The episodes of the Japanese animated TV series Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo are directed by Mahiro Maeda and animated and produced by Gonzo.[1][2] Gankutsuou is based on Alexandre Dumas's French novel, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo and is about the coming-of-age of Albert Morcerf and the revenge of the Count of Monte Cristo.

The series first aired in Japan on Animax on October 5, 2004, and the final episode aired on March 29, 2005.[3] Media Factory released the series to twelve DVD compilations in Japan between February 25, 2005 and January 25, 2006.[4][5] On April 10, 2005, Geneon Entertainment received the license for U.S. releases.[6] The U.S. version went straight to six DVD compilations of four episodes each between October 25, 2005 and September 12, 2006.[7][8] Gankutsuou was also made available over the now defunct Akimbo video-on-demand service, Xbox Live, and via Vuze.[9][10][11]

Gankutsuou only has one opening theme and one closing theme, both by Jean-Jacques Burnel.[2] "We Were Lovers" serves as the opening theme for all episodes except episode twenty-three and serves as the closing theme for the season finale, episode twenty-four. "You Won't See Me Coming" was the ending theme for every episode aside from the season finale.[1]

Episode list

# Title[12] Original airdate[3]
01 At Journey's End, We Meet
"Tabi no Owari ni Bokura wa Deau" (旅の終わりに僕らは出会う)
October 5, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert and Franz, the children of wealthy nobles from Paris, are attending the Carnival on Luna. Albert is captivated by The Count of Monte Cristo at an opera performance. While Albert tails the Count, the Count drops his watch, which Albert uses to set up a meeting with the Count. When he tries to return the watch, he and Franz are invited to dinner during the final spectacle of the Carnival. Albert is offered a chance to pardon one of three murderers, but randomly chooses the boastful murderer, Rocka Buriol, to his surprise and dismay. He tries to lose himself for the night with a girl, but she suddenly pulls a gun on him.
02 Until the Sun Rises on the Moon
"Tsuki ni Asahi ga Noboru Made" (月に朝日が昇るまで)
October 12, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The girl who Albert was with, Peppo, reveals herself to be a member of Luigi Vampa's gang of thieves and kidnappers. Several aristocrats ask Franz, who is at a ball, where Albert is and warn him that the streets are not safe because of Vampa. When he attempts to return to his hostel, he is met by Rocka Buriol, the murderer who Albert pardoned, who demands fifty million ducats in return for Albert's life. Franz desperately tries to get the money, but is unable to and resorts to begging the Count. Meanwhile, the deadline passes and Vampa's men begin to taunt and torture Albert, but Peppo jumps out to save him. The Count arrives at Vampa's lair along with Franz and they save Albert. When Albert asks how he can repay the Count, the Count replies that Albert can introduce him into Parisian society and tells Albert to keep the pocketwatch.
03 5/22, Tempest
"5/22, Arashi" (5/22、嵐)
October 19, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Back in Paris, Albert heads out for a picnic with his friends. He travels in his fiancée Eugénie's car, and the two bicker and speed ahead, causing Franz's chauffeur to drives Franz's car into a ditch, but Maximilien Morrel, who happened to be passing by, single-handedly lifts the car out. They converse and eat and Morrel becomes infatuated with Valentine, Franz's fiancée. When they return to Paris, Albert attempts to introduce them all to The Count, who is immediately peppered by questions. Beauchamp, Albert's journalist friend, tries to photo and record The Count, but later realizes that nothing has been recorded. After they leave, Albert introduces The Count to his parents.
04 Mother's Secret
"Haha no Himitsu" (母の秘密)
