Here is a list of Galaxy Angel episodes.


Galaxy Angel

# Title Original air date
01 Resort-style Angel Preparation
"Rizōto-fū Kōun-zutsumi Enjeru-jitate" (リゾート風幸運包みエンジェル仕立て)
7 April 2001
The Angel Troupe's original purpose was to discover lost technology, but they end up doing household duties. Forte Stollen and Ranpha Franboise, part of the Angel Unit has been sent to a beach resort to find Baron Fitzgerald III (a cat that was heir to a large family fortune) that has run away. They find many cats that look like Baron III. However, the real Baron was really with Milfeulle Sakuraba, a beachside cafe waitress, who, not knowing who the cat really was, named him Rollie. Milfeulle eventually meets up with the two Angels, and all three now had to escape from assassins hired by a jealous relative.
02 Gamble Milfeulle Sauce
"Gyanburu Poware Mirufīyu Sōsu" (ギャンブルポワレミルフィーユソース)
14 April 2001
On this day, the Angel Troupe is supposed to welcome their newest member on their vacation, but Forte and Ranpha have gone to a casino to play roulette. The casino owner then challenges Forte and Ranpha to a roulette game, of all in bet. However, the casino owner is cheating! If the two lose, they have to wrestle in order to pay their debts to the casino. What will happen to Forte and Ranpha? Who is the new member?
03 Vanilla Flavored Asteroid Trash Stir-Fry
"Asuteroido no Hiroimono Itame Vanira Fūmi" (アステロイドの拾い物炒めヴァニラ風味)
21 April 2001
The Angel Troupe has been assigned to sort trash. They have been told that there is a Lost Technology buried in the trash. While sorting the trash, Vanilla found something strange...
04 3 O'clock delivery, angel combination platter
"Sanchi Chokusō Enjeru no Moriawase" (産地直送エンジェルの盛り合わせ)
12 May 2001
The Angel Troupe has been sent to protect the president of a company. They follow the president around his company just only to find weird incidents happening. Soon, an army of machines try to kill everyone. What will happen to the president? Will he be safe, along with the Angel troupe?
05 Pirate-style School Memory Terrine
"Haikō no Terīnu Omoide-jikomi Kaizoku-fū" (廃校のテリーヌ思い出仕込み海賊風)
19 May 2001
In request of Duke Crizeman, Milfeulle and Ranpha are sent to return his student ID card to an abandoned school in Area Enigma, a dangerous area which is said to be infested with pirates. They were suddenly attacked by robots while in the school. One of the robots shot a beam at Milfeulle's heart, seemingly killing her. Is Milfeulle really dead? What will Ranpha do now?
06 Forte’s Ruinous Stew and a Dash of Trouble
"Forute no Iseki Nikomi Toraburu Zuke" (フォルテの遺跡煮込みトラブル漬け)
26 May 2001
In this episode, Forte, Milfeulle, and Normad are to find lost technology on a planet. Milfeulle finds an egg, and tries to cook it, however, the egg wouldn't crack. The strange egg hatched, and a mouse comes out. Milfeulle and Normad than learn that Forte is afraid of mice. Later in the episode, Forte reveals that she is allergic to mice. The mouse follows Forte into a cave, and blasts a hole into her bazooka. It then escapes when Milfeulle and Normad come, turns giant, and starts attacking everyone. Milfeulle doesn't want the mouse to get hurt, so how will Forte make sure the giant mouse doesn't destroy anything else?
07 Fun Park Specialties with Chicken Mint Compote
"Yūenchi Meibutsu Niwatori Konpōto Minto-zoe" (遊園地名物にわとりコンポートミント添え)
2 June 2001
Mint, Vanilla, and Milfeulle are sent to Chickendee Planet to find, and catch the kidnappers who have been kidnapping children. Everyone dresses up in costumes, and tries to find who the kidnappers are. Will they succeed? Strangely, a costume has mysteriously disappeared. Where is it?
