suits. The leader of the masked men informs the team to retrieve something from inside the Limitless Fortress, dubbed the name IL. The building then suddenly self-destructs, as the team departs. They decide to begin the assignment the next day. In the morning, the team heads to the Limitless Fortress. The team part ways with Hevn, but she is soon kidnapped. Meanwhile, the team fights off more modified men, and they then get acquainted with Shuu, a former member of The VOLTS. Kumon Horii then instantly kills Shuu, and sprays a poisonous gas around the team. This causes Ginji to be enraged, however becomes affected by the poisonous gas. As Horii attempts to kill Ginji, Akabane steps in and kills Horii instead.
12 The Unknown Boy, Makubex
"Michi naru shōnen, MAKUBEX" (未知なる少年、MAKUBEX)
December 21, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akabane waits for Ginji to wake up after being unconscious from the effects of Horii's poisonous gas. Akabane tells Ginji that the rest of the team went out to search for the IL, which upsets Ginji. Meanwhile, Ban and Shido are in another route in the Limitless Fortress, as Ryouma Magami and Ayame Magami, two former members of The VOLTS, show up to face off against them. Ban and Shido notice that Ryouma and Ayame modify their body as their weapon source. Ayame leads Ban into a trap door. The lights are turned on to revealed that the basement is really an abandoned laboratory. He reveals that he has imprisoned innocent women, who he plans to modify as well. Ban chants an incantation, increase his strength and gripping power, releasing himself from the trap. He then goes berserk on Ayame, destroying his modified body. He frees the women and finds a way out from the laboratory. Meanwhile, Shido defeats Ryouma. Ban meets up with Shido, frustrated to know about body modification on innocent people. After discussing, Ban and Shido believe the responsable is Makubex, the youngest Four King, who was born in the Fortress.
13 Explosion! Fuchouin-School Thread Technique
"Sakuretsu! Fuuchouin ryuugen jutsu" (炸裂!風鳥院流弦術)
December 28, 2002 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Makubex spyes the recovery team with cameras, Himiko and Kazuki are fighting off several men. Kazuki reveals himself to Himiko to be the traitor in the team, as he wraps her up in threads. However, the real Kazuki shows up to announce that the other "Kazuki" is an impostor. The impostor removes his mask, revealing himself to be Kogenta Akame, a student of the West Fuchouin-School. Kazuki and Akame then engage in a thread technique battle. Kazuki defeats Akame and saves Himiko. However, Himiko becomes unknowingly controlled by Makubex, by a wire from his computer to Himiko's body. As Kazuki figures this out, he attempts to cut the wire, but is stopped by Juubei Kakei, an assistant of Makubex, who throws him needles. Juubei chases him, but Kazuki causes an explosion and escapes. Makubex commands Juubei to bring Himiko, now unconscious, to him. Makubex then plans out his next move, as Takuma Fudou brings him the kidnapped Hevn, which he might use her as a hostage.
14 The New Four Kings
"Aratanaru Shitenou" (新たなる四天王)
January 11, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji sees an image of himself when he was younger, and goes berserk when Akabane kills it. Akabane then sees multiple copies of Ginji, later revealed as projections, and he easily defeats them, as the real one calms down. Ren Radou, a pharmacist, takes Kazuki to a pharmacy. Gen Radou, Ren's grandfather, also checks up on Kazuki. As Kazuki leaves the pharmacy, Gen tells him that Makubex wants to live in a world of suspicion, where people will fear betrayal. Hevn and Himiko are imprisoned in chains in a jail cell. Two men, jeering at them, walk in to harass them. Himiko sprays poisonous perfume, to control the minds of the two men, telling them to unshackle the chains. Hevn and Himiko look for the rest of the team. Kazuki, Gen, Ren try to figure out where Makubex is hidden. Smelling Himiko's perfume, Ban deducts that Makubex and supposedly the IL are in the garbage disposal facility. Once they've figure that out, they are attacked by several men, controlled by Makubex's wire doll system. Fudou shows up and engages Ban in battle, seeking to kill him. Haruki Emishi, a former member of The VOLTS, makes a surprise entrance, which results in Fudou escaping.
15 The Loulan Dance Whip That Whirls in the Night
"Yami ni Mau Rouranbu Toupen" (闇に舞う楼蘭舞踏鞭)
January 18, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Emishi takees Ban and Shido to his safe house where Ban gets acquainted with many girls residing there. Later, Emishi attacks Shido with his Loulan Death Whip, making him unconscious. Inside, Emishi undoubtedly uses his whip to attack Ban, but Emishi hallucinates. Ban reveals to Shido that he used Evil Eye right when Emishi first appeared, realizing he was a soldier from Makubex due to Fudou's sudden escape. Afterward, Ban and Emishi engage in battle, as Shido join in as well, but Emishi then escape. Ban and Shido, as well as Kazuki, Gen, and Ren find out that the IL is an implosion lens, used as an atomic bomb. Ban and Shido unwillingly fights off more men controlled by the wire doll system. As Kazuki departs from the pharmacy, it is revealed that Gen is working for Makubex as well. Meanwhile, Ginji tries to escape from Akabane, but is he caught up, Akabane finds out that the IL is located in the garbage disposal facility.
16 Explosion! The Lightning Emperor Angry
"Bakuhatsu! Ikari no Raitei" (爆発!怒りの雷帝)
January 25, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji and Akabane battle against several men, but Ginji disagrees with Akabane ruthless attacks. Kagami sets out to look for Ginji and Akabane, while Juubei follows him. Makubex reveals how the Limitless Fortress is divided into three sections: Lower Town, The Beltline, and Babylon City. His objective therefore is to obtain absolute power from Lower Town. Juubei and Kagami encounter Ginji and Akabane, but Ginji is enraged when Juubei tells him he killed Kazuki. Ginji unleashes a huge amount of lightning, which both exhausts them as well as separates them. Akabane and Kagami also engage in battle, with Akabane forcing Kagami to escape. Juubei raises doubts about Makubex, but Kagami advises him to continue the path he chose. Ban and Shido manage to find the garbage disposal facility. Meanwhile, as Hevn and Himiko are harassed by two men, Kazuki saves them.
17 Gathering, Retrieval Team!
"Shuuketsu, dakkan chiimu!" (集結、奪還チーム!)
February 1, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Makubex plans out the next move, Fudou becomes impatient with him, longing to have another battle with Ban. Kazuki, Himiko, and Hevn are faced against children under the wire doll system. Reluctantly, Ginji and Akabane are able to stop the children. The five of them come a circular room, where Ban and Shido also arrive calming Fudou. Once they reunite, it is revealed that Gen and Ren witness the room where the seven of them are in. It is also revealed that Gen is the architect of Babylon City. In the circular room, there are six numbered doors. Ginji finds a die and gives the idea that everyone, except Hevn, take turns rolling the die, and each person would go to their numbered doors, based on the number rolled. Akabane faces off against Makubex. Meanwhile, it first appears that Kazuki and Emishi are to battle, but Shido and Juubei come to their respective support.
18 Crash! Shido vs. Emishi
"Gekitotsu! Shido VS Emishi" (激突!士度VS笑師)
February 8, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It is revealed that the four will fight on the Grand Canyon as their battlefield. After one hit from his whip, Shido begins to seriously focus on the match with Emishi. Emishi admits that he would loses against Shido in a match, but he truly wants to fight Shido regardless, as Makubex is protecting his clan. Emishi creates an explosion of flames, yet Shido is able to save him at the last second. Shido tells Kazuki that he will take Emishi to see Gen and Ren. It is revealed that the Grand Canyon battlefield is a virtual reality room, exposing its illusion. Kazuki starts out strong using his thread technique abilities, but Juubei struggles as he fights back with his flying needles technique abilities.