October 24, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The Count of Monte Cristo stays for dinner with Albert's parents, Général Fernand de Morcerf and Mercédès. He converses with the General about the General's military experience. When the Count refuses to eat, Mercedes insists that he eat one of her specialities, which causes the Count to reminesce about Marseille. Peppo taunts Albert into thinking that his mother will fall in love with the Count and he becomes fixated upon his mother's locked drawer after he sees her reminiscing over an old photograph. Albert and his friends later visit the Count's mansion on the Champs-Élysées where they descend into the depths of his house to a city of gold. The Count gives Albert a sword.
05 Do You Love Your Betrothed?
"Anata wa Konyakusha o Aishiteimasu ka" (あなたは婚約者を愛していますか)
November 2, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert, Franz, Maximilien, and Beauchamp visit Monte Cristo at his residence, where they meet Haydée. Albert and Maximilien almost come to blows, and Monte Cristo proposes a duel. However, when Albert slips and falls into the pool filled with sharks, Monte Cristo dives in to save him.
06 Her Melancholy, My Melancholy
"Kanojo no Yūutsu, Boku no Yūutsu" (彼女の憂鬱、僕の憂鬱)
9 November 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert doubts his feelings for Eugénie, and Eugénie is distressed over her father's, the Baron Danglars' obsession with finance and her mother's affair with Lucien Debray. Meanwhile, Monte Cristo visits Danglars to open an account with unlimited credit.
07 The Secret Flower Garden
"Himitsu no Hanazono" (秘蜜の花園)
November 16, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Haydée, having seen General de Morcerf at the opera, collapses in shock. Maximilien seeks Albert's advice on courting Valentine. Madame Danglars, Héloïse Villefort, and her son Edouard are saved by Monte Cristo's servant when their carriage's horses run amok not far from his residence.
08 A Night in Boulogne
"Burōnyu no Yoru" (ブローニュの夜)
November 23, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Monte Cristo holds a reception for the Danglars, Morcerfs, and Villeforts at his newly acquired estate in Boulogne, where he also introduces the Marquis Andrea Cavalcanti. Monte Cristo claims that an evil aura in the mansion emanates from a certain room, and suggests that his guests form search parties to reach it.
09 I Dreamed a Dark Dream
"Yami Iro no Yume o Mita" (闇色の夢を見た)
November 30, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
When Madame Danglars collapses, Villefort, who is quite familiar with the mansion, runs out of patience with Monte Cristo. Meanwhile, Albert is poisoned through a water pitcher that Monte Cristo claims was likely meant for the Villeforts.
10 The Letter From Edmond
"Edomon kara no Tegami" (エドモンからの手紙)
December 7, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
The poisoned Valentine remains unconscious, but Villefort is trying to keep the situation under wraps by treating it as a family matter. Some time later, Danglars, Morcerf, Villefort and Caderousse receive a funeral invitation from Edmond Dantes.
11 An Engagement Broken
"Konyaku, Hadan" (婚約、破談)
December 14, 2004 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Maximilien, Franz and Château-Renaud kidnap Valentine to get her away from the poisoner's clutches, and Maximilien takes her to Marseilles. Franz suspects Monte Cristo's involvement in the poisonings, but Albert is steadfast. Villefort, however, has already discovered that his wife Héloïse is the culprit. Meanwhile, Danglars decides to break off Eugénie's engagement to Albert.
12 Encore
"Ankōru" (アンコール)
January 4, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Cavalcanti is making moves on Eugénie, while Danglars is trying to stop Albert from attending her concert. With Debray's help, Albert manages to attend and both he and Eugénie begin to realize their true feelings for each other. After the performance, Villefort attempts to arrest Monte Cristo.
13 Haydée
"Ede" (エデ)
January 11, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Villefort's plan to arrest Monte Cristo backfires. Meanwhile, Danglars cuts off financial assistance to Morcerf. Franz and Lucien hack into the Ministry of the Interior's database in order to find out more about Monte Cristo. Albert meets Haydée, who recounts the tale of her childhood.
14 Lost Souls
"Samayou Kokoro" (さまよう心)
January 18, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Villefort is arrested for attempting to murder Monte Cristo. Cavalcanti convinces Danglars to announce his engagement to Eugénie, throwing Albert into depression.