08 Milfeulle's All-Natural Syrupy Inspection
"Tennen Mirufīyu no Sasatsu Ankake" (天然ミルフィーユの査察あんかけ)
9 June 2001
A commander, and his helper have came to the Angel Base hoping to find lost technology, thinking that the Angel Brigade found many and hid them secretly in their base. The commander is greeted by Milfeulle and Vanilla, with Normad of course. He asks Milfeulle questions to where the lost technology is, however, Milfeulle keeps repeating the same things over and over again, saying that she doesn't know what lost technology is. The commander tries to befriend her hoping that she'll tell him where the lost technology is, and forcibly asks her to show the commander and his helper everyone's rooms. Will the commander get what he wants? Are the angels really hiding lost technology in their base?
09 Roast Beef of Lost Technology
"Rosuto Tekunorojī no Rōsuto Bīfu" (ロストテクノロジーのローストビーフ)
16 May 2001
The Angels board a derelict spaceship to look for the lost technology. The spaceship is apparently haunted! Milfeulle, who stayed back at the Angel Base to exercise in the gym, is informed by the Commander that her probation is over and she is finally an official member of the Angel Brigade. Celebrations are cut short, however, as she alone must rush to the spaceship to save her fellow members from countless ghosts. What is the secret behind the spaceship?
10 Rouge-Flavored Spring Rolls of Love
"Koi no Shaoronpao Rūju Fūmi" (恋の小龍包ルージュ風味)
23 June 2001
A mis-delivered package arrives at the doorstep of a love-crazed Ranpha. It turns out to be an android lover from the Full Monty Company. Ranpha decides to return him just when Milfeulle enters her room and mistakes the doll for Ranpha's new boyfriend. It is later revealed that the doll (which was programmed to explode after the first kiss) was mailed by a stalker who targets women because he was once called a "lousy kisser". Should Ranpha return the doll after developing feelings for him? Can the Angels save her from certain death?
11 Gun Shot Bandage Roll Sushi Bowl
"Hōtai Maki Jūdan Chirashizushi" (包帯巻き銃弾散らし寿司)
30 June 2001
In an Old West style town where Forte and Vanilla have been dispatched to search for Lost Technology, three hospital workers (one of whom owns a gun collection) persuade Forte to run the doctor of a local clinic out of town in exchange for a revolver from the collection. This doctor is a kind-hearted man who is more interested in truly saving lives than earning money. Can Forte tell which side is truly corrupt? Will she sacrifice the doctor for a precious gun?
12 Glazed Baseball and Negligee
"Bēsubōru to Negurije no Gurasse" (ベースボールとネグリジェのグラッセ)
7 July 2001
The Angels play a baseball game against the men from the Transbaal Navy. Due to Col. Volcott's drunken stupor and a bet he made with the Admiral, they have to win the game or else they must wear negligees and be conscripted into the Navy (if they lose). Can the Angels win the game? What will happen to the Angel Brigade?
13 The Great Kidnapping Spectacle
"Daiyūkai Mankan Zenseki" (大誘拐満漢全席)
14 June 2001
Mint and Ranpha were kidnapped during a mission! How will the Angel Brigade come up with the ransom money?
14 Downtown Soulfood ODEN
"Downtown Soulfood ODEN" (Downtown Soulfood ODEN)
21 June 2001
Forte befriends a juvenile delinquent girl named Milly who was the daughter of a crime boss. Milly commits crimes for fun, but it is later revealed she had a sad backstory. Can Forte persuade Milly to turn away from her life of crime?