19 Oh, My Friend... Kazuki vs. Juubei
"Tomoyo... Kazuki VS Juubei" (友よ...花月VS十兵衛)
February 15, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At the Honky Tonk cafe, an informant asks about the whereabouts of Ginji. Paul and Natsumi says that he is with the GetBackers in the Limitless Fortress. Meanwhile at the Grand Canyon, Juubei presents the black needles, which is a forbidden technique. Kazuki get stung by them, and then he figures out that the black needles are magnetic, controlled by a black ore stone. However, using the black needle will gradually drain the energy of Juubei. Juubei attacks at full force, but Kazuki manages to defend, causing a whirlwind of threads and needles. In a flashblack, it shows when Juubei first met Kazuki as the former's clan has been protecting the latter's. After the West Fuchouin-School was burned down, Kazuki and Juubei were told to go to the Limitless Fortress to live. Juubei remembered that Makubex believes that everything that is happening in the Limitless Fortress is caused by the people of Babylon City. Hevn and Shido arrive at the pharmacy, noticing that Gen is witnessing the battles. Kazuki and Juubei continue their fight, white threads against black needles. Juubei is caught is one of Kazuki attacks, urging him to give up. He then stabs himself using the black needles, causing Kazuki to wail. Kazuki carries Juubei out of the virtual reality room.
20 The Man From Babylon City
"Babylon City kara Kita Otoko" (バビロンシティから来た男)
February 22, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Akabane reveals his transporting assignment to give Makubex a box of plutonium. And he then says that he still has a recovery assignment to retrieve the IL, keeping the promise to both clients. Watching from the pharmacy, Hevn and Shido see that Himiko is up against Kagami, having faith in her victory. It is then seen that Himiko and Kagami will fight in the Mayan Temple as their battlefield. As he reveals himself, he outsmarts her with his mirror fragments, to gain the upper hand. The sacrificial ritual begins, as Himiko lays at the altar of the temple. Suddenly, Himiko and Kagami switch places, causing him to be "sacrificed". However, Ban reveals himself, as he has used Evil Eye on Kagami before Himiko was sacrificed. Himiko and Kagami resume their battle, as Ban watches. Himiko uses her poisonous perfume to increase her speed, catching Kagami off guard. Ban joins in the fight and the two use their supersonic speed to attack Kagami. Kagami later retreats as the objective is to protect the IL. Himiko becomes exhausted from using the poisonous perfume, as it begins to drain her energy. Ban helps her recover, then leaves her in the virtual reality room. Ban goes to another virtual reality room to face off against Fudou.
21 Blades of Revenge • Ban vs. Fudou
"Fukushuu no Yaiba · Ban vs Fudou" (復習の刃·蛮VS不動)
March 1, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Fudou says that he wants Ban to feels limitless pain and suffering as a way to avenge the loss of his real arm. The battlefield they will be face off is in the Roman Coliseum. As Gen and the others witness this battle, Kazuki comes in the pharmacy carrying Juubei. Ginji finds himself in the ruins of the Limitless Fortress and sees Shuu, who was supposedly killed before. Suddenly, all the children turn into zombies, frightening Ginji to the point of killing them. Then he encounters Takeru Teshimine, the informant who visited the Honky Tonk cafe. Teshimine recalls to when Ginji first made friends when he was younger, seemingly abandoning Teshimine. He then says that Ginji witnessed all his friends be slaughtered, blaming Ginji for this. A enraged Ginji begins transforming into the Lightning Emperor once more. Teshimine reminisces to when Ginji first transformed into the Lightning Emperor, and then he admits that he wanted to raise Ginji to gain his immense power to rule over the Limitless Fortress. Teshimine causes Ginji to unleash huge amounts of lightning, affecting the Limitless Fortress entirely. At the pharmacy, Shido prepares to depart with Hevn in order to stop Ginji's reckless behavior. Fudou seems to have gained the upper hand, as Ban is losing his strength and speed. Ginji's lightning causes the illusion of the Roman Coliseum to disappear. As Ban yet again recites an incantation, he uses his grip to destroy Fudou's metallic arm, attempting to find and stop Ginji.
22 Awakening! The Advent of the Lightning Emperor
"Kakusei! Raitei kourin" (覚醒!雷帝降臨)
March 8, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It is revealed that Teshimine was an illusion to Ginji, as the real Teshimine is still in the Honky Tonk cafe. Ginji finds Sakura, and then injures her with his lightning. As Akabane enters, Ginji is caught off guard. As Ginji uses his lightning to attack, Akabane evades each attack with his supersonic speed. A power outage occurs in Lower Town, and Kazuki and Emishi are forced to leave Gen and Ren in the pharmacy. As the two participate in hand-to-hand combat, Ban steps in, disrupting the battle and seeming has been killed. However, Ban tells he used the Evil Eye on Ginji to fake his death, surprising Ginji and changing him back to normal. At the Honky Tonk cafe, Teshimine prepares to leave, with Paul and Natsumi asking him to come back anytime. Makubex attempts to install the IL, but the computer system has been jammed by Gen's doing. Gen reveals to Ren that he was responsible for teaching Makubex the basics of computer programming, as he was able to learn very quickly. Makubex download a intruder interception program to supposedly attempt to reinstall the IL without fail. Nonetheless, this will slow down his operation. Akabane admits that he transported the box of plutonium to Makubex, making Ban and Ginji feel betrayed. As Akabane takes Ginji with him to recover the IL, it is revealed Ban faked his Evil Eye and encounters a seemingly revived Fudou.
23 Attack! Virtual Corps
"Shuugeki! Baacharu gundan" (襲撃!ヴァーチャル軍団)
March 15, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Fudou attacks Ban head-on, but Shido manages to come just in time to save him. All of a sudden, multiple clones of Fudou appear out of nowhere in front of Shido, and multiple clones of Akabane appear out of nowhere in front of Ginji and Akabane. As the Fudou clones begin to attack, Kazuki and Emishi step in, as they figure out that the intruder interception programs creates clones based on collected data. As Akabane fights off the Akabane clones, Ginji meets up with Ban and Hevn, and the four of them proceed to stop Makubex. Sakura wakes up only to find herself in the pharmacy. Himiko tells her that she was the one who brought her there. Juubei, blinded by his black needles, tells Sakura that Makubex made a mistake in his calculations. Sakura tells Gen that Makubex obtained his data by hacking into the mainframe of Babylon City, as well as for the virtual reality technology. Gen reveals that he was the one who raised Makubex. Juubei wants to leave with Sakura to help stop Makubex, while Himiko tags along as well. Meanwhile, after Shido, Kazuki, and Emishi finish off the Fudou clones, clones of themselves appear. Elsewhere, Ban, Ginji, Akabane, and Hevn encounter Kagami. Shido, Kazuki, and Emishi manages to catch up with the other four. Kagami lets the seven of them pass to see Makubex, who happens to be expecting them.