15 The End of Happiness, The Beginning of Truth
"Shiawase no Owari, Shinjitsu no Hajimari" (幸せの終わり、真実の始まり)
January 25, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert goes on a space cruise with Monte Cristo. Franz, continuing to investigate Gankutsuou, learns about Chateau d'If. Haydée testifies before the National Assembly about Morcerf's role in her enslavement and his crimes in Janina.
16 Scandal
"Sukyandaru" (スキャンダル)
February 1, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert, having returned from space, learns of the brewing scandal around his father and believes Beauchamp to be responsible. However, he soon learns the truth of their heritage from Mercedes.
17 The Confession
"Kokuhaku" (告白)
February 8, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert having learned from Monte Cristo that everything that has happened so far has been planned out of necessity, challenges him to a duel. Albert meets with Franz, who has returned to Paris. Mercedes, having recognized Edmond Dantes in Monte Cristo, comes to see him.
18 The Duel
"Kettō" (決闘)
February 15, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Having drugged Albert's alcohol so that he sleeps in, Franz attends the duel with Monte Cristo in his place. Albert only arrives in time to hear Franz's dying words.
19 Even If I Should Stop Being Me
"Tatoe, Boku ga Boku de Naku Natta to Shite mo" (たとえ、僕が僕でなくなったとしても)
February 22, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Albert, upset that Franz had to die because of his parents' old love triangle, decides to leave the Morcerf house. However, with his status as an aristocrat revoked, he cannot even exit the town gates. Meanwhile Danglars, facing the prospect of bankruptcy, decides to advance the plans for Eugénie and Cavalcanti's wedding.
20 Farewell, Eugénie
"Sayonara, Yūjenī" (さよなら、ユージェニー)
March 1, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With Peppo's help, Albert crashes Eugénie's wedding, and the police soon arrives to arrest Cavalcanti, who is really Benedetto, a wanted criminal. In the confusion, Albert and Eugénie escape, ending up at the airport where Eugénie leaves for New York.
21 The True Identity of the Nobleman
"Kikōshi no Shōtai" (貴公子の正体)
March 8, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Danglars, in an attempt to outmaneuver his creditors, skips town with a suitcase containing five trillion francs. However, Monte Cristo appears on the same plane, demanding money from him. Benedetto makes an appearance and reveals the truth of his heritage at Villefort's trial for poisoning and for attempted murder.
22 Counterattack
"Gyakushū" (逆襲)
March 15, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With Villefort insane and Danglars trapped in outer space in a ship full of gold bars, only Morcerf remains to be dealt with. While Monte Cristo recounts his story to Albert, Morcerf stages a coup d'etat and declares martial law in Paris.
23 Edmond Dantès
"Edomon Dantesu" (エドモン·ダンテス)
March 22, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
With Mercedes and Albert shot by Morcerf, nothing stands in the way of his showdown with Monte Cristo. Morcerf holds Haydée hostage, and Monte Cristo orders the wounded Albert to be held hostage. However, with his orders being disobeyed for the first time, Monte Cristo has to shoot Albert himself. After a confrontation between Albert and Monte Cristo, Gankutsuou's hold over Edmond Dantès is broken, and he finally passes away.
24 At the Shore
"Nagisa Nite" (渚にて)
March 29, 2005 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}}
Fernand and Edmond are dead. Five years later, a peace treaty with the Eastern Empire is finally being signed. Maximilien returns to his beloved Valentine in Marseilles. Haydée, now attended by Monte Cristo's former servants and living on Janina, is preparing for her coronation. Benedetto and Caderousse are still at large. Mercedes visits Fernand and Edmond's graves in Marseilles. Albert returns to Paris, where Eugénie once again lives, to visit his abandoned family home and Franz's grave. Albert reminisces about the past five years and the lessons he has learned. The episode ends as Albert rushes to the nearby church where he hears Eugénie playing.


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