Note: In this episode, Forte is the sole Angel to appear.

15 Lost Item Pot au Feu
"Otoshimono Potofu" (落としモノぽとふ)
28 June 2001
Vanilla allegedly loses a valuable item that she was carrying with her at all times. As a result, she has fasted for two weeks and hasn't eaten a bite since then. Unless the mysterious item can be found, Vanilla won't break her fast and will die of starvation. Ranpha uses her fortune-telling skills to uncover this mysterious item, while Milfeulle attempts to find it. Will they be able to solve the mystery? Will Vanilla starve to death?

Note: This episode features a parody of the German film Run Lola Run when Milfeulle runs down the hallway avoiding dogs and bullies.

16 Grilled Girl in a Box
"Guriru Do Hakoiri Musume" (グリル·ド·箱入りムスメ)
4 August 2001
Forte comes back after a long mission, only to find that everyone believes she is dead! Apparently Ranpha used Forte's "death" as an excuse for missing her date with a guy she likes, and then the situation got out of hand. Ranpha bribes Forte with an antique gun to go through a fake funeral. Will their plan succeed?
17 Canned Angel with Gun Turret
"Enjeru Kanzume Hōtō Tsuki" (エンジェル缶詰ほうとう付き)
11 August 2001
The Angels' new mission is capturing a runaway sentient tank. Milfeulle and Mint get on the tank as it rampages in the city. Has the sentient tank developed feelings of friendship for the two girls? Can the Angels successfully stop it?
18 Monkey Salvage Combo
"Saru no Sarubēji Konbo" (サルのサルベージコンボ)
18 August 2001
Forte, Mint, and Vanilla find themselves stranded on an abandoned space station that is occupied by monkeys. Ranpha explains to them it used to be a laboratory, and that a viral outbreak de-evolved the occupants into monkeys. Will the three Angels contract the infection? Will they end up as monkeys?
19 Angel Kiss Gateau de Milfuelle
"Enjeru Kissu Gatō de Mirufīyu" (エンジェルキッス·ガトー·デ·ミルフィーユ)
25 August 2001
Lucky Milfeulle wins a free dinner at a fancy restaurant and brings Nomat along as a date to teach her table manners. On the way there they chance upon a pastry stall and Milfeulle is impressed with the delicious pastries there. She begs the pastry robot responsible to teach her how to bake the legendary Le Grande Asede, but her new master's life is being threatened by assassins! Will she learn how to bake the ultimate cake while evading the pursuing hunters?
20 Special Survival Combo
"Tokumori Sabaibaru Teishoku" (特盛サバイバル定食)
1 September 2001
The military plane that Mint & Forte were travelling in crashes, stranding them in a deserted island. Mint & Forte team up with the island's sole resident Max to find ways to call for help. What is Max's true identity? Will they be rescued?
21 Deco Pizza
"Deko Piza" (デコピザ(TV未放映話))
8 September 2001
Ranpha, Mint, and Vanilla go to a pizzeria which is open in late-night hours. There, Ranpha falls in love with a cute boy, the owner of the pizzeria, who is drowning in debt. The Angels agree to help him; Ranpha makes the pizzas, Mint takes the orders, and Vanilla the deliveries. Can the girls save him from the creditors? How much profits must they make in a short period of time?
22 Board Girl Special Secret Friend Roll
"Kanban Musume Tokusei Himitsu no Tsutsumiyaki" (看板娘特製秘密の包み焼き)
15 September 2001
During the search for the lost technology, Mint gets stuck in a cutboard figure on top of the mountain viewing area. Meanwhile the mountain is sinking into the sea! Will the other Angels make it up the mountain in time, or will Mint be able to stop them from seeing her embarrassing state?
23 Pitch Black Laughing Pepper
"Yaminabe Owarai Peppā" (闇鍋お笑いペッパー)
22 September 2001
The Angels are approached by Mr. God, a retired comedian who tries to make Vanilla laugh, because he failed to do so in his last show, resulting in an accident. Resolving to retire, he has hired many comedians who are renowned for the amounts of laughter they can draw up. Unfortunately, none of them are able to get Vanilla to do as much as a giggle. Can he get Vanilla to smile? How will his failure to make her laugh affect his health?
24 Tear Flavored Missile Rice Bowl
"Gekimori Misairu-don Mokkori Namida Aji" (激盛ミサイル丼もっこり涙味)
29 September 2001
The human race is being attacked by its mysterious arch-enemy, a giant dice named Kyutaro. It is invulnerable to any human attack and the Angels are unable to harm it. Only turning Nomad back into a missile and firing him at Kyutaro will defeat it. What will happen?
25 Angel Dark Space Chazuke
"Datenshi no Ankoku Uchū Chazuke" (堕天使の暗黒宇宙茶漬け(TV放映/最終話))
The Angels were filing their expense reports when the Commander informs them that the Milfeulle who has been with them all this time is a fake! The Commander has her arrested. What will the other Angels do?
26 Five Sukiyaki Lunch Boxes
"Sukiyaki bentō go-nin mae" (スキヤキ弁当五人前(TV未放映/最終話))
The Angel's (last) mission is escorting the mysterious client Johnny in a truck through a desert wilderness. As each Angel takes turn to drive, with Johnny sitting in the front, they learn more and more about him. What is Johnny's real identity?