24 The Final Fight! Ginji vs. Makubex
"Saigo no tatakai! Ginji VS MAKUBEX" (最後の戦い!銀次 VS MAKUBEX)
March 22, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji pleads with Makubex to give back the IL to the GetBackers, but to no avail. After confrontation with Makubex fails, Ginji volunteering to fight him face-to-face. Ginji attempts to attack him head-on, but Makubex deflects his attack, electrocuting the other six. Then Makubex "transforms" the room into the inside of his body, which appears to be an illusion. He proves the illusion as reality, which confuses them. Ginji deducts that Makubex is suffering, and then asks him to fight in order to help him. As Ginji and Makubex continue their battle, the others realize that these two are evenly matched in strength and ability. Ban wonders if the Limitless Fortress is in itself a virtual reality, as they have witnessed injuries healing rapidly and strength increasing immensely. Through a flashback, it is revealed that Ban suggested Ginji to join up with him, due to Ginji uncertainty of remaining with the VOLTS due to his growth in powers as the Lightning Lord. As Ginji delivers the final blow toward Makubex, it seems that Makubex and the inside of his body was all just an illusion, as he used this illusion to buy time in order to install the IL completely into the mainframe of the computer system.
25 Get Back the Limitless Future!
"Mugen no mirai wo tori kaese!" (無限の未来を奪り還せ!)
April 5, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With the intruder interception program active, none of GetBackers there can stop Makubex. Makubex says that he was aware why Ginji left the Limitless Fortress in the first place. He mentions that he hacked into the Babylon City database and found an information storehouse called the Archive, a prophecy foretelling the future of the Limitless Fortress. Makubex wanted the IL to serve as a way to break the bonds from Babylon City, and to create a "new" Limitless Fortress. As the team try to stop him, Makubex finds himself in an illusive world. Mabukex witnesses the result of his profound utopia, as well as the absence of The VOLTS. He then sees a reflection of himself announcing he will the return of the world to nothingness and detonating the IL, consequently resulting in the ruins of the Limitless Fortress, as Makubex turns into ashes. However, Ban reveals using Jagan on Makubex. Ban destroys the detonator, and Makubex evades the team, locking them in the computer system room. Ginji uses his lightning to break open the door. As he leaves, Emishi tells him that Makubex turned into a hardhearted person for the sake of The VOLTS disbanded. Makubex attempts to commit suicide, to find out whether he himself is real or fake. As he falls, Ginji breaks through a window, and saves him. Ginji tells Makubex that his death would surely affect those around him, saying that there are many who love and cherish him. Makubex cries tears of joy as he reunites with everyone, changing him back to his warmhearted self. He vows to protect those he loves and to see the error of his ways, announcing the new formation of The VOLTS. He gives the IL, mentioned as a file stored in a floppy disk, back to The GetBackers. The GetBackers return the IL to the masked men, who are killed by Akabane when they try to kill them. The team part ways, and Ban and Ginji return back to the Honky Tonk cafe.

Season Two

# Title Original air date
26 Stream Recovery: The Hot Springs Travel Diary!?
"Yukemuri onsen dakkan kikou!?" (湯けむり温泉奪還紀行!?)
April 12, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji are sent to recover a stolen ring at a hot springs resort, bu Paul, Natsumi, Hevn tag along. Just there, the thief steals a female's necklace, hearing her scream out, and Ban and Ginji run to attempt to catch the thief. However, at their wits' end, the thief was nowhere to be found. Ban and Ginji stake out the ladies' hot springs bath in the woods. They are in suspicion that a nude women is bathing is near a healing springs bath. Much to their chagrin, they bump into Kazuki and Juubei. Kazuki brought Juubei to the healing springs bath in order to heal his eyes, due to being blinded in their fight in the Limitless Fortress. Juubei asks Ginji to train with him in the mountains, to test his powers, later revealed to be his poor comedic skills. Kazuki explains Emishi teased for being unfunny and that would not help Makubex. Juubei decides to leave to "train" some more. At the ladies' hot springs bath, Natsumi and Hevn cry out, as they had a wristwatch stolen from them. Ban and Ginji pursue the thief, only to find out that the jewelry has been taken by a pack of monkeys. Ban and Ginji engage in combat against the monkeys, and it seems as though Ban and Ginji struggle to defeat them.
27 High School Girl vs. Recovery Service
"Jyoshikousei VS Dakkanya" (女子高生VS奪還屋)
April 19, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji are hired to recover a stolen briefcase by a man, named Mr. Sasakida, who explains that he thinks a group of teenage girls took it. To find it they must deal with a high school girl, named Riko Tachibana, who ignores Ban and Ginji. She then claims to know where the briefcase is, by payments of an "informant fee". They treat her to dinner, shops for her clothes, and buys her jewelry. Furthermore, they are forced to ask Shido, Kazuki and Himiko to treat her, but they all end enraged at her. She eventually takes them to a garbage heap, where Kazuki, Shido, and Himiko assist Ban and Ginji in rummaging through the junk to find the briefcase, which eventually turns out to be empty. Riko then tells them that it was empty from the start, as it was one of Riko's friends that threw the briefcase in the garbage. Although, in the briefcase, a disk is contained. Sasakida returns with a group of men in black, who demand to return the disk to them. Riko is taken hostage by the men in black, who then are summarily defeated by The GetBackers. Akabane shows up after because apparently he was hired to transport the briefcase. Mr. Sasakida explains that he got demoted from his job for a co-worker's mistake, and he would have been promoted to his job if he made a deal with the men in black. The GetBackers forgive his acts of crime and return the disk to Mr. Sasakida. Akabane and Riko befriend each other, as they exchange email addresses. Kazuki, Shido, and Himiko chase Ban and Ginji down for involving them with Riko.
28 The Man Who Lost His Past
"Kako wo nakushita otoko" (過去を失くした男)
April 26, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji are approached by a man, named Yuuji Takamura, who wants them to recover his memories. He explains that he lost his memories three months in the past when he and Midori, his girlfriend, drove their car over a cliff and into the ocean. The GetBbackers make their way to various locations in order to help Yuuji remember his past. Paul finds out that all of Yuuji's memeries, as told by Midori, are fabricated. As the GetBackers continue to drive around, they find Midori waiting for him. The GetBackers are asked by Midori to stop because some things are better left unremembered. They take Yuuji and Midori back to the ocean, the scene of the accident. And they drive Yuuji and Midori back to their house, they are immediately being pursued by a assassin, who uses a sniper in a nearby lighthouse. Yuuji gradually discovers his past, remembering the time before the accident. However, the recovery of the memories was by Ban's use of Jagan. Midori explains that she and Yuuji are spies working for a syndicate of the underworld. Yuuji and Midori wish to escape abroad and leave their old life behind. They leave for Europe the same night.
29 Get Back the Arms of the Goddess!
"Megami no Ude o Torikaese!" (女神の腕を奪り還せ!)
May 3, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Clayman returns to hire Ban and Ginji to recover the arms of the Venus de Milo, a famous sculpture of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Clayman explains that a French sculptor visited a Greek farmer, and found hunks of marble, using it to sculpt the Venus de Milo. Ginji becomes curious as to why the sculpture is missing both arms. As it is a mystery to many scholars and historians, Clayman wants The GetBackers to recover the arms in order to solve the mystery. She says that the arms are to be sold at an art auction on an island to a mafia. Meanwhile, on a cruise ship, Hera discuss with Mouen Ryuu about the replica of the Venus de Milo aboard the cruise ship. Hera says that we will broadcast attaching the arms to the sculpture, making her famous and fortunate. As she leaves Ryuu, she meets up with a man, named Natsuhiko Miroku, who is hired to protect the sculpture's arms, also aboard the cruise ship. On their way to the harbor, the Getbackers are tricked into being locked in the back of a truck by Emishi. However, Ban had used Jagan in order for him and Ginji to avoid being caught by Emishi. The Getbackers run into Akabane, who has been hired as a Transporter for the arms, as they briefly engage him in combat and then run away. They attempt to board the cruise ship by hiding themselves inside an empty cask of wine. Nevertheless, they are discovered by Shakuryuu and Hyouku, two mysterious assassins of Ryuu, who both practice a highly skilled technique. The ship is ordered to take off, and Ginji jumps on board while Ban stays back to fight the duo. Instead of fighting, however, the duo jump into a waiting motorboat and follow the cruise ship, leaving Ban on shore. Ban attempts to jump on to the ship as it is about to sail. However, Ban encounters Natsuhiko and is repelled by his sword, thereby falling into the ocean.