Galaxy Angel Z

# Title Original air date
01 Angel Challenge Jelly Trial
"Tenshi no Charenji zerī toraiaru" (天使のチャレンジゼリートライアル)
3 February 2002
While chowing down at a ramen stand, Milfeulle (who is carrying Lost Technology that resembles pepper in a shaker) accidentally turns her fellow Angels invisible with it. Even worse, the Angels now have a new mission--to locate money stolen by crooks hiding out at a supposedly haunted house. Can they stop the crooks? Will the Angels become visible again?
02 Muscle Bound Broad Noodles
"Kinniku Ryūryū Tantanmen" (筋肉隆々担担麺)
3 February 2002
At a pro wrestling arena, Ranpha meets a handsome muscular wrestler who claims he knew her when they were children. She immediately falls in love with him and is unable to concentrate on the match. Who is this man? Can Ranpha recover her memories of him?
03 Quick Note, Ballotine of Sigh
"Zenryaku tame iki no Barodīnu" (前略 ため息のバロディーヌ)
10 February 2002
04 Surprise Dim Sum
"Bikkuri Tenshin" (びっくり点心)
10 February 2002
05 Memory Rally Chop Suey
"Omoide Gekisō Happōsai" (想い出激走八宝菜)
17 February 2002
06 Deep Fog Sorbet
"Tachikomeru kiri no Sorube" (立ちこめる霧のソルベ)
17 February 2002
07 Deep Fried Egg Rolls of Love
"Koi no Nikogori Junjō Tsutsumiage" (恋の煮こごり純情包み揚げ)
24 February 2002
08 Wedding Cake Combiner Special
"Wedingu Kēki Gattai Supesharu" (ウェディングケーキ合体スペシャル)
24 February 2002
09 GA Happiness quest
"GA Kaiseki Kaiseki" (GA解析懐石)
3 March 2002
10 Served to Taste Revenge Lunch
"Okonomi ♥ Fukushū Ranchi" (お好み♥復讐ランチ)
3 March 2002
11 Revolving Sushi to the Hereafter
"Higan e no Kaitenzushi" (彼岸への回転寿司)
10 March 2002
One morning, the members of the Angel Brigade began switching bodies with each other (and Col. Volcott). Mint theorizes that it has something to do with the Lost Technology they were able to obtain from a previous mission. Now, they have a mission to do--stop a biker gang from causing trouble in a downtown area. The mission is a success thanks to Forte (in Milfeulle's body), but the next morning, one of the gang members break out of prison searching for Milfeulle. Can the Angels return to their real bodies? How will switching with each other affect their well-being?
12 Steel Jambalaya
"Hagane no Janbaraya" (鋼のジャンバラヤ)
10 March 2002
13 In-Flight Meal
"Kinaishoku (Gudakusan Benkai Karē)" (機内食(具沢山弁解カレー))
17 March 2002
The Angel Troupe is returning home from a successful mission where they were able to stop the activation of the "Ultimate Planet-Destroying Bio-Weapon." Still, none of them can understand how they managed to stop it. Who in the Angel Troupe gave the fatal blow? What will be the consequences for their actions?
14 Love and Double Fried Cabbage Cake
"Ai to Giwaku no Monja" (愛と疑惑のもんじゃ)
17 March 2002
Normad is kidnapped by a stranger who finds him cute and valuable. Vanilla demands him back, but the stranger refuses. As Vanilla relentlessly chases the kidnapper, Normad believes that the stoic, green-haired Angel actually cares for him. Can Vanilla rescue Normad? How deep are her feelings for him, actually?
15 Fresh Catch; Miraculous Boat-Wrap Sushi
"Shinsen Toretate Kyōi no Funamori" (新鮮とれたて驚異の舟盛り)
24 March 2002
The Angels go to a resort planet for vacation, and it seems they can get a prize of one million GCs for catching a monstrous fish. Forte wants the prize money, while Milfeulle plans to cook the fish for a meuniere dinner. Things go awry when the giant fish knocks over their rented boat, damaging the radio (so now they can't call for help) and the fishing mechanism, trapping Forte in it. The other Angels decide to inflate a raft and abandon her on the boat just when the fish is returning for another attack. What will happen to Forte, or the other Angels?
16 Forbidden Meuniere; Alluring Grated Yam Topping
"Kindan no Munierru Miwaku no yama kake" (禁断のムニエル魅惑の山かけ)
24 March 2002
The Angel Brigade's mission this time is to protect the "Mock Sunfish", an endangered species. Unfortunately, this animal turns out to be the main ingredient used to make a beauty product guaranteed to keep one's skin looking eternally youthful. Realizing this, Forte, Ranpha, and Mint decide to capture one. Milfuelle, however, disagrees, saying the mock sunfish should be protected. On the planet's surface, Milfeulle happens upon a mock sunfish, which the other Angels try to hunt. Can Milfeulle save this rare creature? What will the other angels do with it?
17 Moon-View Soba sans Moon
"Tsuki nashi tsukimi soba" (ツキなし月見そば)
31 March 2002
It's Milfeulle's day off, and she plans to go hiking in the Transbaal area so she can see the flowering fields of the summit meadow. Unfortunately, this also happens to be the one day when her misfortune takes over from her usual good luck. The more Milfeulle is plagued by misfortune, the more a galactic cataclysm is bound to happen. To prevent such occurrences, the Angel Brigade must prevent any stressful influences until Milfeulle goes to sleep again. Will the galaxy suffer from Milfeulle's bad luck? How well can the Angels protect Milfeulle from stress?
18 A Never Before Seen Mystery Carpaccio
"Dare mo Mita koto no nai Nazo no Karupaccho" (誰も見たことのない謎のカルパッチョ)
31 March 2002
19 Gun Smoke & Tobacco Smoke Cassoulet
"Shōen to Shien no Kasure" (硝煙と紫煙のカスレ(TV未放映話))


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