30 Mystery Assassins • The Miroku Brothers
"Nazo no Shikaku · Miroku Kyoudai" (謎の刺客·弥勒兄弟)
May 10, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji encounters Akabane, as the two face off once again. Akabane warns him, telling him that there more than one person pursuing him. Ginji evades from Akabane, wandering through the cruise ship alone. He runs into Yukihiko Miroku, who offers him an ice cream cone. It is revealed Hera hired Akabane for the transportation of the sculpture's arms. Shakuryuu and Hyouku are sent by Ryuu to guard Hera, however they are stopped by Akabane. Ban makes his way to the cruise ship via jet ski. Ginji dines with Yukihiko to commemorate their friendship. Shido and Emishi board the ship as well using dolphins that Shido called for. Ginji tells Yukihiko about Ban, different from what Natuhiko told Yukihiko about. Is is revealed that Ryuu is responsible in the creation of the replica of the sculpture. Meanwhile, Emishi and Shido fight their way through the lower levels, and encounter Ryuu's bodyguards. Yukihiko advises Ginji to evacuate the ship, unfortunately Natsuhiko comes in and attacks Ginji. Yukihiko calls off Natsuhiko in the last second, and knocks Ginji out, who then becomes their captive. After defeating the bodyguards, Shido and Emishi are stopped by Shakuryuu and Hyouku. It is revealed that Skakuryuu and Hyouku practice a Chinese technique of martial arts. A drenched and wounded Ban finally sneaks aboard, who then Akabane. Ban, who anticipated a battle, is surprised to hear that Akabane, handing him a pack of cigarettes, challenges him to a fight after they arrive at the cruise ship's final destination. Shido and Emishi escape from Shakuryuu and Hyouku, using flying fish that Shido commanded. As the cruise ship makes its way toward the location of the art auction, everyone watches from abroad as fireworks spring out.
31 Hera and Kait
"Hera to Kait" (ヘラとカイト)
May 17, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Shido and Emishi are intrigued to know that the art auction will be held in a secluded island. Ban appears, and the two of them face off against him. However, Ban doesn't have the strength to fight them and instead collapses in Shido's arms. Meanwhile, Natsuhiko is disappointed in Yukihiko for sparing Ginji's life. Nevertheless, Yukihiko says that Ban will attempt to rescue Ginji, which then Natsuhiko will have a chance of battling Ban. As Natsuhiko leaves, Ginji, unable to move due to dislocation of all of his joints, sees Hera and Akabane enter. Although, Hera wanted Ginji dead, Yukihiko uses him as a hostage instead. When Ginji sees Hera, he recalls that she was once Kait's girlfriend, and had also served as a model for his artwork. Although, Hera and Kait were once engaged, she reveals that he became obsessed with the Venus de Milo, going so far as to abandoning his own artwork and ending his relationship with Hera, because she was not as perfect as the sculpture. Thus, Hera sees her work as an act of revenge against Kait and the Venus de Milo. Ginji suggests that they give him the arms, and that in return he and Ban will "recover" Hera's happiness. Annoyed by this notion, Hera orders a remorseful Yukihiko to kill him, right when Ryuu walks in. Ginji uses the distraction to push himself off the couch he is lying on in order to relocate his shoulder and breaks through a window and into the ocean, only to end up drowning. Meanwhile Ban awakens in the care of Shido and Emishi, who tell Ban that they are after the replica sculpture, and not the arms of the sculpture, putting off any reason to fight each other. Shido explains that the replica sculpture is actually made up of a very expensive drug called Aphrodite. A small amount of Aphrodite is worth millions of yen, and has the capability to destroy a countless number of lives due to its potency. It turns out that Mr. Moen Riyu is the chairman of the art auction, and that whoever wins the bid on the sculpture's arms will receive the replica sculpture as well, and thus will be in possession of Aphrodite, which is the real objective of the art auction. After the ship pulls into port, Ginji is found by Ban, Shido, and Emishi. They help relocate all his joints, but Ginji discovers that a radio transmitter was discreetly put on him. Unfortunately, the four of them find themselves surrounded by the bodyguards armed with guns.
32 The Mission Starts! Ginji vs. Miroku
"Sakusen kaishi! Ginji VS Miroku" (作戦開始!銀次VS弥勒)
May 24, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban, Ginji, Shido, and Emishi split up as they take on the bodyguards. Meanwhile, Ryuu eagerly anticipates the art auction as he expects to earn a lot of money from it, and plans to use the Aphrodite to someday rule the world. Hera looks back to when Ginji said that anything lost can always be recovered, even her happiness. Ban faces off with Akabane, both using their full power. Shido fights Shakuryuu, who wields thick fists of flames. Emishi gets into it Hyouku, who wields a thin sword of ice. Shakuryuu and Hyouku increase their strength and speed, however, Shido and Emishi manage to defeat them. Ginji runs into Yukihiko and Natsuhiko, who later turn out to be one and the same person with dissociative identity disorder, displaying a split personality. Yukihiko, in excellence of speed, is Miroku's friendly, reasonable side, while Natsuhiko, in excellence of strength is Miroku's evil, and bloodthirsty personality. Natsuhiko uses his sword to battle Ginji head-on, but Ginji seemingly defeats him. However, Yukihiko emerges again, using his ring blade to create a massive implosion of the structure around them.
33 Get Back the Eternal Goddess!
"Towa no Megami o Torikaese!" (永久の女神を奪り還せ!)
May 31, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Ban hears the implosion caused by Miroku, he uses Jagan on Akabane to escape, causing him to see multiple images of Ban, which were diverted from balloons. It turns out that the implosion Miroku created using his ring blade was actually an explosion Ginji created amplifying the electricity using nearby electrical wires. The disturbance causes a minor power outage at the art auction. Hera reminisces about when Kait expresses his love for the beauty of the Venus de Milo, and then she makes her way to the art auction. It is revealed that Ban sneaks in the art auction as a television reporter. He uses Jagan on the male bidders, by means of a television screen, causing them all to see multiple sculptures, all with different hand gestures, diverted from all the female bidders. Ban, Ginji, Shido, and Emishi then confiscate the real arms of the sculpture as well as the replica sculpture. As the team runs to the shoreline, Kazuki pulls up in a small speedboat in order to take them back. However, as they are about to pull away, Hera shows up with a gun and hits the gas tank, which eventually begins to leak fuel. Emishi takes the gun away from her with his whip, and the five of them cruise off, as Ginji shouts out to Hera, promising to recover her happiness. Soon they realize that they must dump any unnecessary weight, and Ginji accidentally tosses the real arms of the sculpture as well as the replica sculpture overboard. Although the team acquired five hundred thousand yen, Clayman charges them three hundred thousand yen for the special balloons she made for Ban, and they already used two hundred thousand yen for preparations, so once again the team turn up penniless. Determined to get some good out of the mission, it is revealed that The GetBackers had another task assigned to them by Kait, to bring Hera back to him. They meet Hera at the designated location, however it turns out she just came in order to get revenge. Clayman shows up pushing Kait in a wheelchair, and she tells them that his mind and body have been ravished by an addiction to Aphrodite, rending him mute. The Getbackers take a disbelieving and scornful Hera back to Kait's studio, and shows her his last piece of artwork, a wall sized painting of Hera as a goddess, the work he had failed to complete years before because of his love for the Venus de Milo. Heartbroken and touched, Hera reunites with Kait and puts aside her anger. Finally, Ban runs into Ryuu again, who is carrying a briefcase full of Aphrodite in order to make a comeback. Thinking that he is going into the Limitless Fortress in order to sell the drug to Makubex, Ban tricks Ryuu into turning himself in to the police station, with the use of Jagan.
34 The GetBackers Break Up?! The Enemy is Ban Midou!
"GB Kaisan?! Teki wa Midou Ban!" (GB解散?!敵は美堂蛮!)
June 7, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji are seen fighting each other. Hevn arrives just in time to stop them. Ban walks away from them, breaking up their partnership. He visits the estate of Daitetsu Mahoroba in order to offer his protection services to a diamond, called the Aztec Star, which belongs to Daitetsu. However, Ginji is hired to recover the Aztec Star. This diamond, stolen after World War II, is one thousand karats and worth three billion yen. It is revealed that The GetBackers broken partnership was just a fluke. Ginji explains to the others that Ban, Himiko, and Yamato attempted to steal the Aztec Star in a briefcase from the estate a year ago. However, Daitetsu predetermined the theft attempt, as the briefcase was a self-destructing bomb, deeming the robbery a failure. Ban and Ginji devise a plan to have a brief fight and then team up, taking the diamond and escaping together. Ginji infiltrates the estate with ease, but encounters a bodyguard who displays the martial arts skills similar to that of Bruce Lee, but manages to defeat the bodyguard by shocking him with enormous amounts of electricity. Meanwhile, Ban is captured by Hishiki, The Protector who was previously hired by Akutsu, as Daitetsu sees through the plan devised. Ban tricks Daitetsu and Hishiki, using the Jagan to cause them to think that Ban and Ginji killed each other. When Daitetsu and Hishiki wakes up, Ginji has already procured the Aztec Star, and The GetBackers make their escape. When they get out of the estate, their pursuers are distracted by a bunch of crows commanded by Shido, and Himiko unexpectedly arrives with him to pick up The GetBackers. As they make their getaway, Ginji drops the diamond, which is then picked up by one of Shido's crows. The crow keeps the diamond, much to Ban's chagrin, and The GetBbackers are screwed out of their reward yet again.
35 Get Back the Flame of Life!
"Inochi no honoo wo tori kaese!" (命の炎を奪り還せ!)
June 14, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Hevn asks Ban and Ginji to recover a rare blood type, known as Bombay Blood, for Yumiko Imai, the granddaughter of Shigeyuki Imai, who needs blood transfusional surgery in order to survive. Mr. Imai unfortunately doesn't know anyone who has Bombay Blood, making the mission literally impossible. He begs The GetBackers to retrieve Bombay Blood, since Yumiko has her birthday a month later. It is revealed that Bombay Blood is in the possession of The Transporters, Akabane and Maguruma. As The GetBackers prepare to encounter The Transporters, Akabane attack them from the semi-trailer truck while Maguruma is driving passed them. Once again, The GetBackers are in a high-speed chase with The Transporters. Ginji jumps on to the roof of the semi-trailer truck from an overpass, while Ban keeps pursuit in the car. Ginji lands, and is summarily knocked off by Akabane. A planted road bomb keeps Ban from further pursuit. Yumiko becomes at high risk in her sickness, as Mr. Imai begins to worry more. Hevn is asked to take care of Yumiko, offer her a supposedly stolen puppy, until The GetBackers return to the hospital. Ginji recalls that when he was younger he lost a friend in the Limitless Fortress, who reminds him of Yumiko, very ill and in need of medical attention. This gives him extra determination and anger. It is revealed that a mafia hired The Transporters to deliver the Bombay Blood to them. Ginji unexpectedly turns up again, and Akabane betrays the mafia and gives Ginji the Bombay Blood, sarcastically saying that his since his job is technically finished. Ginji defeats the mafia with his lightning, however exhaustively. His superhuman power is then augmented, using static electricity, to take down the mafia chief. Akabane and Maguruma leave the scene in the semi-trailer truck, as Ban enters it in a helicopter. Ban takes Ginji and the Bombay Blood to the hospital. Yumiko will soon recover her health, thanks to Ginji's strength and reminiscence about the girl who was sick in his past.
36 Children of Destiny
"Unmei no kodomotachi" (運命の子供たち)
June 21, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji, as well as Himiko are hired to obtain a kidnapped baby. The clients are Yuuichiro Nagano and his wife, Maki Nagano. It is believed that Yuuichiro's father, Takao Kiyokawa, the chief executive officer of a major financial enterprise company, is responsible for the kidnapping. It is revealed that Kiyokawa never approved of their marriage, since he wanted Yuuichiro to marry a woman of a high financial status quo. Yuuichiro and Maki find out that Kiyokawa broke into the Nagano residence, taking the child with him. Kiyokawa wants to raise their child as his own to have a rightful heir to the company. Therefore, Ban and Ginji's job is to recover the child, while Himiko's job is to transport the child. Ban tells Ginji that Himiko was a kidnapped child in the past, making her relate to the child of the Naganos. Ban and Ginji, in their car, and Himiko, in her motorcycle, arrive at the estate of Kiyokawa to steal back the child. After Kiyokawa shortly figures out that the child is missing, he sends his guards to chase after them. While Himiko heads back to transport the child, Ban and Ginji blocks the road in front of the guards. However, this proves ineffective when the guards use a helicopter to simply fly over their heads. Himiko is forced to hide in the woods with the child from the helicopter. Himiko flashes back to when Yamato was in the same situation with Himiko in the woods. Ban and Ginji find Himiko and the child in the woods, but are sensed by the helicopter. They make their escape. It is revealed that Himiko and Yamato are descendants of what is known as the Last Children, suffering a curse that makes them grow insane as they get older. As Yamato slowly begins to fall to the curse, he asks Ban to take his life while he is still in a right state of mind. Ban, Ginji, and Himiko return to the Honky Tonk cafe with the child, only to find out that Yuuichiro was escorted to the estate to negotiate with Kiyokawa. Ban, Ginji, and Himiko barge in, as Maki brings in the child. Kiyokawa explains that he arranged the kidnapping to allow Yuuichiro, Maki, and the child to return to his estate as a family. The episode ends with Himiko being unaware of the reason for Yamato's death as shes leave, as well as Ban telling himself that he will keep the promise he made to Yamato long ago as he holds the cigarette lighter given by Yamato.
37 Do Your Best, Natsumi!
"Natsumi Ganbaru!" (夏実がんばる!)
June 28, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji go to the beach, supposedly on a business trip, though it seems to be a vacation trip. Meanwhile in the Honky Tonk cafe, an old woman shows up, asking to retrieve a memento of her deceased husband. She explains to Natsumi that she hid her memento in her house from her son, as it was embarrassing to display it. She lost it, and had moved in with her son in his house. She had sold her house to a group of jewel thieves, later recognized, who disregard her presence from time to time, as they ignore her story about the memento. Natsumi decides to accept the case, and Paul is in shock. Natsumi makes her way to Madoka's house, but is disappointed that Shido wasn't there with her. However, she spots Emishi in the backyard, and enlists him in this recover service mission. They arrive at the old woman's sold house, failing at many attempts to get inside. As Natsumi uses various disguises to get inside the house, Emishi eventually joins in the fun. After that doesn't work out, Natsumi and Emishi decide to camp out in front of the house, waiting for the right time to sneak in. Natsumi tells Emishi about the kitty key chain that Ban and Ginji recovered for her, as it is like a memento to her. Emishi runs off to a convenience store to buy food for the two of them, while Natsumi sees that the jewel thieves leave the house. Later in the evening, after being impatient for Emishi, she runs into the house, but is caught by the trap of the jewel thieves. While the jewel thieves argue who would kill her, Natsumi makes her escape. Using her ping-pong skills, she manages to catch them off guard. She yells out for Emishi, but is stopped by the jewel thieves. However, Emishi and Kazuki make their entrance, defeating them. It is revealed that the memento to the old woman was a collection of love letters written by her deceased husband.
38 A Recital Just For You
"Anata dake no Recital" (あなただけのリサイタル)
July 5, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji lost a bet with Natsumi at shogi, forcing Ban and Ginji to wash the dishes. Shido arrives at the Honky Tonk cafe, who waits for Hevn to show up. Hevn arrives in formal attire, and shes takes him to a department store to buy a tuxedo. Ban and Ginji become irritated for having no recovery assignment for a while. It is revealed that Shido was requested to attend Madoka's recital performance in the evening. Suddenly, a thief takes a boy hostage, attracting a crowd. Shido commands a flock of crows to attack the thief. Meanwhile, Madoka is practicing for her performance, and wonders if or when Shido will arrive to see her. Shido encounters Kirihito and his henchmen, as the henchmen command the wasp to attack him. Shido counterattacks commanding the crows as well as the mice. However, Kirihiro has Hevn as a hostage, and attacks Shido with spiders. Ban, saving Hevn, and Ginji, saving Shido, both arrive. Shido explains that Kirihito was a mafia boss who tried to take over the Limitless Fortress before The VOLTS were assembled. Kirihito reason for attacking Shido was to prove that insect masters are superior to beast masters. Using levitation and speed, Kirihito attacks Shido with spiderweb silk, as he commands the spider to prey on Shido. Nevertheless, Shido commanded the mice to destroy the spiders. With Ban and Ginji's help, Shido manages to defeat Kirihito. Ban withheld Shido from assassinating Kirihito, as he is reminded to attend Madoka's recital performance. Ban contacts Himiko to come and use her poisionous perfume to erase the memories of Kirihito and his henchmen for the past twenty-four hours. Shido noticed that Madoka's recital performance was already finished. So he returned back to her house, only to find out that he wasn't home. He then remembers that Madoka would wait for him at the recital performance stage. He runs to see her, as she lands into his arms. Madoka plays a piece for Shido, as he thinks deeply about her.
39 Ginji's Hospitalized? It's a Hospital! Everyone Assembled
"Ginji Nyuuin? Byouin da yo! Zenin Shuugou" (銀次入院?病院ダヨ!全員集合!)
July 12, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
While Ban and Ginji are on a mission on a rooftop, Ginji decides to eat his dinner. He accidentally drops some food, as it starts rolling off the rooftop. Ginji chases after it, but summarily falls off the rooftop. This results in Ginji's hospitalization. As the mission was deemed a failure, Ban becomes aggravated at Ginji. Hevn, Himiko, and Shido visits Ginji. It is revealed Shido took care of the job that The GetBacker left behind. Ban becomes jealous at Shido, as the two argue insultingly at each other. A nurse comes in, asking for the help of a recovery service. They meet with a group of nurses who ask them to reclaim a stack of letters written by their patients, which is in the possession of a head nurse. Ban and Shido wager a bet to see who can be the first to reclaim the stack of letters. The loser must be the one to resign from the recovery service. As Himiko spends time with Ginji, Karuki comes by, looking for Juubei, who seems to be getting a physical checkup done, mistakenly. Ban and Shido take the competition too far, as they have both failed to retrieve the letters. Natsumi, walks in on Ginji and Himiko, as Ginji was choking on an apple and Himiko was about to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Kazuki is mistaken for a female nurse, but is caught by the head nurse. Hevn and Natsumi begin to think Ginji and Himiko are soul mates. The head nurse finds out about the nurses whereabouts, and they retaliate as they demand back the letters. Ban and Shido make their way trying to win the "competition", only to have it tossed out from the rooftop of the hospital. Emishi visits the group, explaining that a bag of letters fell into his hands. He gave the letters to the nurses, and they showed him their gratitude. Kazuki comes in dressed as a nurse, and Juubei is seen in a gurney being sent to have a computed axial tomography scan. Ban causes an argument with Shido, Kazuki, Juubei, Emishi, and Himiko. Ginji breaks out the window onto a power line. Due to the static electricity, Ginji becomes revived. However, Akabane unexpectedly shows up, causing Ginji to faint. Moreover, Akabane spends time with Ginji in the hospital, much to his chagrin.
40 Monkey Counterattack!
"Gyakushuu no Saru!" (逆襲の猿!)
July 19, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Ban, Ginji, and Natsumi drive up to visit the summer house of Madoka, they encounter a monkey, who then steal their food. Ban and Ginji chase the monkey into a nearby forest, but they eventually lose sight of it. Ginji finds the food, only to find out it was a trap. They soon find themselves surrounded by monkeys. They figure out the monkey were the same ones who had stolen all the jewelry in the hot springs bath from before. As they return to see Natsumi, unable to retrieve the food, the same monkey, who just so happens to be the boss monkey, deliberately starts eating the food right in front of them. Natsumi explains that she prepared their favorite meals for them, as the boss monkey continues to eat. Ban and Ginji break into tears, chasing the boss monkey, but to no avail. When they arrive at the summer house, they explained the story to Shido, who was indiffent on the matter. They later explained the story to Madoka, as she asks Shido to help them with this situation. Shido witnesses that the monkeys are eating food from the customers of a nearby food stand. The monkeys run away, and Shido chases them to the nearby forest where all of the are. Shido then meets the boss monkey. He orders all of the monkeys to sleep, however the boss monkey stays awake. Shido and the boss monkey face off in a head-on collision, with the boss monkey being defeated. The rest of the monkeys surround Shido, as they bow down to him. Meanwhile, Ban and Ginji drive back, as they encounter the boss monkey again, taking their food again. They chase the monkey to the nearby forest again, setting off the same trap. They see that Shido is the leader of the pack of monkeys, and that he has the food. As he tastes the first bite, he perceived the food as poisonous. Ban and Ginji sneak off back to the summer house, and they go to the hot springs bath there. It is seen that Shido, as well as the monkeys, also show up there. Eventually, Natsumi and Madoka go to the hot springs bath, seeing Ban, Ginji, and Shido there. Madoka asks Shido how the food was, as Shido upsets her as he thought it tasted awful. A disappointed Natsumi escorts a depressed Madoka back into the summer house. Ban and Ginji leave Shido alone. The next day, the monkeys are eating food from the customers of the same nearby food stand. Shido expresses his anger, and Ban and Ginji try to confront him. All three engage in a battle. This leads to their arrest.
41 Farewell, My Beloved
"Saraba itoshiki hito yo" (さらば愛しき人よ)
July 26, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ban and Ginji are asked to recover a stolen government object. They record a sighting of a strange phenomenon, and they present it to Hevn the following day. Hevn sees a familiar person in the footage, and then cancels the mission for Ban and Ginji, giving them compensation for the cancellation. Hevn flashes back to when she was working in a research facility. The research facility was attacked by an army of commandos, and Eiji, her research partner, was shot in the process. In another flashback, Eiji discusses about an alloy, which can be used to make methods of transportation more reliable. It can also make building more durable in structure, and can make prosthetic arms and legs more flexible and agile. So it seems that Hevn takes on the assignment, to retrieve the alloy, which is the stolen governmental object. She infiltrates the commando ship, but is faced by an army of commandos. She surrenders to them, and they take her to Eiji, later recognized. It is revealed that Ban and Ginji disguised themselves as commandos, as they defeat the commandos surrounding them. The leader runs away, and the three chases after Eiji. After they find him, they begin to attack him. Ginji's lightning and Ban's grip are rendered useless, as it is revealed that his clothes are woven with the material of the alloy. As she is surprised that Eiji survived the commando attack years before, he reveals that he is an agent, assigned to steal the alloy. He unveiled that he got close to Hevn to make his plan successful. Feeling deceived, Hevn prepared to snipe Eiji. However, he offers he to come with her to start their lives over again. He shows his bullet wounds from the command attack years before, proving how much he cares for her. Ban and Ginji leave Hevn and Eiji alone. The next day, at the Honky Tonk cafe, Ban and Ginji wonders about the whereabouts of Hevn and Eiji. Ironically, Hevn walks in and offers them a new assignment.
42 The Cost of Betrayal
"Uragiri no daishou" (裏切りの代償)
August 2, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
At the Honky Tonk cafe, Ban and Ginji are out of a job and are still unable to pay their tab for Paul. Azuma, later recognized, enters the Honky Tonk cafe, as he was an old acquaintance of Paul. Azuma asks Paul if he is able to obtain an item from Sakai, also later recognized. However, Azuma said he will return later on. Ban and Ginji were discussing about a band of thieves for hire who lived near a harbor, and they disbanded after a failed mission. It is later revealed that the band of thieves were Paul, Azuma, and Sakai. In a flashback, it is seen that Paul, Azuma, and Sakai are hired to steal a antique vase. However, Sakai betrayed Paul and Azuma by joining the mafia. They run for their lives, but Azuma is shot and falls into the ocean, supposedly being dead. In the present, Paul and Azuma need Ban and Ginji's help to reclaim the stolen antique vase from Sakai. Nevertheless, Ban rejects the case, and Ginji tries to talk him out of his decision. After Paul admits his mistake of being part of a band of thieves, Ban accepts the case, under the condition of relieving the tab. The four of them infiltrate the mafia mansion, getting past the mafia guards outside. Azuma disarms the security system of the mansion, which made Ginji impressed. They eventually find the antique vase. Paul carefully plans out the robbery of the antique vase, but Azuma sets off the security alarm, demanding to see Sakai. The four of them are in the custody of the mafia guards, and Sakai makes his way in to see them. Azuma unveils that he has a detonator to multiple bombs planted in the mansion, as it was his original plan from the start. He advises the other three to take the antique vase and run. However, Ban, Ginji, and Paul use the detonator as a distraction, as they take down the mafia guards. Azuma chases after Sakai, but is summarily shot by him. With little strength he has left, Azuma detonates the mansion, setting it into flames. However, Ban reveals that he had used Jagan on Sakai. Azuma asks Sakai why he joined the mafia, to which Sakai answered that he wanted to live a "better" life. He wanted Azuma to kill him, but Paul said that they have changed. Paul, Azuma, and Sakai go their separate ways.
43 The Man Who Came Back... The Limitless Fortress, Once More
"Kaettekita Otoko... Mugenjyou, Futatabi" (帰ってきた男...無限城、再び)
August 9, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kagami witness the return of Masaki Kurusu, master of light, in the Limitless Fortress. Sakura is seen being attacked by Kaoru Ujiie, master of fire. Himiko sees her injured and takes her to the Honky Tonk cafe. She tells Ban, Ginji, Himiko, and Hevn that MakubeX has been kidnapped. It is shown that Makubex was creating a program to download data from Lower Town into his computer system, to ensure peace in Lower Town and prevent any wars from happening. However, it is assumed that Masaki is responsible for kidnapping Makubex. Moreover, all the data download has been erased, and the computer system is heavily damaged. Ginji realizes that Kaoru was responsible for attacking Sakura, as there is an insignia on her arm. Masaki visits Gen in the pharmacy, as he is aware that Gen was one of the architects of the Limitless Fortress. Masaki hints that he has Makubex captive. Ren, being depressed for being an illusion, is sitting outside the pharmacy, wishing to see Kazuki again. Toshiki Uryuu, master of the force palm, offers her to come with him to see Kazuki. It is revealed that the insignia on Sakura's arm symbolizes that the fire from Kaoru will enter Sakura's body. She has one day until the fire will penetrate her body. As Ban and Ginji plan to rescue Makubex as well as plan to save Sakura, Kazuki and Shido come and join them. So Ban, Ginji, Himiko, Shido, and Kazuki head toward the Limitless Fortress, leaving Hevn with Sakura in the Honky Tonk cafe. Meanwhile in Lower Town, Emishi and Juubei split up. Emishi encounters Jouya Kanou, master of wind. Kanou explains that when The VOLTS disbanded, he had no reason to stay in the Limitless Fortress. However, since he has returned to the Limitless Fortress, hinting that Masaki has returned as well. Juubei manages to catch up with an injured Emishi and prevent Kanou from attacking. As Kanou evades, Emishi explains that Masaki has returned to the Limitless Fortress and is responsible for kidnapping Makubex.
44 The Last of the Four Kings
"Saigo no Shitenou" (最後の四天王)
August 16, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Kaoru, Uryuu, and Kanou are in a monitoring room. However, Ren has joined up with them. Ren is looking through the surveillance of Lower Town, and she has spotted The GetBackers walking around. Kaoru, Uryuu, and Kanou leave the room to search for The GetBackers, as Ren is asked to continue to surveil the area. Meanwhile, Ban, Ginji, Himiko, Shido, and Kazuki go to Makubex's computer room, only to find him missing. Shido says that his animals are not respecting his command for him, as they all sense danger lurking. They go to the pharmacy, seeing Gen again, and meeting Emishi and Juubei there. Emishi explains that Kanou attacked him, and that Masaki has returned to the Limitless Fortress. Kazuki tells everyone that Masaki was the last of the four kings of The VOLTS. Makubex finds himself in the Archive, kidnapped by Masaki. Masaki is aware that Makubex knows about The Brain Trust, the secret organized responsible for creating the Limitless Fortress. Masaki leaves Makubex in the Archive, in search of The GetBackers, along with Kaoru, Uryuu, and Kanou. The GetBackers departs from the pharmacy, leaving Emishi behind, and taking Juubei with them. They split up into two groups. Ban, Ginji, and Himiko are in one group, while Shido, Kazuki, and Juubei are in another. Ban, Ginji, and Himiko become virtually separated. Himiko encounters Kaoru in the Mayan Temple. Shido, Kazuki, and Juubei also become virtually separated. Kazuki and Juubei encounter Kanou and Uryuu in the Grand Canyon. However, Uryuu prevents Kanou from attacking Kazuki and Juubei. Nonetheless, Kanou begins to attack them. Kazuki and Juubei falls off the canyon, bringing them out of the virtual landscape and back into Lower Town. Meanwhile, Shido encounters Masaki, and the two engage in battle. However, Teshimine appears and sends them out of the virtual landscape. Teshimine questions Masaki for returning to the Limitless Fortress.
45 Demon of Revenge: Fudou Passes Away Dies
"Fukushuu Ki Fudou Iku" (復讐鬼·不動逝く)
August 23, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It is revealed in the past that Teshimine spoke to Masaki about the use of Ginji's superhuman power. He first wanted to use that power to obtain peace in the Limitless Fortress, but took advantage of it, lusting for more power. In the past, Teshimine left the Limitless Fortress, asking Masaki to care for Ginji. With that known, Teshimine attacks Masaki for going against his word. Meanwhile, Sakura is becoming more and more ill as Hevn is watching over her. Natsumi brings cold towels for Sakura, and Natsumi is asked to watch over her. Paul goes down to the basement, with Hevn following him. It seems as if there is a computer system in the basement. Natsumi runs to get more cold towels for Sakura, but Sakura struggles to go to the basement, asking to know if she could contact Makubex using the computer system. Back at the Mayan Temple, Himiko uses were poisonous perfume of fire against Kaoru, but is rendered powerless against her. She then uses her poisonous perfume of manipulation against Kaoru. But due to Kaoru's ability to burn the perfume scent in her lungs, it is also rendered powerless against her. Ban encounters Fudou. Fudou reveals that Kagami repaired his left arm, just to see Ban's true power. Ban and Fudou engage in hand-to-hand combat, evenly matched. Meanwhile, Himiko is struggling against Kaoru. She uses her poisonous perfume of speed, taking a whiff of it twice. After a third whiff, she manages to defeat Kaoru, however she herself pays a heavy toll on her health. Shido collapses in front of Gen's pharmacy. It seems as if Ban and Fudou are hassling to defeat each other. But somehow Ban manages to defeat Fudou. Ban uses Jagan on Fudou, causing him to dream that he is punching Ban to death. Kagami shows up, and Ban is frustrated. MakubeX tries to send information from the Archive computer system to the Honky Tonk cafe computer system. Ren, with Uryuu by her side, notices this and attempts to block Makubex, but to no avail. Ban finds an unconscious Himiko and rushes over to the pharmacy to see Gen. Teshimine lost his match against Masaki. Sakura receives the information from Makubex, showing a map of the Archive. Ren was able to block the information from being transferred to Gen, making Paul and Hevn out of luck. However, Hevn devises that Akabane could transport the map to Gen directly. Also, Ginji encounters Sarai Kagenuma.
46 The Brain Trust
"Burein·Torasuto" (ブレイン·トラスト)
August 30, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Sarai claims to know Ginji very well. Ginji, being lost, asks Sarai for directions. Sarai, in response, tells him to go to Babylon City, and then suddenly exits. Akabane enters Lower Town, and he encounters Kagami, who eventually guides him to the pharmacy. Ginji runs into Akabane, as they both make their way to the pharmacy. At the pharmacy, Ban watches over Himiko and Shido. Kazuki and Juubei are there as well. Akabane delivered the information to the pharmacy, and the team examines the information. The map shows the architecture of The Beltline, which is between Lower Town and Babylon City. Kazuki recalls how dangerous The Beltline is. The Beltline is the home to many ruthless and cruel people, many of whom have attacked residents of Lower Town. The map reveals that Makubex is in the Archive. After Ban forcefully persuades Gen to reveal any secrets of his past, Gen tells everyone that he used to be part of The Brain Trust. The Brain Trust is responsible for creating the Limitless Fortress, even after Gen left the organization. Ban, Ginji, Kazuki, Juubei, and Akabane leave the pharmacy to head toward The Beltline. Meanwhile, a frustrated storms out of the monitoring room, furious at Uryuu. Ren continues to depress over being an illusion. As Ban and the others enter the Beltline, they come across a field of flowers, as they all assume they are in a virtual reality room. Ginji becomes separated from the rest of the crew, as the others begin to look for him. Ginji then sees Masaki. He confronts Masaki, questioning why he has Makubex hostage.
47 Storm the Beltline! Ginji vs. Masaki
"Beltline Tounyuu! Ginji VS Masaki" (ベルトライン突入!銀次VS柾)
September 6, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
As Ban, Kazuki, Juubei, and Akabane try to find Ginji in the virtual reality room, an imaginary door appears, seemingly leading to Makubex. Masaki is beating Ginji up, as Ginji tries to resist fighting back. As Masaki attempts to deliver the finishing move, he is abruptly stopped by Ban and the others. Masaki retreats, warning them to leave the Limitless Fortress immediately. They then tend to a wounded Ginji, having great concern over him. Ginji uses the electricity in the room to "recharge" his energy, an interesting way to heal. Sarai then appears, as he notices that Ginji has chosen to enter The Beltline. He offers to be their guide toward Babylon City. As they follow Sarai through what seems to be a maze, they have noticed that Akabane stayed behind, who had encountered Kagami right when they left. Juubei separates from the group to confront Uryuu, with Kazuki going after him. After it is figured out that Sarai is from Babylon City, Sarai questions Ginji on his return to the Limitless Fortress. Sarai leads Ginji to Kaoru, and he leads Ban to Kanou. Meanwhile, Uryuu recalls to Juubei that they competed against each other when they were younger. So they engage in a battle to settle their score. As Ban and Kanou fight, so does Ginji and Kaoru. Kaoru admits her love for Ginji, as she breaks out in tears. Ginji tells her that his love for her has changed, but he will always remember her love for him.
48 Fated Showdown • Ban vs. Akabane
"Shukumei no Taiketsu · Ban VS Akabane" (宿命の対決、·蛮VS赤屍)
September 13, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
It is revealed that Makubex is an illusion, just like Ren. Masaki leaves Makubex in the Archive, ignoring him. Ban and Ginju leave Kaoru, hoping she will make the right decision to help recover Sakura. Juubei and Uryuu continue their battle. In a flashback, is is revealed that Kazuki, Juubei, and Uryuu formed a group. But it was because of Uryuu's sheer strength that lead to the group's disbandment. Just as Juubei and Uryuu are about to release their full power on each other, flying needles versus force palm, Kazuki steps in and stops them. Kazuki is aware than Ren is watching them. Ban is led to Akabane, and Ginji is led to Masaki. As Ban fights Akabane, Masaki tells Ginji that he was sent by The Brain Trust to observe Lower Town. He says that betrayed Ginji, after Teshimine left him in the care of Masaki. Gen conducts a plan, enlisting the help of Ren and Paul. It is believed that Ban and Akabane are one and the same, equally matched, and similarly skilled. However, Ban tells Akabane that it was Ginji's inspiration to break away from the urge to hurt and move toward the passion to protect. Ban uses that inspiration to defeat Akabane.
49 GetBackers
"GettoBakkaazu" (ゲットバッカーズ)
September 20, 2003 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Ginji defeats Masaki, and then questions his actions. Kanou interrogates Ren, realizing than she is assisting in rescuing Makubex. Kanou, however, is stopped by Shido and Emishi. Masaki says to Ginji that he was sent by The Brain Trust to erase the existence of Makubex, noting that he is an illusion, but he was against it. Masaki goes with Ginji and Ban to the Archive, only to find out that Makubex himself is erasing his own existence. Ginji uses his lightning to destroy the Archive, creating a power outage in the Limitless Fortress. After the emergency power activates, Makubex is restored. It is revealed that all of the data of Makubex was transferred out of the Archive before Ginji restored him. Therefore, the residents of Lower Town will be free from the experiments of The Brain Trust. Teshimine returns, bringing gladness to Ginji. Back at the Honky Tonk cafe, Kaoru appears and removes the seal from Sakura's arm, rejuvenating her. Ren returns to Gen in the pharmacy. In the Honky Tonk cafe, Ban and Ginji continue on with their lives as a recovery service.

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